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A Cosmic Sonic Boom

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I just finished reading this fascinating thread.  It is all starting to make sense to me.  I have had many dreams that I was not sure just what they meant but now the information is coming forward and they are making perfect sense.  I'm not sure this is the best place to post this but it really fits in with the superwave.  I will just post one of the dreams I had at least 2 years ago.  I could go look up the date, as I keep a dream journal. 


In the dream there was a long line of us crossing a river, in the center of the river was a large wave that stood still and we all had to pass through it, some were a bit apprehensive about this, as it was so huge.  There was a woman holding hands with a small child and I said perhaps you should put the child on your shoulders to raise her up to cross through the wave. (Perhaps that is telling us we must raise up our consciousness.)  Then words appeared above that said " Do you suppose this is the cosmic bridge that has been spoken of?"  Suddenly to my left there were hundreds of dominos, black and white in the water and they just as suddenly turned into men and women in white shirts and black suits playing beautiful music on instruments in a symphony orchestra.  That was the end of the dream. 


So we will all be passing through the superwave, some are ahead of others, (no real time) We are required to raise our consciousness and the black and white world as we know it, (duality) will  change, or return to a beautiful harmonious symphony, as we cross the cosmic bridge  At least that is my take on it.  I am always open to other interpretations.

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me tel u day be4 me have important thing 2 tel u
elders finish calculate they say ok me can tel u this important thing now
so me tel u know in best wordings me have lernt
on 9 january yor astronomers cee 2 star xplode yor line time
this 2 star xplode is part of yor 2nd witnesing prophesy
now u must lisen me very good and lisen warning ok make yorself ready
u know lite travel faster than sound ok yes
on 9 january yor nasas cee lite of 2 star xplode ok yes
elders calculate that from now it is time for sound wave of 2 star xploding
come hit earth anyday soon now
window open from today til end july yor line time for when wave hits
why nasas wait so long 2 tel u on 14 may only about this me not know their reason 4 delay
me lern wording sonicboom
me tel u know what is coming yor way wil be a cosmosonicboom
this sound wave wil change many things and cause big disasters and many sufferings
this sound wavings make comets ignite ok
this sound wavings make moons forget placing ok
this sound wavings make planets lose or change orbit ok
there is no more forgivnes earth this thing is coming
yor leaders get desperat want escape try use cern but make things worsening
but not sure yor leaders try haarp only make earth angry
me sory 4 have to tel u this bad news ok sory
but elders give some beter news also
elders have problem calculate where yor sun wil be position when wave hits
if earth is behind sun when wave hit earth sufering wil be much les ok
sun wil absorb much damage
but then sun damge wil have efect tranfer on earth also but not as big if not behind sun
elders not al agree but many say earth wil be behind sun so this some good news ok
u just be ready in mind spirit and yor body ok
please tel every1 everywhere be ready with body and spirit from today
can 1 u please post this front screen to warn
me also need leve yor line time soon ok
me witnesing completed soon

well this is interesting....  found this article today, published on 9/1/17 (coincidence with me tel you date? perhaps 2022 is the date for sonic boom?)

Exploding Binary Stars Will Light Up the Sky in 2022

466fc1c0bca4f4925d27b5d74467864f?s=30&d=Published: 9 Jan , 2017
by Matt Williams

Stellar collisions are an amazingly rare thing. According to our best estimates, such events only occur in our galaxy (within globular clusters) once every 10,000 years. It’s only been recently, thanks to ongoing improvements in instrumentation and technology, that astronomers have been able to observe such mergers taking place. As of yet, no one has ever witnessed this phenomena in action – but that may be about to change!

According to study from a team of researchers from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a binary star system that will likely merge and explode in 2022. This is an historic find, since it will allow astronomers to witness a stellar merger and explosion for the first time in history. What’s more, they claim, this explosion will be visible with the naked-eye to observers here on Earth.

The findings were presented last week at the 229th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS). In a presentation titled “A Precise Prediction of a Stellar Merger and Red Nova Outburst“, Professor Lawrence Molnar and his team shared findings that indicate how this binary pair will merge in about six years time. This event, they claim, will cause an outburst of light so bright that it will become the brightest object in the night sky......

more here:   exploding binary stars will light sky in 2022



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29 minutes ago, Zeroo said:

why nasas wait so long 2 tel u on 14 may only about this me not know their reason 4 delay

now we wait till may 14th...

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