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been reading the J.Lear transcript from his interview on Prj. Camelot and the below quote seems very close to the RRR Modus Operandi from what i experienced personaly:


what do you think?


JL: "Yeah. There’s always been part of MJ-12 that wants to disclose and they always get up to the threshold of “Let’s tell the public,” then they always back away, and I don't know why they always back away."




thanx for the pointer Nex

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You may remember that at the beginning of this article, Denis Asberg provided an update a few days ago. Within the above mentioned video, which was posted back in May 2013, Dennis mentions something familiar near the end. (1:07:18) He says,


"..its a little secret just now and we don't want to say anything until we know more, but umm... two days ago we received information about the samples from the object, and the samples show that its very strange. We don't want to say anything about that now until we have more information about that, until we are home. As you know, you know, what do you think about that then?

Cai (Captain) - "That's the biggest news so far. It's going to be headlines all over the world if they can translate this information... if they can take this information that we have in now, that if that information is correct its the biggest news so far, because ahh... I can't say, but it's really, really amazing big news. So that's the most positive thing we have had so far when we were out there in this expedition. This information (incomprehensible..something future) is the greatest news ever. I know you love to share that information." ... "Double check the information and then... CNN, BBC..."

During the above transcript I took of them talking at the end of this video, Dennis Asberg then mentions the story around when his nose started to bleed as they were investigating the anomaly and they also finish off discussing strange occurrences with the radar and also the fog at night.

Up until now you may get the impression that this is a craft that has crashed. The official report of that team that did the remote viewing earlier said the following,

"TRANSCEPTION's preliminary analysis of the seven sessions specifically tasked against the Baltic Sea USO target (plus another one based on directly related tasking), suggests that the site is a complex of structures–a mining/production/resupply facility–among other things, centered around a special type of "lock" (described by the viewers as being “like” a “dam”, “barrier”, “missile silo”, and even Han Solo's “moon tube”), mechanically operated and comprising, at least in part, a cluster of densely packed, hydraulic levers that arc energetically back and forth, controlling the flow of a liquid (most likely water) used in the production of a much needed viscous, energetic, oil-like substance, dark in color and possibly toxic, with constituent and extremely valuable elements/materials mined locally.
Situated immediately below the predominate structure is a gargantuan chamber and network of tubes and/or connecting shafts, all underground. The beings responsible for its existence wear a special face mask to protect them from the environment extant at the time of construction. For the lock to work, it requires a special "key", which is missing. 90% of the site is underground. There is most likely a "Mayan"/ET connection. One of the viewers insists vehemently that humanity is not ready for knowledge constituting the “key”, much less the technology constituting the site. The Ocean Explorer team should exercise caution when approaching the, much less anchor immediately over it, in that several viewers mentioned that they felt a sense of danger at the site, in that a major perception at the site is that of intense energetics present at the site at one time or another. Multiple sites like this one are extant."
There is always the possiblity that both angles looking into this could be true. There may have been a crash by a craft on a very ancient extraterrestrial based mining site many thousands of years ago.

Whatever the case may be, there are a number of interesting announcments coming up by multiple sources out there.

We are living in a very interesting and exciting time period on Earth right now.



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Monday, March 10, 2014 What is that? A very strange phenomenon...

I stumbled upon this video on YouTube just now and it has got my attention. It comes with a story which you should read first.

25th of January 2014 - "So i was walking with my dog in the evening just before sunset, we were travelling into vast fields of nature to escape common modern view. By accident I found a pond. It catched my interest since i saw a waterhole in the middle of it. Usually people drills waterholes in their ponds where fish lives, at winter time, so fish can breathe.

I thought i will see some fishes and stuff... But as soon as i came closer, i noticed that it was evaporating. You can't see this in the video since i was filming with my phone which has shitty camera. When i stepped on that frozen pond, farther away from that waterhole (where i was standing) ice was 20 centimeters thick or even more. And that waterhole looked like it was melted with fire or something... You can see around that waterhole that there is snow or maybe ice particles blasted away from the center of this waterhole. What was underwater there is still unknown to me.

