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  1. hell feteru, I hope my dream involvements are for the betterment of all, I've always had a nagging feeling I should be doing more than I am about many subjects. I know the written word is my best outlet to the world (don't like public speaking if I can avoid it) 

    I have a lot more to write about over the next year or two, will try and keep you guys and girls informed better than I have in the past.  

    1. feteru7


      It was only positive feelings! I also prefer writing over speaking :) Now I look forward to reading your material for the coming years :D

    2. deekin


      Welcome back, Blue!  You've been in our thoughts since your absence.

  2. thanks for the welcome back boys and girls, lots going on in the back ground which I will try and keep you all informed of over the next few weeks and months. Great to be home again. This forum has always rocked, and I'm sure it still does!
  3. yep everything is very cool (the weather ) LoL. But thought I'd come on in out of the cold to say hi to you guy and girls


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    2. unity


      Awesome...! Looking forward to check out the link, thank you. I actually have one of those rock-maps I picked up from a nowhere towards Flinders range.

    3. unity


      This is the thread I set up with images, just in case you are interested in to take a look at...: 


    4. JammerAAP
  4. So it's 8 years I see Breezy since all this started for us. Sorry I've been away so long, lots of water under the bridge as they say. David Griffin has been working way quietly in the back ground I'll post a chat he did about black goo and related subjects soon as I find the link here it is
  6. BUSTED! San Bernadino shooters were three white men dressed in military attire
  7. the stuff you don't hear about!
  8. this could be posted elsewhere but just in case not. President Al-Assad’s Interview with the Sunday Times, December 6, 2015
  9. Finally, Efficient Energy From Gravity Amsterdam, December 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars (Universe Architecture) has developed a new technique to generate free energy in a sustainable way at home. Ruijssenaars' mechanism, whereby energy is released by perpetually unbalancing a weight, offers an alternative to solar and wind technology. The technique is now patent-pending. (Photo: ) Says Ruijssenaars about the invention: "Intuitively, I thought that gravity must have something to offer, given that everything is drawn to earth. By unbalancing a weight at the top that is only just stable, using little force, a large force is created at the bottom at a single point. The idea was that this should yield something." Scientists are calling the technique a breakthrough "because, thanks to clever use of gravity, the energy yield from the so-called Piezo method, which converts mechanical pressure into electrical energy, is increased from 20 to 80 percent," says Theo de Vries, system architect and Senior Lecturer of the group Robotics And Mechatronics, associated with the University of Twente. "Ruijssenaars literally turned the method on its head, as a result of which we, as scientists, have started to look at this method in a new light. Everything that is currently offered as mechanical energy will actually be useful, thanks to the invention." Professor Beatriz Noheda at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, truly believes that piezoelectric energy harvesting is part of our future and says this increase in the efficiency is very welcome. "In situations where we cannot work sustainably with solar modules, we may well be able to use this new technique." Ruijssenaars is looking forward to the implementation of his invention, which he developed alongside scientists Theo de Vriesand Jan Holterman, who wrote a reference work about Piezo. De Vries and Holterman, both of whom work at VIRO, an international engineering company that solves technical problems for companies in the industrial sector, will be working with Ruijssenaars to find practical applications for the technique. Potential uses might include the manufacture of a sustainable and therefore "clean" phone charger, or of a generator for lighting in homes; the possibilities are endless. For more information, please contact: Universe Architecture Janjaap Ruijssenaars T. +31-(0)20-6165424 M. SOURCE: Universe Architecture
  10. as above more here
  12. From Nex Ed as posted elsewhere Primordial goo used to improve implants
  13. From Nex Ed Primordial goo used to improve implants
  14. RainX triton my wipers would probably have blown off if I'd used them, they are all but useless at 200K/P/H so rainX is the story, was better vis for me than camera shows