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Sink holes - What are they?

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Amazing, my wife was watching this today and got me to look at it, I have seen similar thing happen in Laos and in Bangkok ....

If it was a sink hole its serious, poor girl.

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ANOTHER massive sinkhole opens up in Florida

and chases family out of the home they built 37 years ago

By Daily Mail Reporter

14 May 2012

"A massive sinkhole has opened up in a family's garden in north Florida, forcing them out of the home they built 37 years ago.

The 80-foot-long and 40-foot-wide sinkhole began appearing on Friday and, with the hole creeping further towards their home, Robert 'Robin' and Rhonda Matheny moved out on Sunday.

A geologist inspected the sinkhole and told the couple it would most probably move closer to their Jonesville home so they moved into their son's house in Gainesville, The Gainesville Sun reported."

article-2144298-13162D3B000005DC-445_634x422.jpgFrightening: A large sinkhole has opened up a backyard in Jonesville, Flordia, forcing a family from their home

width=500 height=302http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2012/05/14/article-2144298-13162B58000005DC-814_634x384.jpg[/img]

Destruction: The 80-feet sinkhole is creeping closer to the home. Here, a shed teeters on the edge


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2144298/ANOTHER-massive-sinkhole-opens-Florida-chases-family-home-37-years.html#ixzz1uryc08QU

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Aug. 1, 2012

"NEW YORK (WABC) -- A giant sinkhole in Brooklyn swallowed three cars on Wednesday afternoon.

It happened in Bay Ridge on 79th Street between 4th and 5th Avenues around 4:38 p.m.

is a 20 x 30 section of the street.

No injuries were reported or homes evacuated, but the fire department and DEP remain on the scene.

Officials do not anticipate the hole being fixed for a few days.


Neighbors say that there is yet another sinkhole just down the street."


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Sinkhole appears in bubbling swamp

Posted: Aug 3, 2012 10:49 AM by Russell Jones


BAYOU CORNE - A sinkhole formed overnight in an area of Assumption Parish swamps that have been bubbling for several weeks now.

John Boudreaux, the director of the parish office of emergency preparedness, said the sinkhole measured about 200 feet by 200 feet and several trees had fallen into it.

He said the sinkhole is on private land near the Texas Brine Co. LLC facility, near the areas of Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou which have been the site of unexplained gas bubbles for some time.

Boudreaux said they will bring in a helicopter from Alexandria later today to get a better look at the sinkhole.

Federal and state officials have been in the area searching for the cause of the bubbling and reported tremors in the area, but have not narrowed down a cause for the phenomena yet.

News 2 crews are headed to the scene and will have more details starting at noon.

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Oh my ....  what a hole ... a what?

oh .. a "Sink Hole" you say?

Happening all over the world now .... OH NO, in no way are these related.

Just some 'left out' maintenance. We'll fix this, don't you worry.


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I keep thinking about everything being removed from the earth...oil, gems, gas, water...etc., etc., and how this must be leaving huge voids...now if the plates move around..and the core of earth becomes liquified...well...is it possible that these things are creating areas that fall in?  OR is it some beam from space?  some of these holes are perfectly round circles...or is it all the emp weapons/lasers disturbing things...??? who knows...but it seems they are continuing to appear at a frightening pace...including those in Brooklyn just a couple nights ago..or the 693 that showed up around one area of China...

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Evacuations ordered near Assumption sinkhole

BY David j. mitchell

River Parishes bureau

August 04, 2012

"BAYOU CORNE — The potential failure of an inactive and plugged Texas Brine Co. LLC mining cavern in a massive salt dome is likely the cause of “a slurry area” that emerged overnight Thursday in northern Assumption Parish, state emergency preparedness and state Department of Natural Resources officials said Friday.

In response, Gov. Bobby Jindal declared an emergency Friday and the state Office of Conservation issued an order directing Texas Brine of Houston to evaluate the structural integrity of the salt cavern and begin to remediate any problems within 24 hours, state emergency preparedness officials said in a news release."


