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Found 4 results

  1. NOt sure if peeps have seen this one before or where this should go... but it is interesting... "Time travel has always been a fascinating topic, especially in present days when this concept doesn’t look so futuristic after all. With our current development in technology, we can dream of cruising through time in a couple hundred years. Until that day arrives, we’ll need to focus our attention on a very bizarre archaeological find from the Altai Mountains in Siberia, where an unusual mummy had recently been discovered. So, what’s the connection between those mummified remains and time travel? Well, there’s a certain item on the deceased body that’s strongly resembling a pair of – you guessed it – Adidas sneakers. If the pair of shoes prove to be authentic, then the world will know that time travel is a real phenomenon. However, I’m inclined to think that people at that time were only skilled shoemakers. Or were they really? The extremely well-preserved remains belong to a Turkik person that lived some 1,500 years ago in central Asia. The body was found alongside the remains of a horse, a pillow, and a sheep’s head. Archaeologists also found a saddle, bridle, clay vase, wooden bowl, trough, iron kettle, and four different ‘Dool’ (Mongolian clothes)."
  2. Damn, someone should tell them to read "me tel u" If you were to ask 100 people to pick the single greatest superhero power or sci-fi technology, time travel would almost certainly win. And believe it or not, time travel isn’t entirely outside the realm of reality — for some unified theories of the universe, such as general relativity, traveling in time is actually fairly easy. That’s why two American researchers have started searching the internet for evidence of time travelers. One of the axioms of time travel is that, if retrograde (backwards) time travel is possible, it’s likely that a time traveler from the future has traveled back to our timeline. Putting aside the paradoxes that might occur from retrograde time travel (what if you kill your grandfather so that you were never born?), the theory is that we should be able to pick out these time travelers because they have prescient knowledge of the future. Robert Nemiroff and Teresa Wilson at the Michigan Technological University reason that, if we (or some alien race) learn how to time travel in the future, and they passed through our timeline, they should’ve left some trace on the internet — a prescient blog post, tweet, or search that gives away that they know too much. [Research paper: arXiv:1312.7128 - "Searching the Internet for evidence of time travelers"] To hunt for time travelers on the internet, Nemiroff and Wilson devised three ingenious search schemes. The first involved searching Google and Twitter (hashtags) for mentions of comet ISON and Pop Francis from the last seven years. Both terms were coined very recently (Pope Francis is the first pope to be called Francis, and there hasn’t been another comet called ISON), and so any mentions before their arrival in 2013 could be considered a sign of prescience. The second plan involved the researchers looking through a log of searches on NASA’s website, to see if a time traveler had searched for “comet ISON” before it had been discovered. The third, and by far the most cooky, method was a simple plea from the researchers, asking a time traveler to send them a direct message that was transmitted before the original plea. more at: