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HUGE: Russia Calls UN Security Council Meeting to Prevent Turkey’s Invasion of Syria


21st Century Wire says…

This is called taking it to the top.

Watch a video of this report here:

Russia is set to initiate a meeting of the UN Security Council today to prevent Turkey’s planned invasion of Syria.

Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, is most concerned with:

Turkey’s announced plans to put boots on the ground in northern Syria,”

It undercuts efforts to launch a political settlement in the Syrian Arab Republic,”

Russia seeks to do the following at the meeting:

“End any actions that undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, that are at odds with UN Security Council resolution 2254, as well as [interfere] with the launch of the Syrian peace process.”

Just two weeks ago Russia announced that it had ‘serious grounds’ to believe Turkey was planning a ground invasion, after the Turks refused to let Russia fly surveillance flights near its border with Syria.

Since then, Saudi Arabia has been openly supportive of the plan and Turkey has been hyping numerous reasons that it could use to try and justify its coming invasion.

Turkey has even proposed somewhat of a land-grab, saying it wants a 10km ‘secure line’ cut across Northern Syria, which also happened to include an arms smuggling corridor that the CIA has been using to supply terrorists throughout Syria.

Incredibly, instead of taking Turkey’s threatening behaviour seriously, Samantha Power of the United States accused Moscow of trying to “distract the world” with its Security Council resolution.

Perhaps what angers the US the most is that Russia is playing this 100% by the book, an alien concept to US foreign policy for at least the past 15 years, as it seeks to guarantee thesovereignty of the Syrian state and properly eradicate its terror problem.

Is Russia’s resolution simply a ‘distraction’, or a genuine attempt to prevent World War 3?



Military vehicles of the Turkish army have crossed into Rojava land over the Efrîn border today.


UN meetings are as always a little bit LATE ....................


Its all TWADDLE the whole charade (an absurd pretence ) on the media just TWADDLE..... we are better off with actual eye witness accounts from people on the ground like T posted because the rest is utter TWADDLE 

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Daesh Terrorists: A Multifunction Tool in Hands of Ankara, Riyadh, NATO

20.02.2016(updated 20:06 20.02.2016)

Ekaterina Blinova


The West and its Mideast partners are playing deceiving Machiavellian games in Syria, F. William Engdahl told Sputnik, adding that Russia is in a most risky situation if it believes that the other actors involved in the conflict, such as Recep Erdogan or King Salman and his impulsive son Prince Mohammed, are reasonable, as hate knows no reason.

While tensions are simmering over the prospect of a Turkish-Saudi invasion of Syria, six members of the UN Security Council, including the US, UK and France, have voiced their objections to a Russian draft resolution aimed at restoring the sovereignty of the Middle Eastern state, fanning the flames.


The draft resolution, which denounces any actions that undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and condemns any plans for a foreign military invasion, has been dismissed by the US and French UN ambassadors as "having no future."


Very interesting read from William Engdahl:


Washington’s Machiavellian Game in Syria 


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DANGER! Saudis, UAE and now Bahrain Warn Citizens to Evacuate Lebanon; Turkish Navy Deploys subs/ships to Mediterranean

February 23, 2016




"Realizing a massive invasion of Syria would provoke a Tactical Nuclear response by Russia, the Saudis and Turks have changed strategy: neutralize Russia first, then take Damascus in one fell swoop, with troops sent covertly as tourists inside nearby countries!

In a staggering and cunning change, Saudi Arabia and its "Arab Coalition against Terrorism" as well as Turkey have changed plans from an initial, massive invasion from Saudi Arabia, through Jordan to Syria. Once that plan for a massive invasion became obvious, and the tactical nuclear response to such an invasion became inevitable, the Saudis and Turks had to switch gears and form a new plan.
They have now commenced that new plan - an order of magnitude more cunning and perhaps even MORE outrageous - to neutralize Russia (inside Syria) first, then take Syria by directly attacking Damascus."
further sub titles in article
Tx Reddwolf
what are these numbskulls thinking?  imo, the whole world has gone daft.
Was reading something posted earlier today about how the rich Saudis are leaving and leaving their domestics from overseas stranded, taking their cell phones, and under threat of death, they are being told not to contact anyone, including their families and tell what's going on. One such Filipino had made it home, via the embassy, and had called the family of another and told them, they hadn't seen their sil for a while, and that hopefully she'd also make it home. 
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Japan; which way are you gonna go!??


