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  1. Has Tutankhamun's wife finally been found? Archaeologists believe the body of Ankhesenamun may lie in a newly-discovered tomb in Egypt Tim Collins July 19, 2017 "The wife of Ancient Egypt's most famous ruler may have been uncovered in the Valley of The Kings. Egyptologists have discovered what they believe is the burial chamber of Ankhesenamun, Tutankhamun's wife. If confirmed, it could help to unravel the final fate of the boy king's wife, who suddenly disappeared from historical records after her second marriage. The wife of Ancient Egypt's most famous ruler may have been uncovered in the Valley of The Kings (pictured). Egyptologists have discovered what they believe is the burial chamber of Ankhesenamun, Tutankhamun's wife (stock image) World renowned archaeologist and former Egyptian minister for antiquities, Zahi Hawass, uncovered the burial plot near the tomb of the pharaoh Ay. Ankhesenamun, who was married to Tutankhamun, who reigned from 1332 to 1327 BC, was wed with Ay after Tutankhamun's sudden death. Ay ruled immediately after King Tut, from 1327 to 1323 BC. Evidence of foundation deposits, caches of pottery, food remains and other tools, suggest the construction of a tomb at the site. The team plan to excavate the newly discovered chamber to determine exactly who is inside." snip
  2. Thanks Foop for bringing this thread to the forefront. Think all smart appliances, driverless cars, cell phones, and the human brain being connected via this technology. I have been delving into 5G since this thread and after Phillipbbg posted a video that I will repost here to start. Plus links to a couple articles of interest and other pertinent videos. 5G - The Elephant in Your Living Room - Tx Phillipbbg EPIC!! 5G, SMART GRID, A.I. & THE COMING GLOBAL BRAIN Please pay attention to 30 minutes in what they are saying about my favorite subject - GRAPHENE!!!!!! (Our black goo terraforming, hive mind, creating crap??) Aco was 100% correct when he said Bezerk was far more encompassing than we knew! 5G Transhumanism and the Collective Surrendering of Freewill 5G and IoT: Total Technological Control Grid Being Rolled Out Fast - tech and science This video at 5:25 min in, just explained the chat Aco had with Nex and Housedad on Evony back in May of 2011, and how we'd all be conductors/connected through chips. Through graphene and smart dust nano tech, we don't even have to be chipped individually, as we are breathing those chips in. Is 5G technology dangerous? Early data shows a slight increase of tumors in male rats exposed to cellphone radiation Strange, Small Cell Towers Are Popping Up: 5G and the Future of Harmful Frequencies I know everyone has a life and is busy, but it seems that this 5G wifi, is something we all need to take quite seriously.
  3. President Trump Visits with Survivors from the USS Arizona 76 years ago and these few still stand, amazing, and amazing stories!
  4. CAPTURED: ISIS Jihadis Fleeing Terror Zone Wearing Padded Bras, Dresses And Garish Makeup – Forgetting Something?!? July 23, 2017 Kristie McDonald "AN ISIS fighter trying to flee Mosul as coalition forces close in attempted to escape by slathering himself in garish makeup – but forgot about his facial hair. That made one ugly woman. <<(omg!) As reported by The Express, The Jihadi had powdered his face, applied obscene amounts of purple eyeshadow with thick black eyeliner, plucked and heavily filled in his bushy eyebrows, drawn on some beauty spots and finished the look with painted on red lips. He was also wearing a headscarf to try and make his outfit look more authentic. But the fanatic had overlooked one crucial part of his look – he had forgotten shave off his beard and moustache which – an immediate giveaway that he was not a real woman. A photo taken before dressing up shows a bushier beard and eyebrows, indicated he had made some attempt to tame his unruly facial hair. He was quickly snared while trying to flee the frontline in Mosul, as ISIS’ territory is now decimated following the coordinated efforts of coalition forces. But he is not the only one who has attempted to use a female disguises to get out the city and evade justice." snip other pictures below.....! I will refrain from expressing my thoughts, other than disgust that they just had to bomb and destroy monuments as they ran, trying to save their hides.
