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Armageddon is the area around Aleppo


US asked Russia to stop attacking al-Nusra positions in Syria: Lavorv


The United States has asked Russia to stop conducting airstrikes against the al-Nusra Front terrorists in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says.


Fear of hitting the US-backed militants fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government prompted the American officials to make the request, Lavrov said in a televised speech on Friday.

“They are telling us not to hit it (al-Nusra), because there is 'normal' opposition next ... to it,” Lavrov said. “But that opposition must leave terrorists' positions, we long have agreed on that.”



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‘US Playing With Fire by Repeatedly Poking China in the Eye’ in S China Sea


© AFP 2016/ STR

Asia & Pacific

14:51 06.06.2016(updated 16:57 06.06.2016


In an imagined letter, Ms. Oh Beigong from Taipei addressed the big bosses of the US military and naval forces, pointing out sharply that the US cannot stop flexing its muscles in the South China Sea and has wrongly fabricated accusations against China.




© AP Photo/ Andy Wong


Beijing Beware: Winner of US Elections Will Try to Change China's Politics


The letter was addressed to Admiral Harry B. Harris, Commander of the United States Pacific Command, and copied to his bosses, US Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus and US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, as well as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.


The letter was published by Leslie Fong, former editor at the Straits Times, who said that Ms. Oh Beigong (Oh be gone?) found its way to his inbox. Some fragments of her letter are presented below.

“Dear Admiral Harris,


I write to congratulate you for standing up for mariners the world over to assert the right to freedom of navigation in international waters. You showed much daring when on May 10, you sent the USS William P. Lawrence, an Arleigh Burke class missile destroyer, to within 12 nautical miles of Fiery Cross Reef, over which Beijing has long claimed sovereignty and which it has occupied for years,” online publication reported Ms. Oh as saying. Fiery Cross Reef is also claimed by the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.


She also wrote that one didn't need guts, or even brains, to dispatch the destroyer, as they were just carrying out the orders of their political masters. But she thinks the admiral needs more credit for risking the lives of his sailors as he couldn't know for sure that the Chinese would steer clear of the US destroyer.


Ms. Oh further mentioned how back in the 80’s during the Cold War period, Soviet frigates “bumped” American naval craft in the Black Sea for intruding into waters which they considered their own. Lately, Chinese commentators have been publicly talking about imitating the Soviets.


She pointed out that according to her the US is really pushing its luck and playing with fire.

“Let me get serious. The US is playing with fire by repeatedly poking China in the eye. We in this region are going to be the collateral damage if this spins out of control. And why should we pay the price when the US does not really have right on its side? As a thinking man, did you not feel discomfort deep inside you when the US kept singling out the Chinese as the bad guys in the maritime disputes?” China Daily reported.


“You must know better than most on this planet that the US has not been able to cite one instance when China actually denied anyone the freedom of navigation or point to any statement by Beijing threatening that right.”


She further mentioned the expansionism that the US has been involved in for years and how it is the US that has 11 carrier battle groups circling the globe, each with enough firepower to send four-fifths of the world’s countries “back to Stone Age.”


“You will say, no doubt, that the Chinese are going to militarize the airstrips and other facilities to project force, thus threatening all the countries in the region. Er, coming from a senior naval officer of a country that operates some 800 bases or military facilities in more than 60 countries around the world, several of them virtually at China's doorstep, that, sir, is a bit rich!”


She then cleverly pointed out that the US is not in the habit of admitting that it is or can be wrong. She brought up a few examples of instances when the US refused to take the blame for its actions.

“Bottom line? Might is right. The US is out to stymie the rise of China and prevent it from challenging American dominance, if not hegemony. We get that. So do us a favor, please stop talking about high principles and international law.”


She then went on to advise what Admiral Harry B. Harris could personally do in order to regain at least a little bit respect from clear-sighted people who cannot be fooled.


“In the name of asserting freedom of navigation and upholding international law, send your destroyer or whatever to an atoll in the Philippine Sea which the Japanese call Okinotorishima (Okinotori Island) and claim as their territory. The atoll measures no more than 9 sq m at low tide, which is probably smaller than your office in Honolulu, and lies more than 1,700km south of Tokyo. But it is less than 500km from Taiwan itself.”


She explained that under Unclos, an atoll is not an island so it cannot be used as the basis to use the usual 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone or EEZ. But that has not stopped Tokyo from doing so, and it has proclaimed as its EEZ an area larger than the entire Japan.

