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  1. No. Vincent from Pittsburgh is a real person. The Vincent Fusca 2024 twitter page is not the real VF, it is Ray Parrish, who is using the VF/JFKjr thing to his advantage. Some people on his twitter actually think he is JFKjr... and he is not denying it. Major LARP.
  2. linky work now...
  3. Link not working for me. I assume it is Vincent Fusca 2024 twit? Vincent Fusca 2024 is Ray Parrish. He has been a member of twitter since 2009 but none of the original twit/ FB links are still active. He capitalized on the Fusca being JFKjr thing and is not saying otherwise. If you go back on his twit to before the Fusca thing became known, he doesn't mention anything about JFKjr or Fusca. I believe that when you change your user name/pic, it changes it all the way back.
  4. Just to keep things clear, and to weed out those who would keep things more confusing than they already are concerning Vincent Fusca, I post the following. From Vincent Fusca 2024 twitter acct. This is a tweet from Jul 28 2016. Notice VF is running for Congress under the Green party of Arizona., District One. A quick check of the candidates running in 2016 under the green Party shows who Vincent Fusca 2024 really is.
  5. More Fusca follies... This is from the Erie PA rally. Gent in blue suit was standing next to Fusca during the rally. Compare the noses between Fusca and the blue suit gent.
  6. Trees burning from the inside exactly how microwave radiation cooks food in your microwave... from the inside out. The burn evidence from California is the same as the evidence Dr Judy Wood put forth in her book. She has a video that lays it all out. She believes, according to the evidence, that directed energy weapons were responsible for the towers falling on 9-11. Then there is this...
  7. Among those freaking out over Whitakers appointment would have to be the Clintons.
  8. Just leaving this thought here. Jeff Sessions has stepped (fired/resigned, doesn't matter) down from AG. Matthew G Whitaker, (former AG chief of staff) appointed as temporary AG. Many think that Trey Gowdy will be appointed as permanent AG... I think that is a good assumption as well... But... in keeping with the JFK jr is alive theory (it is still a theory)... perhaps JFK jr will be appointed the new AG. As a point of fact, JFK jr served as asst District Atty in New York for four years. Also a point of fact... he would not need an active/current law license to be AG, only the past experience of being an attorney. Somehow this scenario gives me a satisfying warm fuzzy
  9. Yeah, my eyes are a bit crossed from all the looking. Go here and at 06:59 right over Trump's shoulder. The other rally you mentioned might be Youngstown 7-25-17
  10. Yes you are correct. The previous one is Tampa, which I don't think is Lauren... too far from the Fusca group, I guess. The second one is from W Virginia with Fusca just a few people away. I just ran across it while searching. The video with the first lady is Tampa 7-31-2018
  11. I can't tell. could be... maybe
  12. Here is a comparison from W VA rally and Fusca is real close. You know, an overlay is not the best way to compare. Someone who looks like someone else will have a close overlay match anyway. It is better to compare side by side photos. Anyway... here is the overlay comparison
  13. I found it. It was the Tampa rally on 7-31-18. At one point she leans over and talks to the guy on her right in a green ball cap, not that it means much . I would think that Lauren would be among the entourage... so to speak.
  14. I say... hmmmmmmmm... I remember seeing that lady at a rally. Now I will have to go and look for myself. Do you know which rally?
  15. One more of Lisa smiling..