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Here is another disaster on colission course with the Western World.

The Future Of The Third World

The British Empire was the largest in history. At the end of World War II Britain had to start pulling out from its colonies. A major part of the reason was, ironically, the economic prosperity that had come through industrialization, massive improvements in transportation, and the advent of telecommunications, ethnic and religious respect, freedom of speech, and other liberties offered by the empire.


The colors represent the colonies of various nations in 1945, and the colonial borders of that time – click to enlarge.


After the departure of the British — as well as the French, German, Belgians, and other European colonizers — most of the newly “independent” countries suffered rapid decay in their institutions, stagnant economies, massive social strife, and a fall in standards of living. An age of anti-liberalism and tyranny descended on these former colonies. They rightly became known as third-world countries.


Amusingly, our intellectual climate — a product of political correctness — is such that the third world is nowadays seen as the backbone of humanity’s future economic growth. Unfortunately, so-called emerging markets are probably headed for a chaotic future. The likeliest prospect is that these countries will continue to cater to irrational forces, particularly tribalism, and that they will consequently cease to exist, disintegrating into much smaller entities.

As the tide of economic growth goes out with the final phase of plucking the free gift of internet technology nearing its end, their problems will resurface rapidly – precisely when the last of those who were trained under the colonial system are sent to the “dustbin of history”.


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The US smacked the head of South Korea: The North Asian War situation


<The gist of the article> 

25th Aug 2017, during a phone conversation made by Sth K president and PM Abe of Jpn, the President of Sth K said 徴用工Korean laborers issue had been cleared as of 1965 treaty made between Jpn and Korea.


Err...I was surprised to see this news came about on MSM. Because Sth K was pitching up about this labour issue again to add to the FAKE problem of "forced sex workers" BS, which was already denounced by the US clearly as well. So to me it became obvious that the US smacked on the head of Sth K while having such threat from Nth K starting the War. Basically Sth K was told to "Behave and do the job."


An Opinion from Tony Mallart of US on the matter <Jpnse>: http://www.sankei.com/world/news/170828/wor1708280021-n1.html


(´Д`)Eyes rolling but it's been like this all the way ever since their Anti Jpn agenda grew huge by the assertion made by the Korean Ex-president Rhee Syngman (1948-1960). 

Today, according to the Head of Crisis Management of Jpn, the US military is very much worried over how effective Sth K gov/military are for the War plan. Source <no subs>: youtube.com/watch?v=nimXpK8k1pk&feature=em-lss

So basically the US military (these guys are on the Humans side!) aggressively asserted to pull Sth K back off and tried to get them to tune into the real threat that is of Nth K. 

Apparently, the US military discovered how unreliable the Sth K military/gov were during the Korean War. (Expressed so by the current and latest bunch of high end officers, directly to the Head of Crisis Management of Jpn. No BS.)

Today, they don't even trust the Sth K military as the same level back then....meaning some doomed level of trust is given to Sth K ability about 1) protect secrecy of the US military ops, and 2) ability to act as military components before and during the war to work together.


<From a different angle: Sth K peeps under Mind Control Badly>

The kids there are systematically taught anti-Jpn attitude in classes, socially mind controlling their own to create what they got now. (´Д`)

Incredible to really see it clearly and it's sobering---such a large application of mind control technique is happening right in front of your eyes.

But remember I posted before that an Ex PM of Jpn, Kishi, was the US alphabet group operative? (Shown screenshots of the actual gov site.)

All these wars talked about in North Asia, unfortunately the will of Cabal exists above that and controlling the situation from above, making it seemingly depicting "the same eyed people fighting" again.

(Mind you, I believe it was about Sth K against Nth K, because absolutely they belong to genetically same group. Genetically Jpnse are completely different to them. Jpnse originated in Europe/Middle Est and not Asian.)

So pls understand Sth K is under huge mind control, just like Jpn had been so from GHQ (Cabal) mind control called "War Guilt Information Programming", which is still bloody effective among the nation. 