Taiwan is one of the many that have refused to recognize this. “So, please, dear admiral, send the William P. Lawrence there and have some of its crew go fishing near the atoll. All who look askance at your dubious freedom of navigation expeditions in the South China Sea thus far will applaud you.”

She ended her letter with, “Don't let the Chinese beat you to it!”


Read more: http://sputniknews.com/asia/20160606/1040854813/us-china-open-letter.html#ixzz4AoYXJATu

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Moscow calls NATO buildup in E. Europe ‘unjustified’ as largest drills since Cold War kick off

June 6, 2016



"Over 31,000 troops from 24 countries are taking part in NATO’s Anaconda-2016 war drills in Poland – the largest war games in eastern Europe since the Cold War. Moscow says that the NATO military presence is unjustified.

The Anaconda -2016 NATO military exercise involve 24 NATO and “partner nations,” including the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and others.
US Army Europe, which heads the exercise, says that the massive war games are “to train, exercise and integrate Polish national command and force structures into an allied, joint, multinational environment.Anaconda-2016 will be formally closed by officials at a ceremony in Warsaw on June 17.
While the scenario for the drill is understandably kept secret, the statement briefly says it will be focused on conventional warfare, meaning the bloc will be testing its capacity to “deploy, mass and sustain combat power” against an enemy more capable and well-trained than the rebel groupings which the US and its allies fought against in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The massive war games also play well with the current right-wing government in Warsaw which frequently argues that NATO must permanently deploy troops in eastern Europe to deter what the bloc keeps calling “Russian assertiveness.”
Guided missile destroyer USS Porter enters Black Sea ‘to promote peace’ (VIDEO)
June 6, 2016
"A US Navy destroyer has entered the Black Sea in what the Sixth Fleet says is a routine deployment to promote peace and stability. However, the USS Porter (DDG-78) was just outfitted with a new missile system due to what the Navy called a “Russian threat.”
Turkish observers spotted the Porter sailing through the Bosporus on Monday, the first US Navy ship to enter the Black Sea this year.
The Arleigh Burke-class destroyer will “conduct routine operations during a routine deployment,” the US Sixth Fleet said in a statement, adding that “US vessels routinely operate in the Black Sea region to promote peace and stability.”
The Sixth Fleet is the US Navy’s command for Europe and Africa, with the headquarters in Naples, Italy. The Porter, along with three sister ships of the same class, is based out of Rota, Spain.
While the Sixth Fleet said Porter’s cruise is “meant to enhance maritime security and stability, readiness, and naval capability with our allies and partners,” the ship’s deployment is part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, NATO’s ongoing saber-rattling effort along the Russian borders. One of the Porter’s ports of call will be Odessa in Ukraine.
In March, the destroyer was the first Navy ship to test the new SeaRAM missile defense system, urgently developed by weapons manufacturer Raytheon to counter “a new Russian threat,” according to the US Naval Institute. The SeaRAM launchers replaced Phalanx point-defense mounts, and was clearly visible as the Porter sailed through the Bosporus Monday morning."
hmm,defense missile system, Ukraine, Operation Atlantic Resolve, Black Sea, Anaconda-2016, NATO,  "a new Russian threat"????  Well I think we have a clue what Russia thinks about who's the threat here, and it sure isn't them!  Would the US put up with this crap taking place this close to home??
Tx w
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No respect! NATO hangs Obama out to dry

June 7, 2016


"Tensions between the two dominate powers in Eastern Europe, the United States and Russia, haven’t been this high since the early 90s.

