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  1. Who was on the bus: Eliot Engel Adam Schiff Mark Takano Susan Davis Stephen Lynch Elaine Luria There might be one more since it was supposed to be seven congress types.
  2. They have my attention...
  3. Not the best title but it will do until a better one comes along. In the Antarctica thread, I posted an initial image I found on Mt Erebus. At first, I believed this anomalous structure was actually, physically, present under the ice, and was visible in this image due to an ice melt. I no longer believe that. I want to propose a new line of thinking about these structures. Let me start by stating what I know about these structures. They are real. If you examine the detail closely, you can plainly see the intelligent and very intricate design that they all have. They are not at the physical Google Earth coordinates shown, this is obvious as they only show up in certain images of a certain surface frequency. So, if not at the physical GE location, then where? They have to be somewhere. Is someone inserting these images into GE imagery deliberately? Unlikely, too big a task. Are they showing up randomly, perhaps according to frequency? Did the timelines merge and we are seeing two timelines caught in the act of a merge? That seems unlikely as well. Are they perhaps internal and for some reason as yet unknown, we are able to see them? It is for certain that they can be seen. They all exhibit the same colors, (frequencies) Red, Purple, Green and Blue. The image I am posting here today is from Argentina. Please download it and magnify it, or better yet, go to Google Earth and look for your self. I have found hundreds of these structures in Argentina, just like this one, in a 630 sq mile area. In fact, there may be thousands in this area. This is important because of the wide area these structures seem to cover, worldwide in fact. Coordinates for this image 41 49 10.06S, 71 39 16.57W Date is 2-10-2004. As long as you are in this date image you will see hundreds of these structures. This is at 5000ft elevation in the shadows on the side of this mountain. I think these are ancient structures, and I think they are what might be driving everything, an engine of sorts. If so, what does it run on? What is the power source? Does it produce heat or does it run cold? Are they, or were they, on Earth, or perhaps somewhere else? Why can we see them?? To be continued...
  4. Since we are talking about the term 'lost at sea', a couple of years ago when I first learned about this, I searched my own B/C number and SSN on I don't remember the exact number, but I... as a fiction... had somewhere around 15,000 companies that had invested in me...that is... me as a fiction. All together, those investments are worth many billions to the investment owners. Uniform Commercial Code. Governs everything.
  5. They are pointing out the big difference in the use of language. JFK jr was 'lost at sea' but not necessarily dead, if you consider the legal use of the language 'lost at sea'. We are all 'lost at sea' would be a very correct statement, yet we are not all deceased. The bottom line is really simple... the use of language is what some would call magic, as in casting a magic spell.(spelling and the putting together of those spelled words).
  6. You are automatically 'lost at sea' as soon as your mother registered your birth certificate. You became a 'fiction' as opposed to a real person. You were/are treated the same as a commerce ship which was actually lost at sea. The result of all of this makes you a 'citizen' of the United States Inc., and not a sovereign individual of These United States Of America.
  7. Good question Jammer. At least two of those options are on the table, not sure yet about the future one. Although, past, present and future are all happening at the same time...('time' being used strictly in context with the statement). If then this is so, consciousness can access all three if consciousness is properly understood. I believe that these structures we can see on Earth, are not physically in this dimension, not physically at those coordinates. Why would an advance technological civilization build such a huge complex... on the side of a mountain? Taking the simpler path is easier for me. These images are being inserted into GE images. Actively or passively, I couldn't say. To see them requires no focused attention or theta frequency or meditative state on anyone's part... just click and look. Yet there they are. Since finding the same type of structures on Mars, maybe that is where the Earth images came from and someone (?) is putting them on GE for everyone to see. The structures/complexes are real and intelligently built. Close examination of the detail will bear that out. That is all that I am certain of at this time. The rest, of course, is speculation, but I believe the correct answer is but one of a few choices.