No wonder they are mentally breaking down...(a number of targeted individuals testified before that being under mind control since childhood said to go through the break downs of mind control as they reach towards "middle" age, and gone through very tough mental processing).

After all, we are humans, yeah? Hybrids maybe, but if they choose to call Earth home, we all are Eartheans.

"They (Cabal/others)" are using us to have these divisions so they can soak up on the fear and anger off us as LOOSH. I think lots of us can agree on it.

The wars are used to harvest us for "them".

....I wish all humans to stop the aggregation. 

It's not our problem. It's theirs. Then why we fight among ourselves? This moronic BS acts should be stopped.


<Possible Terrorist Attack?> https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/videonews/jnn?a=20170828-00000034-jnn-soci

Err...this maybe need to go to Breaking thread...

Just happened about 1 1/2 hours ago in Japan. Hope you can see the vid embedded to the page.

White smoke is covering one of the largest train station in Tokyo, Shinjuku station.

Whether it's a defense op to see the reactions of peeps using simulated situation, IDK. But loads of small incidents hit MSM in Jpn I noticed either simulations or actually terrorists TESTING for future jobs. 

<UPDATE----All OK so far! https://news.yahoo.co.jp/pickup/6252109

But pls check out the content of different record of the incident....I'd be wondering if that could happen with bio-weapons again. Looking serious enough IMHO...>

No injuries from this incident. Apparently a large heavy machinery toppled down on its side and caused massive dust.....DO YOU BELIEVE THAT EXPLANATION, AFTER SEEING THAT FOOTAGE.....?? 

<Add to Edit>

Now this happened in UK about 1 hour ago.


"The RNLI said that "possibly some kind of gaseous fumes" had drifted over and a significant number of people on cliff tops had been struck down with symptoms including irritation, sore eyes and vomiting."

Remember what Peter Padget pointed to us about there was this release of substances in mid air just about a week ago to cause a brand new pandemic, I think..... 

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OK so Kim lobs one over Japan.  Japan is an ally, that we are committed to defend.   So is Kim trying to get himself attacked by proxy? This situation is getting tedious, and the longer it goes on, the more apt to have serious consequences.  China says if we attack N.Korea, they will defend them, but if N.Korea attacks us first, they will stay out of it.  How about if Kim attacks our ally in the region, what then China?

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Yeah, I understand your point, breezy!

The headache is that KJU doesn't stop his weapon developments no matter how hard expressions Mr Trump used.

So Nth K continues to be a real threat against the US.

And yeah, when Sth K gets attacked, the US troops will be deployed from the bases there immediately.

Incredible mind control effect is happening in Sth K, and the civilians are ignoring the serious situation as if no worries exists.

The trend honestly reminded me of parasitic mind controlled zombie insects. It's that bad.


That's also backed by the current President of Sth K having affinity towards Nth K. That's why some US peeps started to say why they gotta help Sth K when they are actually happy to be invaded by Nth K, I take. That's certainly a question needs to be asked before losing ANY life by going into the War.

But unfortunately for the US peeps, the situation had become way too bad for the US itself, surpassing any allies geophysical locations.

Many maybe thinking that it's done so by Obama admin, because Mr. Obama decided to do nothing about Nth K for 8 years..........


Jpn is doing its best and getting the shite together by trying to weaponise the country right now.

(Friggin too late IMHO, but before, it was a taboo to expand military expenditures in Jpn---the real result gained by the War Guilt Information Programming. How powerful the horrid mass mind control is.....incredible....)

Scaler weapon line ups are getting looked into right now, but they already got EMPs to rail guns developed. How fast and cheap the weapons can be developed to the real use is the question.....because unlike US, Jpn is already right within the target zones of short range missiles...... For now, they went ahead buying loads of Aegis Ashore. But to stop giving money to the Cabal run companies, Jpn needs to develop their own. And for the reality in the military world, you really don't want to depend on someone else's weapons. There's always backdoor to those. Risky. 


