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This is a bit of war history, I fell across today, they found one of them in 92, I think, now another one.

WWII P-38 Discovered Under 300 Feet of Ice in Greenland

July 27, 2018     Jay Bennett

"The P-38 "Echo" is part of the Lost Squadron of aircraft that were forced to crash land in Greenland during a blizzard.



On July 15, 1942, six P-38 Lightning fighter aircraft and two B-17 Flying Fortress bombers encountered a blizzard while supporting the Allied war effort in the British Isles. The aircraft were forced to conduct an emergency landing on the glaciers of Greenland, and though all the crew members were rescued nine days later, the aircraft were left behind. 

Over the decades, the ever-shifting ice sheets of Greenland buried the aircraft, known as the Lost Squadron, under between 250 and 300 feet of ice. Fifty years later, in 1992, one of the P-38s was extracted from the ice and restored to flying condition: the infamous Glacier Girl.

Now, a revitalized search effort led by the non-profit Arctic Hot Point Solutions has discovered another P-38 of the Lost Squadron. Hints of the aircraft were first detected in 2011 as the team combed the area with radar to search for objects under the ice. Earlier this year, the team returned to deploy new ground penetrating radar (GPR) mounted on drones to more efficiently search for the buried WWII warbirds.

Once the P-38 was detected, the search team used a heat probe driven by a hot pressure washer system to tunnel through the ice in an attempt to touch the aircraft and confirm that it was indeed a plane, rather than "a large rock, or a woolly mammoth," according to a recovery team update sent to Popular Mechanics. When the heat probe came up, the team was pleasantly surprised to find it covered in 5606 hydraulic fluid—a surefire sign that the object was one of the missing P-38s.

"We weren't anticipating that," says Jim Salazar, a co-founder of Arctic Hot Point Solutions who has spent years searching Greenland for buried WWII planes. "We pulled the probe back up, and lo and behold it had all that hydraulic fuel all over it."



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Recent change of tactic by the US against China:

Firstly to prove my point of Chinese infiltration in the US (and around the world like in Oz, Sth Est Asia, Pacific nations and other countries world wide)...

(c) Politically Correct 2018  Published on Aug 9, 2018

POTUS' voicing about her and the Spy: (length 1:42)

Trump remarks on China spy working for Dianne Feinstein

"President Donald Trump remarked on new reports that U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein had a Chinese spy working in her office in California, saying they have to stop people from meddling."


And to note that she is a famous person making sure for Japan to look terrible internationally.

Those decisions were influenced by the Chinese Spy, Russel Lowe, and people like late Mike Honda...as well as other Chinese lobbyists. Amazing how Chinese intel actions were accepted and infiltrated this deeply without the US nation realising about it. It shows how amazing Chinese people are---I mean in positive ways, when they can align themselves with us as the Humanity. The intellectuals in China are amazing people, and I pay respect for them, to start with. So let's never forget that they are also a part of us, the Humans.

Now re: the change in tactics:

Finally the Human Rights business got poked in by the POTUS group waging the war against Chinese expansionism.

Not that I always accept what appears in the VOA, but this article is painting the picture of "China" engulfing all minority group and the land where historically belonged to them.

Probably lots people didn't hear anything about what kind of oppression against the minority people China had been doing, apart from Richard Gear spreading the info about Tibet.

In order to systematically remove the culture, Chinese gov tried to demolish a Mosque in this instance....they also actively tries to remove their language and forcefully stops them from getting pregnant.

The famous "Silk Road" existed because of all the minority group lived through out the Road.

Denying their existence and their addition to the cultural value the Silk Road had shown to the West is denying the Silk Road itself---that's changing the past history and total ignorance to Human doings---all the love that crossed over different cultures to inter-connect them, and established who we are now, methinks.

Marco Polo loved to discover all the different culture, and remember he was the one who had brought back the "noodles" from Chinese region to Italy, and that sharing of different and wonderful cultural differences now became Italy's PASTA culture, which are beloved by the people all around the world.

Let's retain what are different, because that way, we can appreciate more Human arts. Be it culinary experiences to dances and songs, and people falling in love despite the difference of cultures. I feel diversity wins over singularity....

Thousands Gather in China to Protest Plan to Destroy Mosque

Last Updated: August 10, 2018 6:01 AM


"Thousands of Muslims gathered at a mosque in northwestern China Friday to protest its planned demolition in a rare, public pushback to the government’s efforts to rewrite how religions are practiced in the country.