Under the leadership of President Barack Obama, the U.S. military has announced they’re sending thousands of airborne soldiers to coordinate in a massive war game in Poland with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies — the largest such war game since the Cold War.
And critics are vocal — if this is a NATO exercise, where are the rest of the NATO alliance troops?
Sitting at home again, it seems.
NATO troops from just three countries — the U.S., Britain and Poland — are conducting an airborne operation as part of the biggest exercise performed in Poland since the 1989 end of communism and amid concerns over Russia.
“Managed by Poland’s Lt. Gen. Marek Tomaszycki, the exercise includes 14,000 U.S. troops, 12,000 Polish troops, 800 from Britain and others from non-NATO countries,” The Guardian reports. “Multinational operations publicised so far include an airdrop involving 1,130 parachutists over the northern Polish city of Toruń on Tuesday – including 500 US troops and 230 British ones – engineers building a bridge to carry 300 vehicles over the Vistula river and a night-time ‘assault’ involving 35 helicopters.”
Notably missing from the exercise — all 25 other NATO military’s, whose absence reinforces criticisms of Obama’s foreign policy and the lack of respect given to America as a world leader.
On the campaign trail, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized the value of the military alliance, questioning a structure that sees the U.S. pay for most of its costs. Trump claims other nations “are not paying their fair share” and has called the 28-nation alliance “obsolete.”
This one you will have to translate, but it's saying that families/women and children of American soldiers at Ramstein Air Base, in Germany are being removed/evacuated.
"[18:00] reader comment:
At the American base must also say it is the largest airbase outside America. Over this base, wars also be coordinated. It could also be related that it may do well with incipient terror. An acquaintance of mine has a few years ago said that is known to the Americans that they are spied by terrorists in Ramstein. Will someone meet America delicate it is not only American ground like New York or Washington, but also Ramstein, at least in military terms. From Ramstein from the drones are controlled, which are currently in the war zones in use.Ramstein is very important for America."
not much info, but interesting if true.
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It seems on one hand, we're pushing buttons, while on the other hand we join them in military exercises.?? 


U.S.: Chinese jet makes 'unsafe' intercept of Air Force plane

Barbara Starr

June 7, 2016


"(CNN)A U.S. Air Force RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft flying Tuesday in international airspace over the East China Sea was intercepted in an "unsafe manner" by a Chinese J-10 fighter jet, several defense officials tell CNN.

The Chinese jet was never closer than 100 feet to the U.S. aircraft, but it flew with a "high rate of speed as it closed in" on the U.S. aircraft, one official said. Because of that high speed, and the fact it was flying at the same altitude as the U.S. plane, the intercept is defined as unsafe.
The officials did not know if the U.S. plane took any evasive action to avoid the Chinese aircraft or at what point the J-10 broke away. It is also not yet clear if the U.S. will diplomatically protest the incident.
The Chinese Embassy did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
News of the intercept comes as Secretary of State John Kerry and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew are in Beijing for the annual U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue. Lew is pressing China to lower barriers to foreign business and cut excess steel production, with limited success.
The intercept also occurred just days after Defense Secretary Ash Carter and top military officials returned from a regional security meeting in Singapore. At a press conference during that meeting, Carter said the U.S. would not be deterred from maintaining a military presence in the region reiterating "America's determination to, and resolve to, fly, sail, or operate wherever international law allows."
During that same press conference, Adm. Harry Harris, the head of U.S. Pacific Command, said military relations with China were improving.
"We've seen positive behavior the last several months with China. Every now and then you'll have a -- you'll see an incident in the air that we may judge to be unsafe. Those are really, over the course of time, rare," Harris said.
Harris said China and the U.S. both will participate in a major upcoming military exercise.
But this latest intercept comes on the heels of another intercept by China last month.
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Justin Raimondo - “As I write this, US troops are building a bridge across Poland’s Vistula river, and conducting a nighttime helicopter assault to secure the eastern part of the country against a Russian assault.   Has World War III started? Well, not quite yet, although it’s not for want of trying.”

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@Jessica I believe that is part of the Operation Anaconda exercises they have going on.


EU Army Is Not a ‘Dangerous Fantasy’, It Is a Frightening Reality

Mike Hookem Mep

from June 2, 2916



"Back in 2014 then Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said the idea of an EU military was a “dangerous fantasy”.

