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Found 2 results

  1. When the story about a high up DNC staffer meeting a suspicious and untimely death in Washington DC, in the early hours of July 12th, came out, I considered creating a thread about the story. Instead, I simply put the info on our 2016 Election thread, because it was pertinent to the election. However, my intuition is telling me there is something special about this story, and the way it was put to sleep, without causing much of a stir. Mr. Rich was a young guy, only 27 yrs old, and there is high strangeness about his death. Shot several times in the back, at 4 something AM, on a Sunday morning, when he was out walking in his neighborhood, yet nothing was stolen off his person. He was involved in voter registration at the DNC. Bits and pieces keep coming to me, through my travels, and I think the Wikileaks release of information regarding DNC emails, may contain information that just might reveal something pertinent to this situation. Seems from an AP article I came across today, there was a serious dust up between Clinton and Sander's camp, back in Dec. of 2015, relating to none other than voter registration. I did a search just for the name Seth Rich, and came up with 11 emails from the Wikileaks release. Haven't had time to do a thorough search though. I will repost all the links I've saved about this, and the wikileaks link. Anyone interested in this story? image Seth Rich Democratic National Committee staffer shot and killed in Washington DNC official Seth Rich shot dead in Washington, D.C. Note that this article states there is now a $25,000 reward for information leading to arrest/conviction of guilty parties in his death. I'm not the only one getting vibes about this. People Claiming Murder of DNC’s Seth Rich Connects to Clinton Now this one I will again include, because in the garbage is bits of truth. Yes I can smell Sorcha Faal articles a mile away, but...there is something very strange regarding the Seth Rich story. Plus we know 2 Russian Diplomats were sent home, and that the Clinton Foundation's activities are not above suspicion. Assassination Of Top US Democratic Party Official Leads To FBI Capture Of Clinton “Hit Team” This is the article I read today, and the parts about voter registration, brought me back to Seth Rich, again. Hacked Emails Show Democratic Party Hostility to Sanders This is a link to the Wikileaks DNC email release Conspiracy Theories are what we are involved in, and the story of Seth Rich, what really happened and why, just might qualify.
  2. PROJECT PELICAN - This is Bigger than Uranium One Deal - Must See Under this video, the narrator has provided many links to info about Project Pelican. The GULFTAINER Scandal! #ProjectPelican Robert Mueller and Project Pelican's 35-Year Lease I have posted about these containers before, but just recently came across this information. I recalled the info about our ports, but had not realized that some of our most important ports had been turned over to foreign entity's. Sad and dangerous state of affairs.