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  1. I took a couple days off this thread, and the story just keeps growing. I agree with the fact that Seth may just bring this mess down, and I hope it does. It would only be a fitting end. Dead men tell no tales, just may not be true any longer. The links I have gathered in my browser are screaming to be posted along with points I will make along the way, so here goes. Plus some questions I have. Seth went to Lou's to use WIFI. Even though he had a cell phone, does it not follow that he would also have his laptop with him? That morning he was supposed to meet with the F Bee eye, I have seen maps of Lou's in relation to where he lived, and it was after 4 am that shots were heard and he was found shot and with facial, knee and hand bruises. He did not live over 2 hours away, walking, period. Sooo, is it possible he was picked up by someone along his way? Detained, beaten, robbed of his laptop that no one seems to have, or have seen, then thrown out a block from home and shot, because of what "they" found on his laptop? It seems that there is also an abandoned hospital, since 2001, with an assigned IP address, that Seth's SKYPE account accessed that morning. Why would an abandoned hospital be assigned an IP number, and why would Seth's SKYPE account access it? This twitter also notes that his info is being edited even now. Also that morning there was an agency vehicle broken into, within 2 miles of this incident. 2 GUNS were stolen. The agency posted a $10,000 reward for their return. This means the agency WAS in the area, for whatever reason, when this hit went down. Wonder how close to the abandoned hospital? << put this in browser and magnify until you can read it. About Podesta SEIU FBI vehicle broken into 11mins from Seth Rich #SethRich IF you scroll down you will see that Comey went to New Zealand in April of this year here's a link. Note: lives in New Zealand also. also made a tweet about releasing info to Mueller on Monday.. I would not trust Mueller any more than I would Comey. Josh Uretsky was Seth Rich's mentor at the DNC, and he tweeted to Jerome Corsi, who's also investigating Seth's death. I noticed Uretsky mentioned Pagliano, that would be Brian Pagliano, who seems to be gone also, along with Eric Braverman. Jerome Corsi is also afraid for his life 5/25/17 BREAKING DR CORSI Fears 4 Life on Seth Rich INFO! - Alex Jones Infowars Wasserman Schultz Threatened Police Chief For Gathering Evidence On Her IT Staffer’s Alleged Crimes She really wants that laptop back, for reasons to do with next link. “If I get Murdered…” Lawyer Suing the DNC Over Rigging Elections for Clinton Against Bernie Sanders Issues Dire Warning on Twitter BREAKING: Federal Prosecutor Found Dead, You’ll Never Guess What He Was Investigating. <<<hint:DNC voter fraud. now where's DWS from? Florida Businessman Martin Shkreli Announces $100,000 Reward for Information on Seth Rich’s Murder I saved this for last. I told you in my post above that knew Seth Rich as PANDA as in PandaforProgress or PandasforBernie! I also gave you a link to a MailOnline article showing a picture of Seth's mother holding a stuffed Panda. I've seen more than one picture with her holding that PANDA. Check out the article below. HILLARY CLINTON CANNOT BE STOPPED T.A.Frank January 24, 2016 Why her victory over Bernie Sanders is inevitable. "For the second time in eight years, Hillary Clinton sees the Democratic nomination being pawed by a charming interloper, like a priceless vase grabbed by a panda. She’d prefer to shoot the panda, but that could mean breaking the vase, and onlookers would object. To make matters worse, Bernie Sanders, who leads Clinton in both New Hampshire and Iowa, has produced a new video ad, “America,” a wordless feel-hope montage that is awfully good, good enough that I can’t help feeling both moved by it and resentful that it works on me. Maybe shoot the panda." snip Sean Hannity is under fire for talking about Seth Rich and Jack Posobiec has been fired for talking about it. Jack Posobiec Fired From The Rebel By Ezra Levant For Reporting On Seth Rich Guess that's it for now! Sure seems to be a lot of scared people out there, how many voices can they silence?
