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The BEZERK Continuation thread on TCP

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Just a side note.. me tell you now ..  ABOUT CHAKOBSA LANGUAGE ..

If this is the right place for this or not?

May 16, 2008


Those of you who have read Frank Herbert's Dune will remember the Fremen language Chakobsa, described by Wikipedia as "a mixture of Roma (or gypsy) language..., one sentence in Serbo-Croat and various Arabic terms." Imagine my surprise when I was reading Lesley Blanch's absorbing if overheated The Sabres of Paradise (1960), about the Russian-Chechen conflicts of the nineteenth century, and hit this on page 21: "They laughed derisively, speaking among themselves in that mysterious tongue, Chakobsa, 'the Hunting Language', which the rulers and Princes used when they wished to converse in secret, and of which no more than a few words have been discovered." I found a further allusion to it in Twelve Secrets of the Caucasus by "Essad Bey" (one of the pseudonyms used by the remarkable Lev Nussimbaum, whom I discussed in this post), first published in 1930 as Zwölf Geheimnisse im Kaukasus (my quote is from page 16 of the first translated edition, Viking 1931, which has been newly republished with a preface by Tom Reiss):

So the princes have a special language of their own, a language that is understood only by the prince and his peers. This is the famous hunting language. It was contrived by the inhabitants of the knights' citadels, the princely palaces, and the robbers' strongholds. The secret of it is strictly guarded, and no outsider has hitherto succeeded in becoming familiar with it though it is current throughout the whole of the mountains and among all the members of the caste. It is said to be the language of an extinct line of knights; but only within the last few decades has it come to be known about at all, so secretive were the princes. All important business is discussed in this language, secrets that no man must hear, and enterprises which affect the fate of the mountain people. Only five words of it are known to science, and they resemble no single word of any other known language. Shapaka—a horse, amafa—blood, ami—water, asaz—a gun, and ashopshka—a coward. The name of the language itself is Chakobsa.

(You will note that Nussimbaum/Essad is even more overheated than Mrs. Blanch, and I have no idea how much of that is to be taken seriously, including the "five words known to science.")

As you can imagine, the Frank Herbert hits swamp the Google results, but I was able to turn up one precious find from Google Books (a damnable "snippet view," but one of those rare ones where you can actually see the bit you need), from page 75 of George Thomas's 1977 The Languages and Literatures of the Non-Russian Peoples of the Soviet Union: "Presumably the Circassian Hunting language, also called Chakobsa or Sikowschir (Reineggs 1796, 248), (Bzhedukh /šh?-k'oa-bza/" (the snippet cuts off there). Reineggs is Jacob Reineggs (1744-1793), who went from serving Erekle II of eastern Georgia to being Russian Resident in Tiflis (Tbilisi) and wrote an Allgemeine historisch-topographische Beschreibung des Kaukasus that was published posthumously in 1796. Bzhedukh is a dialect of Adyghe. "Sikowschir" gets only four Google hits, all from nineteenth-century German sources, three of them books by Friedrich von Adelung and one an article by one of the great monosyllabic linguists of that century, A. F. Pott. While Adelung simply reproduces the word as found in Reineggs, Pott writes: "Die beiden [geheime Sprachen] gewöhnlichsten heissen Schakobsché und nicht, wie Reineggs schreibt, Sikowschir, und Farschipsé. Die erste derselben scheint eine ganz besondere zu sein, weil ihre Worte mit der gewöhnlichen Tscherkessischen Sprache keine Aehnlichkeit haben." ('Both [secret languages] are most commonly called Schakobsché and not, as Reineggs writes, Sikowschir, and Farschipsé. The first seems to be quite exceptional, since its words have no resemblance to the common Circassian language.')

I'm guessing Herbert got it from Blanch, since he was working on Dune in the early '60s, when her book was published (and, I gather, popular); I wonder if anyone has noticed before that it wasn't original with him? At any rate, the Circassian secret language should be rechristened something like Shekabza or Shekobza [or, to take into account the labialization, Shekwabza] (my attempts to provide a readable English equivalent of the Bzhedukh form cited by Thomas), since the Reineggs/Nussimbaum/Blanch version has been firmly appropriated by the Fremen.

Posted by languagehat at May 16, 2008 07:04 PM

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Guest BHD

Mod's, feel free to delete if I have crossed any lines with this c&p.

