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  1. Very much agree EW. I've found it quite confusing at times because I have the sense that more than one Grid is involved (2?3? more?) including what I think is a False Grid, based on a distortion. My experience , locally, is that a Grid was made here -I talked to a Maori friend way back who told me I should talk to an ex Anglican minister for the details.I avoided that, partly because the deep antipathy between the Anglo Master Race and lesser breeds such as the Irish (my DNA) is still very active. I've got some funny stories to tell about that! If you live locally, best not to reveal Irish antecedents. My reasoning is that the local Grid is seemingly Anglican Freemariner, with a Catholic substratum, with a Persian stratum under that, and probably, an Asian one under that (!). I've read Cathie, some, and seen the Munck videos, but I have only got an ancient laptop and minimal software/capacity. I also think "someone" is rearranging the axial tilt. Waht I'm seeing here (why we're here , really) is to clean it out, make sure it stabilises, and stays stabilised until whatever it is is over. Signs say "soon". I'm going to have to do some messy reconstruction of earlier post because of Photobucket, but I have an updated image of one spot where plants are growing well, after years of poor growth, to put up. ADD in the process of downloading pics from Photobucket (a company I do NOT recommend!) and replacing many pics prior to page 14. Going to put essential images up I think, Here's Robb's mediolanon map of Europe.
  2. guten Tag Mark. No I'm not familiar with Curry's work, although I have been yachting once or twice on an old clunker making a coastal voyage (where's the emoticon for severe seasickess?). One thing I've done as an intellectual exercise, in order to keep an open mind is to look at what's there on the Grid, rather than go by anyone else's research. I tend to check afterwards. I knew about the Christchurch Grid decades ago, but only had it sketchily mapped at that time. What I've found is what I call Library Angel Coincidences (Lac): for instance I was staring at the Celtic Grid trying to put it all together, at the library. My eye was drawn to a section I'd looked at a day or so previously... a brand new book...Robb's Ancient Paths, which delineated the Mediolanon system. (Personally I think I was deeply involved, way back then in the whole business.) I will looks at Basel later. When I was looking at the Lake Como area, and relating it to the Hellenic /Celtic strata it was pretty obvious the history was deeper than the main stream or Wikipedia (lol) version. Ach/water/ uisge. oops 2 mins back later
  3. Thanks for the clarification, Mark, on the Berne/Basle issue: I'm taking a line as being part of the old Celtic/Hellenic Grid and while being precise in one sense, (point to point) the general area along the line in another. I overlooked that 100 mkm difference, being in something of a hurry-I'll watch that in future.
  4. It's odd Suuz, Parkes strikes me as being honest and decent, but some of the things he says as wrong. Bias,covering himself or others misinfo, or part of a factional agenda?. I wouldn't know. One brief comment he made a while ago: that the Falklands War was about the British rescuing the Goo from Nazi control was "???" for me. Same with statements re Anu and the Annunaki . Anyway a brief look at Zaps Today, shows a line on Bern, Garmsichparten "German part" (an ancient Celtic site which became partly German in the the early ADs, hence the name, also where the 1936 Nazi Winter Olympics were held in ) and Bratislava: all Celtic Grid points.
  5. Post from my Anomaly thread Monday "Posted Monday at 10:37 AM · Report post Hypothetically: taking the Paris meridian at 2 East, makes 90 W, 88 W and 90 E. 92 E. I'll be watching things at those locales." Probably?
  6. Just excellent EW! I've been trying to correlate astrology/astronomy into a sequential pattern I actually suspect the Mayan calendar and/or Vedic astrology might be at the core. I have few resources except the (dubious) internet-which cuts both ways..I can get a skeletal picture, without much reference to other preconceived theories, but know the picture needs to be fleshed out. Coffee, a walk non the beach and back alter. In the meantime. I take it that the energy is dispersing now and expanding across the Europe field Clouds from down south recently...