A large crowd of Hui people, a Muslim ethnic minority, began congregating at the towering Grand Mosque in the town of Weizhou on Thursday, local Hui residents told The Associated Press by phone.

“People are in a lot of pain,” said Ma Sengming, a 72-year-old man who was at the protest from Thursday morning until Friday afternoon. “Many people were crying. We can’t understand why this is happening.”"


7.5 Urumqi Uyghur Massacra Rally

Additionally, these are the Rally of Urumqi people from Uyghur organised in July 2018 in Tokyo, Japan.

7.5 Massacre happened when Urumqi people were rallying peacefully against another Massacre happened in June. Chinese army came in and just rammed people down.

These Uyghur people know what themselves and their family/relatives would cop if their IDs are revealed by the Chinese gov, so this was what they had to do to be out and about this year.

This Japan based Uyghurian group had been organising world wide rallies in the past, and Japan doesn't have issue with Muslim people compared to such places like EU I guess.

Actually it's not known well in the world, but from Turkey to Iran, lots of people seem to have no issues towards Japanese people, and lots people come to Japan to live and work. (Japan has world #4 intake of people coming and staying from overseas---nearly TWICE of how many people Australia accepted in that year, despite the country being so tiny in size. Japan is a tough country to accept people as permanent residents but they allow loads of people to come and stay for processing.)

Below is the article from Yahoo!Japan showing the data...just for the hell of it, I list out the countries shown in this article to compare the numbers.


In 2015, each country accepted this many foreign people (non-tourist) to come to stay in their country:

(1) Germany@ about 2016000 people

(2) The USA@ about 1051000 people 

(3) UK@ about 479000 people

(4) Japan@ about 391000 people

(5) South Korea@ about 373000 people

(6) Spain@ about 291000 people

(7) Canada@ about 272000 people

(8) France@ about 253000 people

(9) Italy@ about 250000 people

(10) Australia@ about 224000 people

More amazing thing about those foreign people is that they have awareness to NOT TO MESS Japan around, so they actually try their best to stop any fights spreading outside of their own communities.

How awesome attitude that is...!! I thank them for showing the respect to Japan. And I wish that the same trend spread around the world. We should be able to live together, peacefully, if we all show respect to one another.

The worst of the group of foreigners committing crimes in Japan against Japanese people are....Chinese people...while we got loads of nice Chinese people who had settled down in Japan for ages, living together peacefully. Late comers are trashing the reputation of the people and the long time residents in Japan from China also voiced the worry about those new comers. Pretty sad.

Both below images: (c) Genki Fujii via Toranomon News 2018



The Write Up about the 7.5 Massacre of Urumqi via Japan Uyghur Association (in Japanese): http://uyghur-j.org/japan/2011/06/「7-5ウルムチ虐殺事件」に対する抗議声明/


....And did you know that AT LEAST 46 Nuclear Tests were done by China around Lopnor, causing the people to be born with defects etc? How many exact numbers of Above Land Nuke Tests were carried out in Uyghur, we don't know....and no wonder Russia is very wary of China.

Lastly...a video from ITNJ on Falun Gong people of China and Urmuqi people of Uyghur used for organ harvesting by the CCP....the testimony of a doctor who ended up cutting open a guy's body while the man was still responding to the pain was...so sobering. And heart breaking to see Uyghurian mothers crying over their dead children who were snatched, killed and placed into boxes with ice, only being intended to sell the organs at high price. 

There are Q&A section towards the end of the vid. People were saying "China won't stop no matter what we say"....that's correct. The ONLY way to stop them anything is to have bigger weapon power than they do. 

Published on Jun 4, 2018

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Argentina Is Changing

Did you know that China has a Satellite Base where no Argentinians are allowed to enter? I went whoa. Due to the past dealings with China, no Argentinians are allowed to go into the base, and the current government is trying to change it. 

While POTUS is not paying attention, China has waged into Argentina so they can make advance AGAINST the US.

For us, the CT heads, Argentina directly connects to Nutzis influence as you know.

There's THE obelisk you see in the Washington D.C. sitting in the main place in Argentina, too. So you can tell it was a full on strong hold of the Cs.

In mean while, the current government is DIFFERENT, apparently.