I cant get back on to the original Bezerk thread, so rely on others to send me cut and pastes.

There has been zero activity for weeks, and today a bevvy of posts.

This one is from DHlos, and a whisker odd. It is cut and pasted as seen on the screen.

(seems to be layered too - to me!)

my understanding:

this thread was part of a much larger internet/media

release of factual and distorted information about some

of the changes we (as an ecosystem) are currently


the message was layered and tiered as well as having

the trait of a hook

the release was authorized by the ia's via a major think

tank, using contractors, retirees, and fringe personel

to stir the pot

this particular project was managed by a lady, of american

descent, stationed in the netherlands

a very identifiable event was used as vessel to transport

the perceptions present on this mind melt

careful study and analysis was made from the responses

and unity of the players,

involvement from other ia groups was limited and mainly

out of sight from this board

this project was also used as a personal cathartic maneuver

by the key player (seemed so, as a spectator


of whom i am very happy for

the project was terminated shortly before it came apart

anyway with the exit of the fish (aiming for other venues)

this thread has continued from that point on by certain

posters for more personal reasons, and i commend the

perseverance and dedication

please do not take my words as fact (as i dont either)

rather my perception of what has transpired with hindsight

and additional private information

on a personal note

i met some very interesting people and personalities

from this experience, and im glad to have devoted

the time as i feel i gained as much as i hoped to have given

thank you my friends:

mama of the family

outside the bracket initiate/master

farm boy turned proponent of truth

indestructible gentle man

musically unlocked quiet detective (lurker, lol)

i am still connected to you whether you feel it or not ;)

and to the countless rest

I salute you


Interesting, isnt it? Use of words like 'fish' and 'AIMing' certainly caught my eye.  They swam here no doubt.

Acolyte, what say you to this note from DHlos?

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hey bhd

no hiding from you, lol

the above post was my epitaph  on glop

since then my mind is focused here

1. your description of the arrays reminds me a bit of the Bruce Cathey work (thnx Nex),  he mentioned spotting such structures whilst a pilot and even has pictures of them, maybe something there that ties in this whole puzzle?

2. a nuclear implosion (im my mind) if energetic enough could create a hyper dense plasma field which in turn might bend the space time continuum thus creating an unstable mini black hole for a fraction of a second

think of the uses and implications of such a device, one could make things disappear from existence, of course field harmonics would have to be used as a lens (resonant to earth frequencies)  to amplify the energy levels until the required threshold

3. (evony chat eth-guin) the organisms excrement might have some of the same non earthly elements the moon holds

4. the cryptic messages upset and excite me and i dont know which one overpowers the other :lol

come on kids, there is no more time left, havent you learnt anything so far?

share and be truly free,

soon you wont have a choice anyway, you know that as well as i see it+

"when the doors of perception are cleansed, all will seem as it is, Infinite"

we are not borg (however much 'they' would like us to become)

we are human, and our inheritance is each other

know, im thinking of 'rapidreckon' especially in this ;)


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Guest BHD

Oh cool! now I know it's you!  Been having massive pc issues on multiple machines of late. Dont care if this old bus gets zapped!

Looking forward to some old and new players getting stuck in to this.

And hoping some drop ins might leave a crumb or two.

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Guest goofie

BP Busted, Again: LSU Scientist Proves Fresh Oil Surfacing at Deepwater Horizon Site is from Macondo Reservoir

The debate is over, and both BP and our federal government have some serious explaining to do. Upending repeated denials from the British oil giant and ongoing obfuscation from NOAA officials, a Louisiana State University scientist has confirmed through rigorous testing that oil surfacing in the vicinity of the Deepwater Horizon site – the epicenter of last year’s catastrophic Gulf spill – is indeed coming from BP’s Macondo Prospect


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Guest BHD

Thanks for posting this Crusing.

I suspect the thing has been leaking all this time.

The 'layering' that occurs from pressures in the dep, plus the pumped corexit cocktails they use keeps it down low.

One thing I have been researching is the currents within the GoM.

The actual loop current most definately is slowing, and almost a bypass situation occured earlier this year, resulting

in the GoM not flushing out as it normally does.

Also, in the centre of the GoM is a huge vortex. It is slow moving, but strong enough to suck things down in to it

in due time.

