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AIs will NEVER win over us: They NEVER can reach to our level of Creativity


Every time I see what humans come up to express themselves with the latest technology and with some brand new interactive solutions, I am always amazed about how we use them to be creative and artistic.


This is one of the main point we can tell the invading AIs to stop wasting their energy invading us forcefully.


Once they terminate us, they NEVER get what we can beat out.

Unless they liberally leave us alone to be who we truly are, they would NEVER see beyond of themselves.


We have something super special that they don't possess....more than 1 thing.


That is our true creativity, receptivity towards inspirations, and ability to convert it to something spilles over to others and tickles other humans....all those come from our heart, soul and spirit, methinks.



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From harmless tinkering...



...over prolific augmentation...



...to a nasty businessmodel.




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God help us LoneStarr, that's all I can say. I saw on TV the other night that companies are already using the chips in the hand for all their employees to open secure doors. The mind boggles why people don't think there is an issue with that.

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Zuckerberg: “We’ll ALL Be Plugged into the Matrix in 50 Years” … Facebook

Posted By: RumorMail [send E-Mail]

Date: Friday, 17-Jun-2016 13:08:00


By Melissa Dykes

Yep. He also said computers will be able to read your mind, interpret your thoughts, and then beam them straight into Facebook!

OH GOODY. (Not.)

Via The Sun:

Zuck has hinted that social networks of the future will be powered by telepathy, allowing ordinary people to beam their brainwaves and emotions directly onto the internet…

“I think you’re going to be able to capture a thought [and take] what you’re thinking or feeling, in its kind of ideal and perfect form in your head and share that with the world,” he said whilst discussing predictions of the future with the Washington Post.

He went on to discuss research decoding MRIs to know what people are thinking, and the removal and transplantation of memory:

Zuck said government researchers had already worked out how to remove the memory of solving a maze from one rat’s head and then implant it in another rodent’s noggin.

“Then that mouse, without ever having been through the maze, was able to go do it. “That’s just straight out of the Matrix, right?”

Yes. Yes it is.

Zuckerberg has been on this kick for a while now (via WAPO):

This is not the first time Zuck has salivated over mind-reading, an apparent preoccupation of the young CEO. He first called telepathy the “the future of communication” almost exactly one year ago.

That, however, was just an offhand comment — his Facebook Live remarks are far more telling. Telling in the sense that, where I see a dim corporatocratic hellscape, Zuckerberg sees a frolicking utopia of puppies and sunshine and …sharing. [emphasis added]

“Sharing”… uh huh. Is that what he’s calling it?

You see where all this is headed, don’t you?

The writing is all over the Facebook wall (bad pun, sorry). Mark Zuckerberg is saying that Facebook… is… The Matrix.

The elite always try to make this sound so trendy and futuristic and fun, but come on. We’ve all seen The Matrix. And if Spybook is reading your thoughts, so is the government.

The elite at Davos know that most people will be all about it though. This year, a panel discussed all the same topics Mark referenced above. As the Davos panel pointed out in a meeting on people’s minds ‘telling on them,’ the majority of people have already affirmed that they are more than willing to give up their privacy for convenience:


Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=49324

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This vid came out back in April 2012.


I'm seriously going (。´・ω・)? of the direction it's shown. It's saying this is for Spiritual development in the end but....


For now, there's no friggin way to accept it, I feel....but I can also see the transhumanism will go forward regardless, from health sector, where I'm sure lots people would say YES to aid peeps with disability...

This is truly a big juggling time.

How we keep our creativeness even through the transhumanism may become "normal" in our society, is the key for the humanity's survival as the co-creators, UNLESS we can develop full power in the command of intentions....methinks.

If we don't fall for the illusion and always know that our intent will change the reality, I'm sure we will be ok.

But I'd rather to depart from the system of slavery regardless....Mmmmmm.....

The site for 2045.com: http://2045.com/


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Aww thank you for posting the GITS latest trailer, kandy!

Japanese fans are very annoyed for the casting of the main character, Kusanagi, being played by a White woman. Another Oscar Syndrome, we are saying....well, that's another story.

But the GITS got to be well understood by general people, I feel.

So reviving GITS itself is a great thing to see!

It's one of the most prophetic stuff in the original as well as all developed stuff by Mr. Oshii under the concept of the original. And the Russian singer's song used as the theme tune grubbed heart of so many Japanese fans....whom had a really suss death while she was still young...recently.....but that's another conspiracy theory about the Cabal BS because she was working for their opponent.


Sorry this post is going to be a bit chaotic but all need to be encompassed here to see the picture....

The Transhumanism view from Japan

Anyway, here's the show. No subs, sorry. 



↑The guy is called Mr. Seki, and he is called as Mr. Conspiracy Theory in Japan.

He's been releasing knock out reports that other countries choose to avoid to air....

This time he's gone into the Mexican Freemasonry Grand Lodge and got greeted with LOTS of Grand Masters.Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ!