"Triche gave residents a stark warning of the risks posed by the slurry area as he announced the evacuation. He reported a conference call with DNR officials revealed that the slurry area could quickly enlarge and possibly sheer off nearby wellheads, releasing harmful gases.

Triche said DNR officials reported that the 200-by-200-foot area — which may have been expanding somewhat Friday — could grow to dimensions of 1,000 to 2,000 feet very quickly.

“At this time, we’re just telling you they advised us there is a significant risk,” Triche said."

Read this story here and watch slide show



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Sinkhole: Now 372 feet diameter, Only 1500 feet from butane-filled cavern

Expanding sinkhole's powerful underground forces bubbling and bending pipes threaten integrity of massive butane-filled cavern


Swamp's seismic sinkhole shifts Chevron: Shuts pipelines, Draws down fuel


Further measures taken to protect human life from mystery seismic activities, sinkhole and gas


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Louisiana Sink Hole Explained -- POSSIBLE HUGE CATASTROPHE -- 100 Hiroshimas

August 11, 2012


Published on Aug 11, 2012 by dutchsinse

~~ Please .. Get this out to the people of Louisiana ~~ The explosive power of 1.5 Million barrels of liquid butane is = approx 100 Hiroshima's (computations on my blog linked below)

Bayou Corne Louisiana has experienced a series of events which 'professionals' are having a hard time explaining --- or at least the pros are finding it to be an inconvenient time to offer an explanation as to what is going on.

Its a long story, but crucial for everyone to understand

This is mind blowing...well, in any case...mind bending..and important it be out here...thanks Reddwolf

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8/11/2012 -- James Bond -- A view to a FRACK = blow the fault flood the valley

by dutchsince 15 hours ago

8/11/2012 -- James Bond -- A view to a FRACK = blow the fault flood the valley

Published on Aug 11, 2012 by dutchsince

Last year.. at the start of 2011 -- I made this video in regards to fracking on the new madrid causing earthquakes -- right after the 3.5M struck off florida -- jan 2011 .

move forward to the recent development in Louisiana .. the sinkhole with a nearby 1.5 MILLION barrels of Butane stored in an underground salt dome.... http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/2012/08/11/8112012-louisiana-sink-hole-explai...

Authorities are worried this Butane may escape .. causing a quote "catastrophic" outcome.

I have computed the amount of 1.5 Million barrels of Liquid Butane into "BTU's" British Thermal Units (a standard unit for measuring release of heat)... and by the rough calculations... if this salt dome were to ignite all at once.. it would = 100 HIROSHIMAS!

That would of course be coming from deep underground, from the foot / base of the new madrid seismic zone .. along the mississippi river valley.

IF this salt dome were to blow with the equivalent of 100 hiroshimas (underground).. then we would see something similar to the diabolical plan of Zorin, James Bond's nemesis villain in the movie " A View to a Kill".

Add in the already FILLED oil wells along the edge of the craton.. fracking injection wells pumped full of water.. and you REALLY DO get the "zorin plan".

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Quite amusing watching these sink hole findings pop up in all the best HIDING places.... eh T  ;)

putting two and two together seems to be the hardest thing

the sky rumbling

the earth sinks in perfect cylindrical vertical tunnels

hidding? more like sticking 'their' head in the sand

Phillip, what a joy it is, speaking without talking ;)

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Sinkhole: H-Bomb explosion equivalent in Bayou Corne possible

Deborah Dupre

August 12, 2012

"Louisiana State of Emergency: Oil and gas sinkhole disaster area risks and rights violations escalating

A possible breach of a butane-filled well 1500 feet from Bayou Corne's sinkhole, the size of three football fields, is so "very serious," it has Assumption Parish sheriff and local residents ordered to evacuate worried about a catastrophic explosion, one according to scientists in an Examiner investigation, would be in the range of one and a half B83 thermonuclear (hydrogen) bombs, the most powerful United States weapons in active service.

