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upper 3rd to pinnacle of 'their' hateful Pyr-amis anchor

sourced: G.H.REES


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up top: General Emblem of Governing Galactic Astrofleet as 1st troop of 5th multi task Galactic mission (2003-2160)





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turkish pm to stay another week at home

(zio)biden meeting in slippers

timing is key,

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Hey again T.

Your thread started kind of a snowball rolling in my head and it is getting larger and larger, lol.

I wanted to share this with you. (I will write like this is all true, just easier instead of using if all the time)

?Why gold?

Why in the world do we count everything from gold? Gold this gold that bla bla.

I would rather want to own loads of platinum or something else useful.

I was not born yesterday. I know gold is hard to get and it is rare. We couldnt use a flower or a tree, then we would all be millionaires and everything would loose its value.

Why did ancient civilizations use gold as their most sacred or most valuable decoration. There are allot of other things that shine even more and are in my opinion much more beautiful.

But think about it.

Who presented gold to ancient civilizations?

Who taught them to mine it?

Who taught them to melt it and re shape it?

Where has gold lead us today?

Who used gold to get us here?

I have seen and read many stories/articles where gold is mentioned as one of the things that some aliens are interested in. Are we misunderstanding this interest? Is it of no value to them other than using it to control us? Is that its only value?

Give a teddy bear to a child. Tell the child the teddy´s name and some cute little story about it. Then try to take it again. You probably cant with out a lot of tears and screams. You have made it valuable. There is no thing in the world more valuable in that child´s mind at that moment than that worthless rag.

Well, just some thoughts. Golden ones you might say  ;)

Hope you get where I am going with this.

All my best


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you have a valid point narnug, worth considering

i saw your post in the secrets thread and have the following to add

all major churches/mosques/synagogues/temples/lodges etc are built (over older temples most of the times) on the crossings of energy lines than span the Earth (Lay lines)

the barter system was first, where one would exchange a goat for 12 bushels of corn for example

gold has the practical function of being rare enough to be valuable and yet abundant enough to be used widely as a monetary exchange tool, in addition to it being resilient to oxidation hence 1gram today is 1gram in 50 years, a universal barter medium so as to speak

gold became cumbersome and hard to use so a gold vault note was (payable upon demand) introduced to curb this problem

over time the perceived value given to gold by average joe/jane was transferred to the paper (payable upon demand), this carried on for centuries until one day (and here is the turning point form finite to infinite) the fed came along (w. wilson), abolished the gold standard and started to issue PROMISORY notes (promise to pay the bearer) which to average joe/jane had the same perceived value as the gold backed currency

since then the global economy has been in the control of the fed owners and their stooges and they were slowly begun to create money out of thin air (to cut the story short). in today's world this printing has gone out of hand with the evident and very intended/planned consequences

a pyramid/ponzi scheme in reality

furthermore gold in its monatomic form is supposed to extend life and consciousness in this 3D reality, and this is where the religious aspect enters:

the galactic pirate, draco has said:

mine is the silver and mine is the gold, says the lord of powers (Aggeos 2.8 old testament)

all the gold and silver and copper and iron are the lord's, and he wants them all in his vault(moon) (jesus 6.15)

lest we forget draco's bankers are the jews, the only of his religions that allows usury (on gentiles/donkeys) hence they have been dracos trusted bankers throughout modern history, utilized by all other religious leaders which were ordered by draco not to commit usury

so in conclusion:

1.gold IS precious (for many reasons)

2.this precious value was brought to human attention by draco so that we would personally collect and store as much as possible

3.gold was replaced as a medium of exchange, and was demeaned in perceived value replaced by worthless promises

4. gold has been hoarded in a catalytic way by his bankers over the past 60 years for the final act of genocide of the Earths original inhabitants by draco prior to his 'prophesized/announced' departure with his vault/space station moon (next stop in his plan is Sirius)


believe in this evil dual destructive god dressed in luminous clothing all you want

listen to his empty words of love while he commits atrocities and makes you accept defeat as a pre destined fact

get side tracked and trapped in his new pan-religion of ascension and lies

be the mindless zombie borg/ant/hive working chinasaur he wants you to be

(do not take the above personally narnug, not meant for you)



for the RIGHT of my kin to live as intended




with or without you (plural)

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Thanks T, interesting.

I quote you:

...furthermore gold in its monatomic form is supposed to extend life and consciousness in this 3D reality...