So how is it that David Cameron has announced the involvement of a Royal Navy warship in Op Sophia, a mission under the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy?
Number Ten announced it would seek UN approval to deploy a Navy vessel to turn back boats carrying both migrants and weapons heading from the EU as the summer season for people trafficking commences.
This border assistance is part of an EU Border Assistance Mission in Libya called Operation Sophia which was given the green light back in May 2013 with an annual budget of around €26 million.
Downing Street has decided the UK will get involved because it says there is now a risk that Islamic State terrorists are using the migrant route to enter the UK.
Well done, Mr Cameron: you’re only a year behind the rest of us. I’ve been reporting – along with Breitbart London – that ISIS have been using the naive bleeding heart open door policies of Brussels to enter the continent for many, many months. We even know they are active in the camps in Calais and Dunkirk because French Authorities informed us all about it. Where was Mr Cameron and his team when all this was being said?
June 9, 2016
But here's an even bigger one
Moscow warns of response after US sends destroyer to Black Sea
June 10, 2016
"American warships entering the Black Sea will prompt “response measures” from Moscow, a top Russian diplomat has warned, adding that another US aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean is clearly an attempt to show force ahead of an upcoming NATO summit.
The USS Porter (DDG-78), armed with assault cruise missiles and an Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System (primary weapon: Standard Missile 3), entered the Black Sea this week.
“American warships do enter the Black Sea now and then. Certainly, this does not meet with [Russia’s] approval and will undoubtedly lead to planning response measures,” Andrey Kelin, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry's European Cooperation Department, told RIA Novosti on Friday.
He also disapproved of the deployment of the USS Harry S. Truman in the Mediterranean ahead of the NATO summit in Warsaw in July as muscle-flexing.
“There is nothing special about the movement of US vessels in this case. We know that aircraft carriers are moving in the Mediterranean Sea and elsewhere, they have a right to do so, this is freedom of navigation,” he said.
“But in general, this is a definite increase in [Russia-US] relations and all this is done ahead of the NATO summit in Warsaw – this is a demonstration of force,” he added.
The NATO summit will be held in Polish capital Warsaw on July 8-9, preceded by a series of large-scale war games in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states. The largest training exercise is taking place in Poland, where over 31,000 troops from 24 countries are taking part in NATO’s Anaconda 2016 war drills – the largest war games in Eastern Europe since the Cold War."
Russia vows response to U.S. naval ship's entry into Black Sea
June 10, 2016
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US and Russian fighters in dramatic showdown over Syria: American pilots scramble to confront Putin's jets as they bomb Pentagon-backed Syrian rebels

Ted Thornhill

June 20, 2016



""US and Russian warplanes were involved in a dramatic showdown over Syria after the Russian fighters bombed US-backed Syrian opposition forces.


The mid-air confrontation occurred between F/A-18 fighters scrambled by the Pentagon and several SU-34s, Moscow's most advanced bombers.
The Russian jets had struck a 200-strong garrison of Syrian rebels fighting the Islamic State in At-Tanf, near the Jordanian border.
A US official told The Los Angeles Times: 'It's an egregious act that must be explained. The Russian government either doesn't have control of its own forces or it was a deliberate, provocative act. Either way, we're looking for answers.'
However, the Russian military on Sunday rejected accusations that it had deliberately targeted US-backed Syrian opposition forces, arguing the US had failed to warn about their locations.
Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said the area targeted in the strike was more than 300 kilometers (186 miles) away from locations earlier designated by the US as controlled by legitimate opposition forces.
The Pentagon said it held a video conference on Saturday with the Russian military to discuss Russian air strikes."
snip  pictures/video at link


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The Pentagon's controversial plan to hire military leaders off the street

Andrew Tilghman

June 19, 2016



"Defense Secretary Ash Carter wants to open the door for more “lateral entry” into the military's upper ranks, clearing the way for lifelong civilians with vital skills and strong résumés to enter the officer corps as high as the O-6 paygrade.