They want to get out of the rats, and the people there love their current President and Vice President (a lady in wheelchair).

The previous government was raining money to the people but didn't make any changes and the country was just getting crushed.

But the current gov is asking the nation to sacrifice with blood and get a grip over themselves, so the country can rise above again, and the important notion here is that even the nation is asked a tough life, they are supportive of the current government's moves!!

They are truly trying to get out of the grip of the Cs...

Us, the Humanity, is really moving, and winning over the old grips of bad bunches.

Let's send our cheers and support to Argentina.

Direct info via the Head of Crisis Management of Japan, just now. (youtube.com/watch?v=47Pf_qWpxUk)

The point of my post is to do with the Argentina bridging to Antarctica.

A VERY important and interesting change is happening, methinks.

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Nth K Squeezed In Between China and The US 

Source: via the Head of Crisis Management of Jpn(youtube.com/watch?v=Ic3A13dJMDs)

Apparently Nth K really was considering to go along the US.

But China waged in a full on show when they did the Military Exercise which included the detailed attack plan to take the head of KJU. It was a literal threat against KJU when they were about to cave in for the outreached hands from the US.

China NEVER looked Nth K (or the entire Korean peninsula, for that matter) as equal to them historically, since before the current country as PROChina was created. To them, Nth K is something MUST bow down to them all the time. They found out that KJU may well be taking side to the US, and got very angry at them.

Nth K to be taken away by the US was the most unwanted situation in China's point of view.

Once they cave in to the US, Sth K's deeply tied with the US, then Japan that is firmly allied to the US is just waiting outside, meaning absolutely bad news for China is to emerge, if they let go of Nth K.

Thus China had shown what they mean, shown them the military plan clearly against Nth K.

KJU is fearing China really moving in at any moment, so.....Nth K is tightly sandwiched between the big forces, where both has big military powers.....and can't decide what to do the next for now.....

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Many Historical Atrocities... Were Rituals - James Perloff

Well people must be sick of hearing all about it from me. Here's something said by James Perloff. He did study and reached to the same conclusions. Glad it came out via SGTReport.

(c) SGTreport 2018                 Posted on 2018/08/22
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Things are heating up in Syria 



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Israeli Military Delegation to Moscow - Thrown out by Russians after 21 Minutes

The highest ranking members of Israeli military traveled to Moscow to explain and talk about the shoot down of a Russian IL-20 Electronic Intelligence Aircraft during an Israeli attack upon Syria.  The Israelis wanted to meet with President Putin and Russian military leaders to explain what THEY say took place.  It didn't go well.

President Putin refused to meet the delegation.

Russian Military leaders listened to Maj. Gen. Amikam Nurkin, Israel’s Air Force chief and, my covert Intelligence Sources tell me, "the Russians got almost immediately ticked-off."    My former Intel Colleagues (from my years with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force) said "The Maj. Gen. from Israel immediately went into "deflection mode" trying to blame the Syrians for what the Israeli's did.   The Maj. Gen. decried the Syrians as almost incompetent in the way they use their air defenses, and condescendingly expressed surprise they haven't actually shot down more planes by accident."  When the Russians heard that, it was all but "game over" for the Israeli delegation.

The Major General from Israel apparently didn't realize (or perhaps didn't care)  that when he said such things about the Syrians, he  was actually insulting the Russians because he made it appear that the Russians didn't train the Syrians properly!  It went over like a lead balloon.

Making matters worse, when Russian military members began asking Maj. Gen Nurkin specific questions, he was completely unprepared to answer them, saying he would have to check with his government first.  This was the actual end for the meeting as Russians decided the Israelis had come to propagandize instead of answer questions.  It seemed to the Russians that the Israelis were trying to blame anyone but themselves for what took place.

The Russians then abruptly interrupted.  They told the Israelis the Russian plane was only 31/2 MINUTES away from landing at Hmeymim air base in Syria when the shoot-down took place.  They told Israel that Israeli fighter jets "sneakily shadowed" the much larger Russian aircraft to use it as radar cover for Israeli missile launches.  They said the Israelis did this on purpose;  then threw the Israelis out of the meeting after a grand total of . . . . 21 minutes.

The Israeli military members described the meeting as "tense and very threatening."

Suffice it to say there is REAL trouble between Russia and Israel.