I quote me:

Give a teddy bear to a child. Tell the child the teddy´s name and some cute little story about it. Then try to take it again. You probably cant with out a lot of tears and screams. You have made it valuable. There is no thing in the world more valuable in that child´s mind at that moment than that worthless rag.


I was also thinking. I am not as well read as many of you here. So I seek your wisdom.

Are there any mentions of high numbers, like or close to it, in any scripts or something else that you know about?

All my best


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Puabi (Akkadian : "Word of my father"), also called Shubad in Sumerian , was an important person in the Sumerian city of Ur , during the First Dynasty of Ur (ca. 2600 BCE). Commonly labeled as a "queen ", her status is somewhat in dispute. Several cylinder seals in her tomb identify her by the title "nin " or "eresh", a Sumerian word which can denote a queen or a priestess.It is possible that Pu-abi (previously read as Shub-ad) may have been a high priestess in the service of the moon god, Nanna, patron of Ur. The fact that Puabi, herself a Semitic Akkadian, was an important figure among Sumerians, indicates a high degree of cultural exchange and influence between the ancient Sumerians and their Semitic neighbors.

Tomb of Puabi

British archaeologist Leonard Woolley discovered the tomb of Puabi, which was excavated by.his team along with some 1800 other graves at the "Royal Cemetery of Ur" between 1922 and 1934. Puabi's tomb was clearly unique among the other excavations; not only because of the large amount of high quality and well-preserved grave goods , but also because her tomb had been untouched by looters through the millennia.

She was also buried with 52 attendants — retainers who are suspected to have poisoned

themselves (or had been poisoned by others) to serve their mistress in the next world. The

amount of grave goods that Woolley uncovered in Puabi's tomb was staggering: a magnificent,

heavy, golden headdress made of golden leaves, rings, and plates; a superb lyre complete with the golden and lapis-lazuli encrusted bearded bulls head; a profusion of gold tableware ; golden, carnelian, and lapis lazuli cylindrical beads for extravagant necklaces and belts;a chariot adorned with lioness' heads in silver, and an abundance of silver, lapis lazuli, and golden rings and bracelets.

Sitchin wanted Puabi tested for alien DNA he  believed that she may be close enough to the original beings that were tampered with to still have DNA evidence of the ancient-astronauts and the traits they purposely withheld from us.




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you prob wondering y im posting this here The EBE that was found on the moon today she would clearly pass as Malaysian or Indonesian and An Italian website discovered similar features to those of Sumerian Queen Pu Abi.Who is the the UN Ambassador to Space Aliens,Mazlan Othman a Malaysian

This person is lauded for having key scientific qualifications, something never before advanced as a qualification for such representing our planet's positions towards Alien intelligences. Not a former diplomat with experience in negotiation or representation, she is relatively new to the process of representing the nations of the earth. Why was she chosen, among our planet's 7 billion potential candidates?


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oh bob, fine wine is something to be revered, you gave yours all up?

Matt 13:45,46  "Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man who is a merchant seeking fine pearls, who having found one pearl of great price, he went and sold all that he had, and bought it."



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Hey Bob

Those were wise words, as expected from you. I had to read them a few times slowly to get it, haha.

Would we find the pearl at all if we dont seek. Some seek too far, I get what you mean. Some seek all their lives wide and far when the pearl is right beside them all along. But that does not have to go for all.

Moons craters might be the pearl to some, who knows.

All my best


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Some seek all their lives wide and far when the pearl is right beside them all along. But that does not have to go for all.

You are the wise one, my Friend!


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fascinating Anto, thank you for bringing the study to our attention, i for one need all the info i can muster, will spend time to digest the data

narnug i do not list a 7billion correlation match within my cranial neurons (lest the one already mentioned), but im still accessing

bob, i appreciate your rounded view on things, from astral projection to bible quoting with a hint of culinary expertise, you are an entity of wide horizons, thank you for sharing with us

it seems we are the precipice of visible (in 3D) events, as breezy has so brilliantly connected, the very same visible events that i have been talking about since glp's BEZERK thread

many of my sources indicate the same, each from his/her field of view

exciting times, to say the least


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<19:17>[E]: yes and Other weapons like lasers.