Anyway, IMHO that 100 jet fighters thingy was basically all intended as the part of US-Sth K military exercise on that day.

Just in case, I skimmed through Jpnse MSM news but no one is panicking saying "The US sent 100 fighters to Nth K" as such. No one jumping up and down over what happened and taking it just as expected.

It's a military exercise trying to show off the US muscle power to threat Nth K, for no words really made difference to KJU's attitude.


And re: Latest Aegis ship crash incident near Nth K, its captain was "unresponsive", gone vague just before the crash happened.

Weeeeeeeeeeeell, I'm sure hell a lot of CHANIties already are aware of DARPA creation exist, which causes such behaviour change in humans by pointing particular frequency AT the subjects.

Besides, another reason of the incident maybe...the entire crews on board might had lost time all at the same time, unconscious of what was to come for some minutes or whatever the duration needed to inflict the incident with, and it was too late when the ship got rammed into. If all regained consciousness at the same time, they all may go "??" for the moment but obviously try hard to deal with what had just happened. Then that "??" gets lost in the busy situation......


.......So to me, I could imagine someone intentionally stuffed up the captain from giving out any orders to deflect the incident. And most likely other weapons were also deployed to cause the incident.

.......Testing all the new gears they made this season or something...??

Loss of human lives is certainly counted cheaply by the look of it......(ಠ_ಠ )

And I'm wondering if the insider job was also involved in the incident, not only outside cause was present.

I mean, military peeps are on our side, and I trust them. But because now they stood up and declared that the nasty factions as their enemies, the opponent factions would send in someone undercover....conscious or not conscious, into the Human military groups.

Our enemy can create some US soldiers as Manchurian candidates that starts to get activated on certain time. And maybe some were on board on the Aegis then.

A secret weapon with timer---the person doesn't even know they are weaponised I take.

........Considering loads of peeps from Cabal are still lurking in high up places, they'd do their best to cause trouble for the Human military peeps.....ummmmmmmmm.......(´Д`)

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@unity There is one guy on youtube I've been following closely since the Fitz incident.   A couple days ago he put up a very interesting video about the 7th Fleet,  post 3/11/Japan.  Then yesterday, another video, saying the Navy is NOT investigating the McCain. Imo, that indicates the Navy knows precisely what is happening, and for them to blame the sailors, is reprehensible. IF their personnel are being stunned by a weapon, then how can they be blamed,  as there is no protection for their brains, and/or physical body.  I can't help but think of the recent announcement about our embassy personnel in Cuba being assaulted by some sort of acoustic weapon, and WITHOUT their knowledge, but to the point of brain/nerve damage being caused.  I also find it interesting how all sources, including the military keeps presenting this as the Fitz and Mc Cain collided with, neither ship collided with anything, they were rammed, which is an entirely different kind of animal!  :angry2:Here's the two videos.  (no, I'm not saying he's 100% correct, but he sure is trying to make sense out of what has not and does not make any, including our own Navy's actions)






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This is just a heads up call about the Asian War business.

INDIA is kicking into the butts of China now, and all Chinese citizens in India were told by the Chinese Embassy to behave, watch out what may happen to them...

India has been piffling on in Kashmir but India actually made the Nukes to fight against CHINA. 

(Info via high up Indian military personnel told so to the Jpnse head of Crisis Management.)

<No Subs> https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/article?a=20170829-00052718-gendaibiz-int

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Moment North Korea fired missile over Japan


South Korea drops eight bombs near border with North Korea


The problem here is surely obvious to all of us, I'd think.  


U.S. sees signs of North Korean nuke test


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<Sorry people, I posted on wrong thread and will repost it on Shouts thread instead!>


I share your frustration over the story unfolding...just feel so sorry for the lost people in those Aegis ramming incidents.