  7. Not seen this before, around London and the English Channel It's going to snow and stormy weather for the next few days here, so i'll be trying to put some material together. One is an an extended map of London, relating the area to constellations and stars. Tentatively this last mage shows a storm in the area of what could be Perseus Thought this was worth adding-it's a couple of hours since I posted the above images and since then... wow;r=0;t=3;s=0;o=0;b=;n=0;z=5;y=50.1384;x=-9.3469;d=2;dl=2;dc=0; The Odd thing is, when I used a 30 min ticket to log on the web earlier in the lkibrary the code number was V38889. No kidding. 3 +( 3 x8 =24=/) 6 + 9
  8. Just bizarre uinity. I thought "coincidence" ? Yes, well probably. But "there are no coincidences.".....???
  9. Just been a 7.7, along with a few others in this area
  10. Okay, back to that 17 thing (and hopefully onward from there) (Ithink, could be wrong) The Events of around the solstice, which were Flaming Tower events and mostly centred in England were a run up and covered the turning point of the year. leading to July The Lion month. Lions are Kings as well as sun symbols, and Grid lines. (at least to me). So: rituals involving a Flaming Head or Tower and the Oak King of the Summer Solstice. An old Celtic imagery for inspiration, at least according to Robert Graves is an aok tree struck by lightning. Mithra is also depicted hlding a torch o, equivalent to Shiva's trident as. Mithra ( Ithink) =Maitreya, Mide, Mitre, solar Messiah . The 17th : CP B's 70th birthday: she is the Mother who replaced Princess Dii. William Arthur (bearing in mind the significance of Arthur's Wain, as part of Great Bear. pole star complex.) being announced as doing a practice ritual for CORONAtion. Catherine is possibly derived from HeCate, although that is rejected by the Oxford Dictionary people, but is related to Cathar or "pure". Years ago someone did a breakdown on the Castaneda works, his theory being that La Katerina was derived from the Archetype of the Wheel of Fortune (Fortuna being the Roman Goddess of Chance) and Catherine Wheel. It really does seem like William is going to be the next king. I'm looking for a predictive pattern in this: the 24th July (Julius Caesar ) should be the next step.Followed by 31/1 August (Augustus Caesar/ Octavian)
  11. Hypothetically: taking the Paris meridian at 2 East, makes 90 W, 88 W and 90 E. 92 E. I'll be watching things at those locales. As Hawaii in the above post is on the 180 line complex it's part of the World Tree for the antipodes. 2 mins Massive Laser Shooting Out of the Sun & Crazy Triangle Coronal Hole! New Info CERN Not really a 17 as such, but shows activity in the 4.9-5.5 range in the Pacific recently. Orange is last 24 hours Later zaps.... Oxford /Spain line (coinciding with this news: I think it was Anthony Patch who suggested doubts about a British royal's paternity and its connection to the previous King of Spain) William and Kate's 'trial coronation' Sarah Carty,Yahoo7 Be 1 hour 33 minutes ago He may be second in line to the throne but it appears Prince William’s coronation may be closer than anyone expected. According to a report in New Idea, the Queen is extremely eager for William and his wife, Kate Middleton, to step up to the job, as she knows how popular they are with the public. RELATED: Will Camilla ever be queen? RELATED: Why William and Harry say they 'let Diana down' In fact, it’s been claimed that the lavish state dinner to welcome the King of Queen of Spain to Kensington Palace last week was actually a ‘trial coronation’. Athens and Constaninople, and movement eastward.
  12. Very definitely agree unity. 17 is a number that keeps coming up again and again. Will track Events today. And thank you for your continued putting up of information: that video goes on my Fakebook page. ADD First Event (oh the horror) 70th birthday of Camilla Parker Bowles born 17 July 1947.
  13. Moving further eastwards. Another burning tower incident, this time in Hawaii. (A 16 year old boy has been arrsted for the London acid attacks) I'm expecting a 16 (July) Event/Events. Investigators look for cause of fatal Hawaii tower fire Ah geez.... Eight dead in wall collapse at Senegal's Demba Diop Eight people have died and at least 49 are injured after a wall collapsed at a football stadium in Senegal. Latest news from the "Moonman"; My Moonman was informative. The US Govt is being run from The Pentagon. Donny is just a renegade mouthpiece put into the White House to fail so that Pence becomes the real leader.
  14. Separate add: Just in from London. I would be almost certain that the recent Events form a constellation pattern in London. 80 minutes .....8 + 8 x 5 BREAKING: Police investigate FIVE 'linked' acid attacks in east London by 'men on mopeds' FIVE acid attacks which are believed to be linked were carried out in under 80 minutes last night.