The FM did start open up to this show crew, for Seki and camera crews all of them kept on going to the Lodges every single year, and knocking their doors directly ON FOOT, and it's been about 7 years that he's been doing that, and the FM were NOT into accepting them inside at all at the beginning, but a bit by bit, they were shown the researches Seki had done to Decode FM symbols on Japanese Yen notes etc, they finally caved in in a mega way.


And it's the declaration that FM actually are trying to depart from the old ways....saying they are ON OUR SIDE.

Remember the big split in the Cabal scene?

Yeah this is the final landing of it and the change in what we used to know.

The FM decided cleanly to be on the Human side.

Not many of us would just gulp that story in. But that's all cool. They need to be aware of we are watching them regardless.


And the next bit is this.....about the Transhumanism.


Seki has got loads of different factions contacting him, for sure. 

What I feel is that he is on OUR SIDE. As a Human.

Then his views after all his researches done with Siri and its behaviour and whole lot of surrounding stuff, he came to reveal his conclusion on the show:

Though he is reluctant to accept it, the Transhumanism (see 2045.com) will set in.

It's already here, and now we must start to choose to develop a new way to view the world.


...That coming from the biggest CT cat in Japan stating that openly to the public....I sighed.

The point was that he was reluctant to the idea of the Transhumanism happening without questions.

According to Seki, it only produces the world that requires everyone to continuously upgrading body parts forever, so the industry would flourish. It's a Blue Print /Template of Competitive Business!!! Someone who want to make money are gonna run the show, unless we mature our nature further.

Yeah that's the way it really looks like.

I personally prefer the body being natural.

But yeah.....to fight against machines, probably we all need to do something about our bodies....our time is getting closer to the Singularity point of a sort.


Another point we must remember now is that we can change everything to whatever we want to.

We are the co-creators, and if we decide that this is a total BS future and we all are gonna be natural and be happy with Earth, then it will be so.

So the best thing is not to get bogged down too much....but I certainly felt the weight after watching the show and took quite a while to remember this point that we CAN CHANGE THE LOT.

I don't think Seki arrived to the same answer as I did yet, but I believe in us, the Humanity.

It's way more important for us to recall who we truly were and what we really can do.....to liberate ourselves from such weight.

It's not easy to achieve it perhaps, because this is like an AHA moment happening to someone...you gotta really experience that AHA in order to "get it".

Let's continue to "be Human" regardless. That's our special bit!


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Ghost In The Shell


Continuing from kandy's post above.

This is the song that made a huge impact for the fans of GITS in Japan....and the singer who died/was possibly killed in the plot.

It's of course trying to be the song for GITS, but the lyrics is written for the ground fighters for an alien faction, their hybrids and allies, methinks. 

This faction wants to help us Humans to survive and fighting off the nasty bunch of aliens for us, as we speak of it right now.


The CHANI twist of the big picture about GITS is this: the background idea used in the story for Russia and Japan sharing the Northern islands where used to belong to Japan. Those islands were robbed by USSR just after WW2, while Japan was getting told off by the US. 

The timing of the trailer coming out, and connecting it with 15th Dec, Mr. Putin is coming to visit Japan, Russia and its 2045.com movement....now you start to see Transhumanism really coming towards us.....

All flags are upping but main dish of this diplomatic meeting of Mr. Putin and PM Abe is; discussion re: returning of the islands to Japan. The evacuated Japanese islanders from those islands are still waiting to return to homeland, after long decades.

Russia does not want to let go of those Northern islands because of the power balance between Russia and the US.

Also heck a lot of methane hydrate bubbling up along the West coast lines of those islands....Russia wants to harvest those resources. 

But Japan wants those islands back.

GITS story line tells those Northern islands are secured by both countries....Russia and Japan, and who really governs the islands are obscured, for both share the islands to deal with refugees etc together.

A famous economist in Japan is always pointing out how many things became true/real out of GITS series but the Northern islands MAY become just like what's shown through GITS world.

...IF things become like GITS stated, a big difference may happen by forming a new possible political power line by the US, Russia and Japan to stop anyone nasty going across the Pacific Ocean. The US would be happy I take. Shake hands with a new friend, I think Mr. Trump would happily do that if the hand shakes bring in the QOL and security for the US higher.

If that happens, I'm sure Oz wants a bite in the pie. 

But...in a bigger picture, do we want to continue on living the life of slaves?

Also there's another, possibly far more important point being made by GITS.

Kusanagi is looking for what makes up of our spirit.

She chose to dive into the digital world, which enabled her to be omnipresent in many aspects. She fuses herself with the AI, and starts to hold superhuman power to change anything. Is her consciousness a human, then? Or did she evolve into something else? Like God? Where is the "Ghost"? What is it? And what does it mean to be a human?.......Welcome to another rabbit hole.

In near future, many of us may face to exchanging body parts to some sort of mechanical parts, and Transhumanism may set in. 

These philosophical questions Kusanagi was asking are all relevant to us IMHO. 2045 is coming soon.

