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city of mosul is attached to the significant ancient city of nineveh. it was one of the first 2 masonic cities built post deluvian. remember the mosul dam which has been called "the most dangerous dam in the world " if breeched could flood nineveh under 45 ft water.... highly significant to tptb..


a wikipedia quote


"The ailing Mosul Dam is a persistent threat to Nineveh as well as the city of Mosul itself. This is in no part due to years of disrepair (in 2006, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers cited it as the most dangerous dam in the world), the cancellation of a second dam project in the 1980s to act as flood relief in case of failure, and occupation by ISIL in 2014 resulting in fleeing workers and stolen equipment. If the dam fails, the entire site could be as much as 45 feet underwater.[47]"



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Russia to respond to any new US sanctions with ‘painful’ measures – deputy FM

October 19, 2016



"Moscow will find response measures that would be “painful” for Washington if the US decides to continue toughening its sanctions against Russia, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told Russian MPs.


“If the US opts to further toughen sanctions in defiance of common sense and in disregard of its experience that has already been quite painful for them, then we will find measures in our toolbox that will have a painful impact, particularly in terms of America’s positioning in the world,” Ryabkov told the deputies of the Russian State Duma, ahead of a vote on a bill suspending the Russian-American deal on reprocessing weapons-grade plutonium.
The Russian deputy foreign minister also said that the US continues to issue threats “on a daily basis” concerning the imposition of new sanctions against Russia “under various pretexts.” He added that 281 Russian legal entities and 81 officials, including a number of high-ranking figures, are now on the US sanctions list.
At the same time, the US “continues its efforts aimed at bringing its military infrastructure nearer to Russian borders and forming anti-Russian alliances with its European allies,” he said.
Russia’s response moves are “strictly proportionate and adequate” and show that “Russia pursues a rational line and is not guided by emotions,” Ryabkov stressed.
He went on to suggest that Russia could always shift gears and resort to “asymmetrical” measures in its response. He pointed to the recently suspended agreements between the US and Russia in the nuclear energy field as an example.
The “essence” of the present crisis in relations between the US and Russia lies in the fact that “under the current administration, [uS foreign policy] became even more arrogant, forceful and focused on the attempts to impose its will on other countries,” the diplomat said, adding that such policy “is doomed to failure from the start in relations with our country.”
“The White House has only itself to blame for the problems in many parts of the world as well as for the difficulties in relations with Russia,” Ryabkov said.
On Wednesday, the Russian State Duma voted in favor of a bill submitted by the president’s office that suspends a deal between the US and Russia on reprocessing weapons-grade plutonium extracted from decommissioned warheads."
Norway mulls US troop deployment on its soil – Defense Ministry
October 10/12, 2016
"Norway is looking at making a “long-standing US wish” come true by allowing American Marines to be placed on its soil, according to the Nordic nation’s Defense Ministry. The plans currently being discussed could reportedly see the deployment of 300 US Marines.
The US troops would be deployed to Norway “on a rotational basis,” but currently “there is no question of permanent deployment,” said Norwegian Defense Ministry spokeswoman Ann Kristin Salbuvik.
But planning is underway, and “assessments have taken place within the military to look at the options for additional training, storage and this kind of thing,” she told AFP.
According to Norwegian media, not much has been worked out aside from the number of Marines that would be stationed at the Vaernes military base near Trondheim. The plan for deployment has however been in the making for a while, according to several defense sources speaking to Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisen, and translated by the Local on Monday.
The deployment will reportedly take place about 600 miles (965km) from the border with Russia, which is in the Arctic Circle and spans 125 miles.
The plans may strain the already tense relationship with Moscow, as it breaks Norway’s promise not to deploy foreign troops on its territory – something it committed to in 1949, in response to Soviet fears. The promise was conditional on Norway not feeling threatened, although a later amendment was added which permits military drills to be carried out."
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BRITAIN ON ALERT: Navy prepares to scramble as Russian nuclear battleship heads TOWARDS UK

October 18, 2016

Tom Batchelor



"RUSSIAN warships including a nuclear-powered battleship have skirted the north coast of Europe and may be heading for British waters, shocking new photos reveal.




The Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier off the coast of Norway yesterday


Images taken by a Norwegian surveillance plane reveal a Russian submarine, destroyer and aircraft carrier - complete with fighter jets and helicopters - passed Scandinavia's northern shoreline yesterday.
The vessels were apparently travelling in international waters as they made their way to the Mediterranean, where they will bolster Russia's involvement in the war in Syria.
They were spotted by a Lockheed P-3 Orion surveillance aircraft near the remote island of Andoya."
US citizens warned to prepare for NUCLEAR WAR over claims attack warning upgraded
October 17, 2016
Vicki Oliphant
"THE US could be edging ever closer to nuclear war with Russia after upgrading its attack defence readiness, it has been claimed.

