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Found 1 result

  1. I know all of the regulars on the CHANI Forum are aware that this forum itself, came into being because of a special man known as Acolyte. We also know that we have been fortunate to have in our midst, others who have unique knowledge and talents we have all come to count on for specialized information about the world we live in. I don't have to name names, I'm sure. At this point, I want to personally thank each one of them for their individual input, and also all of you who help make this forum what it is. Yesterday, there were several posts made, all on different threads, by different members I happen to think they all connect, and quite possibly connect to older threads as well. They all have to do with different subjects, but seem to be painting one big picture. I will start here>>>>>> December 12, 2011 T posted a thread H marks the Spot T's first post "Space based, electromagnetic signature targeting, of EMP scalar weapon more to follow, stay tuned.../" Think about what T said, in relation to the rest of this post. There is a video on that thread that shows explosions in several different parts of the world. The last explosion shows as over the US, which appears to me to be over Colorado. Since T made that thread, a lot of our govt/military workings have been moved to Cheyenne Mountain, in Colorado. Plus we have Denver International Airport, and all of it's strangeness. Murals, underground city, occult offerings, rumors, etc. Over the last 5 years, there have been many posts full of pertinent info given to us via "Me Tel U" and "Bezerk", both threads gave info, that was not always in your face, but took more thinking about. Then add into the mix "the Announcement", "The End Game" , "A Chronicle of the World at War", etc. I'm not going name all of the important ones, because if you are a regular here, you already know, and if you are new here, those will give you a place to start. First though a reminder of what we've been told regarding the vulnerability of the infrastructure, the electric grid here in the US. How all it would take is an electromagnetic explosion, above earth, over the US, to literally wipe us out. I know you all recall the Tunguska Event, of 1908. How about the Chelyabinsk incident in February 2013? Both events considered a superbollide caused by an asteroid, and both caused much damage to the area they exploded over. On Sept. 15th I posted this China first observed Earth "killer" asteroid The thing here, is that no one else is talking about this "Killer" asteroid, including NASA and no one else can seem to find it. Youtube Paul Begley and Tom Lupshu are both questioning this. You can look those videos up for yourself. But then yesterday, JammerAAP posted this thread The "Tiangong two" will be launched the "secret" you should know in advance! with the following thoughts " I see that they will do a bunch of stuff with a "cold atomic clock" which is just their way of disguising that they launch nuclear mterials, which scare the bajeebus out of most people, but is a regular event for many long term space projects. But they werent quite clear on why it was important to have two sync'd atomic clocks, one up there, one on Earth. Mandella effect tracking? Also mentioned are GRB research. Quite specific dont you think! Didnt mention other cosmic radiation, just GRB's!! Good on ya Aco for getting it right again. PS - thanks T, for pointing me to the page." GRB = Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are extremely energetic explosions that have been observed in distant galaxies. A question, would that be like those explosions re: Tunguska/Chelyabinsk? Or like the explosion in that video T posted in H marks the spot in 2011? IS it possible that the explosion over Chelyabinsk was a TEST? To see IF such an explosion like Tunguska could be FABRICATED? Is that China "Killer Asteroid" A COVER STORY??? for what they are really up too? After all, we know exactly how "The Leader of the Free World" was treated by Russia, China, Philippines, just recently!! Yesterday T made a post indicating things have escalated, and the board is set with pawns in place Then this post, also yesterday "the time to make your peace is now times up its been a pleasure and honor to have been amongst you all here (even the silent ones) i hope chance shows you her bright side Takis " I would also draw your attention to posts made by DAR and Monatom, respectively, yesterday, here As for my dream re: 9's 1, 3's 5 rows of 4 = 9 Dominoes My inner self tells me it has to do with one major entity, September = 9 tptb=3's and dominoes mean once it starts, they all fall on their faces and I've been feeling all this quite strongly, for a couple weeks now, as I did before 9/11. As an aside (I also found this particular line from the article about the Chinese launching, interesting! "After the launch of Tiangong two" space laboratory, there will be two astronauts in heaven ", interesting, in relation to the two astronauts in heaven>>>>as in Hopi prophecy re: home in the heavens falls to earth>>Blue Kachina? I wish you all well, no matter what our futures hold. I know we all appreciate this community Acolyte started with all our hearts, including all of those who left as well. We are here, have been here, for a reason. "Strategically placed, alone" Know I treasure each and every one of you, and you are special. !