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  1. With you all on those sentiments ---------------
  2. Hi Breezy-- please disregard the contact message I sent you earlier---I managed to get the bloody cookies activated and could finally log in to Chani---
  3. Hi Breezy-yes have gone right through the health thread-(really good info)---and thanks Kmria-will look into it--------I do not drink alcohol at all---I do not drink any sweet lollywater drinks at all--- I drink rain water or coffee/green tea-made with rainwater--------or dandelion tea---------or skim milk---------BUT I do smoke tobacco---YES YES I KNOW !. Am thinking about that---I actually like smoking--if I give that up I feel like I have nothing left to enjoy---I don't go anywhere--I don't have money to do anything I would enjoy--My mind is sharp but the body cant keep up---I do the best I can with my diet (money is tight---) I thankyou all for your help---------
  4. Hi Kandy------well apparently the South Australian Goobernent doesn't care that the federal Gooberment has past a law to make medical cannabis legal----plus where I live there is a bad ice problem--so I recon that there is pressure from local authorities to stop all drugs of NON pharmacy--you know-like they can push all their shit onto us but Mother Nature is not good--has an effect on their profit margins-----
  5. Yep-Kmria--going to get back into eating avacados----and the honey cinnamon milk thing sounds real good-will try that tonight-- Just back from the Dr's--my back has even more probs than last time pics and scans were taken in 2014---------------Osteo and things I cant pronounce have really gone aggressive--but I was very surprised to see that there is no osteo in my left knee---it is a severe fracture in my patella(Knee cap)--should see the x-ray--1 third of it is almost broken away--so is the reason for all the pain---spine has narrowing of spinal junctions and nerve openings caused by osteo and restricting signals -discs have deteriated to point of disappearing altogether and one is bulging so bad it presses on nerves-----and he is putting pressure on me to have my hip replaced------I said no-don't want false parts in my body--he can not understand why--tried to explain why but he disagreed .
  6. Thanks Unity--I drink a lot of Dandelion tea---------but it does taste sweet--which makes me wonder if it is contributing to my high sugars-------and I know we have weeds that would be good--but don't trust the ones in this caravan park coz the &^^%%$# bloke that owns the park keeps spraying roundup all over the place-- I spoke to him once about how bad it is and he said he doesn't care----------ignorant ex farmer---------------
  7. Yes Jess -please find what you can------------I appreciate all of your help--you CHANITES--------are awesome---------I also asked my DR about medical cannabis -he said that it is not in South Australia yet and he would have to get special permission for him to prescribe it to me--so I need to find some myself--that's the hard bit coz I don't know anybody where I live-had some recently and it helps very much-(organic back yard grown stuff)-but the supply ran out- can not grow any where I live--would be labelled as a scumbag druggy--
  8. Thanks Unity--------I had to have more X-rays and a cat scan yesterday--today I go to the DR to get results-- NOT looking forward to him saying my Osteo and spine are worse than I already am--which is debilitating already-----------even the radio-ographer was surprised at the level of Osteo and damage in my hip--(WOW-how old are you?--this should not be)-she said---------OH well-- such is life in this fucking 3D---------pisses me off no end.---------------and I will not be taking the statins-----------I will eat more avacados though--I like them but they are expensive when you live well below the poverty line.
  9. Thanks Jess--------my good cholesterols are 1.2 ( to low---but my bad cholesterol is 8.6---way to high------when we found out years ago about Mum being a bad cholesterol maker-I changed my diet radically--got rid of all the (Ithought) bad crap---but apparently I still have that hereditary gene that is working against me--and the high sugars has me worried too.
  10. Thanks Shawn----------My intuition works really well-fortunately---------I did read some info he gave me(DR) from British health service--it said that I need to get more unsaturated fats into my diet---almonds-nuts avacados and oils--so avacados are ok but coconut oils are bad?-I do eat lots of nuts for protiens--I gave up all meats years ago--ok well I did have some recently-- but I eat lots of rice and veg--with seasonings and red cabbage-mushrooms and peas-
  11. Got a question for you wise peeps----I have had blood tests recently---I have hereditary cholesterol probs--I'm not over weight(actually skinny) level is 8.6---I do watch my diet-also have high sugar-almost of the charts---I don't have hardly any sugar--Mum was diagnosed with type 2 at 70-----I am 54----we in the family knew about this from Mums probs---so now the DR wants to put me on Statin drugs to bring it (cholesterol) down----I'm sure I read somewhere that these drugs are NOT good for anybody------- Can any of you tell me if this is correct---I have looked through the health thread and didn't find anything to help me on this.
  12. Good Grief----------gona give up eating me thinks
  13. So true Jess---just went through a 3 day test of my nutness---computer probs--frozen screens--blue wall of nothingness--starting up and seems ok-then OH sorry I have to shut down coz there is a problem--right in the middle of doing somping--AAAHHHHHHHHH---------------F#$@ you gremlins---RECOVER----lost all my files--music--security and everything--- all fixed and running quicker than before with good responses to clicky"s on the mouse---but wiped out all my wifi credit---AHHHHHHHHH make coffee and have a choof---all cool again---then it did it again---(memory management--apparently?) so go through it all again---lets see how she(my lapyap) goes this time---------------WHERE OH WHERE IS MY SWITCH TO CLICK ON ALL MY DNA--you know- all that dormant stuff they keep telling us that someone switched OFF----------------NUTS----3D is crap--this is not my world--I wana go home.
  14. Happy Birthday Kandy-Foop-----------T---------------------------