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  1. I follow a local forum which records UFO sightings, chemtrails etc, and received a notification that it looks like a UFO was seen this morning at Hokitika on New Zealand's west coast. Seems not, but when I Guggle Earthed the place I found this. At -42.692782,170.9196. At first I thought it was a glitch in the software, but when I looked at the edges on the water line they seem to blend down into the ocean as if something is there. But what the hell is it?! I've had a closer look around the edges and it really does look like there's interaction between land and sea there.And the grey area looks like rocky landscape rather than waves.WTH
  2. A set of lightning storms since Wednesday Weds: Astana Thurs
  3. I'm told by a usually reliable source that this is a species of Black Alien: spindly and black with rough. lumpy skin. They may look "evil," but in fact they're a very old species that come from a planet that has been virtually dead for eons and have adapted. They're simply smitten by the notion of children , plants, animals and this beautiful planet. Another species is coming after
  4. I think.....(ETA approximately six weeks).
  5. More sky news. Something odd dropped from the sky recently in Kazakhstan, where there continues to be lightning activity in the Astana region.Probably should be in the Anomaly thread.
  6. APPROACHING GREEN COMET EXPLODES: A comet that could become visible to the naked eye in August has just exploded in brightness. Amateur astronomer Michael Jäger‎ of Austria reports that Comet PANSTARRS (C/2017 S3) brightened 16-fold during the late hours of July 2nd, abruptly increasing in magnitude from +12 to +9. He took this picture of the comet's expanding green atmosphere shortly after the outburst: "The gas cloud around the comet's nucleus is about 4 arc minutes wide," says Jäger‎. That means the comet's atmosphere is 260,000 km in diameter, almost twice as wide as the planet Jupiter. These dimensions make it a relatively easy target for backyard telescopes. Comet PanSTARRS is falling toward the sun from the Oort cloud, a vast reservoir of fresh comets in the distant outer solar system. It has never visited the inner planets before, and, as a result, no one can say what will happen when its fragile ices are exposed to solar heat as it approaches the sun in August. Previous estimates of the comet's brightness max out at magnitude +4--that is, barely visible to the unaided eye from dark-sky sites. Additional outbursts could boost its visibility even more. The comet was discovered on Sept. 23, 2017, by the PanSTARRS telescope on the summit of the Haleakalā volcano in Maui. PanSTARRS's primary mission is to detect near-Earth asteroids that threaten our planet. In the process,it sweeps up variable stars, supernovas, and comets like this one. With almost a year of data in hand, astronomers have been able to nail down the comet's orbit. Click on the image to launch an interactive 3D visualization from JPL: Comet PanSTARRS is approaching the sun on a hyperbolic orbit--a narrow open-ended path that will ultimately fling it back to the outer solar system. At perihelion (closest approach to the sun) on August 15-16, the comet will be inside the orbit of Mercury, blasted by solar radiation at point-blank range. What will happen then? Stay tuned.
  7. BREAKING: Serious riots in French suburb after police shoot driver of car – several buildings on fire By Voice of Europe 4 July 2018
  8. Short post for now In terms of the Celto-Hellenic Grid these are the 6 (Hexagone/ Saturn/ Time) Paris/london lines. It's the 2nd July here. This date is significant in terms of "July 2 is the 183rd day of the year (184th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 182 days remaining until the end of the year. This day is the midpoint of a common year because there are 182 days before and 182 days after it in common years, and 183 before and 182 after in leap years." The feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.. until 1969 July 2. 1) American independence was formally declared on July 2, 1776, a date that John Adams believed would be “the most memorable epocha in the history of America.” 2) it marks the transition of Cancer (the womb/sea) energy, in polarity with Capricorn (the head/sky) from the rebirth of the year (at least here in the southern hemisphere) at the midwinter point. marked by the Festival of Lights held locally on the 29th here at Full Moon. 3) It is an ancient Mother Day. 4) The issue of children and mothers and fathers is becoming very hot here and internationally in terms of the abomination that is the Family Court, human trafficking of children, paedophile rings and MKULTRA. I sort of expect to see some Mary/Anna symbolism emerge. Add an hour or so later. Brittany is the site of Finisterre "end of the earth/world."
  9. Major disturbance in the force last night here. 10,000 people attended the local Festival of Lights. I think, could be wrong, a major clash took place between the ordinary decent humans I was on the bus going there with, and the local scumbaggery. There's been quite a lot of activity around Astana recently Red line indicates Christchurch/Castle Hill area
  10. Where does this belong? The Annapolis,Maryland shooting claiming five lives, two female and three male. On 888 Cornell Ave " Cornell Name Meaning. Americanized form of any of the numerous Continental European surnames derived from Latin Cornelius (see Cornelius), for example French Corneille or German Kornel. Swedish: Latinized form of Horn, meaning 'horn'; probably a soldier's name. "
  11. This came through yesterday as I was browsing Simon Parkes' website. Sacha Stone - Child Trafficking Breakthrough!
  12. 21 June here. Solstice zaps in Tomar , Portugal, and Gibraltar
  13. Possibly not. One of the latest AIM videos points out that there has been 140 assassinations of officials in Mexico in the last 10 months, that the border between Mexico and the US is effectively a warzone, and that no sane parent would attempt to cross this extremely dangerous territory. However coyotes and gangsters like MS13 can just steal children, use them as cover to stay in the U.S. and do God knows what with them once their use was over. The video pointed out the EOs signed by Obama effectively ignored any law, that MS13 is another branch of Isil/ISIS/Al Quada and gang members were even flown straight to New York after arriving in California.