The media of Israel is already "spinning" the meeting as having lasted for "hours."  That's flatly wrong. From start to finish, the meeting lasted twenty-one minutes. 

 I earnestly hope the Israelis and Russians work this out.  The world does not need even more trouble in the Middle East.  





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Chinese Agent Living In Chicago Arrested For Spying On US: Feds

Geoff Dempsey    Sept. 25, 2018

"Accusers say he was a Chinese spy tasked with gaining intelligence on potential recruits for a Chinese intelligence service.

CHICAGO, IL — A Chinese national has been arrested on suspicion of spying on the United States for China, according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney's office. Ji Chaoqun, 27, was living in Chicago while working as an agent for a Chinese intelligence agencies, the government says.

Ji "worked at the direction of a high-level intelligence officer in the Jiangsu Province Ministry of State Security," the press release said. Accusers say his mission was to obtain biographical information on eight people for potential recruitment by the Chinese intelligence agency.

Some of the individuals targeted for recruitment were Chinese nationals working in highly competitive STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — fields in the U.S., including some U.S. defense contractors."



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US B-52s fly near contested islands amid China tensions

Sept. 27, 2018           Ryan Browne

snip video

"Washington (CNN)The US Air Force conducted two bomber flights this week into areas considered sensitive by the Chinese military, missions that have come amid heightened tensions between Washington and Beijing.

Earlier this week, US B-52 bombers flew from Guam and transited through the South China Sea, an area where the Chinese government has built islands and established military facilities on disputed features.

"That just goes on, if it was 20 years ago and had they not militarized those features there it would have been just another bomber on its way to Diego Garcia or wherever," Secretary of Defense James Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon Wednesday when asked about the bomber flight.

"There's nothing out of the ordinary about it," Mattis added.
On Tuesday, US B-52s also "participated in a regularly scheduled, combined operation in the vicinity of the East China Sea," Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Dave Eastburn told CNN."



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Chinese warship came within 45 yards of USS Decatur in South China Sea: US

Luiz Martinez    Oct. 1, 2018

snip   video


"The U.S. Navy destroyer USS Decatur had to maneuver to avoid a collision on Sunday after a Chinese warship came within 45 yards of its bow as the American ship transited a disputed island chain in the South China Sea on Sunday, U.S. defense officials said.

The close encounter that the U.S. Navy characterized as "unsafe and unprofessional" comes at a time of heightened tensions between the United States and China.

"At approximately 0830 local time on September 30, a PRC LUYANG destroyer approached USS DECATUR in an unsafe and unprofessional maneuver in the vicinity of Gaven Reef in the South China Sea," said Capt. Charlie Brown, a U.S. Pacific Fleet Spokesman.

Gaven Reef is located in the Spratly Islands chain in the South China Sea where China claims seven man-made islands as its own.

The close encounter with the Chinese warship occurred as the American destroyer was carrying out a freedom of navigation operation (FONOPs) in the Spratlys, the U.S. said.

The U.S. Navy routinely undertakes FONOP missions worldwide to challenge excessive territorial claims of international shipping lanes.

USS Decatur had sailed within 12 nautical miles of Gaven and Johnson Reefs in the Spratly Islands when it was approached by the Chinese destroyer."




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America Giving A Unified Fight Against China

Yeah finally.........it's NOT a physical war, but is looking like an amalgamated American national opinion basically signed a go ahead for POTUS' movement to crush Chinese moves that's going totally against the trade awareness the rest of the world tried to adhere and cooperate with....

On this side of the water, the opinion of Mr. Seki, an ex-Chinese intellectual now naturalised as a Japanese citizen gave a critical hit on the chin of China.

According to Mr. Seki, Mr. Xi should have waited for another 10 years pretending to be not powerful...then they couldn't be stopped by anyone economically or physically.

But because "he was stupid", started to boast himself too early, and this trade fight happened.

Mr. Seki thinks it was lucky for the world that Mr. Xi revealed his short fall now than later, for if China really gripped Earth......it was the end of peace in totality.


America buying 1.5 million stuff off China vs China buying 5 million of American stuff, it's just obvious that the trade fight only gives WIN TO THE US. No other way. Neither they would ever win for physical fight against the US, if they try it now, so well, there we go. China sinks.

The crazy move was made by China to say "Oh well we can sell off the US bonds"....they only going to squeeze their own throat hard by doing so, because there's NO ONE trusting Yuan in the world.