Humans are used as the ground troops for someone else doing the chess games using our real lives....(ಠ_ಠ)

I've been appreciating Florida Maquis' vids and I feel that he is spot on about lots of things while some didn't sit well...by all means, I appreciate all his works done! Great inputs, I feel!(・∀・)

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BTW the US-Jpn talking re: Nth K as emergency meetings are hotting up.

Last 2 days, consecutively, Mr. Trump was talking with PM Abe. They talked like 40 minutes each time calls were made, I smell something more close to the physical attack might be prepped....I hope not, but it's obvious Mr. Trump has been aligning Jpn for the action against Nth K.

Jpnse side moving busy talking with Brits, too.

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North Korea Threatens ‘Final Doom’ Against ‘Nuclear Criminal’ America

Aug. 31, 2017      Frances Martel


"North Korea has dismissed protests against its increasingly belligerent use of missile testing from the United States, calling America a “nuclear criminal” and threatening “final doom” in a state newspaper column published Thursday.

“Although the Trump group are vying with each other to cry out for pressure on the DPRK, it sounds as nothing but pitiful despair of those upset by the Songun might of Juche Korea,” the article in the state-run Rodong Sinmun protested, listing remarks from President Donald Trump, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and others in the White House who have repeatedly demanded North Korea cease threatening both its neighbors and Washington. “DPRK” is an abbreviation for the name the communist Kim regime prefers for itself, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

North Korea launched a missile towards Japan on Monday, which crossed over northernmost Hokkaido island before crashing into the Pacific Ocean. It was the latest in a series of similar missile launches intended to intimidate South Korea and the United States after repeated threats Pyongyang would launch a nuclear missile at Guam, an American territory."



Someone please tape this guy's mouth shut!  Wonder if one would dare ignore the little bully?  


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I just had a flash of image appear in my head.

I hesitated posting about it, fearing causing it than actually just sharing the image I got in my head.....but then perhaps a big split of timeline is happening, I may as well document about it, I thought.

It can be at the next Nuke test Nth K plotting.

I saw the Nuke Experimenting facility gets blasted, and a big flash comes out, leaving a circular impression of the blinding light spreading.

Circumference of the light ball was not really big in impression.

Possibly an explosive planted inside the facility.

Or the US might had dropped a bomb right into the facility??

Let's see wth would happen soon. 

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I have read and watched videos saying that Kim has all sorts of underground bunkers, and that they have a layer of cobalt 59  on them.  Cobalt 59 is supposedly the only stable element of Cobalt, but that if it were subjected to a nuclear explosion, that it becomes Cobalt 60 whose particles have the ability to kill everything they come into contact with, and as time goes on it becomes increasingly more deadly for up to 130 years and would cause an ele event for all living things on the surface.  I don't know how true this is, but more than one individual has said it, and as I have tried to figure out why Kim is so brazen in his actions and threats, I have wondered if this just might be his ace in a hole?  It's as though he and everyone else knows they don't dare attack him or his facilities, yet he could attack others without worrying. Kim appears to be holding the whole world hostage, why and how is that possible?

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Workers clear out of Russian consulate in San Francisco

Sept. 1, 2017   

"Acrid, black smoke was seen pouring from a chimney at the Russian consulate in San Francisco and workers began hauling boxes out of the stately building in a historic area of the city Friday, a day after the Trump administration ordered its closure amid escalating tensions between the United States and Russia.

The workers were hurrying to shut Russia's oldest consulate in the U.S. ahead of a Saturday deadline.

The order to leave the consulate and an official diplomatic residence in San Francisco — home to a longstanding community of Russian emigres and technology workers — escalated an already tense diplomatic standoff between Washington and Moscow, even for those who have long monitored activities inside the closely monitored building.

"There is finally the realization by the administration that Russians have been involved in intelligence operations at this consulate, which they have been doing for decades," said Rick Smith, a veteran FBI special agent who previously headed the bureau's Russian counterintelligence squad in San Francisco. "It's almost 50 years of history and part of a tit-for-tat, but this is more like a hammer."