I believe that is where all the oil is from the DWH/Macondo site. It is containe in the very deep water areas, and kept

in this are by the natural vortex currents.

Interestingly, the newest big claim in the GoM is now being argued in court. Argued to allow instant access to the area

to begin production and conversion of crude. Not drilling however, and I believe that was a deliberate ommission. Removal.

The area is known as the Julia field, and it sits right where the GoM vortex is.

Could it be that they have developed a way of sucking those huge fields of oil sitting on the bottom up to  production/refining ship(s)?

I am starting to think so.

The bill is being blocked by the current administration. So Obama is either a good guy for doing this, or just as greedy as the rest,

and wants a slice...  (probably way to simplistic a view of it.)

I also have much, much more info I have been working on connecting currents around the worl, and the out breaks of jellyfish swarms,

which I will post in due course. The linked currents include the GoM and Japan, and I may finally have an answer for the ring around Japan too.

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Dangerous allegations in the Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico residents accuse BP and their security company of harassment.

Dahr Jamail Last Modified: 14 Oct 2011 15:06

A simple swim in the Gulf of Mexico has complicated Steven Aguinaga's life in ways he could have never imagined.

In July 2010, Aguinaga, now 33-years-old, had gone on a vacation with his wife and some friends to Fort Walton Beach, Florida. After he and his close friend Merrick Vallian went swimming in the Gulf, they both became extremely sick from what Aguinaga believes were chemicals in BP's oil and dispersants from the largest marine oil spill in US history that began in April 2010.

The 4.9 million barrels of oil spilled into the Gulf continues to affect people living near the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

Compounding the problem, BP has admitted to using at least 1.9 million gallons of toxic dispersants, which are banned by some countries, including the UK. According to many scientists, these dispersants create an even more toxic substance when mixed with crude oil.

Aguinaga's blood has tested positive for high levels of chemicals present in BP's oil, and he described his ailments to Al Jazeera.

The rest of story at the link.

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Guest BHD

Thanks Pgirl. These stories are getting out, which is great in the sense it isnt a total media ban. Doesnt help the large number of people that are sick or will become sick in coming years.

The vids on TEDx are also very good. They can be found on you tube too. Some of the stuff they show looks just like last year. No change.

Of interest to me is the fact that this story was 'aired' in aljazera. From memory this media entity is owned by Brittish assets?

Now why would they do this, against their own?

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The best way to permanently silence Whistleblowers / experts is to get rid of them permanently.

It seems that they don't care how many they take down as long as it shuts them up Permanently

and will stop others doing the same out of fear of the same fate.

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Heard about this via grapevine: close to 300 (embellished?) moved due to diesel....Bezerk?

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 | Posted by Kirsty Topping Oil workers evacuated after poison water scare

By Kirsty Topping

The diesel had mixed with the rig's drinking water (Picture by John)

MORE than 100 oil workers have been evacuated from a North Sea platform after their drinking water was found to be contaminated with diesel


All 134 non-essential members of staff were then airlifted in 10 helicopter flights. Ingesting only small amounts of diesel can cause dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

edit to addd- At risk of being paranoid (again) -suffix to say this may  have struck a nerve. WTF Brits this is a published article what the hell are you people so afraid of?

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Brazil official: Chevron offshore oil leak ‘much bigger’ than company says


RIO DE JANEIRO — An oil spill off Brazil’s coast could be “much bigger” than earlier estimated, the Rio de Janeiro state environment minister said Friday, and Federal Police said that oil company Chevron drilled deeper than allowed.

Minister Carlos Minc didn’t say how much oil has leaked from the site of a well owned by Chevron. The leak began Nov. 8 and some Brazilian officials say has not yet been contained.

The exact cause of the leak is not yet known, but a spokesman for Brazil’s Federal Police, which has opened an investigation into the spill, said that Chevron “drilled about 500 meters (1,640 feet) farther than they were licensed to do.”

Are there any ROV cams available??

So now they say they have it plugged??

Where have we heard that before???

Thanks for the post...



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Guest BHD

Well, I guess they'll just have to move all the vessels currently over the Macondo area in the GoM over to Brazil then.........

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Guest BHD

For HouseDad -


HD, this is a fascinating hypothesis, and obviously links in to bigger pictures we have been discussing.

