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  1. Why graphene hasn’t taken over the world...yet A couple observations I've made C60 is found at the edges of volcanoes, while the molten lava, itself, is silicate. (which creates green beads/gemstones + strands of hair like glass) Now I stumbled upon this video tonight, and about 3:20 or so in, it's being said that for graphene (carbon)to replace silicon in electronics, it has to prove it's better. I can't help but think back to bezerk, at the same time wonder IF there is a very basic and earthy struggle going on between silicon and carbon. We are carbon based life forms, is/has there been some sort of chemical revolution trying to change that? Or was it changed at some point long ago? disclaimer: random thoughts
  2. Large "Fire" Bird Spotted Near Yellowstone - Strange object moving WAY too fast over UK! This one has many strange things in it.....the bird = phoenix rising? otherwise wth is that? @unity think we have a prepping thread on site, will look for it tomorrow.
  3. SPECIAL: A geothermal timeline - Puna fights development from 2013 for gen info Tuesday, July 17, 2018 - HAWAIIAN VOLCANO OBSERVATORY STATUS REPORT (USGS)
  4. Links: Lindsey Graham says Russian ‘spy-ball’ gift from Putin can't be trusted snip to last sentence "Upon return to the US, the ball will almost certainly be picked apart by Q-Branch, while Graham sips a martini and celebrates another day of saving the Western world from the red menace." New Text Messages PROVE OBAMA WHITE HOUSE Was Involved with Trump Campaign Spying! Explosive Strzok Hearing Fully Decoded-Must Watch!!
  5. UPDATE, PHOTOS: Lava Bomb Rips Through Tour Boat Roof 7-16-2018
  6. The Press Conference Pres. Trump/Putin yesterday LIVE : Trump / Putin Helsinki press conference Yep, Putin dropped a yuge bomb. $400 Million went from Russia, via US intel agents, to HRC. I wonder when we're going to hit critical mass?
  7. Links for info: This one has to do with Peter Strzok. Something very off about this guy.
  8. My deal is the only Brexit deal - wreck it at your peril: THERESA MAY's steely warning to Tory rebels AND those bully boys from Brussels July 14, 2018 Theresa May "Our Brexit deal for Britain seizes the moment to deliver the democratic decision of the British people and secure a bright new future for our country outside the European Union. It restores our national sovereignty, so that it is our Government that decides who comes into our country, our Parliaments that make our laws and our courts that enforce them. It puts an end to the vast membership subscriptions we pay to Brussels, delivering a Brexit dividend to support domestic priorities like our long-term plan for the NHS. It grasps the opportunities of an independent trade policy, freeing us to forge new trade deals with allies across the world – including America, where President Trump has made it clear he wants a trade deal and is now confident we will be able to do it. And it enables us to build the new economic and security partnerships we want to see with the European Union. Because Brexit isn’t about trading with other countries instead of trading with Europe, it is about doing both." Theresa May said: 'This is the scale of the opportunity before us and my message to the country this weekend is simple: we need to keep our eyes on the prize. If we don’t, we risk ending up with no Brexit at all' This is the scale of the opportunity before us and my message to the country this weekend is simple: we need to keep our eyes on the prize. If we don’t, we risk ending up with no Brexit at all. This is a time to be practical and pragmatic – backing our plan to get Britain out of the European Union on March 29 next year and delivering for the British people. I know there are some who have concerns about the ‘common rule book’ for goods and the customs arrangements which we have proposed will underpin the new UK-EU free trade area." snip
  9. Hell for Elon Musk Is a Midsize Sedan Tom Randall, Josh Eidelman, Dana Hull & John Lippert July 12, 2018 "Will the Model 3 make Tesla a real car company? On July 1, Elon Musk went home to sleep. The chief executive of Tesla Inc. had been camping out at his electric car factory in Fremont, Calif., for much of the past week. He’d been sleeping on a couch, or under a desk, as part of a companywide push to get out of what he calls “production hell” by manufacturing at least 5,000 of Tesla’s new Model 3 sedans in a week. “I was wearing the same clothes for five days,” Musk says in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek. “My credibility, the credibility of the whole team,” was at stake. Musk initially promised as many as 200,000 Model 3s by the end of 2017. To get there he planned an unprecedented investment in factory robots, calling the production line “the machine that builds the machine.” He’d said it would look like “alien dreadnought”—a manufacturing process so futuristic, unstoppable, and cost-effective that it would seem extraterrestrial. It hasn’t worked out that way. Tesla ended 2017 having made not quite 2,700 Model 3s. As of the end of June it had turned out about 41,000, and some analysts express doubts about whether it will ever be able to show a profit on the car, and Tesla hasn’t even started selling the $35,000 base model. Making matters worse, Tesla has $10 billion in debt and suffered a credit downgrade in March. It’s spent about a billion dollars more per quarter, on average, than it has taken in over the past year, and the cost of a recently announced factory in China is still unknown. Tesla is running out of cash at a time when competition is heating up—Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler, and others plan to release dozens of electric car models." snip kind of feel bad for him
  10. Big Island: Does Anyone Really Miss The Puna Geothermal Plant? Jason Armstrong July 13, 2018 "Hawaii Electric Light Co. has plenty of power despite the shutdown of the plant which was damaged by lava. POHOIKI, Hawaii Island – For the first time in 25 years, geothermal energy in volcano country is not powering any Big Island homes or businesses – and seemingly no one has noticed. Electrical customers have not suffered a single blackout or been asked to conserve energy as a result of the Kilauea eruption having forced the privately owned Puna Geothermal Venture to close unexpectedly two months ago, said Jay Ignacio, Hawaii Electric Light Co. president." snip
  11. A good read Tx to an AC
  12. Lemuria Discovered: Sunken Continent of Ancient Civilizations
  13. Crop failures = one of the most important aspects to all this geo-induced weather worldwide. Then add volcanoes that cover crops such as Coconuts, mangoes, macadamia nuts, coffee bean plants, avocados, pineapple, etc. All the droughts/floods affecting grain growth and freezes affecting tree fruit, grapes, etc. Geo-engineering has been going on since the 1940's at least. So it took about 75 years to mess it up, how long for mother earth to fix it I wonder? Intelligence does not appear to be humanity's strong suit. Think what an absolutely gorgeous planet this must have been, long, long ago.
  14. Mount Michael starting to Erupt - More volcanoes awaken - 6 days from planetary position
  15. Don't Drink the Water: DC Warns Thousands of Contamination Risk Andrea Swalec July 13, 2018 snip video "The advisory sparked fear and confusion among some city residents, who asked why they learned of the problem on social media and from news reports rather than from DC Water or the city government If you live in D.C., you may have to boil your water. DC Water is advising tens of thousands of residents and businesses in a major portion of the city not to drink or cook with tap water without boiling it because of a contamination risk As News4 was first to report, a problem with the water system that began Thursday night made it "possible for contaminants to enter the water" in parts of Northwest and Northeast D.C., the utility said in a statement early Friday. snip video Officials detected a water pressure drop about 8:30 p.m. Thursday and issued an emergency alert about 4:35 a.m. Friday. Authorities say there is no information indicating that any water was contaminated; the "boil water advisory" is a precaution. DC Water says it is safe to bathe and shower, but to avoid swallowing the water." snip