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  1. there one M.E. that nobody(not me) notice, the SUN up there in the sky used to be Yellow, now it is white, it dawned on me , it could not be the original Sun we used to know, if could be another star only more white, after moving 80,000 Light years from our original position in the galaxy. the THING AT CERN really F**KED US , WHY THEY DO IT, only the those who known about it really know about it. and also one thing about this, this is not ascension, it is more like deascension, I feeled we went downed in frerquency, if anybody or somebody could offered some proofs to clear up about this matter. what about you who are Old Earther, what do you thinked or feeled it. P.S. Excuse me for used of Fouled languages in this Forum,
  2. To those who are OLD EARTHER LIKE ME, and now you find out this is not your original home world or Realitty, how do you feeled about it, tell you the truth after the truth dawned on me, I got piss off and feeled depressed about it, nobody at CERN ask me if I wanted to be part of their experiement, , and got soul kidnapped from my ORIGINAL homeworld and put into this alt. world ver. of me and the THING AT CERN IS A artificial MERKABAH,
  3. Hello guys and gals what ups, what happened to the site, got hacked OR what????, to all members of this forum, sorry if I used a certain somebody name , they got piss off at that and hacked the site, or I was disbarred or kicked out because of it. So I am sorry about that. My BAD!!!!!
  4. Did anybody remembered JFK Assassination there were 4 people in the car in the Old Earth Reality (O.E.R.), and now there are six people in the car in this New Earth Reality(N.E.R.) . Because I remembered there were 4, not 6. and it is proof that we who had experienced the M.E. had shifted into this new Reality, and now the Elections in the USA had ended and the President had been chosened, I noticed the rashs of M.E. had been reported in You Tube and other alt. news medias after Jeb. Bush had not won the his party president nomination. which I noticed afterwere, which I remained quiet during that time period. I did not registed during that time and I do not supported either Hillery or Trump.
  5. Because, the former Reality we came from, which no longer exist, the beings that controlled it, were of a Negative Nature, and any Unicorn-theme commericals were rare or none at all, when i just saw it in a TV commerical, mine Eyes were raised, WTF just happened??? after a while I thinked maybe a SHIFT HAS HAPPENED, IT WAS SO FLAWLESS, i didn't noticed it until i saw that TV commerical, then I started looking around my area, seeing what is differented, just like what I say, JCPenny became JCPenney, Chic-Fil A became Chick-Fil A, Macy became Macy's, I surffed the NET for more imformations , and I just saw alot of people talking about the Mandela Effects, maybe alot had happened , okay maybe a Shift had happened, when? IDK, what can I do about it, nothing, just go with thel flow, The Mandela Effects or whatever its name is. is proof that another Reality like our Former Exist, another me or you Exist and were Fused together in this one. what that proof, We are Aliens from Another Reality got throwed into this one, is this Reality maybe just another Computed gerenated one,who know? maybe someone or something known but keeping quiet about it. why it happened IDK???. Alot of Questions, but No Answer are coming, so we go looking for it. maybe Blue ET may know just little about it, Sorry Blue If I drag you into it.
  6. Just Now in USA ,EST time 1:00 PM July 8, 2016, i just experienced a ME, while watching COMCAST surfing the channels BBC channel just show Star Trek the Next Gen: the Yesterday Enterprise, it show the Enterprise from the past, entered the presented Timeline ,changing the Timeline in which the Federation are in War with Krington (Whatever its Spelling) and the only way for it to returned the way it was, the Old Enterprise must returned to the Past, it maybe connected to the ME, Who know, a alot of the people in American just experiend it, and also if any of you just watch a TV Commerical with a Unicorn theme in it, in your neck of the woods. because we know that Unicorns is a Symbol of Positive Forces(Not Just another false light group that had been with us feeding us false hope). I just add my Two cents.and maybe just another woo-woo topic,
  7. well one thing you can be sure, No robbers is going to your home,not unless they wanted to became cat foods for those kittens(BIG KITTENS at that).
  8. what about other senior members like Blue E.T., NEXUS, KMRIA and many other. what your Mandela Effects experiences.
  9. And also are you the Breezy from the former Reality or this one that is the question ? I known that i came from the other reality because , i remembered CHIC-FIL A, the Staue of Liberty was in NewYork Side, not in NJ. and many other i thought to be real in the former one, now it is not. just making sure....why do we shifted into different Reality, are we now in the 5thD, were we Upgraded into Positive TimeLine, where our lives are getting betterI Hoped So and for most of US and "THANK YOU" for that.
  10. Breezy, I used to work for Chic-Fil A as a cashier for 3 years, in the my former timeline or reality whatever you may called it, it alway spelled CHIC-FIL A and there are other people in the Alt. Reality who remember it as CHIK-FIL A, maybe they are right it existed in their former timeline, and now in this present or fused timeline it's became CHICK-FIL A, the two former timelines were destroyed or fused to became this presented one, what cause this event to happened, could be cause or side effects of CERN , or the Higher Cosmic Powers, i don't know ? maybe you are right, theymay had discovered time travel, maybe they had sent someone in the past, did something there in the past or they take something out from the past , like Advanced Technoglgies, if i sented people to the past, i make sure they brought something important back with them, of cource there is an unintended side effects in their actions. which caused this MANDELA EFFECT, if you watched a sci-f movie like SOUND OF THUNDER, and watch it, you know what i meant. that maybe one of the causes of the Mandela Effects, but who know? I thought this was a PSY-OP like Mission Impossible, maybe they are trying to make us people who are awake or aware crazy, who know?, I sit on the fences, to see what else is happening, Maybe it is the Universe trying to wake or shake us up a bit.
  11. I wondered why the people who remembered their past memorys in the different timeline are able to noticed the changes in this present timeline, what we got ? that we are not affected by the changed or shifted reality.
  12. Do you remembered what i typed in this forum, the ETs(The Good Ones I hoped?) gave the shadow Gov'ts or TPTWs a grace period to annouced the ETs Disclosure to the Earth people, they had been dragging their feets until the Grace period had come and gone, so the ball had been passed in the ETs court, and now they had been showing up all over the world. and plus the Mandela Effects, i wondered what next ? IDK if this Blue Beam or what.
  13. At least, the cabals or the dark sides group had nothing to do with this Mandela Effects, what is its purpose, to really waked up the people, to show them that Reality is really a illusion, by the Higher Cosmics Powers that wanted the Human Races to be Freed, maybe it is the EVENT that cannot be denied by the TPTW ,millions of people experienced it and they cannot swepted it under the rug,
  14. hello guy, just came to see what going on, this Mandela Effects really messed anybody's senses of reality, for example MACY had became MACY'S and J.C.Penny had became J.C. Penney, so i am aware of my surrounding,let hope something good come out of it, for is Aco is still alive this Shifted Reality because i came across that he passed away. i prayed he is still around.