DEFCON is an alert system used by the US military to indicate the current threat of nuclear war.
The system has five states of alert, increasing in severity from DEFCON 5 - the least severe - to DEFCON 1 - the highest level.
The level was last upgraded to 3 in the aftermath of September 11, 2001 - with standby ordered for a potential rise to DEFCON 2.
Now website DEFCON warning system claim it has been upgraded again in a terrifying revelation - and could be a sign nuclear war with the US is imminent.
While there are currently no imminent threats to the US, it claimed the situation is “fluid and can change rapidly.”
That must have been some announcement, I totally missed it!
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Post # 1360 on page 68 now this


Navy Officer Tells Alaskans: Prepare For War

October 22, 2016



"An unnamed former Navy official has warned the residents of Alaska to prepare for an invasion in the event of war between the U.S. and Russia.

The Daily Star has reported that a former high-ranking Naval official has evidence to suggest Russia is preparing to invade Alaska if war breaks out between the United States and Russia.
“We are the verge of being invaded from Alaska all the way down into Canada and eventually the Northwest,” he said.
The invasion, according to the Naval official, will begin via submarine incursion near the city of Wasilla, approximately 43 miles northeast of Anchorage.
Wasilla is located along the coast of the Knik Arm, a body of water that branches into the Cook Inlet, which flows west into the Gulf of Alaska.
“Our feeling in the Navy was that Obama had turned Alaska into a defenseless area that will serve as a forward base of operations when World War III begins,” the unnamed official suggested.
Russians disguised as “highway road crews” are allegedly already in Alaska preparing to serve in an asymmetrical role during a full-scale invasion. The crews are set to “disrupt communications and seize vital bridges” when war begins.
Another anonymous source claimed Russians in “civilian clothing” have been seen moving into abandoned motels and military bases.
To describe the Alaskan coast around Wasilla as “undefended” is not entirely accurate, however; Joint Base Elmendorf–Richardson, site of Alaska Command, NORAD Alaska, the 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division and the 11th Air Force, is located in Anchorage.   
Clear Air Force Station, which houses a radar station designed to detect ICBMs and submarine-launched ballistic missiles, and Eareckson Air Station, which houses the Cobra-Dane radar system, are also located in Alaska."  <<not exactly in Alaska proper
(Clear AFB would have been pretty close to where that Russian ICBM test launch landed, hmm, I also find that interesting!)  
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'Helpless and Hopeless' Merkel Dismisses Islamization, Suggests Playing a Flute




Merkel suggests Christmas carols, flute-playing in face of ‘Islam concerns’



Waaaaait........this playing flute business could be some major intel flagging....LOL


"Chancellor Angela Merkel has advised all those worried about Islamization to play the flute on Christmas Eve, according to the German news network n-tv."


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Upholding our Oath

From October 24, 2016   Gen. Dunsford

"From the 19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the principal military advisor to the President of the United States and the Secretary of Defense"

"As the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I am honored to represent the extraordinary Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, and Coastguardsmen who make up the Joint Force. Throughout my travels and engagements, I continue to be inspired by your professionalism, your commitment to defending the Nation, and your adaptiveness in encountering the security challenges our country faces.

Meeting the challenges of today’s dynamic and demanding operating environment while preparing the Joint Force to win future fights remain a team effort. This must remain our №. 1 priority, and I continue to devote my time, focus, and energy to this effort. At the same time, as our country again prepares for a peaceful transfer of power to a new administration, I write to share my views regarding our mutual obligations as military professionals and rights as citizens during this election season."



As long as they all remember that their oath is to the Constitution only!!  Not to any man or other entity!







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Thanks for the links, breezy!(・ω・)ノ

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!( ゜∇゜)Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y(。△。 )(≧ω≦)

The news is a confirmation that what Simon Parkes and others said a few months ago.

The reason why these Military guys are intending to up rise according to Simon and others was that Good Heart-ed people in Military got so sick of how the Humans are treated.

In order to stop Humanity's massacre, they up rise against The Cabal.

So those good peeps are on our side!

Great to see the affirming news to prove that the Military peeps are with us!!

And if that's been proven, then what Simon and others were saying about not only the US military but also other military peeps around the world are up rising against the Cabal got kinda proven, too, IMHO.

We have decent friends, peeps! WoooHoooooo!!! 

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Nato puts 300,000 troops on ‘HIGH ALERT’ amid fears of all out confrontation with Russia

Nov. 7, 2016   Zoe Efstathiou


"NATO is said to be preparing a military force of up to 300,000 personnel, capable of being deployed within just two months, in response to growing tensions between the West and Russia"

snip   video

"Secretary General of Nato, Jens Stoltenberg, said the allied nations are putting hundreds of thousands of troops in a state of high alert in an effort to deter a mounting threat from Moscow.

While Nato cut its defence budget and military investment since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has been bolstering its military capabilities, holding parades involving more than 100,000 troops each year.

snip  pictures

Mr Stoltenberg said: “We have seen Russia being much more active in many different ways.