Even Pakistan, where was closely tied with China, backed off from the Silk Road bogus plan in a big way now. Malaysia out, Indonesia out, Africans trying to say NO to China collectively, well.....people realised how the S/R idea works. It's only aiding China to spread its tentacles internationally by waging into everyone's pockets deeply and make them to obey China when they realise they can't repay properly....but now Chinese goods are failing mega big ways all over the world, people had seen the end results from the past, so finally everyone around the world started to notice how Chinese tactics are presented. It won't work magic any more.

Also, though we know how useless lame thing the UN is for the world peace, even within the UN, the tune against Chinese oppression against Uyghur people started to emerge. Well done POTUS!

Yes the world trade of harvested organ from China MUST STOP. Just realising all the organs were harvested from other humans who are not even knocked out to take the organs out. They are feeling PAIN being sliced up awake. (A real testimony came out of an Uyghur doctor who was pushed to harvest organ once from another Uyghur guy, presented on IJNC.) Even children of Uyghur are snatched for higher pricing organ harvesting when they are playing outside!!!!!!!!

NEVER for Chinese organ harvesting, please. 

China now surrounded by enemies.

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While we're all involved with China, N. Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, etc., we are not paying attention to So. America.  WTH is going on with Venezuela?   I follow a utuber called Florida Maquis.  I don't agree w/his politics, but he is onto something serious going on down there.  I'm  going to post several of his videos, see if you think it's something to be aware of.









Not one word about any of this on our news.  Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, all sending troops to the border w/Venezuela, and a virtual armada off their shore.  Seems rather serious to me.



https://mundo.sputniknews.com/americalatina/201808291081590430-soldados-roraima-glo/  Brazil deploys 3200 to Ven. border

https://mundo.sputniknews.com/americalatina/201808291081590430-soldados-roraima-glo/    Venezuela militarizes border w/Columbia

https://venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/14088   Prospects of US military intervention in Venezuela - Say what?

A situation that bears watching.


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Nth Korea Absorbing Sth Korean PM in, The US Annoyed A LOT

Stupid moves made by the Sth K PM Wen is really causing headaches for the US.

Sth K side is only being engulfed into Nth K....

The 7th Fleet is still on the edge.

Honestly.....you never know, maybe suddenly the attack has to happen to change the crazy course of what Sth K is creating.

Basically if The US-Russia-Japan tie happens for the geopolitics now, China shuts up, and Nth K hasn't got any support and the world can just forget about Sth K, too. All will go well. (Just ask yourselves, which head of the country with economic power you got to be able to trust in Asia right now? Yeah, it's Japan. Japan got decent ties with BOTH the US and Russia. POTUS got good relation with Russia, too. This is a chance, so to speak.... But to do that, Russia gotta give back Japanese Northern lands which USSR took away unlawfully at the end of WW2 by showing trustworthiness to do the pact. )

How to achieve that keeping peace is another complex question I take, but with POTUS in the position, it can happen.

But the next issue is....will POTUS be able to hang onto his job?

The ideas and info came via the Head of Crisis Management of Japan and others who got eagle eyes over the geopolitics in Nth Asia.

I just wish the world to gain peace, without having the Humanity splitting among ourselves....sod. It can be achieved if we don't have the enslavement over ourselves.  

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Another possible scenario of unification between Sth K and Nth K is that the Nth Koreans make Sth K into a communistic region under China. That's why many young Sth Koreans are against unification.

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Dire Warning about Chinese Invasion from Mongol:

Not Only Uyghur, Tibet But Also Southern Mongolia Copping Crap From China

We were unable to hear the true voice coming from Mongolia, either, until just recently, and the story we are hearing is so horrible, hard not to be in tears as we learn the truths by the real voices raised from Mongolian side.

Source: youtube.com/watch?v=kIn96E2GZaE&feature

Mr. Orhonod Daichin, who resides in Japan now said that there was a presentation done at the UN and pleaded for the genocide they are experiencing got heard there.

The radio show from Japan had him on, he was speaking in Japanese. No subs available, unfortunately, but I'm sure you can find out his revelations in the UN record, if you dig it up.

According to him, China was always afraid of Mongolians, because of the historical background of Mongolian Empire existed. And the Chinese "Cultural Revolution" atrocity was started from the Mongolian region....