It is not volcanic activity. In the middle of Europe there are no volcanos or underground volcanic currents. Plus water would be boiling. There are no pipes in the middle of nowhere, so not a damaged pipe... Natural Gas or oil? Impossible, it is not hot and why only the part of this whole pond is melted just above this thing/activity-reason? I don't know anymore."




Is it a hot spring forming? Is it the appearance of an underground sink hole? Is it lava coming to the surface because the Earth's magma is becoming very active and unstable?

Below are a few comments on YouTube in relation to this video that I will share.

A.R. Johnson: "Make sure to have your camera ready this spring when that thing crawls out of there!"

socialdef3: "friend, I know this sounds crazy but I'm very serious - why didnt you try to poke it with a long (and I mean quite long) wooden stick, like a long tree branch or something?"

Mirko Puškarić: "go back there and throw a big rock on it and see what will it do...."

Kim Jong-Un: "Poke it with a stick"

zymok1: "i would have thrown my dog into it"

LadiesMan0246: "...should of just jumped in there to find out what happens. Worst case scenario you get eaten... Or you'll come outta there with super powers..

stirlingshire1: "Did you poke it with a stick? If in doubt, always poke with a stick."

Mark Quigley: "That thing is ripe for a poking with a stick. How should we evolve if we do not poke weird things with sticks?"

chrism282818: "You poked it yet?"

BruchoMetal4Ever2: "Update for everyone: I can't go back there at the moment and poke it with a stick.. :D It's warm out here at the moment, no ice, no snow, i can't step on this pond and film it. Someone said that it could be a sink hole and if i would interfare with it, i could as well die. So i have mixed feelings about this idea of samples and poking. :P For those asking when i filmed it and found it - Jan 25, 2014. I uploaded it here the same day. It is still a mystery what is it, i don't believe that this is some underground warm water, of course i am not a biologist as well, but still, it is red, not rising up or mixing with rest of the pond, and yet it moves sticks and mud around it, it has strange physics to it not like something i have seen before regarding water."

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'Big?' frog at 1.27 min.  If it did die, it wasn't immediate and frogs are particularly susceptible to their environment.  Just another factor to consider in deciding what the hole is about.

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Defo swirling around in there but not breaking the surface tension of the water???-------Aahhhh   its alive!

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Some info received tonight.