  5. A mini gold rush has descended on Northern California Michelle Robertson July 21, 2017 Photo: James Tensuan James Tensuan, Special To The Chronicle A man pans for gold at the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historical Park in Coloma, Calif. on Saturday, March 5, 2016. "When asking seasoned miners about this year’s so-called gold rush in Northern California, it can be a challenge to obtain trustworthy information. “People who are smart don’t advertise what they’ve found,” said Bob Van Camp, better known as “Digger Bob.” “If you’re finding nuggets in an area, you don’t tell anyone about it; I’ve made that mistake before.” After all, if you’re a professional miner looking to make your fortune, it’s the nuggets you’re after. Flakes and dust are milquetoast – and altogether worthless – compared to heavy chunks of the shiny yellow stuff. Northern California was pelted with record rainfall this winter, and miners predicted that once all the water washed away, gold would be left in its wake. It appears that their predictions are panning out. “Folks are finding more gold — ‘flood gold’ — than usual this year,” said Diana Clayton, president of the Shasta Miners & Prospectors Association, which owns seven claims throughout Northern California and boasts about 350 members." snip GOLD RUSH AT OROVILLE DAM! BLM SAYS "KEEP OUT" - FLOOD GOLD RUSH In NORCAL LOL BLM says the flooding didn't expose any gold because this was all mined in 1800-1900's. So then all that new scouring and breakdown of that bedrock couldn't possibly have brought forth any new deposits? Or is BLM admitting that the spillway and dam weren't actually built on stable bedrock in the first place, but on filled land, and that's why this disaster occurred? Can't have it both ways.
  6. @unity were you aware of this? TURIN SHROUD Images REVEAL Words 'THE LAMB' Written on Object Under The Beard
  8. Bank of America GLITCH Creates Havoc as Customers LOCKED OUT of Bank Accounts!
  9. @phillipbbg How very interesting. #Killshot - Sun unloads a High Speed giant storm - Creates 'Full Halo' Solar Killshot Erupts... at Mars | S0 News July.23.2017
  10. they were having eq and everything went down, now back up Homeland Security: Fire Near East Yellowstone Entrance, Yellowstone Lake , Mary Bay Closed
  11. $241.5 Million? The article I saw said $20 Million! Quite a difference in reported amounts. Were you aware that The Clinton Foundation's only approved function was to raise money for the Clinton Library? Nothing else. A very interesting link to a post named An Open Letter to the Los Angeles Music Industry and Law Enforcement Agencies, originally a twitter post by someone using the handle #Swordfish on July 22, 2017, in which he gives 48 hours for his demands to be met, and if not, what will be released. The whole letter is at the following link. The original tweet mentions Chris Cornell, and says Chester Bennington was the last straw. Here is a link to the tweet hmm, being told there is no tweet at that link, interesting, as it works for me. I took a snip, just in case, including the link in my browser. link could not be embedded because there is no tweet at that URL.he link could not be embedded because there is no tweet at that URL.
  12. ~*OMG* MOMENT!~ SHIP ID'S REVEAL STARTLING FIND!!! Florida Maquis has made about 30 videos starting on day 1. The US Navy has blamed the crew of the "Fitz", but not many are buying it. This latest video is very interesting!. In a previous video he says he suspects missile hit underwater and has a video making that case. His series of videos about the incident make good points, and are interesting to say the least.
  13. EARTHQUAKE SWARM IN YNP CONTINUES July 21, 2017 "An earthquake swarm that began in Yellowstone on June 12th is still rumbling on. The University of Utah Seismograph Stations is monitoring the swarm, which is currently active on the western edge of Yellowstone National Park. The swarm so far has consisted of 1,284 events with the largest magnitude of a 4.4. There have been 7 earthquakes in the magnitude 3 range and just over 100 earthquakes in the magnitude 2 range. Researchers say 125 people reported feeling the magnitude 4.4 event on June 16th. Jeff Hungerford, a geologist with Yellowstone National Park, says these swarms are perfectly normal."
  14. People Helping People This is an Australian organization that deserves to be known about. Our Story "In 2004 Lighthouse Care was established by a handful of people that were dedicated to making a difference in their low socio-economic and disadvantaged community. Donated bread was given out on Saturday mornings from an old van. Those deliveries grew to juice and vegetables and we got to serve a dozen families each Saturday. As demand grew a base was set up in a rumpus room and double car garage in Logan Street, Eagleby. People were welcomed for a coffee and a chat while collecting their food hampers. As our passion to connect with struggling families grew, so did the number of families we were assisting – around thirty per week. We were all devastated when at the end of 2005 the lease on the Eagleby property suddenly ran out. We still strongly remember the last Saturday when we shared tears with our distressed families at what we thought would be the end of it all. It was only days when a local newspaper reporter released a front page story on our situation and urged the community to come to our rescue. By lunchtime, on the day of the newspapers’ release, we were contacted by PCYC Beenleigh and they offered us a shed and a coldroom. Neither PCYC or Lighthouse Care were really prepared for what was to happen over the next three years. From helping 30 families in the first week of our partnership, demand grew to assisting 300 families per week. Lighthouse Care is forever grateful to our wonderful Police Force for allowing us to grow and believing in our dream." snip A tip of our hat to them! Tx w