The idea is controversial, to say the very least. For many in the rank-and-file military, it seems absurd, a bewildering cultural change that threatens to upend many assumptions about military life and traditional career paths. But while it's not universally embraced, there is interest in Congress and among some of the military's uniformed leaders — even, they say, in exploring how the services could apply this concept to the enlisted force.
This is a key piece of Carter’s “Force of the Future” personnel reform. Unveiled June 9, it aims to help the military bring in more top talent, especially for high-tech career fields focused on cyber warfare and space. Advocates say it will help the military fill important manpower shortfalls with highly skilled professionals and, more broadly, create greater “permeability” between the active-duty military and the civilian sector.
At the same time, it suggests eroding the military’s tradition of growing its own leaders and cultivating a force with a distinct culture and tight social fabric, which many believe to be the heart of military effectiveness. Critics worry it will create a new subcaste of military service members who are fundamentally disconnected from the traditional career force.
“They will enter a culture they don’t know, understand or potentially appreciate,” said Dakota Wood, a retired Marine officer and military expert at the Heritage Foundation. “The Marines around them will likely be challenged to appreciate them as they would a fellow Marine.”
If approved by Congress, the individual military services would be authorized — but not required — to expand lateral entry up to the rank of colonel, or in the case of the Navy a captain. It's part of a broader reform effort that may also include new rules for bringing enlisted troops in at the noncommissioned officer ranks, which does not require approval from Congress."
US Navy Deploys Six Aircraft Carriers to High-Profile Regions
June 22, 2016
Hope Hodge Sect
"WASHINGTON DC – The United States Navy’s Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson told lawmakers on Capitol Hill new details about the Navy’s missions in two high-profile regions at a meeting of the Congressional Shipbuilding Caucus.
Adm. John Richardson said American warships are operating in the South China Sea, where intensifying territorial counterclaims and aggressive actions by China are responsible for heightening tension, and the Middle East, where two carriers — the Harry S. Truman and the Eisenhower — now are positioned to carry out airstrikes against targets of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS.
As of last week, Adm. Richardson said, the Navy had six carriers underway — a development he called “a milestone.”
snip  video
Two conducted coastal training operations, while four were forward deployed, including Eisenhower, Truman, the John C. Stennis in the South China Sea, and the Japan-based Ronald Reagan, which began its 2016 patrol in the Pacific last week, Military.com reported.
“Last week was sort of a milestone event,” Richardson said. “Everyone who thinks about and talks about shipbuilding can feel good about that day.”
The chief said his two-day visit to the deployed Stennis earlier gave greater context to discussions of the importance of operations in the South China Sea and the high operational tempo for sailors there.
The more than 75 aircraft attached to the carrier air wing have flown roughly 4,000 sorties around the South China Sea during the course of the strike group’s seven-month deployment, Richardson said.
“I wanted to be there because of course we’re all getting reports of how important and busy that part of the world is, but when you’re there on the carrier, you look around and there on the starboard quarter is a Jiangkai frigate and on the port quarter is the AGI,
[Dongdiao-class Electronic Reconnaissance Ship], an intelligence collection ship from the People’s Liberation Army Navy,” Richardson said."
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The so called REVEAL of low orbital space objects referred to in the above sputnik article is well planned and scheduled by the world nations, this is part of the new legal UCC codes recently agreed upon for low orbital space real estate usages and rights.


Military of all nations have been re-positioning assets into higher space zones decreed as non commercial as part of the International Space treaties and conventions.

You need to think of space and its governance as a duplication of how TPTB run Antarctica 

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Israel treating al-Qaida fighters injured in Syrian war.... Mmm al-qaida/isis??




$40 billion aid package to Israel is the largest ever to any country says Susan Rice




Go figure home is doing fine



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A quick note re: Japan-China relation


They are CLOSE to starting the "war-prevention" fights.


Now unlike what China and other Cabals wanted, July election in Japan got a powerful person running with the back up of PM Abe himself.

Once he is elected, he will tear apart the party from within, get rid of all BS heads, and start literally fighting back against China's physical threats.

Japan would go for shooting the idiots down, for the Chinese jets were found TARGETING JSDF jets with laser target system.

(I think other countries would shoot them down when the lock on system is found being used against them.)


The Japanese shit constitution placed by the US will be scrapped, and will be re-written in Japanese by Japanese people.

YES the country may well go and choose to arm with Nuke Heads.

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North Korea 'tests submarine-launched ballistic missile'

July 8, 2016



"North Korea has test-fired a ballistic missile from a submarine, South Korea's military says.


It says the missile was launched in waters east of the Korean peninsula - the latest in a recent series of tests.
North Korea, which is developing nuclear weapons, is banned by UN resolutions from any use of ballistic missile technology.
The US and South Korea on Friday agreed to deploy a missile defence system to counter threats from Pyongyang.
The South Korean military says the missile was launched at about 11:30 local time (02:30 GMT) off North Korea's port of Sinpo."
hmm, not sure about this one, timing seems too convenient to me
US expels two Russian diplomats over Moscow 'attack'
July 8, 2016
"The US has expelled two Russian diplomats in response to an attack on an American diplomat in Moscow, the state department says.
Spokesman John Kirby said the two officials - who have not been named - were told to leave on 17 June.
Mr Kirby said that earlier that month, a Russian policeman attacked the US diplomat near the US embassy in Moscow.
"The action was unprovoked," he said. Russia said the diplomat worked for the CIA and had refused to show ID papers.
Last month, US officials said harassment against US diplomats by Russian security and intelligence services was on the rise.
Russia has denied the allegation.
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Election in Japan: The New Revolution in Japan Starts As Of Tonight


The guy who is trusted by hell a lot of intel agents and PM Abe got a seat. The news came in about 1 1/2 hours ago.