From MIke Harris

ATP (adenosine triphosphate)
Understanding from the new physics.  ATP releases a lot of energy due to the nitrogen’s.  The 5 nitrogen’s on the side tell you there are 5 amino groups and then you see phosphor connected on the other side of the molecule.  This structure is part of DNA in that it is registered and carried to be replicated directly.  Now the energy released is due to the ionization of the nitrogen.  And at the same time the Phosphorus’s gives a direct indication that this is connected to the DNA and the RNA.  The backbone of DNA is Phosphor.  When looking at this from the new physics, understand when you look at the oxygen molecules in the ATP, oxygen is a magnetic binder as it is in water.  The Carbons which connect up the amino groups serve as the communication line amongst themselves in respect to one unit.  The Hydrogen surplus which is there and available shows the amount and strength of energy which this unit can release because the hydrogen is the ionizing factor.  In totality when you take one of the phosphor groups away you are left with surplus energy.  And that surplus energy comes from the ionization of nitrogen due to the vibration and extreme ultra violet.  Which that energy appears as the body needs or the muscle uses. 
SO we have nitrogen as the ionizer.  Phosphor is the connection to DNA.  The carbon between the amino groups is the communication lines (between fibers of muscles). And the oxygen is the magnetic binder.
The phosphor in the ATP is linked up with the DNA.  Anytime there is change in its structure or use, it is immediately recorded in the DNA.  At the same time one of these phosphor groups is removed and the ATP loses a phosphor, this loose phosphor takes its place in the DNA.  So everytime you see this phosphor is has the connection with the DNA and the recording of information in the RNA.  AT the same time the brain considers this to be vital information to be registered.
Now if you look at this molecule you can see it is a structure from earth.  Earth is a nitrogen planet.  And you have the carbon and oh structure which is from this planet.  And in time you will understand these kind of structures to locate and indicate where the other creatures come from.  There is not much difference in the process of transfer of energy.
Example, if you have a K( potassium) then you have a different color, with a difference in the Phosphor in the DNA
In understanding how the structure will change.
If amino acid is connected to iron you have red blood cells and the color of your fiber tissues are red.
If you change for example and add in part of the protein chain in what we call the original structure cesium and copper.
If you have the cesium and copper structure then the color of your body is blue or the blood will become blue.
You see this in the shoe crab and this structure does not belong to the planet.
In conjunction with this understanding of the protein structure for the first time maybe you understand what has happened in the time being in the past for the structure of the cesium copper in an entity.  The emotional part of the brain which has a leech on it, which is the structure of the arms, legs, muscles and body as we see it.
If you can take this emotional part of the human being into anywhere in the universe and allow it to accept and convert to the environment in the universe where ever it lands.  It will take the shape of the environmental tissue muscle or what you call protein.  But it will still preserve its essence and in essence it will be a man.  But maybe with slightly different forehands and   arms.
So in reality if you understand this process and understand the shoe crab with the blue blood then you understand that this animal has an essence outside this planet.  This might answer a lot of people’s questions in what happens if we go somewhere else in the universe.  We keep the essence of our blood structure but the physical body will mutate to fit the environment that it is in.
The physical part which is a leech and it gets its information from this emotional part and adapts to the environment to be able to survive.
Now we see and understand the structure of the shoe crab blue blood.
The shoe crab has allowed the FDA to speed up the certification of medicines.  This is because it has a higher potency due to the presence of the cesium oxides and copper oxides in the blood.
Is the shoe crab from this planet?
In the shape and from which it has adopted itself yes.
But in essence, no we don’t see any other animal on this planet with this kind of formation and structure.
In so many ways, and this gives us an insight into the future for mankind in space.
This helps in understanding the separation between physicality and the emotional part.
The physicality is imbedded in the amino acid, the five nitrogen’s and the rest which creates the amino acid.  And it’s embedded in DNA through the phosphor link.  And then when the phosphor link picks up the information for positioning, the energy which it creates for itself for the positioning within the helix structure of DNA creates the information for the RNA which becomes part of the permanent structure of the man.  And with this it becomes part of the working operation between the emotional part and the physical part of the body.
This is very important in what has been explained for the coming years.  In time man will understand in reality what has been locked into the fingerprint of DNA here with the phosphor.
The phosphor is in the muscle tissue and amino acid, and phosphor is produced in the inner structure of the bone for specifically this reason and specifically for fingerprinting and matching to DNA structure.
Then you have the calcium which is created and held within the immune structure of the inner part of the bone marrow and these two always travel together.
the calcium moves within its boundaries and layers of these fibers, because the amino acid in its process as an energy unit or as a defense system for the immune system come and work together where calcium and phosphor guarantee the fingerprint of how and what is needed in the immune system.  Then when the next generation is produced, exactly the protection is set and is there to be needed and doesn’t need to learn it again.
The shoe crab which is now breed for use by the FDA, in its emotional part and soul very much does not belong to this planet.   The FDA has found this blue high energy blood very effective in assessing new medicines for pharmaceuticals.
In time man will come across other creatures but we will never have offspring because their amino acid structure is different and stronger than ours.
We can learn from it but it’s impossible to have physical interaction offspring. 
*Emotional interaction which leads to offspring can be done but will be explained in the future. 
The shoe crab similarities to man are because it has chose the environment of man and this planet.
The emotional part has brought and it has adapted it physical side to it in order to be able to survive.
But in reality it has never lost its origin that it had to live off cesium and copper.  And most likely this animal did not have a cesium and a copper from its origins.  But it had a combination as a plasmatic which is near to cesium and copper.  So it has adopted here which gives the gravitational and magnetic field affect in totality of this entity and we detect it and recognize it to be the cesium and interaction with copper in it.
With respect to the blue blood and the FDA breeding and having them hooked up to machines to milk the blood for use and study.  we will see these kinds of interactions with different entities and races as we go into space.
As much as this blue blood is interesting to us and different, our red blood is of interest to the other people of space.  But most of them in keeping respect and valuing life do not do this to us.
In understanding this, you can understand the process of colonization and how it’s done.

 Tx Nexus

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Quote from above:

"But in essence, no we don’t see any other animal on this planet with this kind of formation and structure."


