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  1. Mexico At Least 79 Dead After 7.1-Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Mexico Mark Stevenson, Christopher Sherman and Peter Orsi / AP Updated: 6:48 PM ET The Associated Press‏Verified account @AP 13m BREAKING: Death toll from Mexico earthquake rises to 104. 35 replies . 1,209 retweets 471 likes
  2. Eye of Ra. One of the cross over Coincidence streaks I'm having is with Ra Castaldo.I got to Chani via Glp after being on SOTT. for a while, posting but never really participating in depth. I felt ther was something very off in spite of the gathering of credible information to conform the claim of channelling by the Cassiopaeans.Thence to GLP following the battle there between LKJ and Storm Bear and Vincent Bridges.Right at the end of my stay on SOTT, they clashed with Duncan Roads.. I've been a Nexus reader for years, and all credibiliy just vanished at that point. They partly validated the C's by referring to Carla Ruckert (sp?) and her Ra Material. I didn't like that either... "soul harvesting"? Anyway I actually looked at the Nemi site briefly n this thread a year or so ago, Coincidences can be very odd: last night I watched a video on the Etruscans. Valletta (in Malta) was on the Etruscan cities map... there's a ship in port today: the Valletta
  3. I follow a local forum which records UFO sightings, chemtrails etc, and received a notification that it looks like a UFO was seen this morning at Hokitika on New Zealand's west coast. Seems not, but when I Guggle Earthed the place I found this. At -42.692782,170.9196. At first I thought it was a glitch in the software, but when I looked at the edges on the water line they seem to blend down into the ocean as if something is there. But what the hell is it?! I've had a closer look around the edges and it really does look like there's interaction between land and sea there.And the grey area looks like rocky landscape rather than waves.WTH
  4. Irma. Harvey , Jose, Maria. Lee. I noticed that Irma can be rearranged to form... I'm Ra, or Eye ( of ) Ra. Harvey also contains Ra, albeit reversed: H (8?) Ra V (5?) Maria. : I am Ra anagram. Jose(ph): husband of the Virgin Mary. Lee: Li? Levi?
  5. William Mount who looks to have some sort of insider knowledge, at least at one time has this to say about Venezuela oil, and the new Arctic Russia/US oil drilling collaboration It also looks like Venezuela and it's Asian "everywhere" ally is moving troops into Columbia. In the back of my mind , with the recent disasters in Texas (with it's powerful military presence and 2nd Amendment citizenry) has been the idea that this would be a good opportunity for cross border clandestine infiltration by hostile forces. (This is local but apposite I think:
  6. hi phillip.personally I don't have collaborative evidence as such, but I have had long extensive conversations with A Friend, who has had similar to Laura's experiences, and says pretty much the same things, using different language. The Illimunati are not the real "Illuminati". The original Illimunati/Enlightened ruled Eygpt a long time ago but were infiltrated and taken over. (And there was NOT slavery in Egypt at that time, but an equitable if rigid system). They breed children from specific Bloodlines, then substitute them at birth for other children, adding the DNA of the adoptive family, so they sort fit in (although the family feels/ knows that the child is not theirs). Very few children survive these experiments; "Only four". Black Goo: my Friend describes her experience: vomiting black blood, pulling fibres out of her body that were black, little shiny things that looked like facetted crystals or even coalesced to turn into "green leaves" or insects which scuttled away.Also the BG holding and controlling little entities from elsewhere that didn't really want to be in her body and used like that.
  7. Another one! Parsons Green Terror Attack LIVE Updates: 29 Injured In London Explosion, ISIS Claims Responsibility For The Attack
  8. Odd lights over Mexico City.The second looks like a helicopter.
  9. Mexico struck by earthquake of magnitude 8, tsunami possible: USGS Leslie Shaffer | @LeslieShaffer1 Published 30 Mins Ago | Updated 4 Mins Ago Seismic chart An earthquake of a preliminary magnitude of 8.0 struck off the coast of Chiapas, Mexico, late on Thursday local time, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) said, citing USGS data.
  10. Ah this is a personal note: a feeling of sickness has been noted recently all over the world (transpicuous news). HF and I were talking last night , through her very difficult situation, and Americans were brought up. She feels they're " beautiful." The American Dream and those holding to it against all the odds have our deepest admiration, love and respect. I'm sure there are people all over the world feeling and thinking the same, watching the Ratbasturds doing their awful worst, and wishing you all the best.