“We have seen a more assertive Russia implementing a substantial military build-up over many years; tripling defence spending since 2000 in real terms; developing new military capabilities; exercising their forces and using military force against neighbours."



ramping it up!

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An Overview after Donald Trump won the US Presidency: What's next? (well some of it...LOL)


Donald Trump won the US Presidency.

The US military coup got avoided on BOTH sides by that.

Into this picture, as Trump will head the US, Japan is going to establish Military of their own that can stand against China.

Consider Japan would produce nuke heads.

And it's a GO AHEAD for the Currency Reset in Japan.


Apparently Greece realised they don't need to carry the pain of debts they got, according to Karen's latest vid.

So they want to join the Global Financial Reset movement, too.

What Karen Hudes has been saying all these years seems finally coming to the reality with Trump winning the Presidency.

She cut off Wolfy and other dodgy disinfo/misinfo people who used to attack her with her proofs. 1 by 1, the opponents' cloaks are taken off and revealing who truly they are....

Now more than ever, Karen's life would be threatened harder.....ummmmm...I guess she already got very full on friends on her side who can protect her, considering she's not dead yet. But the Cabal is still lurking obviously.


The latest annoyance and danger in front of us is a threat to us by poisoning, which may end up spreading all over the world....


A number of people who associate with CTs are getting poisoned (in many ways).

Watch out if weird FREE OF CHARGE parcels arriving to you or your family.

The latest warning is of receiving hand made CDs with very hand made looking list of contents that's been printed out/photocopied to come along with. We have no idea wth are contained in that but people are swiftly getting sick from touching it.

Don't open it if you receive odd stuff for FREE....

Miles Johnston as well as Max Spiers both had snake and spider venom applied to them if my memory is correct. 

By just touching something that had toxin laced on surface, you get the toxin seep into your skin. Dermal contact is one of the easiest manner to spread the crap like this. The next would be spraying it on to you.  


I'm sure we will juggle this situation superbly like others in recent time, and get over this total BS safely.(・ω<)☆

We are very invincible in our own way....╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ 


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Nuclear weapon missing since 1950 'may have been found'


Well. really!?

Does that explanation hinting that just because the nuke materials DECAYED FAST that they can't detect there...?

Meaning they may still contain radioactive substance in them anyhow....

"A commercial diver may have discovered a lost decommissioned US nuclear bomb off the coast of Canada.

Sean Smyrichinsky was diving for sea cucumbers near British Columbia when he discovered a large metal device that looked a bit like a flying saucer.

The Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) believes it could be a "lost nuke" from a US B-36 bomber that crashed in the area in 1950.

The government does not believe the bomb contains active nuclear material."

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Unity, just reading about the 1950's nuclear weapon being found and nuke materials decaying fast.  I always wondered how the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki were rebuilt and people living there with no Ill effects.  I always thought the site would be contaminated for a very long time.  Peace, Aquinas

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Howdy Aquinas(・ω・)ノWelcome to CHANI! Hope your ride is very exciting here!!(・ω<)☆

Apparently all the nuke heads must be maintained frequently in order to keep the "effectiveness" (to melt down human bodies...literally...urgh) to be able to use as military weapon.  (But the decaying rate would be different to what materials are used to make the nuke heads, I believe. Also the effect of AFTER splitting atoms and before would be a different story, I take.....)

India and Iran are looking into getting more materials, and the US was to ship some out to overseas.

India wants to retain their nuke heads AGAINST CHINESE THREATS. Paki-Indo war is not an issue anymore for India. The Indian Fixer guy revealed so in Middle East to the head of Crisis Management of Japan last year (if my memory is correct).

(Obviously on the surface of the trade, they'd never say anything about the use for nuke heads. Or they won't get the materials. But they can say that's for the Nuke Plants.) 

I did hear that Hiroshima and Nagasaki's street trees and shrubs are replaced every 3 years or so in cycle for they go funny in that duration...that is said to be affected by the radiation.....but then this news can be a total BS created by Chinese lobbyists to bring down of the image of Japan, so can't be sure....

I'm certainly concerned about the long term effects seen by generation by generation, as you pointed out--- peeps there are really affected genetically.

Currently, 1 in 10 females in Japan cops THYROID ISSUEs...which is truly high ratio. So to me, that seems like the result from radiation effect taking place since the '40s......


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With Uranium/Plutonium based weapons, there is a major maintenance issue.  Because they are constantly giving off ionising radiation, anything near them gets irradiated, and changes, usually breaking down and losing strength.

Apparently the housings and other 'stuff' around a 'bomb' must be replaced every year, else it just falls apart.

And as for the electronics - even with 'hardened' solid-state components and shielding, you get very little time before they get damaged - the particles given off blow holes through the layers in the junctions.  Apparently the life of the electronic components is measured in hours, if not minutes.

Fusion weapons can be a bit different, but they have another major set of problems.

