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Found 2 results

  1. As the Veil is thinning I think more of us are going to notice things outside the normal visual spectrum. Please share your thoughts/insights and experience/advice here. blessings aco
  2. The CHANI Knowledge Base is a Board where CHANI members are welcome to come ask questions of other CHANI members, who through education, research, employment or personal or professional experience, have gained what would be considered advanced & helpful knowledge in a particular, or multiple, fields of interest. These members have been invited, or have volunteered to assist other CHANI members by sharing the knowledge they have. Each participating member have been asked to provide a small introduction about themselves and the fields/topics they feel comfortable to take questions on. I'm honored to have these members on Chani so please keep your questions and comments respectful and civil at all times. Neocharm has an interesting and popular thread here on Chani dealing with Dream Interpretations. Neocharm is also a Moderator on Chani and a dear and trusted friend of mine. I think members wil enjoy his outlook on life. He is a fun guy. So without further ado here is Neocharm's Introduction. INTRODUCTION: Greetings my young Padawans. I was asked to share my infinite wisdom with you all and I decided to give you a drop from my ocean of knowledge :D It started early in my youth, long before you were born. Severe battles that fine-tuned my skills in shop-lifting, egg throwing and more of those kind of "life or death" brawls. It wasn't long before i started to see things, flying things i couldn't identify ... then suddenly i thought it was better to stop drinking cause phew .... those hangovers. So at a certain age i became more serious about the world and it's dimensions. You have to if one is stuck in a house filled with angry Ghosts and each day is guided by events triggered by them. This is how i found out that every day our life is determined by what we agreed on learning starting "this" life. The following decades i learned WHY we are here, WHAT is our purpose and WHO we are. Although i am not allowed to spill it all, i can give a lot. Yes ... I learned to talk to the Spirits (or Ghosts). So you can call this my first "drop of wisdom" Now the second "drop" is following the presence of these Spirits or Ghosts (the difference i will explain when asked for) and the ways they manage to communicate to us. Dreams is one of the ways and these dreams are often warnings, messages or words of comfort. They all have something to say so to get the message right and to prevent uncomfortable repetitions (which can result in dreams turning unpleasant) it's important to get the meaning of it forthwith. So "Dreams" will be my second "drop of wisdom". May the Force be with you NeoCharm Kenobi