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President Trump had the 3rd phone call discussion in consecutive days with PM Abe of Jpn Today

Source <No Subs>: https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20170903-00000011-asahi-pol

It's just doesn't feel good at all. (´Д`)

This is unprecedented that they have been talking so closely over the 3 days.

I'm afraid the US is considering the physical attack on Nth K sometime SOON, of course NO DECLARATION would ever given to Nth K upon starting the fight. (I HOPE NOT. I honestly hope not.)

And pessimistically, I feel that Mr. Trump has been telling Jpn to get ready for the LOSS that may happen as the fight starts. For Nth K most likely would shoot missiles to Jpn & the US at the same time. (Remember Jpn got few big US bases there....all very important asset to provide the 7th Fleet to function. So bombing those bases are strategically "ADAMANT", meaning that Jpnse citizens near by AND Tokyo and Osaka would be targeted...................)

But also I'm sure the US military wants to take away any power of Nth K right on the spot of attack....it would be a massive military move, when the US would hit Nth K, in order to take away their ability to fight back against the US, I take. 

The Pacific commander of the 7th fleet had told to Jpnse head of Crisis Management just the other day that they do have power READY in the region to attack Nth K when the order is given. He clearly mentioned that. Unless it's safe to declare that, I don't think the US officers would ever express it like that (in today's situation, I mean), so the US 7th Fleet would be ready.

It's stupid if Nth K thought they secured the intel issue by catching, killing and discarding the US personnel from Nth K.

Sth K got plenty of Koreans who want to work with the US as undercover, away from their military group. When the US shows off the Green Card, people there would jump up trying to get it.

So whether what I had foreseen the image of the Nuke Experimental building blasting become true or not, the US will have capacity to do so, I take. (If those internal work doesn't effectively work, then the US would go from sky and drop the massive bombs, anyway.)

However, during the last US-Sth K military drill, Sth K refused the US bombers to be stashed on Sth K ground. How stupid their decision is pretty obvious for even any civilians, methinks.

So the article stated that Sth K decision to refuse the US bombers to stay there made the US very suspicious of Sth K, although Sth K had a change of mind at later time.

Source<no sub>: https://news.yahoo.co.jp/pickup/6252752

And here is what's showing another evidence of the War coming soon being assured...

Source <No Sub>: https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/videonews/fnn?a=20170903-00000230-fnn-int

Russians stopped Nth K's asset Mangyonbon cruiser to enter their port.

Russians are keeping their words now. Leaving China to get their shit together.

It was pretty ( ・ὢ・ )?HUH?(´Д`) situation when Russia took in the bloody ABDUCTION SHIP (We know it's used for Nth K to gain foreign currency AND abductions of Jpnse peeps before.) to continue Nth K's life line a few months ago. I am glad to see it changed. I guess it was Mr. Putin's political light footsteps dealing with the Nth K situation themselves with. Remember, it's China Russia really doesn't like. 


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Nth K did another Nuke Test Just Now?

9th of Sept was what I was expected it to be done. KJU's madness just pressed on. 

Sth K news reported an ARTIFICIAL M5.6 EQ felt there.

Source<No Sub>: https://news.yahoo.co.jp/pickup/6252771

<Add to Edit: Just in from Sth K>

Yet another artificial EQ felt as M4.6.

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I just can't see the US doing a first strike to start a war with NK when it would be easier just to send in teams to take KJU out somehow or they could use one of the many secret weapons they have to create earthquakes or whatever in NK and it would be explained away as a natural event.  They may do things to antagonise NK into making the first move and then retaliate, that is possible. 

Maybe its all just a distraction, who knows.

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The reason for it is, Jess, according to the head of Crisis Management of Jpn after talking to the US officials, the US couldn't establish the safe retreat rout for the US soldiers upon the completion of their tasks.

IDK if the safety path could be created or not. If that's the case, no US soldiers would be dispatched into underground establishment Kim's got. The only way to attack becomes to bomb over Nth K liberally....then no abductees can run from the bombing.....it's pretty chaotic viewing the situation from Jpnese side, but it's very clear cut from the US side that for now, dropping bombs are the best option. 

