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Found 1 result

  1. Moving into 5-D I was given the following insight a few days ago - that there are at least 2 elements in our ascending into the 5th Dimension. These are to do with Gaia herself and the grid-lines. At the time of Atlantis sinking and Thoth building the pyramids around the world, we were in a 3-D existence, so the main pyramid formation was the 12-point matrix as described by Bruce Cathie and others. At the same time, 2 other grids were built, one for the 4-D existence and the second for the 5-D existence. Thoth was wise and schooled in these mysteries and also in the knowledge of the ‘Expanding-Earth’ theory. The 2nd and 3rd grids were not activated at that time, and in part relied on Gaia expanding so that each line between points would become the exact harmonic needed for full pure harmony. Because of various energy changes, including the ‘Harmonic Convergence’ a few years ago, Gaia herself decided to go straight to the 5th Dimension, and not spend the prophesised thousand years in the 4th Dimension. We Hu-mans have decided to come along for the ride (wow! – puts the roller-coaster to shame), with a lot of us staying, a few to guide, more to help, a lot are just for the ride, and a few are trying to hinder or stop us. So now we have the grids activated, and very close to full harmony, what does this mean? I feel that the 5-D energy/light is coming from within Gaia, and now appearing on the surface. This is starting to happen at the grid nodes and points, and will slowly spread out over the surface of the planet. Imagine it to be like one of those spikey balls as in the picture below. And think of each spike as being the 5-D energy, but sort of like a cone with many layers, each one stronger and ‘brighter’ than the one outside of it. Each spike is pushing through at a major grid node, and as they ‘rise up’, so they get stronger. And also since they are at different ‘strengths’, different heights, so more are starting to appear over time. Depending on the grid-point and its level or hierarchy in the overall pattern, it is also showing how strong (or ‘how far up’) each point is at any one moment. Since everything is energy, and Gaia herself is influenced by the outside Cosmos (Sun, planets, stars), so the points do wax and wane (rise and fall) throughout the days and weeks, as things change, but they are gradually getting stronger as they go. This also links in to the earthquakes and changes, as each point and line gets closer to its natural harmonic. The present and the future: For now, these points are very strong geo-pathic energy sources, which in turn affects people living on and near them. Some people can adjust, some get sick, and some can’t stand to visit or stay there. As these points get stronger, we will see more effects – that ‘low-energy’ people will instinctively avoid the areas, and after a time, won’t even be able to see them. I feel that this will include organisations such as the various levels of government and authority. This will certainly cause problems, particularly where roads and power lines will be within the area covered.