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Found 1 result

  1. Terror fears over missing 777 grow: Identities of ANOTHER two passengers probed as suspicion falls on four who booked through a Chinese airline amid report of flight's last 'mumbling' transmission March 9, 2014 By Richard Shears and Lizzie Parry Authorities: four are believed to have traveled on stolen passports The tickets they used were bought through a Chinese airline Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur on Saturday Vietnamese Navy detected an emergency signal 153 miles out to sea Flight MH370 declared missing nearly 90 minutes after it was due to land Malaysian Transport Minister: 'No crash site has been found' 227 passengers and 12 crew were from 14 different countries They included Malaysia, China, U.S., France, Canada and Australia Three Americans, including two toddlers, feared dead IBM employee Philip Wood, 51, identified as sole adult American on board A Texas-based tech firm also says 20 of its employees were aboard Vietnamese air force spot two oil slicks suspected to be from wreckage "Fears that missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH307 may have been taken down by terrorists were heightened today after authorities confirmed the identities four passengers are now under investigation. It comes as the chief of the Malaysian Air Force said that radar indicated the missing plane may have turned back before it crashed. Malaysian Security officials earlier revealed they had footage of two passengers traveling on passports stolen in Thailand - one registered to an Italian and the other an Austrian - making their way through Kuala Lumpur passport control to the aircraft. Malaysian security officers say they are currently verifying the identities of the two new people in question with the relevant embassies, but refused to elaborate further. The passengers being checked had all bought their tickets through China Southern Airlines. It follows reports that an anonymous pilot told Malaysian newspapers that he had heard a 'mumbled' last transmission from the aircraft - although this is contradicted by air traffic controllers who say there was no distress call. U.S. officials also confirmed they have dispatched a team of safety experts including FBI agents to Southeast Asia to assist in the investigation of the Boeing 777, which disappeared shortly after takeoff with 239 people on board. While the wreckage of the plane has still not been found, new photos of oil slicks in the South China Sea have emerged and a growing body of evidence is beginning to point towards a terrorist attack. And dramatically, a second pilot who was in the skies over the South China Sea when the 777 vanished has spoken about hearing 'mumbling' at the other end of communications with the plane." The captain, who asked to remain anonymous, told Malaysian media outlets he was asked to get in contact with the pilot flying the missing plane on an emergency frequency and establish their position. He said he believes he spoke to the co-pilot, but that there were 'interference' and 'mumbling' before they lost the connection. Earlier on Saturday, two oil slicks were spotted by the Vietnamese air force in the Gulf of Thailand, about 90 miles south of Vietnam's Tho Chu Island - the same area where the flight disappeared from radar." snip Images and more at link Looks pretty definite to me. Hope they find it, soon, and condolences to those families of all, not just the Americans on board this flight.