Video: 8/11/2012 -- Louisiana Sink Hole Explained -- POSSIBLE HUGE CATASTROPHE -- 100 Hiroshimas


“The disaster is made all the more worrisome because the hole is believed to be close to a well containing 1.5 million barrels of liquid butane, a highly volatile liquid that turns into a highly flammable vapor upon release,” CNN reported Friday about Louisiana's declared State of Emergency.

Earlier it was reported the butane-filled well is only 1500 feet from the sinkhole and it will not be emptied."


"Potential butane explosive capacity calculated

The 1.5 million barrels of liquid butane 1500 feet from the sinkhole has an explosive capacity of 100 Hiroshima nuclear bombs, 1.5 times the explosive force of the largest thermonuclear weapon in current service in the U.S., according to Wikipedia scientific data and popular citizen reporter, Dutchsince, and confirmed by Dupré's sources this weekend.

Excluding secondary oil and gas pipeline and refinery explosions, direct effects of such a single bomb blast in Bayou Corne, fifty miles from Baton Rouge, would include Donaldsonville, Louisiana, according to NUKEMAP simulations showing an H-bomb this size would produce:

"Fire-ball radius: (central orange circle): 0.62 km / 0.39 mi. Maximum size of the nuclear fireball; relevance to lived effects depends on height of detonation.

"Air blast radius: 3.8 km / 2.1 mi (red shaded circle) 20 psi overpressure; heavily built concrete buildings are severely damaged or demolished; fatalities approach 100%

"Air blast radius: 8.93 km / 5.55 mi (gray shaded circle) 4.6 psi overpressure; most buildings collapse; injuries universal, fatalities widespread.

"Thermal radiation radius: 15.18 km / 9.43 mi (outer orange shaded circle) Third-degree burns to all exposed skin; starts fires in flammable materials, contributes to firestorm if large enough."

Note: Butane explosion effects would differ from H-bomb effects two ways: 1) It would take much longer and have insignificant radiation damage; 2) Temperatures reached would be lower, so the fireball, thermal radiation, and air blast radii would be smaller, but all three longer-lasting.

Breathing butane is hazardous. In the unlikely case that the butane was released but not ignited, Wikipedia explains butane properties as: “Inhalation of butane can cause euphoria, drowsiness, narcosis, asphyxia, cardiac arrhythmia, temporary memory loss and frostbite, which can result in death from asphyxiation and ventricular fibrillation."


OK...well, I know if I lived there...I'd be gone now...period!!!! :(  :(


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For anyone who says it nature or normal..is past sticking head in sand.

This is just insane. Either weapons are being pulled out of earths crust or some huge " tremor thing" is coming out. If KEVIN BACON POPS OUT OF ONE OF THESE HOLES...I AM GONNA FREAK.


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Update on the Louisiana sinkhole..

Mysterious Louisiana Sinkhole Raises Concerns of Explosions and Radiation

August 15, 2012


"A nearly 400-foot deep sinkhole in Louisiana has swallowed all of the trees in its area and enacted a mandatory evacuation order for about 150 residences for fear of potential radiation and explosions."


"We have to arrange for the driller. We have to pick a location. We have to be very careful to not be in a point that's too close to the sinkhole because of the weight of the rig," Texas Brine Company spokesman Sonny Cranch told ABCNews.com today. "We don't want to aggravate the situation."  <<<<<yes, I would think they would have to be careful not to cause a Lake Peigneur type problem too..like this video shows...

Lake Peigneur sinkhole disaster

"The sinkhole is on the outside edge of the salt dome where this particular brine well is located."

"There are some indications that it very well may have been connected, but there's just indications," Cranch said. "There's nothing concrete that has connected the sinkhole to the cavern."

There was bubbling in the water and the sinkhole is near areas where there has been exploration for oil and gas in the past, which would make the presence of low levels of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) possible.

The state's Department of Environmental Quality said water samples from the sinkhole showed oil and diesel on its surface, but initial readings did not detect radiation.

