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  1. The CHANI Knowledge Base is a Board where CHANI members are welcome to come ask questions of other CHANI members, who through education, research, employment or personal or professional experience, have gained what would be considered advanced & helpful knowledge in a particular, or multiple, fields of interest. These members have been invited, or have volunteered to assist other CHANI members by sharing the knowledge they have. Each participating member have been asked to provide a small introduction about themselves and the fields/topics they feel comfortable to take questions on. I'm honored to have these members on Chani so please keep your questions and comments respectful and civil at all times. WIldcard has a popular thread on Chani discussing Cyber Security issues: So without further ado here is Wildcard's Introduction: INTRODUCTION: I work for a Major ISP, I have been in telecommunicaitons since 1995, IT since 2005 and spcialized in cyber security since 2009. I hold the following certs Security+ CCNA -- Certified Cisco Network Analyst (not admin, common misconception) CISSP-- Cirtified Iformation Security Systems Professional CEH-- Certified Ethical HAcker (well I will after 10/25/2013) I am currently enrolled and studying for a CHFI (Certified Hacking Foresnsics Investigator) I plan on getting my ECSA (Certified Securtiy Analyst) in 2014 (look em up if you wish) I cannot per company regs list the actual systems that we use but they are all public companies and used by both private companies and Gubymint/military and honestly not hard to find out, (hint do a search for SIEM products, we use several in the top 10) plus what we have devoloped in house FYI My dept REQUIRES all of us to do 40 hrs of training per year that they pay for. So I do on average 1-2 certs and or continuing trainign per year) I am a Security Analyst, network intelligence analyst, Cyber-security Analayst depending on who ya ask My dept actually falls under the Legal Dept. umbrella since we monitor internal company systems and employees I have had extensive training and experience at thinking analyically which comes natuallly to me. (most people need to be trained to think this way (police, lawyers ect.) I speak 2 languages English and 101010(which pretty mush means I speak all languages if ya think about it) I catch hackers, nefaroius employees and compromised systems for a living, I am intimatly aware of what it takes for large scale data collection (250,000 empoyees, contractors, and vendors produce a crap ton of data per day!) I am pretty well versed in the legal aspects of using data against a person and have had to give expert testimony on crimminal and corporate cases...sometimes even for the defense!! I read multiple cyber security publications and blogs daily just to stay up to date on current and latests threats and security responses (the stuff you dont get in MSN) I'm a "skeptical" conspiracy theorist..which means I dont believe every singel crap pot theory I come across (though I do love the juicy one's that people put alot of time in and read like a Agatha Christy novel), I actually and activly SEEK proof and or corroberation even so far as going to certain location (dulce, NM most recently) I have seen a UFO or two and KNOW they exist, just not sure WHO is flying them since I have never seen a E.T pop out and ask direction or for beer! I have seeen alot strange stuff, I used to be truck driver in my 20's so I used to travel alot and went to places that are supposed to be "hot spots for various things....