  8. Yep, that's interesting. Not only did the M.E say the death date was 7-16-1999, he even put in the time of 9:41PM on the 16th. Hmmm... Download and enlarge
  9. Last image I will post from Mars. Same location as first Mars image. Echus Chasma. 02 04 49.97N, 81 05 52.21W . I don't know if this is really there or not. I believe it is a real complex, but since there are no historical images for Mars or Moon, I can't verify whether it is physically there or just showing up like the ones on Earth. Maybe the images of structures we see on Earth are from Mars. If you look at this area on Mars, it does look like it was purposely washed out to cover the evidence. This is much like what can be seen in Hale Crater on Mars. Anyway...
  10. Another 'circuit board' image. This image has been inverted and sharpened a lot to bring out the detail, I also ran it through curves. For those who wish to travel a little further to see this area, the coordinates are 04 33 32.02N, 81 12 32.32W . Oh... this is on Mars but this is not about Mars, it is about these structures that are everywhere.
  11. Thx... I hate debunking cool stuff though
  12. Slightly different but taken at same time. No Q
  13. It's photo shopped. A little blurry but you can see there is no Q
  14. @Panx... I ran the image through FotoForensics. The Q does not appear to be photo shopped although the image was run through Adobe Photo shop, but most likely for sharpening and contrast type of thing. Do you have a link to the original source image?
  15. 41 33 29.54S, 71 40 24.13W 5500 ft, side of mountain.
  16. I think this needs it's own thread, so here is my Mars Evidence PDF, (which is in my signature here). I am also reposting a few images from the PDF for you to see what I am talking about. What I am interested in is YOU seeing what I see, and in order for you to do that, you have to see what I am seeing from my perspective. What that means is ...when you go to Google Mars you have to put the 'N' on the compass/pointer in the upper right corner to the eight O'clock position. Follow the instructions in the PDF, it is easy. If you look from another perspective, you won't see what I see as it all 'blends' together in the brain. If someone knows of a reputable remote viewer please let me know as I want to have this area RV'd. Happy hunting. Oh... you might have to spend some time on this map... Please don't get discouraged if you don't see anything right away, keep looking and you will see. The PDF can be downloaded here.. rs Map: PSP_008427_1380
  17. Yep, I watched. Notebook is legit I would think.
  18. Did you notice in the first vid at 34:23 the notes say 'Rand' = c*i*a (stars are mine)
  19. Yes, I think we really don't know a whole lot about where we live and I think if we were to find out what Earth really is, it would freak out a lot of people. And yes... A giant complex computer system is probably as close to the truth as we will get. But not just a computer system as we understand computers, it looks like a very mechanical system which is more than likely controlled by some computer somewhere. I see vents and pipes and tubes and doors and what looks like heat sinks, ribs and just a lot of mechanical looking stuff that you wouldn't necessarily expect to see in advanced tech. Unless that tech was holding a planet together. Years ago, Joe Skipper from Mars Anomaly Research did a report, with images, about banding on the Moon. You could see the banding running from pole to pole. I think Cliff High also has talked about banding on the Moon too. Banding is not what we see in these structures, but the effect of banding would be an added benefit of the overall structure. I'm starting to ramble so I'll end this here. RS
  20. Yes B, all the 'circuit board design' structures are connected, imo. It could be and probably is that all of them are just one construction, one very big construction. They show up in bits and pieces worldwide solely based on the frequency of the particular GE image. The frequency of light that presents itself is allowing these images to be included in the GE images. This is all my speculation of course, but it seems to be the case. Beyond this... I just don't know. I would LOVE some input from people, some theories based on what is known about them. Thus far, I have found these structures all over the world to include the Arctic circle and Area 51 , NZ, Canada, North America, Diego Garcia, South America, and Antarctica. There are probably more as there have been several thousand found so far. One unit. One machine to control everything. My wife said it's time for my meds now...
  21. 7 minutes. More areas. Better quality.
  22. New years celebration at the Fusca's house. Apparently, Vincent dresses like this all the time.
  23. This video is short but pretty good. This was recorded in terrain mode which gives you more 3D effect. The tilt is 32deg. This structure isn't really curved like this, it takes on the terrain attributes of the real surface.. ie the mountain. Nice effect though.