<19:18>[E]: I would imagine that laser platforms and other energy weapons that can track a fast maneuvering object would be deadly to them

<19:19>[Y]: depending on the forces applied in lazer/shield

<19:19>[Y]: and type on oscilation

<19:20>[Y]: bm's are designed 99% to kill us

<19:20>[Y]: i think galaxy 15 is being used as a booster station

<19:21>[Y]: 2ndary booster

<19:21>[Y]: primary being our moon

<19:21>[E]: Makes you wonder about that guy that has videos of the space platforms orbiting earth.

<19:21>[Y]: yes

<19:22>[Y]: and all the "nav" sats going up all the time


<10:9>[M]: yeah, i was pleased to get independent verification, outside of any of this group or PLT

<10:9>[M]: or the rrr's

<10:10>[Z]: thinking maybe that the explosives were to destroy whatever else might have been in the container

<10:10>[Z]: yes very nice

<10:10>[M]: guess so, in case it was opened early

<10:10>[Z]: yeah maybe

<10:10>[M]: i'd say China wanted to have certain things in place before they were opened

<10:10>[Z]:  sure looks that way

<10:11>[M]: i think their moon probe is where it is because of all this

<10:11>[Z]: yeah makes sense

<10:11>[M]: i am pretty sure their moon probe is out of range of anything that could be used against it

<10:11>[Z]: did u read up om the antipode thing yet?

<10:11>[M]: from earth

<10:12>[M]: i think the Chinese are after film footage to use for disclosure

<10:12>[M]: or for leverage

<10:12>[M]: coz there's lots to see where the chinese probe is going

<10:12>[M]: lots of big buildings, domes, mining operations - the whole lot

<10:12>[M]: and none of it is 'ours' btw

<10:12>[Z]: are they going to the dark side?

<10:12>[M]: been common knowledge since the apollos

<10:13>[M]: the edge of it

<10:13>[Z]: hmmm

<10:13>[M]: i just know it is no accident that their moon probe is where it is on Oct 13th when those cases were opened

<10:13>[Z]: yes

<10:14>[M]: as for the antipodes - hmmm, can't see the importance of going down that road at the moment

<10:14>[M]: but Ill watch what others dig up

<10:14>[M]: that's the beauty of all this, everyone chases up what excites them


<11:18>[M]: i got intel saying there is lots and lots more of different visitors popping up on 'radars'

<11:19>[M]: they won't show me the pics tho

<11:19>[ra]: we tracking  few but they the usual residents

<11:19>[ra]: no new ones exept zero tee

<11:20>[ru]: afk

<11:20>[M]: who has that big moon sized ship with the zillion blister indents, with the swarm ships around it then?

<11:22>[ra]: increase in disinfo everywhere now M


<14:59>[M]: actually, Ihave an article coming up about the moon being 'parked' there

<14:59>[M]: that place i went to in Russia, the National Security academy

<14:59>[M]: they also told me the moon was 'put' there

<15:0>: oh nice

<15:0>[M]: that was the place that had students that could read documents remotely

<15:0>[M]: not RV either

<15:0>: oh ok

<15:0>: anyway the reason im bringing it up

<15:0>[M]: that student i met, would have easily been able to read every document in those briefcases btw

<15:0>[M]: if so asked

<15:1>[M]: go ahead, soruy

<15:1>: is becuase the aborigini contact have sofar gathered

<15:1>: intel cuasing them to conlcude that spalshzones will be appearing on the moon soon

<15:2>[M]: wow

<15:2>: if it hasnt already happened


<17:55>: E the org is still alien bred

<17:56>: they will give me a script to post but theres a few things i dont agree with but i have to psot it anyway

<17:56>: everyone decide for themselves

<17:56>: at this stage

<17:57>: not only is the moon shrinking but apparantly earths core is also shrinking

<17:58>: dont ask me how they measured that lol, i havent a clue

<17:58>: is some1 logging this for the others please

<17:58>[Z]: yes

<17:58>: so we in for a rough ride

<17:58>: thanks Z

<17:59>[Z]: :)

<17:59>: IA know theres nothing they can do anymore, only china has control over things, well so they say

<18:0>: they are preparing for war

<18:0>: forget iran that is childsplay/distraction

<18:1>: stb phone


<13:24>[Y]: he also said the org has been found under the earths crust

<13:24>[Y]: in lava

<13:24>[M]: i support the expanding earth hypothesis, so I was wondering if the earth crust is going thro