Mattis' words just got a lot more stern today.......

North Korea nuclear threat: Mattis warns of 'massive military response'


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The Countdown of the North Asian War got Notched Up: The USA vs Nth K

The Head of Crisis Management of Jpn(for convenience, I abbreviate his title as HCMJ in the post) said today that unfortunately he couldn't say the War wouldn't start within this year.....the tension has notched up huge by what Nth K did and declared yesterday.....the 6th Nuke Test of Hydrogen bombs, and stating they got EMP weapon as well.

These points below were commented by the HCMJ today:

Achilles's heel for the USA is their deep dependency to electrical gears.

If Nth K uses the EMP weapon against the US Fleet..........well, you know what happens.

That's why suddenly the USA suddenly notched up towards the physical war.

And the style of the war will be that of a saturation attack, covering the entire plausible sources of retaliation coming from Nth K, once they go into the War.

And it WILL be started suddenly. It can happen on ANY DAYS.

(´Д`)(/ω\)(´; ω ;`) 

<Add to Edit>


This is possibly a very much of an intel leak.

The HCMJ slipped his tongue basically mentioning that the Military peeps might go ahead with the op BEFORE/WHETHER THE PRESIDENT GIVES OUT THE ORDER. Meaning the power structure wise, Admiral Harris, the head of 7th Fleet, got above the Pentagon. ( ✧Д✧)Never thought this info was to be openly spoken about on the big net channel, obviously none such on MSM.

Source <no subs>: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaPwDzUCHhA

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Maybe ICBM launch from Nth K Planned on 9-11

I hope not....but maybe Nth K uses 9-11 for another ICBM launch to anywhere where the sea regions that will include Hawaii in target zone.

Just to piss the USA off, Nth K can choose that date.(Disgusting low blows. Friggin hate such tactics...ಠ_ಠ)

Today-tomorrow, Russians are having a big business related function. 

The latest Nuke testing was to show it off to China as well as to show it off to the US.

BUT because Russian port got closed to Nth K over around (this is sort of "peanuts/only" cost to pay for a country, not so for individuals maybe) US$20,000 unpaid rent.

Nth K's becoming so abrupt to bark at China, this time round, maybe Nth K also includes Russia in their threat target. We will see. If so...Russia will not tolerate it, methinks.

Russia has been staging the situation to say "Hey, I didn't do it, but you did it to yourself. Don't blame meeeeee." at Nth K. Truly Pres. Putin's way. Because he'd rather keep Nth K to hang in there for Russia, continues to be a soft mound against China for political strategic choice.

KJU's decisions are being the max threat as they can be. Pretty mad decision making because he's only creating ALL the countries surrounding it to feel uneasy with Nth K, apart from making the USA to feel the threat---although it was "a tea-cup dog barking at a Giant" before....now it grew into "a psychopath trying to stub a mystery injection into a civilian" kinda scene.( ̄д ̄)


KJU's wife is said that she had a new born in Feb this year........I feel sorry for the child to be born into such situation.....(´; ω ;`)



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Quoting unity's post above:  "The HCMJ slipped his tongue basically mentioning that the Military peeps might go ahead with the op BEFORE/WHETHER THE PRESIDENT GIVES OUT THE ORDER. Meaning the power structure wise, Admiral Harris, the head of 7th Fleet, got above the Pentagon. ( ✧Д✧)Never thought this info was to be openly spoken about on the big net channel, obviously none such on MSM."    

hmmmmmmmmmmm very interesting, considering a whole bunch of things.  I had never even considered that possibility.  Has the USN turned rogue? Harris, uh huh, not forgetting what I've read about him, nor what you said re: China.  Considering all the crap going on with Navy ships, etc., Harris perhaps feels it's time to turn tables.  I can only hope not, so much to consider, so many risks, big risks. I would rather wait for Kim to po China/Russia, and let them take care of him.  