I beg to differ as there is at least 1 other species on the planet that I am aware of with similar essence being researched right at this moment.



Tasmanian abalone contain protein being developed for new herpes treatment



20 Aug 2014, 9:27pmWed 20 Aug 2014, 9:27pm

A fish processor's healed hand warts has alerted scientists to the herpes-fighting properties of the blue blood of the Tasmanian blacklip abalone.


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(More input from the source a post or two back, who heard Mike Harris talking about 'black goo', and contributed his knowledge on the topic)





Sent: Thu, Oct 16, 2014 9:50 am
Subject: Re: Fwd: sent to mike, about black oil

The goo which doesn't have to just be black, the color depends on the composition and the magnetic and gravitational fields strengths.

this goo has the same state of existence as this part of our emotional brain.  

the reason it likes the oil of this planet is because the oil for this planet is like the lymphatic system of our bodies.  our bodies send plasmatic energy through the lymphatic system.  when we eat food, some of the materials are converted into plasmatic energy and are abosrbed into the lymphatic system through the lymps in the stomach.  this is why we have lymphs in the stomach.

the goo exists in a liquid dynamic plasma state ( not the plasma from high voltage with gases etc.)

this is just like the all the goo's that i make which are alive, but not programmed except for what i have given them through my emotional fields, but are kept in a safe state of existence.

the lymph in the stomach and associated cells also have a neural makeup of brain cells and these are connected to the emotional brain via wireless communication, esp, whatever people are calling it these days.  but the actual link is done through the gravitational and magnetic fields which are linked.  just like a twin star system, the 2 stars share a bridge if you will and if you were able to affect spin or axis of rotation of one star the second star would change immediately to balance itself.  this instant information and communication is done through the gravitational and magnetic field links and there is literally zero time communication.  

also surrounding the smooth heart muscle are layers of material that are linked to the emotional brain and communicate the same way.  this is why when we get emotional our heart rate changes even if were not physically exercising our bodies.  this also why some people say they feel with their gut and heart.  and why some pyschics also mention the gut and heart.  in activating the the emotional brain, the the heart, and the gut is where one can use various psy powers.  also you can activate the left and right brain hemispheres in a certain manner which produces a field that allows for the reception and transmission of energy and information in a psychic manner.  devices can be built to train and teach people how to do this.  once they learn they will no longer need the device to perform various psy powers.

back to the goo,

the material can replicate itself and grow when in salt water.  or more specifically the mineral content and the the specific minerals play an important role.  

when i make this living goo i use salt water,(intentionally leaving out certain information) and by changing the mineral contents and concentrations you can produce various forms of the goo which are alive.  some of these types of goo are made naturally by the earth at certain locations and as the goo evolves it chooses a physicality which it desires or needs and then life in a physical body of whatever design is created.

when  a person dies the emotional brain which  was a form of goo originally, is cut off from the body which is a leech,  the only reason the physical body exist is to feed the emotional brain to grow and evolve.  

now one can definitely replace this goo if grown right, into a body and it will come alive. without the emotional part there is no life.  you can even take the brain out of a person and keep it and the emotional part alive with the right type of fields generated around it.  it can easily stay alive for hundreds of years.  

the goo can be used to grow a body,

by putting it in the correct containers in specific conditions for that particular goo it will use its RNA information stored in itself to begin grow a physicalty of its program.  

I can even  grow bone with this technology,  all sorts of fats, proteins, and the rest, etc...

maybe if you understand this,  now you can realize if  you take all the salts from a human and used in correct container of specific solution and setup the entire human body will be regrown.


or need an extra body part?

you can even use this technology to create hybrid humans or another version of humans, super humans, etc.

by the way just slightly touching the goo material and it is absorbed directly into the body because of the state of its existence and it even has fields constantly being released from it, so you should keep a certain distance.  

i can show how the fields which are being released by the material can travel through solid containers and into another container.  i can have them replicate themselves wirelessly into another container.  this should help you understand how communication and energy transfer is possible.

all of this is done with no electric current added to any system.  this technology operates outside the electromagnetic spectrum.

if you have blood types and ET makeup knowledge, then i can help you find out its origins.  you can even trace it back to where it came from through the field connections using certain knowledge of technology.