<13:24>[M]: an expansion, and making it look like core is shrinking

<13:24>[Y]: not good considering all the exploding volcanoes of late

<13:24>[Y]: nice take

<13:25>[M]: yah, word is the volcanos are not following normal or expected behaviour

<13:25>[Y]: the moon is definately getting crushed though

<13:25>[M]: get rid of the  dam moon i say, it caused females to go crazy ever 4 weeks

<13:25>[M]: causes wars and fights

<13:25>[Y]: i think the internal sun of the earth is reacting to the sun of the solar system

<13:26>[Y]: YES

<13:26>[M]: YES Y - so few know that tho

<13:26>[Y]: i couldnt agree more with you

<13:26>[M]: i suspect that the internal sun in the earth IS the same as the solar sun

<13:26>[M]: ie, in two places at once - quantum connected

<13:27>[Y]: ok have to think about that, cause most astral bodies have an internal sun

<13:27>[Y]: all planets (almost) are hollow

<13:27>[M]: agree with both those

<13:27>[Y]: so is the atom

<13:28>[Y]: physics is taught wrong

<13:28>[Y]: the neutron is the shell

<13:28>[Y]: the proton is the internal sun

<13:28>[Y]: the satelites are the electrons

<13:28>[Y]: as above so as below

<13:28>[Y]: fractals

<13:28>[M]: yes, i agree

<13:29>[M]: you amaze me Y, so few know this

<13:29>[Y]: took me 15 years of study to figure that out

<13:29>[Y]: there are openings on the poles

<13:29>[Y]: both poles

<13:29>[Y]: same as atoms

<13:29>[M]: chemistry is also taught wrong

<13:30>[Y]: YES

<13:30>[M]: we use a periodic table based on valency (charge)

<13:30>[Y]: valencies do not make sense always

<13:30>[M]: but  if we used the platonic solid geometry of the nucleus as the groupings

<13:30>[Y]: yes yes yes

<13:30>[M]: it explains the chemical reactions much better

<13:31>[M]: charge is still valid, but no need for 'special circumstance rules'

<13:31>[Y]: yes

<13:32>[M]: at the very least our inner core sun is a fractal of the main sun

<13:32>[Y]: yes which in turn is of sirius which in turn is.........

<13:32>[M]: meaning, what happens to big sun is felt and reflected internally

<13:33>[M]: wow, never thoght of taking it outwards

<13:33>[M]: duh me

<13:33>[Y]: come on M its a cirlce alwyas

<13:33>[Y]: always

<13:33>[Y]: spiral better

<13:33>[M]: spiral even


<9:7>[Y]: ru gave the clue the other day

<9:7>[Y]: reading through M email

<9:7>[Y]: i see "eye" instead of "i"

<9:8>[Y]: ru said IODINE can be used as code for

<9:8>[Y]: EYE 'O' DAN

<9:8>[Y]: DAN for me = DANAI

<9:9>[Y]: an ancient seed race

<9:9>[Y]: the are here on earth but evolved to a separate time line, as suggested

<9:9>[Y]: WITH NO MOON

<9:10>[Y]: moon is wrong for us, like a ball at the end of our conscious chain

<9:12>[Y]: i have swan with dolphins in the physical

<9:12>[Y]: i KNOW their intelligence

<9:12>[Y]: they have an understanding beyond ours

<9:12>[Y]: they see/sense things we can only imagine or need machines to see


<17:24>[Y]: what is confusing (even confused B) is that the anti dragon(saturn) forces are around saturn now

<17:24>[Y]: the saturn forces are around mars at present

<17:25>[Z]: so are the saturn forces good?

<17:25>[Z]: I need to understand all this

<17:25>[Y]: no, they represent the 14k years of servitude on earth

<17:25>[Z]: ahhh

<17:25>[Y]: they brought the moon here

<17:26>[Z]: oh, yeah

<17:26>[Z]: moon bad

<17:26>[Y]: to control our waters, energies

<17:26>[Y]: moon very bad

<17:26>[Z]: yes.. very obvious

<17:26>[Z]: giant mood ring

<17:26>[Y]: stops us from becoming what we are destined to become

<17:26>[Z]: yes

<17:27>[Y]: it is the source of channelings


<17:40>[Z]: directed by conscious thought

<17:40>[Y]: hence the power of our physical brain

<17:40>[Y]: LOL

<17:40>[Z]: yes

<17:40>[Y]: thought projection, attraction, repulsion, what is called the chemistry between people