In the "Cultural Revolution" in the 70's, apparently 346,000 Mongolians were killed, disabled people from the torture they experienced in that time still exist as 120,000 in the area. The torturing techniques Chinese used was numbered as 170+ by Mongolian intellect. From burning the hole into the stomach to unbelievable rapes done against women and killing children, and ending up with cannibalism, you name it. Crazy story of it from Chinese side about the situation was, apparently they are claiming that "Chinese people also had very bad time"....which is absolute BS.

The people of Autonomous Region of Mongolia lost their own culture since 1984 by education from their own views were removed in totality. Cultural genocide has been happening in full force just like so in Tibet and Uyghur.

What he warned full on to us all was that China is intentionally planting Chinese people into foreign lands with the plan to quietly take over those lands, by lawfully start to live in the areas, then bring their families, then breed on the land and grow the population and voicing power, get the high population/blood line distribution in the land, then take the land over by the Chinese blood.

....This is already happening in the US, btw....I hope people are aware of that.

Mr. Daichin said the population in Inner Mongolia (Southern Mongolia) was taken over 80+% by Chinese population. There are only about 17% of true Mongolians existing in Autonomous Region of Mongolia in China. (They are NOT the Republic of Mongolia, btw. But Republic of Mongolia is equally copping Chinese economic power's influence, so they can't say boo. Obviously Mongolians there are sympathetic towards their brothers and sisters in the Autonomous Region of Mongolia in China, but the country lacks real power or influence over the situation what so ever to stand up against what China has been doing. Equally they are copping the invasion by China from , and their true voice is being threatened by China, too.)

Systematic robbing of stopping herding which was Mongolian culture, and China pushed them to stay on a land to cultivate without teaching them how to do it. So Mongolians ate the sawing seeds for the year to survive, then died from hunger later.

Tibetans also taken away their way of life, Chinese Hans pushed them wheat to grow which won't grow in Tibet, loads of Tibetans died from hunger.  

Autonomous Region of Mongolia have already lost their voice because politics within the region is taken over by Chinese bloodlines.

No matter how Mongolians try to regain their own power in their own land, it had become impossible.

According to him, 3 generations ago, Mongolians were just very helpful towards Chinese people and gave kind helping hands and let them to live in their land so the suffering Chinese people can live peacefully. But basically by the time they realised, China took over their land, politics and economy by their population which kept on growing unstoppable.

Basically this story applies to the entire world.

The US, Japan, Africa, you name it.....quietly accepting loads and loads of Chinese immigrants to settle down, whom don't have idea to ASSIMILATE themselves, but in their blood, because of one of the nastiest alien faction's doing to introduced their horribly cruel genes into our bros and sis long long time ago, they became cruel and vicious. Mind you, there are people in China that think it's ok for the autonomy for the regions to be retained, and those people are no worries, Mr. Daichin explained. But there are hell a lot of people who are uneducated about autonomy and lack respect to the cultures, thinking Chinese Han culture is the only way to go, and never intending to assimilate. That's an almighty unfriendly way.... And it's China's education enduring such views retained by their people. It's Communist Party's horrid direction accelerating the invasion-plot. 

And IDK how we can change the horrible alien genes.

But I want to believe that our Human genes are also very strong that we can revive the true nature of Humans in them, that of growing and sharing with love, and depart from the cruelty driven attitudes.

But until we can safely remove such horrid influence as the HYBRIDS, we must stand up to protect ourselves from their way of doings.......their way is to rape, kill and invade, when resources are all gone, then move on to another place to repeat the whole lot again. That's how their genes works. For our own safety and survival, we must protect ourselves from such invasion. 

And this is sort of the worst news....the alien group done such vicious hybridization to our sisters and brothers, don't give a damn if they die. This faction only wants to achieve their gain, and they don't care anything about the Humans or the Hybrids they created out of Humans. Their Hybrids are expendable pones on the ground to follow the orders and to endure "divide and conquer" within the Humanity, and they are not even the rank of pets to be cared for. ....Once the usefulness is gone, these Hybrids are ditched. No one is winning nothing here...

We gotta help Chinese people to rid of such horrible traits. No one deserves to be treated such way. Yes we must learn what's happening because of Chinese invasion, but they are also our brothers and sisters.

I oppose ANY ill intended Hybridization in the Universes. 