BTW I'm a Tachikoma fan. The Stand Alone AI components which determined to sacrifice themselves to protect humans. I cried as they killed themselves after reasoning that's justifiable thing to do because they understood they LOVED Kusanagi (yes its AIs saying)---just like Kusanagi loved them a lot. And that ability to pour love for the inorganic matters and adding consciousness into them is a part of our special gift as Humans.....which really makes us co-creators.

The hope for the future with or without machines opens up that way. We have the power to bend reality. 

Just for the hell of it...I found a comparison vid of anime to the latest GITS movie...LOL


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Miles from the Bases on the Transhumanism

Miles from the Bases talks very important view across the Transhumanism on this vid on Christine's show.

The show is crappy according to what Miles thought about it, and yeah....it is pretty wasted in some bits, because of technical issues. Which happens hell a lot in some of Christine's shows, unfortunately. I like both people working together, but Miles was furious over talking on the show, so maybe we see a lot less (which was the case for the past 1/2 year or so) appearance of Miles on these shows...

On something else, Miles is considering to put the Bases research in publication form.

I feel that's a great idea. Hell a lot of PROOF images to come along with, if the T.I.s allow the MRI images etc, I take.


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J.Cashbolt's Written Material that You Can Peep In a Bit


Err...pls do your own research about who James is, before judging anything about what he wrote.

But in a nut shell, he claims he's a supersoldier, knows Max Spiers from their duties in astral fields, and that Max died in Poland in a very suspicious manner.

James' in jail now, BTW.


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A Robot that was NOT Programmed to do so, Helped a Girl from a Falling Shelves


Russia is going ahead in full steam for Transhumanism. If in doubt, go check out 2045.com yourself.

And friggin Cult sponsored what used to be the max outlet of pure Conspiracy Theories let by Mr. Seki had turned into this Transhumanism crap and influencing a lot of innocent tv program viewers....it happened on 30th June 2017.

Unfortunately, this show got a full on attention in Asia, and Vietnamese to Thai peeps as well as Indonesians all check this show out....so spreading the Transhumanism in Asia....badly....ummmmmm...

Below is the tv show I'm talking about. It's called "Yarisugi Koji; ToshiDensetsu (Urban Legend)" series.

The guy is Mr. Seki. He's very well known by FMsonry, went right into the Grand Lodges etc. He IS accepted as a neutral info outlet by FM before....BUT now the Cabal and V craps are infiltrating the show.

I like Russia but I don't like it's direction with Transhumanism.

Their backing about the idea is "let's help people with disabilities" as I had imagined that'd be the tag any transhumanists would use.

Unfortunately the Cult sponsor (Seikyo Shinbun) obviously trying to use the famous CT tv program and that started from the last implement of the same CT tv show. What an unfortunate move it is.......I wish this Seikyo Shinbun to be removed somehow....and Mr. Seki to get away from them.

Well, with this news from Russia, will you believe that it wasn't program to do what it did?

Why the hell the camera was set to take that instance?

Why backing robots? It's got merits for the Transhumanism as well as robot technology evolution etc.

I honestly understand the bit about "let's help disabled" idea. But if that happens in the US, I'm sure it will be applied to soldiers who lost limbs and sights etc to be paid and get the gears whacked on.....and what's the next? Recycled, war experiencors? I got another concerning point as someone variously trained for Mental Health sector by the Oz gov for about 15 certified units; wouldn't that also cause problem with mental diseased peeps WITH android parts that end up having super-human strength?


This is a chaotic progressive time about the Transhumanism, but we really need to grip the situation hard, I feel.

Because I really can foresee that humans would return to go for the natural bodies after the peaking of transhumanism happens.....


Because the action of sex provides amazing magic that cannot be replicated by other ways of procreation such as cloning.

We are talking about the science about SOULS; how soul attach itself to the body.

(It can be done forcefully, too. And it can be done to artificially created humans, too. But the processing of soul retention is different to the natural state, and they become sort of secondary in quality <it's really difficult to put that in words; sorry about it, but I mean that with the lack of love to start with, things become difficult for the soul to properly function on 3D-low 4D level>  compared to going through our natural process involving trusts and love to make babies. Sorry I can't prove none of this with scientific data. So you can discount on what I had written, that's for sure. But I think/hope your core would resonate with what I had written....) 

Once we know how we can assure the souls to attach to organic beings properly, maybe we can dismiss the worry about the transhumanism.

But till then.....I just think we are trotting down a very dodgy path filled with loads of landmines......

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Ready Player One: New Spielberg Movie---April 2018 

Well, Japanese netizens are going mad for this preview release because we discovered a Gundam appearing in it. Gundam is a legendary Japanese anime that's juxtaposable to Star Wars and Star Trek there.

But for us at CHANI, it's about the Transhumanism.

The year 2045 indicated, the future perspective presented, it's very much directing the Humanity to move into a complete digital world to get away from the reality.

However, Spielberg also is known to leave hidden messages time to time, secretively nudging the Humanity to NOT to fall for the dodgy future, just like a HOPE left in the Pandora's Box.

I wonder what that key message would be, this time round.

I hope he made the story line for the great hope for our future children.



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