He will tear LDP apart from within no doubt, promoting absolutely clean politics. The guy is going to do the job as a volunteer to be able to say what he wants to say to others. 

LDP got about 2/3rds of the entire seats.


The change of constitution is already talked about by PM Abe.

Japan will start harvesting Methane Hydrate off the towers growing from the sea floor on West coast line within 3 years.

There's a possibility to GIVE AWAY THE ENERGY to places like Vietnam and Philippines.

Can you think of what kind of economic geopolitics is going to be awaiting against China and Russia?

Whole heap of power structural change will happen within this 6 years.

It will promote peace by taming down China, Nth Korea, and friendship with Russia will be enhanced.

Japan will establish military power to protect its nation, including those who are taken by other countries or by terrorism.

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Russia reveals hypersonic stealth bomber that can launch nuclear attacks from space: Radical plane could begin testing in 2020

July 13, 2016

Mark Prigg



"Russia's next generation hypersonic stealth nuclear bomber could fly by 2020, it has been claimed. 

Military bosses claim the engine for the craft has already been tested, and a prototype could take to the air in six years.
It would be able to travel anywhere in the world in two hours and drop a devastating nuclear warhead before returning to base, it is claimed.
Military bosses claim the engine for the craft has already been tested, and a prototype could take to the air in six years.
The test engine is expected to be showcased at the Army-2016 International Military Technology Forum, which is set to take place on September 6-11 in the Moscow Region. 
Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev, commander of Russian Strategic Missile Forces, confirmed the model engine for the bomber has been built and successfully tested at the Serpukhovo branch of the Military Academy. 
'An engine for a promising space plane has been developed at Strategic Rocket Forces Academy,' General Sergey Karakaev, RVSN's commander, told reporters on Wednesday. 
'The unit's operational ability had been proven,' he said, according to The Observer.
'The idea is that the bomber will take off from a normal home airfield to patrol Russian airspace. Upon command it will ascend into outer space, strike a target with nuclear warheads and then return to its home base.'  
Colonel Alexei Solodovniko, the project’s general contractor as well as a professor of Strategic Missile Forces at the Military Academy, told RIA Novosti."
Why not  we have the X-37B   so all's fair and what not, right?
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The United States is not really interested in defeating terrorists in Syria as it really wants “to control and use them,” Syrian President Bashar Assad told NBC News in an exclusive interview, denouncing the US air strikes as “counterproductive.”

According to Assad, evidence shows that the US lacks actual will to fight Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL) and other terrorist groups in Syria because the actions of the US-led coalition did not prevent terrorist groups from expanding their territory.

“The reality is telling that, since the beginning of the American airstrikes, the terrorism has been expanding and prevailing,” hetold NBC, specifying that “during the American and alliance air strikes, ISIS was expanding and taking over new areas in Syria.”

The Syrian President also described the US air strikes in Syria and Iraq as “counterproductive and ineffective” and called them “pro forma actions.”

The reason for such “ineffectiveness” lies in the fact that the US has other goals besides defeating terrorism.

“It’s about being serious, having the will. The United States doesn’t have the will to defeat the terrorists. It had the will to control them and to use them as a card, like they did in Afghanistan. That will reflect on the military aspect of the issue,” Assad said during the interview.

He particularly doubted that the US wants to defeat Islamic State. He stressed that the terrorist group originated in Iraq when the US troops were there and only then came to Syria.

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Something awful strange is afoot   For the first part of this month, Putin was incognito, cancelling speeches, not being seen for days, (posted on Putin The Man thread)  then the attempted coup in Turkey, still don't know for sure about that.  Then Turkey shuts down American use of Turkey base at Incirlik, and Kerry is in Moscow without the blessing of the WH.  WTH Is going on?


Turkey closes air space over Incirlik, grounding US aircraft at base

July 16, 2016

John Vandiver


"STUTTGART, Germany — U.S. military operations against the Islamic State group out of Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base came to a halt Saturday afternoon as the Turkish military closed the airspace around the base following an attempted coup, a Pentagon spokesman said.