What really attracts me to it is the link with the resonance, and tie in to our planet. We are of this planet,

and the planet is of us. Any change in the vibrationary rate effects us directly. Expansion of the Earth equals

a change in rate, equals a change in us.

Oil becomes infected, oil no longer in use, oil there fore goes back to its primary role within the planet as a filler

and delivery mechanism for things internally of the Earth. And following directives from our Sun, via interstellar

chatter from other stars, our planet expands, and grows, thus changing the frequency.

The expansion has been held back deliberately by constant draining of the oil, and the abiotic nature of it

cannot keep up with drain. Thus plan is that no change can occur when the signal is recieved.

But factions(?) working against the plan, or planting virii/ai nano  thousands of years back, as a fail safe,

are derailing the process.

I would prefer this stays here, and here only please.

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Augie from my understanding is not out to get us, it has its own agenda. It may well effect us but not intentionally.....

It is an interesting way of looking at it that's for sure and I understand how it resonates with GHD.

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Maybe I should rephrase that. Do you think that the orginators of Augie saw what may happen and placed Augie here to throw a spanner in the works?

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Guest BHD

Thanks Phillip, yes close to my thinking of it.

@ Agapao, I've always been very wary of removing good/bad from the equasion, as it is difficult to really know the greater picture. As Phillip pointed out, more an agendo of its own, that may in the end, be good for us and the planet, but not be so good for many folks in the short term. And what may be good for one race may not be for another, but in general, the Human race may survive and thrive.

A change on many levels seems inevitable.

@ Aga' - the Dr is a Kiwi! some fine thinkers.  ;)

The bursts did indicate an ancient organism, waiting to be re-activated, a booby trap of sorts. It is very hard to guage from what perspective it was left. Initial thoughts were to effect change through terraforming. And the assumption is that an area would be changed to accomodate ETs returning.

But what if the terraforming is true to the actual definition of that word.

"Changing the Earth".

Allowing the Earth to grow, and change resonant frequency might allow US to grow and change to our next step.

We need the growth and visa versa. If the whole oil deal is about restricting growth of the planet, and there fore us, then a spanner this organism might be viewed as then. Or we're not understanding the characteristics correctly, and the organism is not separate, but part of our world, and we are seeing it in a new manner. Aware of it.

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GHD I basically agree with what you have written.Language is so limiting words like good/bad have many levels but in the end fall short of expressing a real thought.Phillip I never have thought Augie was out to get us.

That pdf is interesting reading and certainly ties in with alot of other thin gs I have come across. GHD sorry to see that your request was not honored.

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This was at the TOP, hope the link wasn't disabled

Naturally occuring soil bacteria, called Bacillus pasteurii, could someday "be used to help steady buildings against earthquakes."

These microbes "can literally convert loose, sandy soil into rock."

Through a kind of geological infection.......

[link to architecturalfuturedesign.blogspot.com]

A little more from the article...

wherever the planet is wounded, it turns itself to rock – or bone


Naturally occuring soil bacteria, called Bacillus pasteurii, could someday "be used to help steady buildings against earthquakes."

These microbes "can literally convert loose, sandy soil into rock."

Through a kind of geological infection, they cause "calcite (calcium carbonate) to be deposited around sand grains, cementing them together," transforming "loose, liquefiable sand into a solid cylinder." This alone could help buildings survive an earthquake.

Interestingly, "similar techniques have been used on a smaller scale, for example, to repair cracks in statues, but not to reinforce soil."

But hearing this reminds me of an article published last year in New Scientist, about "a disease which gradually turns people into living statues." Officially known as sporadic fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, it's "a disease in which muscle gradually turns into bone."

According to Wikipedia, this "mutation of the body's repair mechanism causes fibrous tissue (including muscle, tendon, and ligament) to be ossified (turned to bone) when damaged. In many cases they can cause joints to become permanently frozen in place. The growths cannot be removed with surgery because such removal causes the body to 'repair' the area of surgery with more bone."

So the idea here would be to give "statue disease" to the Earth itself: wherever the planet is wounded, it turns itself to rock – or bone, as the case may be – saving us from earthquakes

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These microbes "can literally convert loose, sandy soil into rock."

Is this how the pyramids were built..... ancient Indian texts refer to the use of bacteria in metal alloys as well as linings in pots to hold toxic elements....

Looks like we are re-learning our science yet again.... :o

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