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So it seems our Entity is right.........China will be everywhere.    I am aware of China and their doings all over Africa, and had a friend in the midwest US tell me a few years back that in his area, if you went into a casino, all you'd see were Chinese.  I was really surprised, but since then have been aware of the buying up of blocks of property and businesses all over the states. Stealthy and quietly done.

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Scholars condemn China for mass detention of Muslim Uighurs



And a BAD news in Taiwan....Chinese power got majority over their politics. This is a REALLY bad news for the region......

China heaps pressure on Taiwan president after poll defeat


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China's Suppression of Islam

Source: youtube.com/watch?v=cLyD1cLBN3g (1:24:03)

According to the Head of the World Uyghur Congress, Mr. Dolkun Isa (http://www.uyghurcongress.org/en/?staff=dolkun-isa) stated in the interview done by Toranomon News in Japan, aired on 7-12-2018, that  Chinese gov (CCP) declared a slogan and they are calling Islam is like a DISEASE.

"In order to SAVE people from such ILLNESS", they are suppressing all religious matter relating to Islam.

CCP demolished 3000~5000 Mosques in 2016-2017 only.

And according to Mr. Isa, the rest of Islamic countries are in SILENCE about such issue in the Autonomous Region of China (East Turkestan), standing by China in the UN.

It's due to 1) their economic tie with China, and more seriously, 2) they themselves got issue with the HUMAN RIGHTS. 

Below is a pic of loads of Koran left on the ground. 


Uyghur Exile Group Leader’s Mother Died in Xinjiang Detention Center



China's War On Islam: Dolkun Isa Escaped Xinjiang and Interpol to Defend Uyghur Existence

Published October 11th, 2018 - 11:39 GMT via SyndiGate.info


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Why Muslim Terrorists don't go to China and fight for the Muslim People's Freedom?


That's because both China and them are working under the same alien faction, according to our friendly helpers.

I think now we all are getting bigger picture into our heads pretty well.

There's this far bigger picture than our geopolitical movements existing above all of us.

It means we can't dismiss that bigger picture in order to understand how the world changes.

Be it China and all religions like Islam and Falun Gong, and Ukraine vs Russia....

And as we know, having knowledge is the power.

In order to stop the oppression against us, Human sisters and brothers, let's unite, in the name of the Humanity. 

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The US Getting Ready Again For the War Against North Korea

On the MSM surface, we still haven't seen much of the re-mobilisation of the 7th Fleet yet.

But check these out...

North Korea Seen Expanding Missile Base

By GEOFF BRUMFIEL      December 5, 20186:30 PM ET 


North Korea Expands Long-Range Missile Base, Analysts Say

Pyongyang is also still producing nuclear weapons, according to researchers studying satellite images, casting a new shadow over disarmament talks

By Andrew Jeong

Dec. 6, 2018 2:12 a.m. ET


New satellite images reveal activity at unidentified North Korean missile base

Updated 1902 GMT (0302 HKT) December 5, 2018



6 months since POTUS had a chat with KJU. The strategy Nth K used against the US was the same as usual, just don't hear much at all, but behind all the silence, Nth K had been busy trying to establish a way to make another threat against the US.

....It's not them whom never learn. It's all of us against Nth K haven't been learning from all other situations rose in the past. This is just a typical way how they do things.

But I suspect that POTUS would not be taking it easy anymore...

China's Xi has been trying to make a point to Nth K that don't just talk by Nth K and the US only, make sure to involve China in it. 

But as we know, POTUS has been cracking nuts of China full on lately and not letting them go. China is now facing to 90 days to stop all the invasive tactics they use, and POTUS won't allow anything less by the sound of it. So how China could maintain their position which is already very frail? 

They are only dependent on the position with Nth K. China thinks Nth K as their nose gunk. So trying to hold in that image, China is trying to wage in to seat together with Nth K and the US for the talk.

I suspect the Navy crash happened in Japanese water (5 members still not located yet) recently may have connection to this situation, not as for the Nth K doing anything about it, but the C/V casting bad margeeee k against the US. 


Five U.S. Marines Missing in Aircraft Accident Off Japan


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POTUS directed Canada to Stop China & Info Only Available at CHANI Quite Possibly!

Huawei C.F.O. Is Arrested in Canada for Extradition to the U.S.