Power also was cut to the base and the U.S. was restricting movements of its personnel as base security was raised to the highest level.
"The Turkish government has closed its airspace to military aircraft, and as a result, air operations at Incirlik Air Base have been halted at this time," Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said in a statement. "U.S. officials are working with the Turks to resume air operations there as soon as possible."
Hours earlier, a U.S. defense official said U.S. air operations from the base had not been affected and were continuing against Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria."
Emergency meeting in Russia: Something huge is about to go down. War is coming!? 
July 15, 2016
"You can see both of the speakers do hard swallows when asked about the Russian/American emergency meeting between Kerry and Putin. To be told that the meeting isn’t backed by the Whitehouse. What does that imply? 
Does Kerry know of a power struggle in Washington? Are battle lines being drawn without the blessing of the exiting President. Is Obama trying to distance himself from this declaration of war as much as possible so as not to envelop himself in a scandal to hold power… Maybe.
Both of these speakers are on script and choosing their words as carefully as possible. “The consequences for Russia are quite grave”
My guess, Russia has expressed interest to wipe out Isis including any state sponsorship of the organisation.
Turkey, Saudi Arabia the lot. Kerry has raced there to either reason with Russia or ensure that the United States interests are served with whatever comes of this.
Syria has nothing to do with Isis and the Whitehouse Press Sec is doing the best he can to continue the narritive that Russia is siding with the enemy incase Kerry comes away empty handed.
Crazy times we are in. The Middle East could literally explode at any time."
source:  disclosetv  Scott Anthony
Emergency meeting in Russia Something huge is about to go down War is coming
strange video
Kerry looks very nervous, watch his hands at beginning of the video.
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Joe Biden is in Australia to watch a footy game and honour his sons memorial among other thing, he makes an interesting comment about China and the laws of the oceans.




An international tribunal in The Hague this week ruled against China's claim on South China Sea territory that is also claimed by the Philippines.

The Permanent Court of Arbitration said that under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, to which China is a signatory, Beijing had no legal claim.

China's government said that it rejected the jurisdiction of the tribunal and asserted "ancient rights" to the seas. The court has no enforcement mechanism, Mr Biden said that "we're urging both China and the Philippines to abide by the ruling".

The US works "with Australia, and countries throughout the region, to insist that the liberal international order be maintained as it relates to sustaining the free flow of commerce - keeping sea lanes open and the skies free for navigation".

The same court ruled against the US in 1986 in a case brought by Nicaragua.

The US has not signed the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. Like China today, the US refused to abide by the court's decision.



What on earth are they up to.

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Why were 9 US Air Force Commanders replaced last month in Incirlik Air Base, Turkey?

July 16, 2016



"We have verified that last month 9 US Air Force Commanders were replaced with new leadership at the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey which stores US Nuclear weaponry.  When you add this with the fact there were numerous reports our tankers were refueling the F-16’s engaged in the coup it makes you wonder if the USA was attempting to aid the coup."