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I can understand the view you got, breezy!

I also want to shout out that "this is YOUR PROBLEM, Nth and Sth, deal with that yourselves, don't involve anyone else into this shite situation"......but unfortunately, what's going on in the background surpasses my wish. (´; ω ;`)

Add to the situation is that this is the true pattern of Sth K. Always dragging OTHER COUNTRIES into their own fight, later they run away from the problem, let other powerful countries to crash against each other and one another, while Sth K itself is taking it easy, calling themselves as "we are a weak and small country, please help"............F_CK OFF. Enough many times they plotted and others fell into it....


I never thought that these points to come out so openly myself, breezy...I went into a stunned mallet facial expression as soon as I heard the phrase came out of the guy.....(´゚д゚`)

1)The US military is now acting separately to the US gov.

2)The 7th Fleet has the intention of go ahead to do what's needed to do to protect the Humanity, not screwed up by the surface political agenda. Thus they listen to and make move with Admiral Harris (now you really know why the Anti-Eartheans hate him), NOT Pres. TRUMP.

I heard of these things from various different sources, including my trusting alien sources. Ben Fulford and Simon Parkes were also talking about it. 

Hearing these from a guy who is so deeply hubbing all the intel groups of the world to mention this, the picture got whole lot more concrete in me.

Honestly I'm baffled that the HCMJ really said it all...I'm sure he had a frank mind setting to start with, for he was speaking in Jpnse to Jpnse audience; the net community of Jpn.

But the show fetches over 30,000 views each time as it plays as a live show there (hell a lot more viewers collected once the show is uploaded to YT)......a huge community watching and hearing what he says.......ummmmmmmm. He has been disclosing hell a lot of stuff via himself all these time, so I know nothing new for him to slip info, but to do it while getting such large views........whoa. This revelation came from the HCMJ has the same level of weight of disclosures came from Hon. Paul. T. Hellyer, ex-Defence Minister of Canada.


And I tell you what...all intel groups are watching the same show as I was watching. They are closely monitoring wth the guy would say the next. So..........maybe we start hearing more to the point news articles from now on?? We will see.


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Inside China: a report made by Mr. Seki, ex-Chinese Intellect

Ex Chinese, now naturalised as Japanese, an intellect working as a Uni lecturer etc in Jpn (I thought he ran away from China when TianAnMen incident happened and he faced to endangerment being an intellectual stood up against the Chinese gov, ended up in Japan.), just made the comment today.

It helps us to grasp the intention of China, viewing from Chinese eyes; what it wants to do on Earth as a big picture.

Apparently, 2100 years ago's Chinese Emperor 漢武大帝("Han Wu The Great"...he said this guy was just like Hitler) has been gripping Chinese peeps hearts lately.

Meaning this drama series was created for mind control by Chinese gov, to support the public attitude to copy and do what the guy did, believing that's a cool thing to do.

What this guy did was; go invade all the surrounding small tribes/countries actively (during his reign, he sent out soldiers 9 times to invade others...blood thirsty to the max) and the invasion even reached the northern Vietnam at a stage. The Korean peninsula was totally wiped out and became a part of China then. The hardship of Uighur and other minority people existed back then.

So basically China as a country is; only wanting to spread wide and big and form a huge country, invading everyone. There's no other reasoning for it, but just wanting to do so, thus they get on with it..... (And Tibet to Uighur to Chiwans, and in Sth Asian sea islands, basically you are seeing it happening right in front of your eyes.)

Are you ready to be invaded by China? I'm not.

I certainly don't want to become a part of China and being told what to think, speak and eat etc.....I'm happy as who I am, to have choice in my life. 

.......It was very sobering to hear this from a Chinese blood line person....

Source<No Subs>: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fO1UMDPMyeM

China is being squeezed for Money by India, and other nations on AIIB Will Follow the Suite

Reported by the same guy as above bit of news.