Huawei Arrest Shocks Chinese Executives, Haier CEO Zhang Says

Bloomberg News
11 December 2018, 00:22 GMT+10:30 Updated on 11 December 2018, 09:46 GMT+10:30


What you need to know about Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of a Chinese tech founder whose arrest could set fire to US-China relations


Apparently there was this Chinese-American scientist (who resides in the US, the name:張首晟 ) jumped off committing suicide just after the arrest happened. The person was to meet the arrested CEO in an event in Argentina. Apparently the scientist was one of the chosen (by Xi) developers (called 1000 people Project) of the Spy Chip China uses in Huaway and ZTE. Did he commit suicide to prevent spilling the beans later, which means all his family and relatives cop huge hustle from China...??


Trying to dig the info up in English but haven't achieved it yet.

The post maybe based on the info lurking in China and we just don't know from outside of China.

The twitter poster is a comic artist born in China who resides in Japan, making his way into Japanese Conservatives. (I'm not joking.) Apparently he was denied of becoming native to Japan but that's also something I can't prove.

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Venezuela: How they were used and screwed by....the Oil Diggers/the 1% 

As the vid goes into 12 minutes, my lower jaw was reaching on the floor from hearing the actual % data.

Only The US (and IRAN a bit) gained out of the huge suffering the people of Venezuela copped.

Divide and Conquer plan to the max, and showing how much "they" don't give a damn about us, the Humans.....

I am so sorry for the people there. Let's intend for their suffering to be ended, and children and whole family can regain the peaceful life somehow, asap. This is horrible...

(c) Florida Maquis        Published on Nov 29, 2018

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100 Christians snatched in overnight raids on underground Chinese church

  • Worshippers were taken from their homes and off the streets in coordinated crackdown across Chengdu in Sichuan province
  • A pastor was among those arrested
PUBLISHED : Monday, 10 December, 2018, 5:15pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 11 December, 2018, 9:55am


China rounded up 100 Christians in coordinated raids and banned people from talking about it on social media

DEC 12, 2018, 1:29 PM
  • More than 100 members of a Protestant underground church were rounded up in coordinated overnight raids in southwest China on Sunday night.
  • Many members of the congregation still don’t know where their fellow worshippers are.
  • Chinese authorities also banned people and news organisations from discussing or reporting on the raids.
  • Beijing is hugely cracking down on religious groups that refuse to be controlled by the state.



Interesting SCMP reporting about this case...AS IF what China did was wrong. SCMP is basically run by CCP.

Of course it's wrong to the eyes of Christian countries.

Note that Communism hates all religions. 

To me, it looks like that V are trying to poke into themselves so more split would continue to happen among the Humans.

Remember that V hybrids are treated as nothing but a throw away tissues to wipe runny noses?

So it doesn't matter to the V whatever happens to their own hybrids, and they'd be happy as long as their own hybrids can screw up the Humanity and keep them busy. (So they won't be targeted by the Humanity.Less chance of mutiny is better for them to rule Earth.)

That's why it looks as if China itself is causing their own headaches by reporting about such issue which I'm sure all Christian people would be disgusted by, especially targeting the US Christians.


We live in a strange world indeed.... 


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US Navy Contractors Massively Targeted by Chinese Hackers – Report


Chinese hackers 'steal missile plans' from US Navy contractors



See articles from June 2018:

China hackers steal data from US Navy contractor - reports

  • 9 June 2018


The point of this news is that the US military is having hard time to stop the Chinese hackers.

According to the Head of Crisis management of Japan, Chinese hackers are very clever and has been threatening the key stake holders of the world, not only the US.

Maybe the US military can ask Julian Assange's help instead of the US prosecuting him? Because we really need to make sure the safety of the 7th Fleet and all military bases around the world, in order to fight against the tentacles of China.

That's not the only thing the people to be wary of; be it economic key places and functions, all cities' emergency plans, you name it. Once the info is retrieved, they can also sell the info to terrorist organisations to make money/create pact with them.

If they can breach into the US Navy, it must be done with no effort for them to crack into the local government bodies.

No place is safe.

At the same time, the military side might had let them to get "useless info"....dummy files to screw them up.

Especially all weapon related stuff, if China thought they got the real deal and start creating the crappy ones and blow themselves up, walla. The US doesn't need to lift one finger to get them on their knees.

...So who got the upper hand at the moment, I wonder? 


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