  11. Carrying on from above The Moses book mentioned was Graham Phillp's The Moses Legacy. He mentions the Book of Jasher, mentioned twice in the Old Testament but not rediscovered,. in Paris, until 1993. The implications of his admittedly speculative research (which is still quite logical) is that Mt Sinai , the minain Moses ascended to get the 10 Commandments was Hor, a mountain in the valley of Schechem under the control of the Tribe of Jasher,also known as the Edomites, and one of the tribes of Israel. It's possible that Moses,with his Serpent staff, was buried there. A broken black staff with what looked like white heiroglyphs were noted by an English explorer in the early 20th century in an odd tomb in the Wadi of Musa. The staff is now in America it seems, in a museum. All very speculative, but very interesting especially when teasing out the religious beliefs of the Moses/Aaron faction and the Israel and Judah factions. Phillips states the original god of the Apiru/Hebrews wasa four fold entity, represented by a Man, a Lion, an Eagle and a Bull (the Aaorinte faction), and that they were the "four winds." Also that "the Aten" was the name of a physical object (add later) and not the name of the god as such. Also going to add if I can find it an image of the Sun and Moon stone described at Shechem (***). By another LAC I found an old book by Victor Hugo recently, The Toilers of the Sea. It was set on the Channel Islands in the early 19th century. In it , the major event takes place during May.and involves a tempest. Excerpts; Winds The rural and maritime populations are easily moved with notions of the active agency of the powers of evil. Among the Channel Isles, and on the neighbouring coast of France, the ideas of the people on this subject are deeply rooted. In their view, Beelzebub has his ministers in all parts of the earth. It is certain that Belphegor is the ambassador from the infernal regions in France, Hutgin in Italy, Belial in Turkey, Thamuz in Spain, Martinet in Switzerland, and Mammon in England. Satan is an Emperor just like any other: a sort of Satan Cæsar. His establishment is well organised. Dagon is grand almoner, Succor Benoth chief of the Eunuchs; Asmodeus, banker at the gaming-table; Kobal, manager of the theatre, and Verdelet, grand-master of the ceremonies. Nybbas is the court-fool; Wierus, a savant, a good strygologue, and a man of much learning in demonology, calls Nybbas the great parodist. The Gutentberg version stops early in the book ( a pity) but other salient features of the book are Ancient mariners' lore on winds and sea in relation to the equinoxes etc.Hugo uses his knowledge of the older Channel Island culture to describe : Irish fishermen using marks (ogham script presumably ) on standing stones, menhirs and dolmens in France to check the season's weather. His scientific knowledge enables him to describe the causality of the tempests and hurricanes at sea during the equinoxes and how they differ , in terms of 32 winds marked on a compass.the electromagnetic alignmenst involved during those days, and other seasonal markers. What I call the Dungeons and Dragons Sydrome reduces "gods" and :"goddesses" etc to stuff people have read in books, probably mostly comic books. "Satan" and "Samiel" as extremely dangerous storm winds on land and sea aren't cosidered, as most people are now urban and have little understanding of the natural world." Set (Seth, Setekh, Sut, Sutekh, Suty) was one of ancient Egypt's earliest gods, a god of chaos, confusion, storms, wind, the desert and foreign lands." =the foehne wind . Flights of specific birds and other phenomena would be associated with such wind storm events.(eg a flights of sea birds, described in the book as a precursor, well before the storm happened). This Four Wnd "god" was obviously very wide spread, with different names in different areas. Etc. I wonder what They are planning in terms of storms and symbolism for September 24? Today's Sky Gods manifestation *** A bit obscure. A recent video I was watching described some (at least) homosexual brains as being normal male brains in terms of hemipsheres but connected by the Amydala (corpus callosum meant?) in a female way, giving rise to a Male Androgyne. In Siberia-where this Sun/ Moon /Mountain image seems to originate, (to add) I think T tracked this imagery and assumed role to the Americas, and also to the Middle East , Rome and thence to Europe and elsewhere.
  12. Local first. The thread was started on the basis of an anomalistic image off the coast of NZ, near Hokitika Tornado, lightning strikes as wild weather hits Yesterday's lightning storms. Today's NZ (quite unusual)
  13. I think this belongs on this thread. A man has died at Burning Man, and the whole situation is so upsetting Krista Jensen September 4, 2017 8:47 am And this Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their third child, so let the #royalbaby countdown begin Add: a conjunction of Jack Heart's latest post, Diana, Aradia (Ra Castaldo/the Etruscan tradtion) and other strands. Very soon the Gates to a New Dimension will Open By Jack Heart on September 4, 2017 ARADIA or the Gospel of the Witches by Charles G. Leland [1899] Jump to contents Start reading
  14. hybrid theories

    Thank you very much phillip! As a side note I've seen various theories about Lenoardo's Last Supper, but Sir Lawrence Gardner pointed out that the original, very damaged painting had been painted over in an amateurish way over the centuries. One theory (can't remember where I read it) was that the apostles on the left/sinister side were all based on Popes, whereas the right hand figures were based on Gnostic (and Templar?) heretics/good guys.:) Regardless of theories, the man was breathtakingly brilliant that's for sure.