Source(No Subs): www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3fQS13BghI


I'm sad to openly state this as a warning...PM Abe might have changed his faction sides at the end of last year.


...OR, maybe he has been on the nasty faction (his Father, Kishi, was recognised as the opponent faction and I thought PM Abe proved he's on the governing faction!!) list for a long time as a sorta "sleeper", till when the message was dropped in to him, he didn't have any say in what he wanted to do but just to follow order to make STUPID decisions, which is totally against Japanese nation's will.


No, I'm not talking about changing the Constitution.

We need that to see it happening to get out of the rats of War Guilt Information Programming that's been working over 70 years.


But we found out what PM Abe DIDN'T DO in order to cause really hideous turn for historical choices, and the latest incident was over the top.

We have found out that PM Abe plotted a crap speech done by the Foreign Ministry at the UN TO SHUT THE NATION UP---in fact just listening to what China told him to do.

Japanese intel and the community now know about this BS.


Now, PM Abe got the biggest and the worst opportunity to trash Japan soon.


In April, the GST raising is plotted. If that get installed, Japanese market will be finished.


It's a self-implosion insane plot, and no one wants it happening.

That would affect Russia and other countries around in Asia, as well as the effect would be hitting hard for the rest of the world, too. Their ODEs could possibly go totally missing all of sudden, so some countries could get hit really bad, too.


This is really chaotic, and I have no idea wth would happen.

Mind you, if PM Abe goes, I kinda think Japanese nation might push a FEMALE PM up on the position, because there's no one else that brave enough to take the position over...


Uncharted water awaits us....

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Pentagon Seeks to Deploy Mobile Artillery Near South China Sea  24.02.2016


With tensions escalating in the South China Sea, the US Army is discussing the possibility of sending mobile artillery units to the region.

Over the weekend, US President Barack Obama stated that his administration would continue to challenge Beijing’s territorial claims in the South China Sea.


"We think China is resorting to the old style of might makes right, as opposed to working through international law and international norms to establish claims and to resolve disputes," Obama said in an interview with Channel News Asia.


The US and its Pacific allies have accused China of building artificial islands on top of sensitive marine habitats to establish an air defense zone in the highly contested waterway. China maintains it has every right to build within what it considers to be its own territory, and has stated that the islands will be used primarily for humanitarian purposes.

Beijing has accused Washington of stirring unrest in the region, and new information of additional behind-the-scenes machinations have come to light.


According to a senior US Army official, speaking to Scout Warrior on condition of anonymity, the US may soon deploy mobile artillery, the kind  traditionally used in land-based offensives, to the South China Sea, as defensive units.


"We could use existing Howitzers and that type of munition to knock out incoming threats when people try to hit us from the air at long ranges using rockets and cruise missiles," the official said.

But if mobile offensive units are seen as an effective, cheaper alternative to shooting down missiles or aircraft, they could also be used beyond the Pacific. Military officials suggest that M777 Howitzers and M109 Paladins could also be used in Eastern Europe, to counter Russian "aggression."
Here is that Russian "aggression." again!  Have to keep telling us, otherwise we wouldn't know about it! :lol:


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Putin's Newest Satellite State

February 24, 2016

Adam Ereli



"Two days before Christmas, as American policymakers were settling into the holidays, Russia quietly signed a sweeping air defense agreement with Armenia, accelerating a growing Russian military buildup that has unfolded largely under the radar. It was the most tangible sign yet that Putin is creating a new satellite state on NATO’s border and threatening an indispensable U.S. ally.


The buildup in Armenia has been glossed over in Washington, despite being a key piece of Vladimir Putin’s plan to dominate the region — along with its proxy Syria and growing military ties with Iran. Most importantly, Armenia shares anapproximately 165 mile border with Turkey, a NATO member and the alliance’s southern flank. 


Over the last six months — as Russia’s war in Syria and pressure on Turkey has intensified — the flow of its arms and personnel into Armenia has escalated to include advanced Navodchik-2 and Takhion UAV drone aircrafts, Mi-24 helicopter gunships and Iskander-M ballistic missiles. Last July, Putin orderedsnap combat readiness checks in Armenia to test the ability of his forces to react to threats to Russia’s interests abroad. Earlier this month on orders of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu, Russia began a massive military exercise in its “southwestern strategic direction,” which includes Armenia. The total strength of the regional operation included approximately 8,500 troops, 900 ground artillery pieces, 200 warplanes and 50 warships.