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U.S. Forces May Have Committed War Crimes in Afghanistan, Prosecutor Says

Nov. 14, 2016        Somini Sengupta   Marlise Simons


"The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said Monday that she had a “reasonable basis to believe” that American soldiers committed war crimes in Afghanistan, including torture.

The international prosecutor has been considering whether to begin a full-fledged investigation into potential war crimes in Afghanistan for years. In Monday’s announcement, the prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, signaled that a full investigation was likely.

Still, the prosecutor did not announce a final decision on an investigation, which would have to be approved by judges, and it is unlikely that the United States will cooperate.

The United States is not a party to the court, which was established to prosecute war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. But Afghanistan is a member of the court, so allegations of crimes committed in its territory, no matter the nationality of the perpetrators, are widely considered to be fair game.

The international court is under great pressure to show that it is unbiased in its targets for investigation. Almost all of its full-fledged investigations have focused on Africa, and in recent weeks three African nations — South Africa, Gambia and Burundi — have announced their intention to withdraw from the court."



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I never heard Hillary's concession speech. I never heard Trump's victory tirade. I've been perfectly happy with the headlines, and the CHANI updates.

I'm surprised by the turnout of protesters still venting their frustration over the election. To be honest, I expected the turnout to be much bigger, but the again I also expected the election result to be different. I think we all were a bit surprised.

So what's this, then? Millions of people secretly organizing though a covert invitation-only group on farcebook coming together in Pantsuit Nation to share their sorrow, fear and lamentations that the right wing of the eagle won over the left http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-37997606?ocid=socialflow_twitter

Not to speak of the spin of the story, or the carrier.

Suddenly being a democrat and/or an overpaid, miseducated uncivil servant is a minority position, and in need of millennial therapy sessions to cope with the election process?

What's with these secret societies?! Who are they trying to mobilize to do what?! When will Mr. Soros have final katharsis in Hel...

They will have their war. If not with Russia then by all means within themselves and their own nations, the Pantsuit Nation even.

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A Real Journalist Warns us WWIII with Russia, China is Already Underway

By WakingTimes:  http://tinyurl.com/hxnkhj7

December 13, 2016


Isaac Davis, Staff Writer
Waking Times

“How many of us are aware that a world war has already begun? True. At present it’s a war of propaganda, of lies and distraction and of censorship by omission. That can change overnight.” ~John Pilger

Australian journalist John Pilger is one of the few establishment journalists who uses the platform to uncover and promulgate truth, often railing against mainstream media and their role in brainwashing and propagandizing the world on behalf of the war-mongers among us. Earlier in 2016 he spoke at a conference in Sydney, shedding light on the critical subject of nuclear weapons and the build up to World War III, which he rightfully points out as already being underway, as both Russia and China are strategically encircled by the U.S. military.

Few are willing to speak out against the insanity and inherent destructive nature of imperialism and the proliferation of state-owned weapons of mass destruction, and Pilger’s sentiments are both highly relevant and shockingly prescient as the Western media forces itself into a conflict with Russia, baiting the public with claims of Russian interference in the election.

As hot conflict becomes increasingly inevitable, Pilger reminds us that the Nobel Peace Prize president, Barak Obama, has one of the bloodiest legacies of any American president, commenting that after wining the peace prize, The Obama administration,

“… almost immediately launched a program to build more nuclear weapons, more nuclear warheads, more nuclear delivery systems, more nuclear factories. Nuclear warhead spending alone rose higher under Obama than under any other American president. The cost over thirty years is estimated at $1 trillion.” ~John Pilger

The shocking truth is that in the last two years, the largest military build up since World War II has been taking place along Russia’s Western front, an effort led by the Unites States.

This is extremely important to remember as the U.S. media wages a nasty campaign to vilify Russia as a covert influencer of the U.S. presidential election, even when no clear or hard evidence of proof of this claim has surfaced. The entire anti-Russia campaign seems like a deliberate effort to drive the world into war, and Pilger’s remarks add depth to this perspective.

“Not since Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, have foreign troops presented such a demonstrable threat to Russia.” ~John Pilger

Working to break the silence and the distraction about the nature of the brewing conflict between Russia, Nato and the United States, Pilger explains how China as well has been encircled by a nuclear armed U.S. military presence in the South China sea and in surrounding nations. He elucidates how the compounding threat of a conflict of China, couple with clear and present danger of escalation to all out war with Russia is a signal that World War III is already underway, and can quickly escalate should no resistance be put up against this endgame.

What is the role of the media in our world today? Is their job to amplify and reinforce the agendas of the deep state and the military industrial complex, or should their role be to expose and shed light on matters of severe importance to public safety?

If it is the latter, then hardly anything can be considered more important than putting a stop to the international human plague of elite engineered warfare in which ordinary people are sent to die in foreign battlefields while entire societies are laid waste and countless innocents displaced.

It is the mark of a real journalist to speak those truths which have been pushed out into the fringe by the echo chambers of an insane mass media.