Here is a list of the 9 Commanders removed<<<the list I find, is the officers incoming, not those leaving. So one will assume that 9 were replaced.
I've had a couple thoughts.  In the aftermath of the Minot to Barksdale incident, some of our nuclear officers were replaced, and some weren't.  This was in 2007 I believe.  Nine years ago.  Well Obama has been replacing high ranking officers all along, in all services.  I wonder if it's possible that some of these ones recently removed, were removed, in order to put the incoming ones in place just in time for this coup?  Wonder how many of them were previously stationed at Minot or Barksdale during the aforementioned time frame?  This just seems very convenient to me.
Now this
Turkey holds 1,500 U.S. military HOSTAGE after coup, Obama busy PLAYING GOLF!!
July 16, 2016
"Erdogan, the despotic ruler of Turkey, appears to be holding 1,500 U.S. soldiers hostage at Incirlik air base in an attempt to pressure Obama to hand over his political opponent who was exiled to Pennsylvania. Erdogan claims that he ordered and organized the failed coup last night.   <<remember this
OK now look, I think we overdo it on the “OMG Obama is playing golf again” outrage. But in this case, I really am outraged. Shouldn’t that self-centered arrogant moron interrupt his golf game to make absolutely sure that 1,500 out of our troops are released quickly and safely?!?
I guess if you’re gonna let terrorists kill 4 Americans, another 1,500 is just a statistic.
And they’re actually accusing America of being behind the coup attempt!!  <<someone is definitely lying
And saying they will be at WAR WITH US?!
Any country that stands by the Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen will not be a friend of Turkey and will be considered at war with the NATO member, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said on Saturday.
The government said that followers of Gulen, who has been living in self-imposed exile in the United States for years, were behind the attempted coup by a faction of the military on Friday.    <<but wait, didn't Erdogan say he set it up  himself? Wonder if that means Erdogan/Gulen are working together?
Oh, and this Gulen guy that Erdogan wants extradited to Turkey, is an associate of the Clintons, lives in Pennsylvania.  
Turkey Suspends All US Operations Against ISIS At Incirlik Airbase, Which Vaults B61 Nuclear Bombs
July 16, 2016
Tyler Durden
"Following the failed Turkish coup, U.S. military operations out of Turkey’s giant Incirlik Air Base - critical in the ongoing campaign against ISIS - came to a halt Saturday afternoon as the Turkish military closed the airspace around the base and suspended all US-led operations, mostly targeting the Islamic State.
A statement posted by the US embassy in Turkey said that local authorities are denying movements on to and off of Incirlik Air Base adding that the power there has also been cut.
The Pentagon's press secretary, Peter Cook, said Saturday that U.S. officials are working with Turkish officials to get permission to resume air operations as soon as possible following the attempted coup. The U.S. has been flying Air Force A-10 attack planes from Incirlik base as part of its air campaign against the Islamic State. Cook says U.S. Central Command is adjusting flight operations in the anti-IS campaign to minimize the effect of the closure of Turkish airspace. Cook also confirmed that Incirlik lost commercial electrical power.
The also NYT added that Turkish authorities' suspension of American-led strike missions against the Islamic State was "the first major impact of the coup on the broader allied campaign against the group."
“At this time, Turkish authorities are not permitting aircraft to depart Incirlik,” an American military official said on Saturday morning.
The American official said the United States was seeking an explanation for the decision and other details. As the NYT adds, the move may reflect a desire by Turkey to control its airspace for a time today, as opposed to any shift on its policy toward ISIS, although that remains to be seen especially with Kerry and Lavrov concluding their agreement on how to extend the "long-term ceasefire" in Syria.
Pentagon officials had said late Friday that the unfolding coup had not affected the bombing and surveillance missions from Incirlik, the opening of which to the allies has enabled commanders to accelerate and intensify airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria.
President Obama planned to convene a meeting Saturday morning with his national security and foreign policy team about Turkey.
Unconfirmed media reports have since reported that the airspace has been reopened, but there was no update on the status.
Some have speculated that the airbase may be held "hostage" by Ankara as a bargaining chip ahead of demands for the extradition of Erdogan's arch enemy, Fethullah Gulen, currently a resident of the state of Pennsylvania.
As a reminder, Germany's Deutsche Welle recently estimated that Incirlik's vaults currently held 50 B61 nuclear bombs."
Smoke, Fire, and the Gülen Movement
Bill Cowan
Feb. 19, 2016
"Separately, a USA TODAY investigation concluded that the Gülen Movement may have directed hundreds of thousands of dollars in questionable campaign donations to congressional and presidential candidates during the past several years. The investigation identified dozens of large campaign donations attributed to people with ties to the Gülen Movement, modest incomes, and having little to no knowledge of the candidates to whom they had given.
But Gülen hasn’t stopped there. Reports also indicate that a dozen different entities tied to the Gülen Movement have secretly and in some cases illegally funded more than 200 foreign trips for members of Congress and their staff, repeatedly violating House rules and perhaps federal law.
Additionally, Gülen and close associates have reportedly donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and over one million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Some political figures who’ve received Gülen-linked monies returned them upon learning more about the source. Not so with Hillary.
Gülen’s motives in using his network of organizations to influence students, elections and politicians here in the U.S. are unclear, although a 1999 video shows Gülen telling his followers that they should deliberately attempt to infiltrate mainstream structures, “moving without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centres.”
Where there’s smoke, there’s fire: in this case red flags clearly implying a need for a comprehensive investigation. For our part, the White House must support Turkey’s longstanding role as an ally and a friend. Deporting Fethullah Gülen back to Ankara would be the right thing to do. So would Hillary’s returning the contributions she received from Gülen and his associates."  <<article from February 2016
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