The growing Russian military presence in Armenia is but the latest indicator of a worrisome trend: Putin’s threat to NATO and America’s interests in Europe. 


The Armenian-Russian alliance is gaining strength


The Armenian-Russian alliance is gaining strength. Armenia currently hosts an estimated 5,000 Russian military personnel and two Russian bases. In 2010, both countries signed an agreement that extended Russia’s basing rights in Armenia by 24 years, until 2044, and committed Moscow to supply the Armenian armed forces with “modern and compatible weaponry and special military hardware,” according to Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan. The 102nd Military Base in Gyumri, Armenia — nearly 120 kilometers from the capital (and less than 10 kilometers from the Turkish border) — has become a crucial Russian beachhead. 


A similar Russian deployment on the borders of any other NATO member state would produce an outcry of outrage. Why are we staying silent in the face of this thinly veiled aggression against Turkey? And why are we not speaking up against Armenia for rolling out the red carpet for Putin’s shock troops?"



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Just another interesting card was laid out on the table re: Asian issue with China.




This info is true, but the timing how it came out, and who spilled the bean was interesting.

It came out of an American guy who has very close tie with Japan.

I have no idea for whom he is working for, but he's a qualified international lawyer as well.


He pointed out on a MSM show in Japan this morning that what China claims as their sea space is actually where Japan used to govern to watch out for.

Since the end of the WW2, it was not returned and it's just China claiming what they want to claim.

Because what China claims doesn't have ground to claim, in fact the entire South Asian sea is still meant to be governed and watched by Japan.....


Far out...

All of us watching it went...Far Out. The Chat room went insane then.

When the US is not gonna be around any more in that region, this info might be treated as one of the most important bombshell reason for Japan to go and protect all regional Asian countries there.

We refuse to let Vlash to take Earth over.

Japan did declare so a while ago via intel work.

We will fight for the Humanity. 


No Subs: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYfJzVTtXcM


And I can only write this in CHANI...


I think PM Abe was a Sleeper for the Vlash side.

The reason is that we, Japanese nation, saw his insane decision makings all of sudden since the end of last year.


1) Getting the unwanted weird agreement with Sth Korea about friggin NON EXISTED problem of Females being forced to work as sex-slaves in WW2. THERE'S NO PROOF OF THAT. The US gov paid 3 million bucks (I thought) to check it, Japanese gov kept on checking it so many times, NO PROOF of what Sth Korea claimed. And all South Korean claimed checked closely, turned out to be bogus claims.

We had general consensus to not to cave in and say sorry for something we didn't do. 

But PM Abe caved in.

We were furious.


2) Lost in dealing with taking the Hostages back to Japan.

Those Japanese peeps were snatched away from Japan, and North Korea are holding them and using them.

So many years the victims' families were patiently waiting and waiting.

Last year there was a hope to make some progress about getting back those Japanese hostages. (Please recall Japan doesn't have any rights to go and fight against any other countries, written so by the stupid Constitution given out by the US HQ 70 years ago. We still cannot go and fetch our people back by our hands.)

....Untill friggin Obama came and said all ok for Iran to get on with nuke plants, which lead to them to contact Nth Korea after their ICBM sales exhibition done openly recently, and intel info said both Iran AND Saudi contacted Nth Korea, sent money for further production of H-Bombs.

Nth Korean Kim family gaining all that money, they are not in need to hustle Japan for money in exchange of returning those hostages.


We can't get them back now. The families of victims are screaming in tears I suppose...

...And Mr.Obama...do you know there are American Hostages in North Korea as well?


3) The Foreign Ministry official of Japan went to the UN and explained that all about South Korean feud does not have any ground. Then the following day, Japanese nation discovered that THE CONTENT WAS NEVER PUBLISHED AS AN OFFICIAL SPEECH.

That nullify the whole thing. PM Abe knew it.

This act was done to show Japanese nation to shut them up and move on, making them to think as if now their government made the important point at the UN.


They did it to shut us up....and Vlash/China and Sth Korea are happily dancing behind the whole thing.


OK...then here's my thought.

I think PM Abe was doing the great job of what he could for his career to change Japan to a better way.

But his father was very much into Vlash/China.

We gave PM Abe 2nd chance to do some good for the country.

He was doing so.

But I think he got told by the Vlash faction to do 3 ultra BAD shit stuff to Japan.....

