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thnx DQ for the confirmation


remember my position on invoking prophecy?

ie. making it happen

ofcourse one can argue that its happening as foretold


but what happens if it was foretold in order to MAKE IT happen?


raising the level of religious fervour is critical for polarisation in MAKING a brother kill a brother




ps you know i greatly dislike the cesspool but i will pointat your pearls amongst the pigmuck




Hear ya loud and clear. Sometimes ya just can't resist alittle fun and who knows as usual their are variety of mixed reports.

Terminology fails us, words such as "boundary" or bumping of a wall, as if their is a scientific jargon for this "bumpage."

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Hey...... welcome back DQ, was worried bout' you...saw this earlier, kind of interesting. You can hear it at the link...


A strange, unearthly “shriek” greeted NASA’s Voyager I spacecraft as it became the first man-made object to enter interstellar space.



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"Microwave ray gun controls crowds with noise" quote from pg 6


dont look at it, micro waves are on the same spectrum as visible colors although not visible..but then x rays can be focused through your body..just thinking and adding a different thought to it

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The Visit: an alien encounter

My personal highlight from the 2015 Sheffield’s International Documentary Film Festival is an experimental film that poses a fundamental human question – if aliens were to land on Earth, what would happen?


Sir David Attenborough might be used by the UK government to break the news of an alien visitation to Earth (credit: Rex Features/Daily Telegraph)

What plans do governments and other agencies have in place to deal with such an epoch-changing event?

The surprising answer is none, according to a group of experts from the United Nations HQ in Vienna who appear in the European-made film.

Among those interviewed are Vickie Sheriff, a former spokeswoman for Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron, and Lord Boyce, Admiral of the Fleet.

The former British Chief of Defence Staff confirms the ‘there is no contingency plan’ at the Ministry of Defence to deal with alien visitations.

But he says in the event of an alien spacecraft landing on Earth the CDS would advise the Prime Minister to consult with other the members of the P5 United Nations Security Council.

Sheriff says the question ‘what do we tell the public?’ would loom high on her list of priorities if information was in short supply.

What are the dangers?: ‘Our greatest fear would be of losing control’ and mass anxiety, in that ‘they will panic and think we are hiding something…people have fantastic imaginations and rightly so because this is an unprecedented situation,’ she says.

Sheriff and defence analyst Paul Beaver says they would advise the Prime Minister to ‘keep it political…no military uniforms’



Danish filmmaker Michael Madsen‘s The Visit: an alien encounter is both thought-provoking and unsettling in the way it grapples with the theoretical possibility of an ET visit as a philosophical question.

It includes contributions by experts from the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs(UNOOSA), the French Space Agency CNES and from social scientist Doug Vakoch who is employed by SETI to compose interstellar messages ‘of the kind that one day may be sent in reply to a signal from ET.’

The Visit is a refreshing change from the tired approach adopted by documentary makers who insist on trying to examine the issue in the context of beliefs about UFOs and alien abductions.

Unusually for a documentary on alien encounters it begins with a direct statement of fact:that, as far as we know aliens have never landed on Earth.

The Visit subverts the rules by turning the spotlight back upon humanity, asking the viewer to consider not whether aliens exist, but ‘who are we, as an Other might see us?’ and, ‘if you are truly alien, will we ever understand you?’




getting closer and closer 

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I came across some interesting information today, it turns out it was Lithuanians that stopped the expansion of Golden Hordes (Mongols) into Europe. 


The Battle of Blue Waters (BelarusianБітва на Сініх ВодахLithuanianMūšis prie Mėlynųjų VandenųUkrainianБитва на Синіх Водах,RussianБитва на Синих Водах or Синеводская битва) was a battle fought at some time in autumn 1362 or 1363 on the shores of theSynjucha River, left tributary of the Southern Bug, between the armies of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Golden Horde. The Lithuanians won a decisive victory and finalized their conquest of the Principality of Kiev.




The battle has received comparatively little attention from historians.



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any historical account of 'them' loosing is occulted and erased to mask the fact that no one can subjugate a united peoples

thnx K

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