<17:41>[Z]: yes the attractions

<17:41>[Z]: brought about by thought patterns

<17:41>[Z]: which are electrical

<17:41>[Y]: yes exactly

<17:42>[Z]: properly understood, the universe can be manipulated

<17:42>[Z]: as it is all energy which responds to conscious thought

<17:42>[Y]: absolutely, hence the rablings about us becoming godlike

<17:42>[Z]: yes

<17:43>[Y]: here is the twist

<17:43>[Z]: and totllay mis understood

<17:43>[Y]: humans, though genetic manipulation and evolution and interbreeding have created dna strains that are scary to most et/it

<17:44>[Y]: because of their capacity to go above and beyond most andvanced et/it races

<17:44>[Y]: some et/it welcome this, the Kronians dont

<17:44>[Z]: yes true.. what they fear more though is a true awakening to what is.. and what is not

<17:45>[Y]: draco wants to control our evolved state to further their plans of universal dominance

<17:45>[Y]: yes

<17:45>[Y]: hence chinas stance

<17:46>[Z]: yes they do.. but an awakened individual will overcome that

<17:46>[Y]: they are trying to bring all together for that purpose

<17:46>[Z]: they want a utopian paradise

<17:46>[Y]: there are many traps set out for us (look at the new agers)

<17:46>[Z]: with then in control

<17:46>[Y]: yes

<17:46>[Y]: they will enslave us to be their ultimate weapon

<17:47>[Y]: to destroy a planet with a thought

<17:47>[Y]: for example

<17:47>[Z]: a scary thought

<17:47>[Z]: yes it is possible, and no great feat

<17:47>[Z]: planets are just energy

<17:47>[Y]: i am aware of my capabilities but choose to keep the switch to off until the time

<17:47>[Y]: yes they r

<17:48>[Z]: yes, my hand is on the switch

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13B1:020C 40 INC AX

13B1:020D 0000 ADD [bX+SI],AL

13B1:020F 40 INC AX

13B1:0210 8C961041 MOV [bP+4110],SS

13B1:0214 40 INC AX

13B1:0215 0000 ADD [bX+SI],AL

13B1:0217 00A79610 ADD [bX+1096],AH

13B1:021B 41 INC CX

13B1:021C 4B DEC BX

13B1:021D 0000 ADD [bX+SI],AL

13B1:021F 00B49610 ADD [sI+1096],DH

13B1:0223 41 INC CX

13B1:0224 58 POP AX

13B1:0225 0001 ADD [bX+DI],AL

13B1:0227 00B49610 ADD [sI+1096],DH

13B1:022B 41 INC CX

13B1:022C 65 DB 65

13B1:022D 0000 ADD [bX+SI],AL

13B1:022F 00B39610 ADD [bP+DI+1096],DH

13B1:0233 41 INC CX

13B1:0234 6F DB 6F

13B1:0235 0000 ADD [bX+SI],AL

13B1:0237 0000 ADD [bX+SI],AL

13B1:0239 0000 ADD [bX+SI],AL

13B1:023B 007800 ADD [bX+SI+00],BH

13B1:023E 0000 ADD [bX+SI],AL

13B1:0240 B496 MOV AH,96

13B1:0242 104165 ADC [bX+DI+65],AL

13B1:0245 0000 ADD [bX+SI],AL

13B1:0247 0000 ADD [bX+SI],AL

13B1:0249 0000 ADD [bX+SI],AL

13B1:024B 0000 ADD [bX+SI],AL

13B1:024D 0000 ADD [bX+SI],AL

13B1:024F 006D73 ADD [DI+73],CH

13B1:0252 7663 JBE 02B7

13B1:0254 7274 JB 02CA

13B1:0256 2E CS:

13B1:0257 64 DB 64

13B1:0258 6C DB 6C

13B1:0259 6C DB 6C

13B1:025A 004144 ADD [bX+DI+44],AL

13B1:025D 56 PUSH SI

13B1:025E 41 INC CX

13B1:025F 50 PUSH AX

13B1:0260 49 DEC CX

13B1:0261 3332 XOR SI,[bP+SI]

13B1:0263 2E CS:

13B1:0264 64 DB 64

13B1:0265 6C DB 6C

13B1:0266 6C DB 6C

13B1:0267 004B45 ADD [bP+DI+45],CL

13B1:026A 52 PUSH DX

13B1:026B 4E DEC SI

13B1:026C 45 INC BP

13B1:026D 4C DEC SP

13B1:026E 3332 XOR SI,[bP+SI]

