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  1. I've been collecting information on Smart Technology for a while now. So think I will finally make a post. Am I the only one who didn't know about all these Smart items? Do they benefit us, or harm us? Are we becoming machines, and slaves to technology? These items are definitely altering our lives and will continue to do so. Are they going to make life easier, or make us more dependent upon, or hungry for more? Perhaps those in charge are very aware of what they are doing. Maybe a NWO, is different than whatever our perception of such a thing may be. Heck, they don't need to worry about chipping us with RFID chips. We are allowing it to be done every day and on a voluntary basis. Like sheep to the slaughter. When I read the definition of SMART in Wiki, I thought, oh, it just means the item has a way to sense problems within it's own workings. It stands for Self Monitoring, Analysis and Report Technology. However, it began to seem to me, that this is exactly what it means, perhaps in more ways than one. Anyone who uses any item called "SMART" may be playing right into their hands. Then again, maybe It's just me. Smart Band Bell to Carry the Sony SmartBand -"Coming Soon" snip "The SmartBand is designed to be worn all of the time – to track your every move" snip Smart Watch Smart watch review: Is this a must-have gadget? snip "Smart watches are wearable-technology devices that maintain a relatively persistent wireless connection" snip Smart Wallet "High-tech Wocket smart wallet revealed as latest weapon against identity theft" A high-tech wallet that stores up to 10,000 credit cards was touted Wednesday as the latest weapon against identity theft. snip Smart Phone Geotagging: The Hidden Danger in Your Smartphone "Unfortunately, even as careful as you may be about sharing personal information online, you may be unwittingly exposing information through a process called “geotagging.”" Google, Microsoft to add smartphone 'kill' switches snip "In just one year, the Secure Our Smartphones Initiative has made tremendous strides towards curtailing the alarming trend of violent smartphone theft. We will continue the fight to ensure that companies put consumers' safety first and work toward ending the epidemic of smartphone theft. " snip;_ylt=AwrBJR7nZqRT01kAKBbQtDMD Find Anyone by Phone or Name Instantly![name]&match=bm&pos=none&mob= Hologram technology coming to a smartphone near you soon Smart Cover for iPad (no technology here, just added for the fun factor) iPad mini Smart Cover - Thin, minimal design.Polyurethane design.Magnetic connection Keyboard stand Wake on open. Sleep on close. Face Time and movie stand Smart Rifles Smart rifles hooked up to Google Glass let you shoot around corners snip With a little practice, this means that you'll be able to aim your smart rifle from around corners or behind cover and still have all the precision of a trained sniper. Unless you're out there stalking things with Spider-Man's sixth sense for danger, your prey doesn't stand a chance. Smart Meters Smart Meters are wiretapping device snip 8. It is possible for example, with analysis of certain “Smart Meter” data, for unauthorized and distant parties to determine medical conditions, sexual activities, physical locations of persons within the home, vacancy patterns and personal information and habits of the occupants. snip IS YOUR SMART METER MAKING YOU SICK This is just one instance of people in Calif. questioning SMART meters in regard to being the cause of illness. If you go on the web and check, you can find the info for yourself. Personally, I believe all the WIFI we are exposed to on a daily basis is quite scary. I just found the following info by accident. EMF Safety Network SMUD smart meter burn out causes electrical failure & fire hazard