This 21 minute speech by Pilger is one of the most important messages of our time. Few, if any, issues will affect us more as global powers position the people of this planet for the final conflict, World War III.



About the Author

Isaac Davis is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com and OffgridOutpost.com Survival Tips blog. He is an outspoken advocate of liberty and of a voluntary society. He is an avid reader of history and passionate about becoming self-sufficient to break free of the control matrix. Follow him on Facebook, here.https://web.facebook.com/WakingTimes?_rdr

This article (Real Journalist Warns us WWIII with Russia, China is Already Underway) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Isaac Davis and WakingTimes.com.


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'They stole it': Chinese warship seizes underwater US Navy drone which was operating in the South China Sea as Beijing conducted huge live-fire exercise in contested waters

Dec. 16, 2016     Liam Quinn

"A Chinese warship has captured an underwater US Navy drone right in front of the eyes of the crew of an American ship in the South China sea, prompting a government official to say, 'they stole it'.
The incident has triggered a formal demarche from the United States and a demand for its return, a US defense official told Reuters on Friday.

The capture - the first of its kind in recent memory - took place on December 15 northwest of Subic Bay just as the USNS Bowditch, an oceanographic survey ship, was about to retrieve the unmanned, underwater vehicle.

A US Navy drone has been captured by a Chinese warship, which snatched it right in front of the American vessel. Pictured is a Slocum ocean glider

A US Navy drone has been captured by a Chinese warship, which snatched it right in front of the American vessel. Pictured is a Slocum ocean glider

When the Bowditch stopped to collect the underwater equipment, a Chinese warship that had been following it dropped a boat into the water the pulled up alongside the US vessel and snatched the drone, according to CNN.  
The USS Bowditch had been sampling and data collection of surface, midwater and ocean floor measurements, and US officials received no reply from the Chinese when they radioed to state the drone was American.

The US crew had hoped to start communications with the Chinese vessel to get the drone back, but the ship eventually responded to say it was returning to normal operations and left the area, according to NBC News.
The Department of Defense released a statement, saying it was: 'not the sort of conduct we expecti from professional navies.'





U.S. Demands Return of Drone Seized by Chinese Warship

Dec. 16, 2016      Helene Cooper

"WASHINGTON — The Pentagon said on Friday that it had issued a formal protest to Beijing demanding the return of an underwater drone seized by a Chinese warship in the South China Sea, an incident that risked increasing tensions in a region already fraught with great-power rivalries.

A Defense Department official said that the unmanned underwater vehicle was discovered missing on Thursday when the crew of the United States Navy vessel Bowditch tried to retrieve it.

The Bowditch, an oceanographic ship, was operating in international waters and carrying out scientific research, said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe a potentially delicate international incident.

American officials said they were still trying to determine whether the seizure was a low-level action taken by Chinese sailors who spotted the drone or a strategic-level action ordered by more senior Chinese leaders."




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(´Д`) China has been behaving too radically and Japan has been under the threat from Chinese jets/ships entering into Japanese EEZ every single day. Since China knows Japan can't forcefully push them away due to the ill intended Constitutions that was forcefully given to Japanese by the US GHQ.

The hurdle the nation got to jump over successfully to change those Constitutions was set really high by the US GHQ, unfortunately it was true that Japan can't fight back just yet. And the point is, they are quietly waiting for China to actually start shooting at them in a sense. Then China started the war, not Japan.

China is doing the same to Japan.   They are waiting for Japan to fight back physically. 

Currently JSDF pilots to all on board ships are threatened for their lives because Chinese are AIMING AT them with laser pointers. The US peeps must know what that really means if that happens to you...for Japanese, that's been so surreal ( not gun-based reality there) and they are having hard time to really "get it", except both the US & Japan are watching China, North Korea, and South Korean moves very closely. 

So though there's a firm movement in the government wanting to change the Constitution so that Japanese can protect it by themselves, it's not happening quickly.(´Д`)

Japan is NOT responding the way China wants Japan to. Only doing its best not to enter into fights.

However, China has been so provocative and MISTAKES can happen, then the war starts

I feel the plan of War coming closer to us.

2017-2022 The US vs China War.

LET'S NOT TO DO IT. We don't need to fall for it.


According to a Japanese politician, Mr. Putin has a new girl friend-----I. C. ....a CHINESE WOMAN. And this woman also connects to Donald Trump in a long and winding way.

Lots are happening not on the surface, as we know....

<Add to Edit: Side story---the 6th generation Stealth fighters concepts: They can shoot directly BEHIND themselves. More Stealthier than the other generation, maneuvering of wings by SHAPE SHIFTING (´゚д゚`)the thickness of wings to the positioning of wings in reversal manner, etc etc. Japan had to figure it out and using the 5th generation Y series, trying to achieve creating this craft. Anyway, too expensive to make one at the moment, apparently. So it's on the papers only atm.>  

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Russian ambassador's assassination in Turkey was organised by 'NATO secret services' and was 'a provocation and challenge to Moscow' claims Kremlin senator 

Dec. 19, 2016      Will Stewart


"The secret services of a NATO country is 'highly likely' to have been behind the assassination of ambassador Andrey Karlov, claimed a top ally of Vladimir Putin.
Senior senator Frantz Klintsevich, deputy chairman of the Russian upper chamber's defence and security committee, said: 'It was a planned action.
'Everyone knew that he was going to attend this photo exhibition.