And he did....

Each issues I listed, they'd take about 100 years to settle the dust as far as I concern.

I was truly appalled with his actions, or not-doing the right thing by.


Because we were watching his action for a while, those decisions were so un-like him, I really got worried that he might got hijacked by friggin Arcons or something.

The flip was all of sudden, and coincided with my Take-Over Near Death Experience as well....the same day when the (1) happened.

Just my hunch saying that PM Abe did what he was told to do, in order to not to be killed by the faction (Because that's how their magic works), and to live to do other good stuff for Japan.

Amazing thing was as if on the right cue, the other faction pulled out a huge rosy news about PM Abe's decision...


That news was that on 2nd Feb 2016, Abe instigated a phone call to Obama.

It was because of North Korea launching an ICBM.

During the phone call, Obama told Abe that he was concerned that Abe was gonna go and meet Putin in May.

Then to our surprise, Abe said basically F_ck Off to Obama...

He said to Obama that Russo-Japan Peace Treaty would go ahead.


This was the first time ever any of Japanese PMs revolt against the US presidents in 70 years history since WW2 ended. The release of this news was absolutely calculated, and it was more surprise to hear that this news got out into MSM...


Since then, MSM has been showing PM Abe got back to his normal self and started to do good for Japan.

It was so abrupt and it was dumbfounding to see what just happened. All within 2 months.. 


And like Kerry Cassidy said, Credibility is the same as Virginity. You can only lose it once in your lifetime.

I will continue to watch what PM Abe does.

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North Korea Fires Short-Range Missiles Into East Sea

March 3, 2016



"Shortly after the United Nations placed harsh new sanctions on North Korea, Pyongyang launched a series of short-range missiles into the East Sea, also known as the Sea of Japan.


The missiles were fired from the North Korean Wonsan naval base located on the eastern side of the peninsula at about 10:00 a.m. local time (01:30 GMT) on Thursday, Moon Sang-gyun, a South Korean Defense Ministry official spokesman said, as quoted by the South Korean Yonhap news agency.


According to the Moon Sang-gyun, the exact number of missiles, as well as their type, have not been determined yet. The spokesperson added that all of the missiles fell into the sea.


The sanctions, implemented by the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday, came in response to Pyongyang's nuclear bomb test in January, as well as its satellite launch last month.


These are the toughest sanctions placed on Pyongyang in the last 20 years. The United States also placed sanctions on a dozen individuals in response to North Korea's nuclear test."




@unity  Read your post and did I hear something not so long ago, about Abe wanting to become a military power again?  I was pretty surprised, as Japan, at the end of WW11, agreed not to do so, per agreement signed on the USS Missouri, right?  I went what? This plays into what you wrote methinks.  Just so you know, I think any country should be bound to rules they decide upon, themselves, and not those written by any other country, especially when they are in effect,  at a disadvantage when signing.  Isn't there a rule somewhere, that agreements made when one party is signing under duress, then that agreement is null and void?  Japan surely did sign that agreement under duress, imo!

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Yup, surely signed on, but it's now the US wants Japan to protect the region by themselves, so the intel news went for about 2 ~3 years, if my memory is correct.


Due to the money involved in as well as political juggles, it's a complex matter for the US.

Japanese Constitutional change got put aside for the economic endurance for now(´Д`), so I have no idea what to expect in short scope of the things, but basically Japan is prepping for what China/North Korea would do in the region.


But it's happening because the US has been backing the move themselves.

Otherwise the US would have done something towards the Japanese move, I believe? The US still got huge power over Japan.


...But I tell you what...I'm quietly watching wth would happen soon in April 2017.

Japan can suddenly go into demising situation...IF Abe decides to go and put GST up to 10%.

The nation wouldn't stand that change.

Because of the friggin back flip that guy had shown to us, I'm very aware that he can do the same again.

Right until the day before Abe made the huge flip against the nation, he really looked all rosy and awesome!!!!

So he CAN back flip ANY TIME even if he looks like doing a great job for Japan.


Because he has that huge chance to break Japan very soon, I'm only hoping that each and every one of the nation to send good vibe and support the better future collectively.

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Philippines impounds North Korean ship under UN sanctions

March 4, 2016



"The Philippines said on Saturday it had impounded a North Korean vessel in response to tough new United Nations sanctions introduced in response to Pyongyang's recent nuclear and ballistic missile tests.