13B1:0270 2E CS:

13B1:0271 64 DB 64

13B1:0272 6C DB 6C

13B1:0273 6C DB 6C

13B1:0274 004E54 ADD [bP+54],CL

13B1:0277 44 INC SP

13B1:0278 4C DEC SP

13B1:0279 4C DEC SP

13B1:027A 2E CS:

13B1:027B 44 INC SP

13B1:027C 4C DEC SP

13B1:027D 4C DEC SP

13B1:027E 00756C ADD [DI+6C],DH

13B1:0281 69 DB 69

13B1:0282 62 DB 62

13B1:0283 2E CS:

13B1:0284 64 DB 64

13B1:0285 6C DB 6C

13B1:0286 6C DB 6C

13B1:0287 006966 ADD [bX+DI+66],CH

13B1:028A 7375 JNB 0301

13B1:028C 7469 JZ 02F7

13B1:028E 6C DB 6C

13B1:028F 2E CS:

13B1:0290 64 DB 64

13B1:0291 6C DB 6C

13B1:0292 6C DB 6C

85329a  (ac id)

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"[sS]: to sort this out, ZCMaster came out of retiremnt to volunteer for a critical mission"

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Indications are that ANU has stepped down as El Elyon .. in his place is now the moon God Nannar Sin ..  domain once based in UR.. his twins are the Gemini twins (son) UTU Shamash and daughter  ISHTAR Inanna -- biblical Queen of Heaven [Jeremiah 44]..

By A R Bordon  (see PDF file below)


In the course of searching the literature and the internet on topics mentioned above, we

came across unexpected pearls and some surprisingly candid exposes of information sets

that were also mentioned to us by informants orally. While the SCI/project umbrella is

still classified,{5} we have come across information which, when correlated with

informant data, have clarified much of our initial indicia of Anunnaki influence and

control patterns, their infrastructures, and their follower cadres. Also early on in 2001

(before 9-11) as we tried to grasp the extent and qualitative characteristics of Anunnaki

influence and control, we made the mistake of thinking like Earthbound exopolitical

analysts. We thought in terms of what they were doing to us and what effect this had on

human governance, security, political, economic, religious and military affairs. Our shift

in perspective came about slowly over time, and mostly thanks to the insightful and

thoughtful explanations and discussions held with Informant Nine.

This individual kept insisting that we look at them as being the driving force – the source of powerful appeal to the baser instincts and ego drives in human beings who willingly consent to being coopted

into “the team” by promises and bestowals of wealth, power, influence, sexual

favors, control, access to resources, membership in socioeconomic spheres of like minded

and like-disposed men and women, establishment of circles of a cult-of-personality

centered upon he who says he is the King of the kings of the world, and elevation of

position by control of rewards upon blind obedience and loyalty to the vector from which

rewards come. As we so did, it became easier to understand how Anunnaki influence and

control was applied and exerted at all levels of the

political/economic/military/religious/security/governance grid in the United States and

the USA/transnational network.

As we gained awareness of the extent of Anunnaki penetration of the political, economic,

social, religious, military, security and governance circles on Earth, we also came to the

tentative conclusion that to understand their power and influence (both exerted over those

whom they control, and projected through third party loyalists and minions) we needed to

take hints of things from two perspectives: from the Anunnaki leader’s Council of Twelve

on Earth (which reportedly does not include any Earth humans) and from the viewpoints

of each of the ten “kings of Earth” formalized by the Anunnaki in the last sixty or seventy


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What was once was, May never be again.

Now that is a multi edged statement.

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thnx Dar

American Newspaper Publishers Association speech

"Infiltration instead of Invasion, Subversion instead of Elections, Intimidation instead of Free choice, on Guerrillas by night instead of Armies by day".,../JFk

"MONOLITHIC conspiracy" look at hidden in plain sight thread, Phovos/Antarctica/2001Space Odyssey/...


please take time to listen to the speech again, and try to re evaluate it in correlation to all that has been said here on this thread

every time i hear JFK quote SOLON (the Athenian LAW maker) i get goosebumps, as it is a sure underlying message of his support (some say change of heart) to Hellenic IDEALS and VIRTUES, the same ideals and virtues that have been removed from us by draco, in favor of greed and destructive egoism that most practice today

American University speech


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