  15. \ Aug 31/Sep 1 Murder of Princess Di in Paris, 20th anniversary. Sep 7 Marriage to the Beast sexual sacrifice, dismemberment infant – 21 (female) Sep 11 Start of Coptic calendar. Sep 21 Midnight Host blood dismemberment and hands removed for Hand of Glory (female) [Rosh Hashana Sep 21-22, 2017 Th‑F The Jewish New Year] Sep 22/23 See below date varies Feast Day (fall equinox) orgies oral, anal, vaginal any age Sep30 [Yom Kippur Sep 30, 2017 Sa Day of Atonement] Christian interpretation: Roman: August 27— VOLTURNALIA—— nefastus publicus Voluturnus is thought to be an Etruscan river or wind god. Although his nature and origins are cause for much speculation, there was a Flamen Volturnalis dedicated to his service. He is variously described as the father of Juturna (a fountain deity), the wind of devastation "whirling around the heights" (Lucretius 5, 745), who raised clouds of dust during battle of Cannae (Liv., 22, 43, 10) and burned the grapes (Col, 5, 5, 15). His name may be related to the verb volvere ("to roll"), lending credence to the idea that he is the embodiment of Eurus, the name for both the southeast wind and a river in Campania. Or Volturnus may be an Etruscan name associated with the family name, Velthuma. SEPTEMBER— (Mensis September) September was a month of relaxation; there were lots of games, but no really important festivals. There are no large letter days (used on most calendars to indicate the most important festivals) in the entire month. The campaigning season is over, and September marks the lull between the harvest and the vintage. At this time, farmers would be expected to paint their wine jars with pitch, pick apples, loosen the soil around tree roots, and cut straw. According to the rustic calendar, the month is protected by Vulcan. In September, there is only one nefastus publicus, a day on which public religious festivals are celebrated, five dies fasti, or days on which legal action is permitted, and 21 dies comitales, days on which citizens may vote on political or criminal matters. September 1—Jupiter & Juno—dies fasti There are two temples dedicated to Jupiter dedicated by Augustus on this date. One was dedicated to Jupiter Liber or Libertas, the God of liberty of Osco-Umbrian origin. Unlike Dionysus, with whom Liber later became associated, Jupiter Liber had nothing to do with wine. Rather, he presided over creativity or the creative force (Adkins' Dictionary 122). Jewish:Rosh Hashana Sep 21-22, 2017 Th‑F The Jewish New Year Yom Kippur Sep 30, 2017 Sa Day of Atonement Also on September 1, Camillus vowed a temple to Juno Regina. Camillus' s capture of the city of Veii in 396 BCE is a fascinating example of the Roman rite of evocatio. The Romans were having a very difficult time capturing the besieged Etruscan city, and so Camillus took a rather drastic move in stealing its patron deity. The rite of evocatio involves luring a deity from her home by promises of more grandiose worship elsewhere. In Camillus's case, it worked like a charm. He built Juno a beautiful temple in Rome in 392 BCE, and in it he put the wooden statue he had brought from Veii. This is how Juno came to be respected as one of the most important deities in Rome. September 4-19— LUDI ROMANI The Roman Games were held to honor Jupiter Optimus Maximus, whose temple on the Capitoline was dedicated on September 13 in 509 BCE during the reign of Tarquin the Elder. Originally, they were votive games, but came to be celebrated annually by 366 BCE, and the number of days increased to sixteen days. Cicero relates a story that explains the annual repetition of the games that were first held during the Latin War. Apparently, a slave "bearing a yoke was led about the circus and beaten with rods." After that the dream a man reported having had a dream indicating that Jupiter was greatly displeased. The man was told in the dream to report it to the Senate, and when he failed to do so immediately, he became quite ill. His friends carried him to where the Senate was meeting, at which he related the substance of his dream, then immediately became well. The Senate acknowledged the credibility of the man's dream by having the games repeated (Cicero 283-4). These rather expensive festivities were organized by the Curule Aediles and were extremely popular, since they included numerous games and lots of free entertainment for nearly half the month of September. Dionysus of Halicarnassus describes in detail the procession beginning the games. In it were athletes, dancers, flute and cithara players, burlesque bands, and statues of Gods and Goddesses carried on litters. Following the procession were chariot races and running, boxing, wrestling, and gymnastic competitions, as well as theatrical shows. September 13—‘Banquet' with Jupiter (and later Juno, Minerva)— nefastus publicus This epulum takes place at end of the Ludi Romani to commemorate the dedication of the temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, which was dedicated by Marcus Horatius Pulvillus, the first consul of the Republic. At that temple was the tradition of driving a nail into the temple wall each year to avert plague. By counting the number of nails in the wall, one could tell what year it was. By the first century BCE, the celebration became a joint feast among magistrates, senators, and the deities of the Capitoline Trio —Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva. In 196 BCE, the banquet had become so elaborate that a college of three Epulines was appointed, whose responsibility it was to organize all such banquets. Festivities began with a sacrifice of a white heifer and using the second batch of mola salsa made by the Vestal Virgins. The images of Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva presided over the banquet. Jupiter's face was reddened with minium and he reclined on a leculus, a "dining couch," while Juno and Minerva, decked out in the finest of garmets, were seated on sellae, "chairs." Just as one might entertain any dinner guests, the images of the deities were offered food and plied with music.