One more thing, if you want to shield the material for various reasons this can be done.  by having a field, which is not electromagnetic, around it causes the transmission and reception of information to be blocked and shielded from passing through.

If the chinese are blocking it as you say then this is most likely how they are doing it.  and if they have this knowledge and capability and you or the US or whomever doesnt have this, then the chinese are ahead in understanding the real physics of the universe on a multi-dimensional scale.  you can use this knowledge to create an area or sphere and go into other dimensions where other life exist and other ET beings reside outside our physical realm.  what you do is you create a sphere of energy which is to your environment in which we as earth humans exist in.  and then you create another sphere inside that one that matches the realm, dimension, or strength of the other beings existence. if you as a human were to enter the sphere or volume that the others exist in this can be extremely damaging and maybe cause physical death.  you can use this technology to meet and have interactions with all the various intelligences in the universe.  you are only limited by the degree of the energy strength which the field can create or go up to.

you can also create fields of variable size as a detection system from other ships, races, etc.  as soon as the other ships, or beings come into contact with the field it is immediately detected zero time.


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Still Nexus, it does leave me with a question here.


"the material can replicate itself and grow when in salt water".

Is it possible for this "Goo" to have intelligence?

If so, how would we calculate the effects when cloning (what would be(come) in control)?



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Russian sub spotted in Swedish waters

captain said they were "deep sea fishing and had a balalaika orchestra on board"

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Sweden steps up search for 'crippled Russian submarine' making Mayday distress call off its coast

  • Swedish ships, helicopters and troops are scouring waters off Stockholm
  • Follows reports a Russian submarine ran into difficulties on secret mission
  • Sources say a distress signal in Russian was intercepted 
  • Soviet submarine sightings caused security alerts in Sweden in the 1980s
  • The Russian defence ministry denied the reports today



SWEDEN has mobilised aircraft and warships to hunt a Russian submarine believed to have sent a secret distress call late last week.


speculation surrounds the behaviour of the oil tanker NS Concord, a Liberian-registered vehicle that has apparently been circling in Swedish waters for the past week.






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The hunt for Red October huh !!

out of Kaliningrad

augie hunting with calibrators, with Awhale in support

guess augie got to their hull first

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I note the oil tanker circling as a very poignant indicator, laying down food in a defensive perimeter as such to try to lead the aggressor away from the egg so to speak.   ;)  poor buggers

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Source(please use your browser translator-in Japanese): http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20141101-00050057-yom-soci


Black Oil Suddenly Appearing in an irrigation canal in Japan---Morioka-city




image: ©APPI http://www.appi.co.jp/foreign_country/english/winter/get_here/


The black surface was spotted 2 days ago, and it's not ceasing the flow.

No one knows wth had happened.

No big factories using such huge amount of oil near by areas.

Apparently about 400 years ago or so, there were some folk stories about oil being produced in the area, about 2km West from the canal.


A young man who was using the canal water to change for his fish in tank noticed he noticed his fish started to die in late October 2014.


According to the article, a geologist from Iwate Uni stated that it is not likely due to nature.




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Not for nothing, the "black oil" in the canal.....I do not know if/where the canal may lead to the ocean, or if there is a connection with fresh water (perhaps a fresh water reservoir or something)....but sometimes oil coming to the surface is indicative of an incoming earthquake.....

This article (even in its poorly translated Google state LOL) reminded me of when MANY years ago (Im thinking 20?), my friends and I were at the beach and the life guards made us all get out (we were surfing). Turned out oil/tar was washing up with no source in sight. I did have black streaking on the bottom of my board, but didn't notice until I was told why we had to get out. We left, as the beach was closed for swimming from that point and continued to be for a day afterwards, maybe more - I don't remember. What I DO SPECIFICALLY remember, was that we had an EQ Shortly after that, which is very rare where I am. Turned out that the oil/tar WAS a seepage prior to the EQ, it came to the surface and washed up on our shores. I wonder if Japan will have another one in the next couple of days....

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Interesting subject, when you consider the suggestion that the Great Wall of china was switched on recently.