'It can be ISIS, or the Kurdish army which tries to hurt Erdogan.
'But may be - and it is highly likely - that representatives of foreign NATO secret services are behind it.
'What has happened is a true provocation, a challenge.
'It is a challenge for Russia.'



Now that's how you say something without really saying it.  Will be interesting to see where this goes, or will it?

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Kremlin says almost all dialogue with U.S. is frozen: RIA



The US is denying and still communication line is left open, so they say.

Ummmm it's sounding like a serious peak of political relationship breaking down. (´Д`)

It's based on the Obama-power, not of Trump, I take, since Trump has rosy exchanges with Russia.


In mean while, Japan may well stop the sanction against Russia over Crimea BEFORE the US---Trump would follow suit.

When Russian President Mr. Putin came and visited Japan on 15-16th Dec 2016, Mr. Putin got sick of waiting for PM Abe to realise what Russia really needs.

They can't afford much without the sanction being lifted. Russia has been spending a lot over saving Syrians. And someone from the US side really wants to see Russia just get used up over it, if that's possible, in order to weaken Russia.


During the visit to Japan, President Putin used the Northern Islands cards. Not coming up with any surface MSM reports about, but that's exactly showing Russian tactic, as far as I consider. The Japanese gov is really thinking hard right now.

Those islands were forcefully taken away from Japan at the end of WW2 as their cards, and Japanese islanders still want to go back to their home. What USSR said what happened then does NOT match up to the real situation that happened, which enforces USSR to accept it was a "day light robbery done against Japanese assets while everything was turned up side down in Japan by the US".(They've been sitting in Hokkkaido and waiting and waiting till the day comes....70 years and over, still waiting.)

Japanese gov finally got the message, and PM Abe is to visit President Putin in January 2017 re: lifting sanction against Russia....BEFORE Trump takes the power.


China brought its big arms on the islands in Sth East Asian water. No time to waste.

Japan has been copping so many emergency scrambles of jet fighters, because Chinese war ships and jets have been hustling Japanese EEZ EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Now many intellects in Japan started to say this is just a touch and go situation for the war to start; the War will be soon; and absolutely disgusted over the pushy invader's behaviour.


In a bigger picture, what Russia wants is to form a strong line to fight off anyone wants to slip through from Asia into the Pacific.

Russia doesn't like China.

So Russia has been helping India, in order to sandwich China to stop it expanding in crazy manner. Chinese attitude in foreign policies are like of Fire Ants. Pretty threatening for everyone around.

So Russia is trying to form an useful military line by using far East Russia, Japan, Taiwan, and anyone else who would agree with having the US as ALLY.

But this is only on the surface geopolitical stuff. 

As you all know, there are more levels to this situation....

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Agni 5, India's Longest Range Nuclear Capable Missile, Test Fired Today: 10 Points

Written by Pallava Bagla | Updated: December 26, 2016 

Source:  ndtv.com


Agni 5, India's Longest Range Nuclear Capable Missile, Test Fired Today: 10 Points

NEW DELHI:  Agni-5, India's longest range nuclear capable missile, was tested at Kalam Island off the Odisha coast today by the Defence Research and Development Organisation or DRDO; the result is awaited. The intercontinental surface-to-surface nuclear capable ballistic missile, the latest in India's "Agni" family of medium to intercontinental range missiles, has been through three trials before. The Agni 5 missile, with new technology for navigation and guidance, gives India the strategic depth it needs to contain its enemies, say scientists. After a few more trials, it will soon join India's military arsenal.


Link:  http://www.ndtv.com/india-news/india-to-test-its-longest-range-agni-5-missile-1641785?pfrom=home-lateststories

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The US & Sth Korea Creating an Assassin Group for North Korean Leader 

It's nothing new but they declared it clearly.


1000~2000 members, sole action intended with the special force is to kill Kim Jong Un.


I knew of Sth Korea moving in with that idea and that had been going on for decades.

But this time, the US openly joining the advertising, stating it will be done by both the US and Sth Korea.

...Truly treating Nth Korea as a TERRORIST country.

You might think this is wrong in someway, but to save the rest of the North Koreans, it's an adamant pathway, methinks.

1 kill, then everything will fall, so they are thinking, and I tend to agree.

Jong Un's elder brother would be a far better choice for North Korea, in order to change the country to be a democratic society.  He has the back up of Japan, to start with.

(Remember Japan is trying really hard to get their abducted Japanese citizens back from North Korea for ages. Jong On's brother is educated overseas, and prefers democracy.