Mr. Xiu has done it. The back door of China got some gate crushers entering there now. 

Basically in order to save his face and political life in China, Mr. Xiu called to India's Pres. Mody, asking him "let's stop fighting for the Indo-Cino border for now, shall we?", and India got the chance to squeeeeeez everything out of China/AIIB. 

....How brainy Mr. Mody is.....foreign politics played at its best. Amazing. 

This intellect guy, Seki, also said that all the rest of surrounding countries will follow suit and do the same as India started to do. All those countries are tough negotiators and China/AIIB is doomed for some time.


BTW CCTV is a Chinese propaganda media. CCTV American version uses Americans reading out news thus people there don't realise they are taking in Chinese propaganda............

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Nth K got EMP Weapon? OK then...

I just realised possibly the best 1st attack on Nth K.

Consecutive waves of EMP weapon attacks all over Nth K as the 1st move for the US military.

No one dies, but all electrical stuff die instantly and Nth K won't have way to use missiles/creates delay in response. (I do wonder if the blast actually wipe out/cause memory wipe outs and other problems.....I have noooo idea but my nose is smelling something towards that direction. So peeps don't die but still losing something I guess...)

This could reduce their retaliation using BioWeapons.

The question is how Nuke facilities would get affected---we need to make sure it wouldn't blow up by electrical gears being fried, right?

And of course, bunker busters to drop the ultimate hustlers into the underground facilities....but this is assured to kill some people......

But if the USA does this suddenly, basically squeezing the neck of Nth K right away, and we have breathing space to think through better how to go about the situation....

Even if Nth K got EMP weapons, I think they still don't know how to use it for their own protection. 



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S. Korea rehearses use of bunker-buster missile that can reach entire North (VIDEO)

Sept. 13, 2017  

"The South Korean Air Force has performed a live-fire military drill for the long-range Taurus missile, according to media citing Seoul’s military. The 500-km-range air-to-surface missiles can hit precise targets in Pyongyang and all of North Korea.
The exercise was conducted in the air over Taean County, South Chungcheong Province in the country’s west on Tuesday, Yonhap news agency reported, citing the country’s military. "



Peru expels North Korea ambassador over nuclear test blast

Sept. 11, 2017      AP

"LIMA, Peru — Peru’s government has declared North Korea’s ambassador persona non grata and given him five days to leave the nation in retaliation for the Asian country’s recent nuclear test blast.

The foreign ministry said Monday that it decided to expel Ambassador Kim Hak-chol because of Pyongyang’s repeated flaunting of resolutions by the U.N. Security Council against its nuclear program."



The Latest: Mexico expels North Korea’s ambassador

Sept. 7, 2017   AP

"SEOUL, South Korea — The Latest on tensions on the Korean Peninsula (all times local):

7:15 a.m.

Mexico’s government is expelling the ambassador of North Korea in response to Pyongyang’s latest nuclear test.

The Foreign Relations Department said ambassador Kin Hyon Gil was declared persona non-grata and ordered him to leave the country within 72 hours."





US Military Observes North Korean Missile Launchers Being Prepared

Tyler Durden      Sept. 13, 2017

"On the heels of the release of satellite imagery showing notable instability around the site of North Korea's nuclear bomb testing facility, NBC reports that three US military officials have observed North korea moving mobile missile launchers and preparing hard sites in the last 48 hours.

snip  above tweet from nbc

This comes just hours after 38North.org exposes details new commercial satellite imagery confirms earlier 38 North analysis identifying numerous landslides throughout the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site on the slopes of Mt. Mantap (and beyond) resulting from North Korea’s sixth nuclear test. These disturbances are more numerous and widespread than seen after any of the North’s previous five tests, and include additional slippage in pre-existing landslide scars and a possible subsidence crater. However, it is unclear from the imagery whether this subsidence is due to what has been reported as “a cave-in that was externally observable,” associated with the 4.6 magnitude event that occurred eight minutes after the test."




smh at all of this



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