The 6,830-tonne cargo ship Jin Teng will not be allowed to leave Subic port, northeast of the capital Manila, where it had been docked for three days and its crew will be deported, presidential spokesman Manolo Quezon said on state-run radio station Radyo ng Bayan.
It was the first reported case of the sanctions -- the toughest to date, which were adopted late Wednesday by the UN Security Council -- being enforced.
"The world is concerned over North Korea's nuclear weapons program and as a member of the UN, the Philippines has to do its part to enforce the sanctions," Quezon said.
A team from the UN is expected to inspect the ship in the port, located near a former United States naval base, foreign affairs spokesman Charles Jose said."
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This Won’t End Well – U.S. Just Sent an Entire Carrier Strike Group to Confront China

Posted By: RumorMail [send E-Mail]

Date: Saturday, 5-Mar-2016 13:44:19

From Reader Floyd:

By Matt Agorist

On Thursday, the US Navy announced they dispatched a small armada to the South China Sea. Consisting of the John C. Stennis aircraft carrier, two cruisers, two destroyers, and the 7th Fleet flagship, the US is making their mission clear — we are not scared of kicking off World War III.

Confirmed by the Navy Times, the stand-off has been heating up on both sides. After news in February that the Chinese deployed an advanced surface-to-air missile battery to the Paracel Islands, U.S. Pacific Command head Adm. Harry Harris told lawmakers that China was militarizing the South China Sea.

“In my opinion, China is clearly militarizing the South China Sea,” Harris testified on Feb. 24. “You’d have to believe in a flat Earth to believe otherwise.

However, China is not the nation sending warships halfway across the globe in a clear attempt to provoke a fight.

While China is no saint, they are not the country with nearly 700 military bases in dozens of countries across the globe who’ve been responsible for the total destruction of multiple nation-states in just the past decade.

The reason the Chinese have shown a military presence in the region is due to the nature of the dispute over who lays claim to the Paracel Islands chain.

The Paracel Islands, also known as Xisha in Chinese and Hoàng Sa in Vietnamese, is a group of islands, reefs, banks and other maritime features in the South China Sea. It is controlled (and occupied) by the People’s Republic of China and also claimed by Taiwan and Vietnam.

This dispute over who lays claim to the region dates back decades, and physical violence has erupted between the disputing parties on multiple occasions as recently as 1974. However, since then, the dispute has remained peaceful — until now.

The US is attempting to claim that the Chinese presence in the region is some new conflict and are touting strawmen such as closed trade routes as a reason for flexing their military sway. But there is no evidence that trade will be affected at all.

No country in their right mind would hinder its ability to export, and China shows no signs of halting exports any time soon.

Stating the obvious, Fu Ying, a spokeswoman for China’s National People’s Congress said,

The accusation [that China is militarizing the region] can lead to a miscalculation of the situation. If you take a look at the matter closely, it’s the US sending the most advanced aircraft and military vessels to the South China Sea.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter seems hell bent on escalating the situation. On Tuesday, Carter, in an evident failure of logic and confirming Ying’s statement, warned China to halt their militarization of the region, or the US will further militarize the region.

Backing up Ying’s claims about US militarization, Carter noted that the US is unafraid of increasing military deployments to the Asia-Pacific region and would spend nearly $425 million to pay for more joint military exercise with countries that feel threatened by Beijing.

“China must not pursue militarization in the South China Sea,” Carter said in a speech in San Francisco. “Specific actions will have specific consequences.”

As the global economy teeters on the edge of collapse, the U.S. has ramped up its saber rattling, not only with China but with the Russians as well. While America spends more on war than anyone else in the world, the idea that they can take on China and Russia simultaneously is deadly insane.


Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=41796

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The real intel info on North Korea related issue:


Apparently the US military has gone into the military action.

Hawaii is on the move.

China apparently getting really shitty against North Korea.

North Korea has not curved at all for the pressure.

Only very much of underwater moves are happening so far, but there's military tension and the US is closely watching wth China may do to North Korea.


Very uneasy on the region because even if the Nth Korean nukes fail upon launches, even it stops reacting in the mid way, it result in melting humans down.


<in Japanese> www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC0FI5fPQdc

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The real intel info on North Korea related issue:


Apparently the US military has gone into the military action.

Hawaii is on the move.

China apparently getting really shitty against North Korea.

North Korea has not curved at all for the pressure.

Only very much of underwater moves are happening so far, but there's military tension and the US is closely watching wth China may do to North Korea.