More chance for Japan to get their people back, with or without the change of Japanese Constitution to be able to have a national military oganisation and to be able to go and fight for the life of abducted Japanese people. Their families are waiting for them for decades and aging full on in the 90's!!!!!

...And now one more Japanese citizen gone missing in Nth Korea recently from end of last year. He went to cook for Kim Jong On. No one knows wth had happened to him. No sign what so ever....)

The point of what they are trying to do is to not to make North Koreans totally useless. 


So this is the US and Sth Korean answer to the shit situation happening in the Asian region.

You gotta understand that because of the shitty attitude coming from Chinese Expansionism/INVASION OF EARTH (I mean it. They are going for the Space, too. You think this is a fib? They mean it. And mean it very full on.), Vietnam and other surrounding countries are seeking to BUY NUKE HEADS FROM NORTH KOREA. So as the countries in Middle East, too. 

So the action of taking down Kim Jong On will (hopefully) stop/delay NUKE ARMS RACE to happen, too.

OR...the China demising full on due to their economic crumble before all these stuff happens...(If Nth K loses support from China, it's like they lose life line...I'm talking about the starvation to begin.)


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South Koreans PISSED OFF Jews By Comparing South Korean Comfort Women in WW2 to the Genocide of Jews


"   So far, the proponents of the movement have failed to produce convincing documents about the sex slave conspiracy. Even the documents presented to UNESCO in the submission are kept secret by the organization and the applicants. In 1993, the Japanese government, in the so-called “Kono Statement,” confirmed the existence of the wartime army brothels, but that was nothing different from the information collected by the Americans on the issue. There is nothing good in the existence of such establishments, but that is far from the claim of causing another Holocaust. "

And I've been keep on telling here at CHANI that it's Chinese lobbyists paying friggin huge $s to everyone for bribes and honey traps, that they have pretty forceful way dealing with people...(which made the UN peeps angry at China in the end recently...LOL)

South Koreans are used by the Chinese lobbying actions. 


Here I give you a bit of proof of it.

This is a document published by the Japanese Intel peeps re: analysis of Chinese moves in 2015. It was shown on an alternative media in Japan aired on 11th Jan 2017. Archived here: (No Sub) www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKAWYx97v5g

KOAN HAKUSHO_2015_1.jpg 

These info were what Japanese Intel peeps gathered. Published for the Japanese government. The real deal.

The White Book was about what China was doing to Japan.

The docco's rough translation:

"2-3 China is expanding the international opinion war <unity: this is the REAL "PSYOPS"!!> re: "Historical Awareness Issues" by warning <international communities> about Japan becoming Right Winged.

  • Intending to divide and conquer through directing the public opinions against the Japanese government around the issues of Okinawa's US base issue and Japanese Self Defense related matter. China is paying around US$500/day plus a lunch box each (yeah they pay well!!) to their employees; Sth Koreans and the 2nd and 3rd generations of Korean immigrants in Japan, who are Far Lefties, coming from the Japanese mainland, to come to rally for the Bases in Okinawa, doing very threatening, violent stuff. We have recordings of the Mid-Western Dialect of Japan, shouted by many of those attendants. NO LOCAL DIALECTS WERE HEARD.... It means that the rally is NOT done by Okinawans, and NOT supported by the REAL Okinawans. The local Okinawans HATE them being there, because they have been prevented to go to their daily work at their fields, because of those idiots making brigades on the roads to the Base. Caused numerous Ambulances for urgent transport of patients to get stuck on the road, unable to move, too. A Sth Korean got caught by Police there doing stupid things, while calling it as rally action. And you peeps had never heard of this, have you? The thing is....many Japanese peeps haven't heard about the situation either, due to the messed up MSM there. Thus the conscious peeps go for the Alternative Media.   
  • Continues to try to change the situations by the physical forces such as sending Chinese public ships around Senkaku island.
  • Strengthen the direction of international opinions against Japan by flagging the 70th anniversary of Anti-Japan War.   "

It's taking a long time for Japanese nation to remember who they truly were(´; ω ;`)...many of them are STILL UNDER THE MIND CONTROL OF WAR GUILT INFORMATION PROGRAMMING given by the GHQ 72 years ago through tight education and cultural strict strategies being applied....it's incredibly sobering to see through it now from outside of the influence finally.

Many are still under the influence of it not knowingly, and GOING AGAINST JAPAN even though they are Japanese citizens. Crazy...this is actually Japanese peeps trying to show hate against their own country!! And this is the end result of the powerful mind controlling done against the public.

(So now I understand the extent of the horrid effect of mind controls on the victims of SRA and T.I.s. and military peeps...this is so bad for us, the Humanity.)

And the US peeps don't know that they are still under their set of MIND CONTROLS they are under about the WW2, I feel.

Both of the US and Japan had strict controls over educations for long decades so the Cabal would keep us under their grip.