  14. A bit of a catch up. The pattern.... . Odd local events...
  15. There's been an odd pattern recently. NW -SE lines in parallel, drifting eastwards. Very up to my eyeballs here as this very complicated situation is being unravelled. Today
  16. LOL unity 111 is the New Zealand emergency number for police, fire brigade and ambulance. 999 is the English equivalent.
  17. Update. Thanks to my Alien DNA I can get really drunk with no after effects..... we did so last night.It got very emotional with lots of four letter words-but some very apposite messages and insights. I knew intellectually just how godawful and corrupt New Zealand's "justice" system is but seeing it in action close up is another experience. It had a chance: it crossed a line as did those people involved who were made an offer they couldn't refuse ( oh yes they could) and thee is a severe price to pay for that. My people are now here (it seems they didn't even know where I was!) and man are we pissed off. This is especially hard on HF (delicate and sensitive but incredibly strong) and the children who are now going to go through another month of torture so light and good vibes to them please.Hopefully ther won't actually be another month: either because we're going to a) change lawyers b) an indepth analysis and action in a higher court c) electrocution.
  18. After the hearing. That was truly bizarre. Over a period of weeks the Liar had been presented with a whole string of statements refuting everything that They (who are no longer exactly human I think) presented. Detailed reports from the police (bless them).Detailed reports from the psychiatric institution. Etc. It was the perfect case for dismissal and HF getting the children back , but the Liar failed to use any of the evidence. HF is now restricted to 6 hours supervised contact with the children per week for the next month when there is another hearing .Luckily the supervisor is friendly . BUT. The good news is that one of them has suffered a breakdown and others are deteriorating physically and mentally at a rapid rate. We now go onto Plan B... to be worked out in detail , which may even result in the children being taken abruptly from them and returned to HF. New Zealand's "justice" system is an incredibly sick joke.
  19. I'm a in huge rush at the moment. The Family Court hearing for whether HF gets the children is at 11.15 tomorrow morning and it's bizarre for various reasons. Please send loving and powerful thoughts to HF and the children.Chanites.
  20. That time of month again...three days around full moon apparently when moon is part of Earth's gravitational field. 5/29, 5/30 Memory day dedicated to Joan of Arc 5/29 Full Moon 5/31 Corpus Christi – feast to mock the body & blood of Christ in Christian ritual June 6/5 Queen Elizabeth’s birthday (New Zealand) 6/6 D Day (invasion of France in WW2) 6/12 Queen Elizabeth’s birthday (Australia except Queensland & West Australia) 6/13 New Moon 6/14 Eil al-Fitr (End of Ramadan) 6/17 Father’s Day 6/21 First Nation’s Day - Canada 6/21 Summer Solstice (orgies, blood) 6/21 Rituals of the Elements and Feast of the Times 6/23 Midsummer’s Eve 6/23 St. John’s Eve Fire Festival 6/24 Lighting the Midwinter Bonfires in New Zealand 6/28 Full Moon
  21. Earlier today.... Loon Plage/ Barcelona line has been very busy lately. And just now.. Rome etc . Things are getting better bit by bit here for us.. and worse bit by bit for others. It's called karma.
  22. Zaps at London etc Compare this with the very first post on this thread 1 min
  23. May 21: These were SUMMONED TO THE WHITE HOUSE “To receive an ORDER directly from the President” ~ May 22, 2018 Posted on May 22, 2018 by cindyloucbp This is from Starship Earth…looks like we are finally seeing action on the polical front as well as the spiritual front. Yes!! Please read, stay informed, and… “To WIT: A Request by former President Barack Obama for the British Intelligence Agency known as MI-6, to engage in electronic signals and Telephonic interception inside the United States of America, against an incoming Commander-in-Chief of the United States Army and Navy, American citizens and political entities, without Probable Cause or a Court Order or Search Warrant, in violation of Title 18 United States Code, sub-section 794 (a) [communications] . . .” and: The granting of access to British intelligence, to TOP SECRET United States National Security Agency facilities in Fort Meade, MD, and elsewhere, to facilitate such Warrantless electronic signals / Telephonic interception, without Probable Cause, Court order or Search Warrant, in violation of Title 18 United States Code 1831 (3)”
  24. Latest zaps. A very brave woman is somewhere at the top of this line. Castle Hill , according to Alec Newald, the spiritual centre of the universe Where I hypothesis the western Nine line is approximately.. ADD: just got news HF is much better, even laughed a couple of times to day and went out shopping.