Very uneasy on the region because even if the Nth Korean nukes fail upon launches, even it stops reacting in the mid way, it result in melting humans down.


<in Japanese> www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC0FI5fPQdc


The North Korean's have also lost contact with a tub of soap dodgers and of course will not admit it to save face even though with the number of assets performing exercises it would be easy to save their souls ... very sad in actual fact 


(soap dodgers are submariners for anyone unsure)

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Don't really buy this is the foretelling by God's "Witnesses," Unity. When you remove all the major sponsors who are spouting off about the witnesses, you get a little more narrow version (IMO). 





Joshua Wander, a resident of the Mount of Olives who attended, thought the event was clearly  necessary. “Things come up when you actually do these things, dilemmas that you could never anticipate from just sitting in Yeshiva and learning from a book.
“For example, the witnesses were questioned by the Sanhedrin. They were asked where in the sky it was, what direction the moon was facing, what time it was exactly. It seemed that the witnesses were not prepared for this level of questioning, which is dictated by the Talmud. One of them asked if he could look at a photo from his cell phone. After consultation, the Sanhedrin ruled that it was permissible.”
The Sanhedrin’s declaration of the new month was preceded by a ceremony recreating the Temple service. The ceremony, intended for instructional and not religious purposes, did not include slaughtering an animal, though in many other respects it was absolutely authentic. The musical instruments, and vessels, provided by the Temple Institute, were made to Biblical specifications. The priests were kohanim, members of the Jewish priestly class. Dressed in holy garments, they performed the priestly blessing.  A small scale model of the altar was also set up, and a grain offering was burnt on it.


In my opinion this is a religious ceremony (only), and perhaps to establish a new calendar.



Hillel II, president of the Sanhedrin in the fourth century, established a written calendar based on astronomical calculations. This calendar, still in use, standardized the length of months and the addition of months in leap years over the course of a 19-year cycle, so that the lunar calendar realigns with the solar years.In the times of the Temple, the new month would be established by both calculation and by witnesses appearing before the Sanhedrin. When the Temple was destroyed and the Sanhedrin disbanded, the Hebrew calendar was figured solely according to the astrological calculations and the template established by Hillel II.
It is remarkable that Hillel II’s calculations stood for as long as they did. However, 1,700 years later, there are discrepancies between his calendar and the astronomical reality. This is a serious problem the Sanhedrin is taking steps to gradually fix.


Plus it seems to have been performed before, albeit not in a public way.



“Though we have received witnesses in the past, this is the first time we have done so publicly, which is an essential part of the mitzvah,” Professor Weiss explained.



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Yeah thanks for the follow up, Foopen!(・ω・)ノ


LOL I totally agree with you for not buying it as what they "claim"...


It's just that I have understood that the rituals are used as some key points (in order to make change) for political juggling, and I think that was a part of it. This case got stressed as "something rare happened in the open."

...I suspect it may well be some sorta intel leak.

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You would probably wondering wth I'm doing posting this Linda's vid in this Chronicle thread...


Well, there's a huge connection. I will get there.


First of all, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh o(^^o)(o^^o)(o^^o)(o^^)o I just love Linda's enthusiastic and positive attitude!!

So invigorating to listen to her.


In this vid, she's saying that as an INTEL info, she was informed that 2016 would be the disclosure year.

Someone from the government would come out and state to us that "we are not alone"; whether the alien would be bugs or humanoids.

She is deeply believing that's to happen and very happy.


Linda goes that the agenda used to be hidden around what the aliens were doing to us by abducting us, would be loosened up and confronted in far more beneficial manner to aid both sides involved in.

Linda thinks then it's just the matter of Earth to go into proper deals with them.


Here's my problem about her awesome positive thinking...


Even the Eartheans get together and open up the doors to the  aliens, the next thing we'd face would be the division among the aliens....

There are bunch of beings not exactly feeling comfy to be sitting next to each other.

Those races got massive technological power.

Nasty thing is that these mobs don't give damn about the rest when they decide to use such powerful weapons.


So even the Eartheans go peaceful internally and externally, the others who are here facing to us as aliens may be the bringer of new wars.


Just be aware, so that we can think ahead and simulate the situation in the head, so we can avoid the future political mess in the Galactic level.

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The worm is turning, well worth reading the subs on this one, T very relevant to your local my friend


Orban's historic speech puts Hungary on war footing


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