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  1. I think this needs it's own thread, so here is my Mars Evidence PDF, (which is in my signature here). I am also reposting a few images from the PDF for you to see what I am talking about. What I am interested in is YOU seeing what I see, and in order for you to do that, you have to see what I am seeing from my perspective. What that means is ...when you go to Google Mars you have to put the 'N' on the compass/pointer in the upper right corner to the eight O'clock position. Follow the instructions in the PDF, it is easy. If you look from another perspective, you won't see what I see as it all 'blends' together in the brain. If someone knows of a reputable remote viewer please let me know as I want to have this area RV'd. Happy hunting. Oh... you might have to spend some time on this map... Please don't get discouraged if you don't see anything right away, keep looking and you will see. The PDF can be downloaded here.. rs Map: PSP_008427_1380
  2. No. Vincent from Pittsburgh is a real person. The Vincent Fusca 2024 twitter page is not the real VF, it is Ray Parrish, who is using the VF/JFKjr thing to his advantage. Some people on his twitter actually think he is JFKjr... and he is not denying it. Major LARP.
  3. linky work now...
  4. Link not working for me. I assume it is Vincent Fusca 2024 twit? Vincent Fusca 2024 is Ray Parrish. He has been a member of twitter since 2009 but none of the original twit/ FB links are still active. He capitalized on the Fusca being JFKjr thing and is not saying otherwise. If you go back on his twit to before the Fusca thing became known, he doesn't mention anything about JFKjr or Fusca. I believe that when you change your user name/pic, it changes it all the way back.
  5. Just to keep things clear, and to weed out those who would keep things more confusing than they already are concerning Vincent Fusca, I post the following. From Vincent Fusca 2024 twitter acct. This is a tweet from Jul 28 2016. Notice VF is running for Congress under the Green party of Arizona., District One. A quick check of the candidates running in 2016 under the green Party shows who Vincent Fusca 2024 really is.
  6. More Fusca follies... This is from the Erie PA rally. Gent in blue suit was standing next to Fusca during the rally. Compare the noses between Fusca and the blue suit gent.
  7. Trees burning from the inside exactly how microwave radiation cooks food in your microwave... from the inside out. The burn evidence from California is the same as the evidence Dr Judy Wood put forth in her book. She has a video that lays it all out. She believes, according to the evidence, that directed energy weapons were responsible for the towers falling on 9-11. Then there is this...
  8. Among those freaking out over Whitakers appointment would have to be the Clintons.
  9. Just leaving this thought here. Jeff Sessions has stepped (fired/resigned, doesn't matter) down from AG. Matthew G Whitaker, (former AG chief of staff) appointed as temporary AG. Many think that Trey Gowdy will be appointed as permanent AG... I think that is a good assumption as well... But... in keeping with the JFK jr is alive theory (it is still a theory)... perhaps JFK jr will be appointed the new AG. As a point of fact, JFK jr served as asst District Atty in New York for four years. Also a point of fact... he would not need an active/current law license to be AG, only the past experience of being an attorney. Somehow this scenario gives me a satisfying warm fuzzy
  10. Yeah, my eyes are a bit crossed from all the looking. Go here and at 06:59 right over Trump's shoulder. The other rally you mentioned might be Youngstown 7-25-17
  11. Yes you are correct. The previous one is Tampa, which I don't think is Lauren... too far from the Fusca group, I guess. The second one is from W Virginia with Fusca just a few people away. I just ran across it while searching. The video with the first lady is Tampa 7-31-2018
  12. I can't tell. could be... maybe
  13. Here is a comparison from W VA rally and Fusca is real close. You know, an overlay is not the best way to compare. Someone who looks like someone else will have a close overlay match anyway. It is better to compare side by side photos. Anyway... here is the overlay comparison
  14. I found it. It was the Tampa rally on 7-31-18. At one point she leans over and talks to the guy on her right in a green ball cap, not that it means much . I would think that Lauren would be among the entourage... so to speak.
  15. I say... hmmmmmmmm... I remember seeing that lady at a rally. Now I will have to go and look for myself. Do you know which rally?
  16. One more of Lisa smiling..
  17. I think I have found several recent (2014) pictures of Lisa Bessette. I am basing this on a 2007 image of her husband Howard Lay. Lisa and Howard are both art history professors and each year they take the undergrads to Paris to study renaissance art. First image Howard Lay 2007 for a baseline. Second image is Lisa Bessette with her mother around 2000. It is shortly after the memorial. The rest of the images are from Paris (2014) but I think Howard and Lisa stand out from the students. Lisa is the redhead with long hair and she is in most of the group pics with Howard. I did all of this to try and compare these images of Lisa with the rally images, and seeing that they are identical twins, maybe something would jump out. If Lauren is alive she should look just like Lisa, or real close.