In the days after the sinkhole opened up on Aug. 3, nearby Highway 70 was closed down because officials discovered that the sinkhole caused a 36-inch natural gas pipeline to bend and feared the possibility of an explosion, according to ABC News' Baton Rouge affiliate WBRZ.

"That's why the mandatory evacuation is going to stay on, because there is a risk for explosion," John Boudreaux of from Assumption Parish Emergency Preparedness said at a meeting with residents on Tuesday, WBRZ reported.

"We are determined to do everything we can to find the answer," president of Texas Brine Mark Cartwright told the residents.

Some community members were visibly frustrated with the situation and lack of answers.


Massive sinkholes wreak havoc

A look at catastrophic sinkholes from around the world

A slideshow...w/9 pictures...pretty impressive...


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Officials: Sinkhole butane explosion possible

August 16, 2012 update..

Deborah Dupre

Officials differ in opinion on sinkhole butane worst-case scenario

"Tuesday, two major official agency spokespersons gave differing opinions about the sinkhole worst-case scenario, one saying a butane release is possible but unlikely; the other saying that H-bomb equivalent energy release calculations based on a butane explosion is “over the top.” An official on-site each day since the area imploded Aug. 3 says a butane explosion is possible and his greatest concern and ABC News reports Thursday that officials fear an explosion.

Assumption Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness director John Boudreaux said Tuesday that if a shift of Napoleonville’s Dome cap, comprised of sediment and rock, occurred across 1,600 feet of caprock, it could damage the casing of the well bore that leads to the underground cavern, possibly releasing butane."

"It’s not impossible. No one can say that it can’t happen," Boudreaux said. “The scientists are aware of that, but it’s very unlikely that it would happen.”

DEQ Enforcement Division administrator said reports that butane released from the Crosstex cavern could result in an H-bomb explosion-equivalent are “a little bit over the top.”


Officials have asked Crosstex to complete a new worse-case scenario report that was due Wednesday. That report has not been made public, yet.

Thursday, the sinkhole expanded another fifty feet, pulling in more trees and a boat that workers were using.


"Since Thursday, when the monster sinkhole suddenly devoured fifty more feet, more trees and a boat workers' were using and emergency workers had to rescue the workers, all work has halted at the site.

It is unknown how much more possible a butane explosion is since the latest sinkhole implosion, but ABC News reported Thursday, "Officials are still fearful of the possibility of explosions from nearby gas-filled caverns."


Looks to me as though no one knows what the heck is going on...but I dare say, no one wants an explosion, for any reason, especially when  you take a look at all the gas pipelines running through the area...

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8/21/2012 -- Bayou Corne -- Drilling Begins - saltwater 10 times Gulf levels


Published on Aug 20, 2012 by dutchsinse

"Drilling of the "relief well" has started. Saltwater levels tested show approx 10 times greater levels of salinity in comparison to regular Gulf of Mexico seawater."

relief well drilling begins:


salinity levels at bayou corne :


link on saltwater levels becoming high in Louisiana due to low river levels:


River traffic closed along the Mississippi River due to low water levels:"


Meeting scheduled for sinkhole update

Posted: Aug 21, 2012 10:50 AM by Russell Jones

"BAYOU CORNE - Emergency officials in Assumption Parish scheduled a public meeting for Friday, Aug. 24 to update people on the condition of the sinkhole near Bayou Corne.

Texas Brine continued work drilling an observation well to get into a brine cavern near the sinkhole, which is on their property. They hope the well will give them a better look at what could have caused the sinkhole, and bubbling that's been going on for months in the nearby bayous.

Parish leaders ordered people living near the sinkhole to evacuate, and Texas Brine began providing assistance checks to evacuees last week.

The meeting is scheduled for Friday at 6:30 p.m. at the St. Joseph the Worker Church Hall in Pierre Part."


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Following are many updates on the situation in Assumption Parish, Louisiana.  I truly believe there is much more going on here than what meets the eye..or what we are hearing about...