Please read the whole article in the link below 

  Han Purple and the Third Dimension

Barium copper-silicate doesn't just have archaeologists and chemists intrigued. At normal temperatures, it's an insulator and is nonmagnetic. Along with its many fine properties - prettiness, historical importance, a hint of aristocratic style — barium copper-silicat has many electrons, some of which spin up and some of which are spin down.


Something unusual happens as the temperature drops and as a magnetic field is applied, although the temperature has to drop pretty far, going down to between one and three degrees Kelvin, and the magnetic field has to be about 800,000 times the strength of Earth's magnetic field. The results are worth it — the electrons seem to merge, taking on one spin, and acting as one electron.



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Earth May Have Created Its Own Water Deep Within; And There's Still Enough There To Fill The Pacific



Worth a read with a different mind set - could the by product of the organism be WATER and as such it brings life to a barren land and when the water resources of the planet dwindle to a point where life can't be sustained she kicks into action and does what she does best...


Now think of how we have been draining and polluting the worlds aquifers at such an alarming rate could this be what is agitating and waking up the organism and as such causing more splash zones.. and when we factor in the fracking.. are the Arabs actually trying to save the planet by selling oil at low prices to force the frackers and shale oil guys out of business to delay the awakening of the organism... everything is connected step back and then back again and back again what do we see.... past the greed and what seems stupid may well be wise in the scheme of things...


Just some deep thoughts what often seems so far apart is actually opposing poles of the same thing

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The image is from 24th Dec 2014 session of "Anchor" on-aired by Kansai-telebi, Japan.


The guy is Mr. Aoyama, who is a famous developer of cheap and easy mining method for Methane hydrate from the sea bed surrounding Japan.


In this episode, he said " There are high possibility of having oil surrounding around Japan".



It's only after Mr. Aoyama and his partner looked into the stratum of methane hydrate, unexpectedly they discovered there may be plentiful beds of oil and gas, just underneath the stratum of methane hydrate.

For a long time, for some reason (...deep meaning to it!), geologists there never bothered to dig to check if Japan has any underwater resources. (Gave up when they couldn't find anything but in fact the detection ratio was poor due to the technology at that time, I guess.) 


If oil, gas as well as methane hydrate can be harvested easily, Japan would be very happy, for sure.


But this will again cause major change in geopolitical cards in the region...

Russia wouldn't be happy if Japan achieves it.

And more fall of value in energy, flooding of the availability, perhaps can give us the chance to reform energy system governed by corporate by making it no point to hold onto the energy grid a bit by bit?

...Who knows... 


But...The BLACK RING OF OIL SURROUNDING JAPAN-image popped into my mind...mmmm :ph34r:

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Boy’s death confirmed as first case of brain-eating amoeba in tap water

Jan. 26, 2015


"Researchers have discovered the first confirmed case of someone contracting a deadly brain-eating amoeba known as Naegleria fowleri through tap water. Prior victims were infected after swimming in warm bodies of freshwater.

study published this month in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases reported that a 5-year-old Louisiana boy did, in fact, pick up the microorganism from tap water, possibly via a Slip n’ Slide. About two weeks later, he perished from an infection known as primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM).

Naegleria fowleri is called the brain-eating amoeba because it can digest neural tissues. Upon entering the body via the nasal passages, N. fowleri penetrates bone between the sinuses and the brain to form an infection, breaking down nerve cells in the process. Ensuing swelling of the brain occurrs, ushering in PAM, which is usually fatal. PAM kills up to eight people per year in the US, usually males with a median age of 12."




I find this interesting because the Deepwater Horizon oil spill took place off the Louisiana coast, and the organism is known to have a fresh water cousin. In the couple years following that spill, there were also deaths in Florida, and I believe a young girl in Arkansas too (Mississippi R, aquifer, and the sink hole)and articles were posted regarding water contamination in those areas affected by the oil spill.  A slip and slide. ok then.  So tell me, if he got this from tap water, then why aren't or haven't we seen or heard of other deaths from the same tap water contamination? Surely he is not the only male child in all of Louisiana to have had the ability to become infected in that manner? ( I wonder if he happened to go to the GOM for a swim, just prior to infection, or would they tell us if he had?)  just my random thoughts is all 

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