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  1. Unsealed Bundy Ranch Murder INDICTMENT coming out of Albany, NY Grandjury of Northern Dist of NY Murder
  2. Four Dead, Many Injured After Shooting at Christmas Market in France - Police © REUTERS / Vincent Kessler Europe 22:36 11.12.2018(updated 01:29 12.12.2018) Get short URL 3714 Police in the French city of Strasbourg have reported that a shooting attack occurred near the city's famous Christmas Market. The total number of dead remains unclear, with the most recent local reports, citing police sources, claiming four people were killed. At least 10 are believed to have sustained injuries.
  3. #UPDATE: Minister says 35 Ukrainian ships are currently being stopped from passing through the Kerch Strait by Russian forces. A live look right now on @MarineTraffic app. Shows groups of Ukrainian ships on either side of Strait gathered together and being prevented safe passage
  4. Hi I M NOBody. I can remember when I heard about the actual assassination (in a school classroom); Jack is a common informal version of John.I remember both John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and Jack Kennedy being used.
  5. After: Re: UKRAINE/RUSSIA: Ukrainian Deputies are now ordered to get to the Rada. The Session will be in closed mode and the vote will be immediate!!!p527 gloop...../forum1/message2868789/pg527
  6. I've been bothered by the seeming inaction too. However the latest Simon Parkes video has a credible explanation: they're getting as many rats into the box via sealed indictments as possible before they strike. Hawaii according to Simon had 5.000 sealed indictments in the last month (I think). It's extremely easy for a rat with high level military and government connections with huge amounts of money to just vanish if it feels it's cornered. I do think very soon though.
  7. Interesting post unity I'll read it more fully in a bit. Re 17 Q is associated with 17. The Celts had two linguiistic distinctions in Britain: the Q Celts (the Irish) and the P Celts (the British/Welsh); Ceann in Irish means head, pen in British is the equivalent. Kennedy is a Norman clan and in Gaelic means "ugly head" most probably from the steel helms worn by Normans. Robert Graves (who is dubious in some respects) states that the Q Celts are matrilinear, that the C/Q comes from the call of the cuckoo, cucu, and that the symbolism of the bird involves the fact that it lays it's eggs in the nests of other birds. The P Celts (Pendragons) and patrilinear. Early English authors were very confused by the sucession of Irish kings in the old stories believing that they must have been killed, whereas they were succeeded by by a near male relative- a Tanist- chosen from the royal lineage. As They go for Bird symbolism perhaps there's a little story here? Joseph Kennedy has a bad reputation (bootlegger in partnership with the Mafia,"Nazi sympathiser" etc) but it is known that he advised and directed both JFK and RFK in their attempts at reform . Lately I've been getting 22:22s! This is getting interesting, as there's been a breakthrough here recently, small but significant. ADD Very PQuliar.. ammonium is associated with bats guano, and also with Ammon/Amun as in Siwa oasis. Some sort of ritual being held there involving bat/death symbolism?
  8. Really odd weather here at the moment. Hot sunny summer day outside, but predicted to be several days of severe storminess Anomaly at 120 E.
  9. Quote from unity " Just how do you explain the weird pattern of separated houses gets burned down neatly like that, not even engulfed by the fire from mountain side!!?? ......Just like 911? " Smart meters I think. . Are you in favor of fire regulations that put the safety of residents first? At least hundreds of electrical fires, explosions, and other electrical hazards have been caused by ‘smart’ meters. Like most other smart meters, PG&E’s meters are not UL certified, as is required by electrical code for all electric appliances within the home. Smart meters are potential ignition sources and remove utility personnel from neighborhoods. If meter readers had been present in San Bruno, would the gas leak have been detected in time to prevent the destruction of the neighborhood? Whistleblowers have reported unsafe installations. Here is another whistleblower’s story in Alabama.
  10. A ‘dark matter hurricane’ is storming past Earth And it could help scientist detect the strange substance. By Chelsea Gohd | Published: Monday, November 12, 2018 Yesterday there was very intense lightning activity just north of Giza. Today shows activity at Barcelona. A few days earlier the Straits were active. Is there a complex under the Rock of Gibraltar ( tip of a mountain) dating back to the Atlantean era associated with Atlas/Atlantis ? May research this a little more when I have the time This is speculative: is the mountain that constitutes Gibraltar one of the qaf or peg mountains, and possibly a sacred site thousands of years ago with underground complexes.and tunnels that ran to other locations, including Africa? It the entries were by coastal caves they would have been covered by the sea to a depth of 120 metres at the end of the Ice Age about 1 metre a century between approximately 19,000 and 6,000 years ago.
  11. PG&E The Rothschilds own California utility company and they had directed energy weapons start the fires January 22, 2018
  12. Not too sure this will show. Thousand Oaks mentioned. And in Australia (I lived in Werribee in 2007, and there was a strong Muslim presence as wll as a couple of raids I knew about). News - 20181110
  13. Caught On Video: Concerned citizen sees ballots being transported in private vehicles & transferred to rented truck on Election night. This violates all chain of custody requirements for paper ballots. Were the ballots destroyed & replaced...
  14. Hypothesizing a 31/1st progression to 5 November than to 11 November and 22 November , which is full moon and the anniversary of JFK's murder. I was taking to a friend about 11:11 which she sees all the time a couple of days ago. Armistice Day, held on November 11 every year, commemorates the signing of the armistice between the Allies and Germany at 11am on 11 November 1918 - the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. PM on Fakebook. " Did you see the mass shooting in US? 11 plus the cop. And the woman drowned in the Otira flood yesterday? Had 11 kids and dies close to the 11th second of the map reference. " Drowned woman's name is Rejoice Steadfast. was standing alongside the Haupiri River when the bank collapsed." Those could be the wrong casualty numbers above, if this is the shooting... " Thirteen people were killed last night at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California late last night. The shooting took place at 11:20 PM Pacific Time. Police Sgt. Ron Helus was shot dead after he entered the bar and grill. The unarmed doorman was also killed. What we know so far about the Thousand Oaks mass shooting: - 13 people killed, including Ventura County sheriff sergeant and gunman - Location: Borderline Bar and Grill - Family unification center: 1375 E. Janss Rd. - Emergency hotline: 805-465-6650 [link to] … 8:03 AM - Nov 8, 2018 The gunman was wearing all black and had facial hair. The gunman is 29-year-old. Ian Long The shooter was identified as Ian Long. He drove his mother’s car to the bar. Heavily tattooed.Ex Marine. ... Some survivors of the Las Vegas mass shooting were inside the Borderline Bar in Thousand Oaks, Calif., when a gunman opened fire just before midnight on Wednesday, killing 12. Hundreds of people were inside the venue for "college country night" when shots rang at around 11:20 p.m. The shooter was dead inside the bar, police said. It was unclear how he died. Chandler Gunn, 23, of Newberry Park, called a friend who works at the Borderline Bar & Grill, who was also at Route 91 in Las Vegas, "A lot of people in the Route 91 situation go here," he said, referring to the mass shooting last year in Las Vegas. "There's people that live a whole lifetime without seeing this, and then there’s people that have seen it twice."
  15. "Below is source, have a read, it explains just about everything we've seen taking place in this country. The USA is the main object in the way of the NWO. It can't come into being, unless they take us down. " Sometimes I think Americans need to know just how much others admire them. There would be no American Dream without Americans. We talk about this out in the badlands (NZ has no constitution only a vague pretense at one)- affection, deep respect and You Stand, We Stand With You are the keynotes.