There are sulphuric smells in St.Louis, and in Michigan, there are cracks in the earth in Michigan, aren't people in Louisiana complaining about salt in their drinking water?? there are nuclear plants shut down, the Mississippi is having problems..add some earthquakes and this very serious situation in Louisiana w/this "sinkhole"...uh uh...This sinkhole is about 40 miles from Lake Ponchartrain, which is not far when you think about the flow of water/rivers etc.  and 50 miles in another direction from that nuclear plant w/problems..I personally  believe this is all leading to a major major problem that we have not even got an inkling about at this time..but in any case updates so many I will list the links, and you can check the stories out...in a report on ENE news from August 14, 2012...what is mentioned is cracks in the earth...I will include the link to that...


Assumption Parish sinkhole: More bubbling on the bayou



ASSUMPTION PARISH, LA (NBC33) — A new bubble site has been found at the sinkhole location in Assumption Parish. The latest bubbles were found near Grand Bayou.


Bayou bubbles continue spreading near sinkhole


Bubbling on Louisiana bayou continues to spread

"After finding carcinogens and other contaminants in Louisiana's giant sinkhole and nearby gas-bubbling swamp waters, officials have reported that another bubble site was spotted Monday on Grand Bayou, bringing the number of percolating sites to thirteen.


Louisiana sinkhole deadly contaminants found


"Breaking News. Sinkhole area oil and gas industry deadly contaminants found, further violating human rights in disaster area

As the Bayou Corne disastrous sinkhole grew Friday another 20 feet closer to Texas Brine’s failing storage cavern, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LA DEQ) water and air tests of the gas bubbles and sinkhole are showing cancer-causing and numerous other negative health impact contaminants, according to official records and an analysis released Tuesday."


Assumption Parish Police Jury


Texas Brine has indicated that cleanup of the sinkhole site is continuing and the boom has been placed along the outer perimeter of the site and containment is in place.


Louisiana sinkhole saltier the deeper it gets

"The giant Louisiana sinkhole’s water is far saltier the deeper the hole gets, state environmental regulators said Monday.


The expanding sinkhole is now approximately 427 feet deep, less than 300 feet from the top of Texas Brine's salt cavern that stretches down another 2,800 feet in the Napoleonville Salt Dome. Officials say they expect the sinkhole to continue growing."


tx Reddwolf

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Sinkhole radiation 15 times over limit, residents urged to record health signs

August 24, 2012  UPDATE

By: Deborah Dupre

"A non-government group is urging Bayou Corne sinkhole area residents to use a new record log as a veteran radiation expert says Louisiana environmental officials are “in denial” over hazards posed by elevated radium levels that are actually fifteen times higher than the state limit, a "worst nightmare coming true," according to an environmental attorney.

Stanley Waligora, a New Mexico-based radiation protection consultant and leading authority on health risks of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) has confirmed that radium levels at Bayou Corne's sinkhole are not within safe limits, but instead, roughly 15 times higher than the state's acceptable level, according to one of the nation's leading environmental attorney's Stuart Smith."

"State officials are saying NORM is is below hazardous levels, but the independent findings indicate other actions need to be taken, including residents using Louisiana Environmental Action Network's report logs to record signs and symptoms of ill health.

The information about radium is buried in a state news release, poorly written, "and goes out of its way to downplay the results," Smith said Wednesday."


"'Worst nightmare coming true,' says attorney

If the butane in the sinkhole vicinity exploded, it would meet, according to the National Terror Alert, the definition of a dirty bomb.


""In Bayou Corne, we are witnessing our worst nightmares coming true," Smith asserted Friday. "It’s time for the EPA and other outside authorities to step in and make sure that proper testing is done and that emergency measures are carried out."

The sinkhole, now the size of three football fields, shaped like an upside-down Superdome Stadium, and filled with liquid slurry is blamed on Texas Brine Co.'s failed salt cavern near Bayou Corne.

"There’s no excuse for allowing this new Louisiana catastrophe to get any worse," Smith says. 

Read the story here


tx Reddwolf

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