  18. Wow B, you have been busy Yep, I have seen everything in that video in the source videos. It's a good video. The overlay comparisons of VF and JFK jr are intriguing for sure, and the lady at the rallies to me, looks like CBK. She has the same facial structure and the small differences could be just the age difference. If JFK jr is at the rallies disguised as VF, well, I just don't know that... for sure. I can only speculate given the evidence so far. It is compelling though. I do think the lady at the rallies could very well be CBK, too me she looks just like her, and she does play to the camera as VF does not. In the video they circled another blonde lady who looks a bit like Melanie Griffith. I looked at that entire rally video and she knows the other blonde lady to her right. At one point they take a selfie together. For reference, she has been called the 'glamorous lady'. Where did you find that pic of Lisa? That is not Lisa Bessette by the way, it is Louise Besstte a piano player from Canada. and given the fact that Lisa Bessette (and her husband) are art history professors at univ of mich at Ann Arbor... Given all the info from Q about JFK and JFK jr, I am about as certain as I can be that JFK jr is alive. Back to plodding...
  19. I think Vincent is real. There is enough traceable evidence on him and his family for that. Property records show that Vincent and his wife Catherine live at 408 Woodland Hills Dr, Churchill PA. Facebook pages show Cathy with Amadeo, and other FB pages show Amadeo with Vincent. There are FB pages showing Amadeo with brothers Damiano and Vincent jr together. I can connect the whole immediate family through FB, and other site pages. The Fusca family is real. Cathy Fusca has been the art director for the local Columbus Day Parade for 25 years. Vincent and Cathy both run the Calabria Club, located at their house. The club is for Italian folks to get together. Vincent jr (Trump hater) manages the New York New York store in the mall which is owned by Vincent sr and Cathy. Damiano is a film director and producer with a lot of credits. Amadeo also has lots of acting credits. This family is as real an entity as can be. What doesn't seem real at all is how they manage to keep it all together in light of their political differences, and I mean Vincent as the political enemy of the family. What I know for sure is one thing... the women with VF at the rallies is not his wife. It could be that the woman is not Carolyn but is someone else, shorter than Carolyn, and that it is really Vincent at the rallies. Perhaps, and this is a big perhaps, the woman at the rallies is Lauren who is shorter than Carolyn accounting for the height difference. I am trying to find a recent picture of Lisa Bessette as they were identical twins. I know where Lisa lives and works and who she is married to these days, but neither her or her husband have any images that I can find on their professional pages. Onward through the fog...
  20. Yes the hairline is what I noticed too. Plus the facial features look to be the same, and the age seems right. I don't get it either. The whole family is over the top political. It would surely ruin a marriage and distance you from your children.
  21. Well... sure, this looks like a Q. And yes, image is US Army at FT Knox KY, 1st Theater Sustainment Command. But the Army will tell you this is a representation of their unit patch (see below) which points to 10:30 because they always complete the mission before the eleventh hour. And then there is this... Please see second and third image below. I found this on someone's twitter. They think that the person in front is JFK jr. I have to say... this is what I think JFK jr might look like today. The comparison image is not mine, came from twitter.
  22. I'll bet not too many investigating VF have seen this picture before. Vincent Fusca is a current member of the Republican Committee of Allegheny County PA. Pic of him and among others, Donald Trump jr. Correction to my post above re: VF running for state senate. Not true, he is running for Republican State Committee (RSC).
  23. Yes I did know that. To fly the flag upside down is a known distress signal, or to say 'we are in trouble'. Vincent's upside down pocket flag did not go unnoticed. Here are a couple images from Vincent Fusca jr, age 42, facebook page from a couple days ago. It seems that not only the Costa's are Dem but the Fusca's too... except for Vincent snr. Inset is Vincent Fusca jr and daughter Ruby (ruby cute). Not sure what to make of this. What would make Vince sr the only one to be Rep... and a real fanatic about it too. Has to be hard on the whole family. Vince jr manages Vince sr's store. There is not one mention on Cathy's FB page about her husband (VF) running for state senate. She does however post about the Dem stuff all the time including a recent post about her cousin Jay Costa, a Dem state senator. Maybe I misread Vince running for the senate, but I don't think so. Check the candidacy image below. The address is correct for VF sr.
  24. This might be a stretch, but I'm putting it here anyway. Upper left is of course Vincent Fusca/JFK jr and the flag handkerchief. All the rest are JFK jr. I know a lot of people wear the handkerchief point up, but still it is an interesting comparison.
  25. Quite the rabbit hole...