  16. I'm wondering if the recent chlorine gas cloud in Britain is part of a weather wars campaign. I had a dream a few days ago of Paris being flooded. I hope not. My best wishes and heartfelt sympathy go to all the people on Chani and the US affected by this disaster.
  17. I'm finding the Ra Castaldo material both synchronistic and helpful in clarifying certain things. A recent book I read on "Moses" (wiil cite author and book later) had a number of interesting points: ( The Hyksos were in Syria in 2000 BC. The Apiru were named as being parted of the Hyksos. Apiru=Hebrew, who came into Egypt with the Hyksos. Aten was picked up by the Egyptians from the Apiru godname Adonai. The original Hebrew god was four fold" man, eagle, bull and lion. The "tree of life" was the Thorn Apple/datura plant (!) found in the Nabatean/Petra region: the burning bush is properly translated to "the bush that burns". one of the side effects of taking datura being intense physical burning sensations. (This I think, without referring to the specific Atwill Vespasian/"Jesus" video, fits with the theory of the "christians" of the time being perceived as cultists who had to be forcibly dosed with scopalamine to deprogram them) (or...?) The golden calf of Exodus actually involved fist sized gold statues of a Bull carried by the Israelites (More to come with that) Local: November earthquake uncovers 'dinosaur egg' boulders in Kaikoura International:further movement east.
  18. 26=8/8/1 Man 'armed with sword attacks police officer' outside Buckingham Palace in front of shocked tourists
  19. Just a couple of minutes here. I'm noting activity in the region of the Ob River estuary., and further movement eastwards. Updates: apparently one of my Alien species ships has been spotted here. The Boy "we need that Alien technology." As far as I can tell there are only six of my peope on the planet and I haven't met any of them yet. Quite looking forward to the reunion. Very recent clouds from down south.
  20. I forgot this yesterday: Big Ben shut down from the 21st for 'repairs' I had the sense after posting the above that the solar eclipse Event was an attempt to symbolically split the US in half , between North and South, using the "death" line. I also had the sense that this didn't work, thanks to the Native Americans, and all the decent Other Americans that are out there. It's 33 days from the 21st August till the 23 September, and 49 days till 8 October.,"Harvest". That would fit with a hard or soft economic financial crash with London, and Big Ben being used as the central symbol.
  21. Been preoccupied but tracking nonetheless. To tie various strands together for the 21 August ( 777/8/1): London's Queen Elizabeth Tower and its bell, Big Ben, will be silenced from noon on August 21 until 2021 as the iconic structure undergoes urgent repair work. Solar eclipse starts at 33 State to be brought into the Union, ends at the 33st parallel, passes through 7 towns named Salem. Ra Castaldo thinks that that the blockage of the sun's rays by the moon will enable uploading of AI to humans. NASA Launching Alien Bacteria into Atmosphere for Eclipse I'm going to do more Dive For Cover in the next day or so.....
  22. That waterspout is truly bizarre. I'm afraid I'm going to have to put this up as an expected Event, Ah shit.13 dead. What we know so far about the Barcelona attack A summary of the details that have emerged surrounding Thursday’s terrorist attack in a popular tourist area in Barcelona (Luna de Istanbul/moon of Istanbul) Barcelona terror map: Where is the Luna de Istanbul restaurant in Las Ramblas? An amazing coincidence... And more bad news: three people killed
  23. What? Anyway, a repost. 71°32'12.07"S, 77°17'23.76"W Wth is that at the 9.30 mark?!