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  1. Happy Birthday Breezy! Hope its a good one.
  2. Happy Birthday Blue!
  3. Happy Birthday all. Hope T is okay.
  4. Your welcome Breezy.
  5. Happy Birthday and thankyou for all your hard work!!
  6. Merry Christmas to all the Chanites. Did I spell that correctly? One of those pop culture words I believe.
  7. My wife and I saw it today. I enjoyed it. I like a movie that is thought provoking. My wife not so much, lol. As we were leaving she asked if I liked it and my reply was I am still wrapping my brain around it. What I did find odd was only about 10 people in the theater. I am not that old at 50 but all but a few were much older than us. No young people there. Maybe they were watching something else. I think another movie The Perfect Beast was playing.
  8. Happy Birthday to all of you, hope it's a great one.
  9. Happy Birthday to you both. Hope it was a good one.
  10. Happy Birthday!!! Hope its a good one.
  11. Happy Birthday Blue!!