...And how many of those decisions were made by non Humans..............ummmmmmm.......

The truth is coming out now a bit by bit, and we would re-evaluate the whole situations again....about what we did and what we did NOT do.



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Warning for the US: Trump, think Deeply well before you speak/tweet

Mr. Trump has been telling this; What's the point in keeping the US bases in Asia? Japan, pay more for the troops to be there!

Huge joke this is, because Japan has been paying 75% of the entire cost, far more than ANYONE ELSE has been paying for the US bases. 5 times more of what South Korea pays to the US.

OK, so you want US$2.5 million on top of what Japan has been paying?

Fine, Japan will pay that Noooooooooo worries.


Till now, the US had the governing of what to do with their troops in those bases in Asia.

If you want Japan to pay 100%, then they are the employee of Japan.



....The US military peeps are worried about this situation, but Mr. Trump has no idea about this.

The stupidity of Mr. Trump's argument is that he doesn't seem to know that the US needs the Asia under its power, if to have the best security on West Coast.

The US military peeps know this and they don't want to make any changes. They are happy as how things are now.

Besides, Yokosuka Port in Yokohama, Japan is the ONLY port that can facilitate aircraft carrier class ships in the region.

The high maintenance services that JSDF provide is far superior than anyone else, that the US ships actually really need the access to there.


China Blue

China is panicking.

China established their use of the port right next to the US base in Darwin, leased for 99 years in Oz, to the shock for the US.

Look, Oz economy is actually shocking...

Out of needing heck a lot of money, all polis accepted Chinese money.

The Submarine contract that was made pact under the Abbot gov between Japan got ditched by Turmble when he came to the scene, so Japan lost the contract over France, where is friendly with China. Japan was actually happy because of the contract term content was found to be very dodgy that the Black Box was to be given out to Oz, which meant China would get all the info passed by the Chinese bribed polis.

While China thought they had a very good grip over Oz, well....PM Abe went in there, now talking with Turmble about sharing the same sized weapons, and become able to swap the ammos easier, together with doing the military training together.

This really slapped Chinese face full on. 

Now Mr. Trump said NO ONE CHINA IDEA. (Divide and Conquer technique is applied here....)


And PM Abe went to Philippines, visiting President Dutterte at his own home, looking super relaxed there having the breakfast together.

He's saying that he will continue to have good relationship with the US military, and shaking hands with PM Abe in a big way.

So also in Sth China Sea issue, China is getting cornered in from all directions. Russia-Japan-Taiwan-Phillipines-Thailand-Vietnam-and now Oz all lining up, forming the line to go against Chinese INVASION.

Mr. Dutterte is a very clever man, and he would retain the position of Philippines as independent from any other countries, for the hate of having foreign troops in own country...basically the nation had enough, he must think. So he'd be like an independent poli in a hanging government, and make sure to retain the position to be able to choose anyone if things gets changed around in the regional geopolitical scene. Yes, very clever. Philippines don't have much money. No social security, either.  He must protect his people well with what they have now.( Philippines news paper article via Singapore: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/duterte-rejected-japan-missile-offer-000000071.html)


Oh, African countries are also asking Japan to get rid of Chinese tentacles there formally.

They are sick of what happened to them by trusting China, unfortunately costing their children's lives....


China is really REALLY crapping in its pants now....





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TRUMP NUKE ALERT North Korea places long-range nuke missiles on mobile launchers as it threatens ‘nice surprise’ for Donald Trump inauguration

Jan. 19, 2017   Jon Lockett

Scary news comes as satellite images show 'increased activity at one of the rogue state's major nuclear sites


"NORTH Korea is ‘readying two intercontinental ballistic missiles’ to ‘nuke’ Donald’s Trump inauguration, it’s been reported.

Military officials say the rogue state wants to send a “strategic message” to the incoming US President  by timing launches to ruin his big day tomorrow.

Satellite image taken in December 2016 shows activity at a nuclear site

Satellite image taken in December 2016 shows activity at a nuclear site


In a statement, South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff said the reports could not be confirmed but said the military was monitoring the situation closely.

However, according to news reports in South Korea two missiles have already been placed on mobile launchers.

The devices “are estimated to not exceed 15 meters (50 feet) in length, making them shorter than the North’s existing ICBMs.”

A news agency quoted unnamed military officials as saying the North was attempting to send a “strategic message” to incoming Trump ahead of his inauguration tomorrow.

An ICBM test in the coming days is “highly plausible,” Andrei Lankov, a professor at Seoul’s Kookmin University, told CNN.

“Judging by earlier behaviour they usually like to greet a newly elected American president with some kind of nice surprise like a nuclear (test) or missile launch,” he said.

“Because President-elect Trump tweeted that ‘it won’t happen,’ such a launch could be seen as a serious humiliation for (the US).”

The news comes as satellite imagery shows increased activity at a major North Korean nuclear site, according to a new report."



geeze I didn't realize Kim was a "snowflake" in disguise

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