  2. Space Storm rocks Earth | "Ionosphere Shock Pulse" | Derecho forming over Midwest!
  3. *Power Outages*- 1/4 million in dark | Possibly several days | Strong Storms! Tx Landdownunder
  4. Zika Detected in India for First Time May 28, 2017 "NEW DELHI — India has reported its first three cases of the Zika virus, including two pregnant women who delivered healthy babies. Health Ministry officials said Sunday that the three patients in western Gujarat state had recovered. "There is no need to panic," Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, a top Health Ministry official, told reporters. The World Health Organization said in a statement Friday that the three cases that India reported to the WHO on May 15 were detected through routine blood surveillance in a hospital in Ahmadabad, Gujarat's capital. Two cases were detected in February and November last year, while a third case was detected in January this year. Swaminathan, who heads the Indian Council of Medical Research, said the three patients had not traveled overseas and had acquired the infection locally. Zika is transmitted by the daytime-active Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. The medical journal Lancet has said 2.6 billion people living in parts of Asia and Africa could be at risk of Zika infection, based on analysis of travel, climate and mosquito patterns in those regions. The vast majority of people infected by the Zika virus never get sick, and symptoms are mild for those who do, so surveillance systems may have missed cases." snip
  5. WOW! CERN & The SHIVA LINGA Connection To The Ancient World
  6. What's Really Going On? Another Huge Wave Anomaly Caught Coming from Antarctica West Coast on Seismic Alert-Mysterious Wave Anomaly Coming from Antarctica Tx w
  7. BARDCODE : Sonnets Preview Sonnets Structure : Part 1 Sonnets Structure : Part 2
  8. I suggest that you put the second video on and listen and watch. At 28:29 in, I was gobsmacked right between the eyes by an image and then propelled down a rabbit hole. This is that image: The white pope and homage to the unseen black pope, right in our faces? While in Saudi, in white and NO veils at all. The original me tel u thread by Acolyte on glp that is responsible for this site has information on it that you may not be aware of regarding all of this. I went to Neo's 4 threads (here: )regarding the entity's words, looking for what I knew he had said regarding the Black Pope, and was shocked to find nothing, That's because the entity called him the dark pope or just pope instead. IF you go to the link I gave you up above, and do a search on Neo's 4 parts using pope, you will find what our entity said on the subject. It's not a lot, but it is there between dates 5/27/2008 and 1/3/2010. We all know the entity warned us repeatedly about CERN/particles/dark matter. I did a thread on the Black Pope here: The Black Pope is the leader of the Jesuit order, and considered the most powerful man on earth. The Jesuits are the most powerful order of the Catholic church, but the Catholic Church itself, is now under the rule of the Jesuits, as Francis IS the first Jesuit pope, in the church's entire history. A picture of them together, the White, the Black Pope. Pope Francis and Arturo Sosa Donald J. Trump is a Jesuit. Educated at Fordham University. Long list of big name Jesuits, including Jerry Brown of California And Neil Gorsuch SC nominee of Trump. and many others you would recognize. List of alumni of Jesuit educational institutions I have to go back a bit to 2004, when I was into reading bible codes, and the previous pope, Benedict. In Oct. of 2004..I was doing quite a bit of reading of things to do with Bible Codes. I came across one, that spoke about John Paul dying soon, and that the new Pope would come from the Weaver order, Benedictines are considered that order...That his name would be Ratzinger, and that he would take the name Benedict. That he would only be Pope for a very short time...most likely less than 10 years. I sent the prediction a girlfriend of mine...and told her to hang onto it..just to see if it came true.... <<<adding here that it did come true, every bit of it, including the fact that Pope Benedict was pope for only 8 years, from 2005 to 2013! When John Paul died, and the Cardinals were choosing the next Pope...I was standing in a tire shop in town when they announced their choice. When the TV said it would be Pope Bendict gave his name as Ratzinger, and told that the Benedictines were considered a Weaver order...I said straight out loud...oh no, not Benedict...everyone in the shop turned around and looked at me...the reason for my reaction was that I had also read.. Benedict was the next to the last Pope...who would be named Peter..that Rome and the church would be destroyed by fire shortly after...and now (Feb. 2013) they are talking about a Pope....named Peter. and to think the entity was talking about the Pope back in 1994/1999 a full 10 years prior to the Bible Codes I read.You Regarding Pope Francis re: Peter or Peter the Roman A little history Pope Francis & The Prophecies Of St Malachy snip The Final Pope The ‘Prophecies of the Popes’ join that long tradition of apocalyptic prophecy by concluding with a final pope, “Peter the Roman” who is destined to witness the destruction of Rome and the Last Judgement. In the final persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge His people. The End. According the ‘Prophecies of the Popes’, the time of the last pope is finally upon us. On 13 March 2013 Jorge Mario Bergoglio, hailing from Argentina, became the first non-European pope for 1,300 years. As Pope Francis, he is proving popular, as his displays of humility and focus on poverty are fast becoming the stuff of legend. The identification of Pope Francis as Peter the Roman requires no great leap of deduction. Members of the Curia are automatically referred to as being Roman, having held a position in the Vatican administration. Bergoglio previously held five such positions in the Roman Curia. The links to the ‘Peter’ aspect of the prophecy were less clear until Bergoglio chose his papal name from Saint Francis of Assisi, whose full name was Francesco di Pietro di Bernardone – Pietro meaning Peter. There is a precedent for this with Pope Paul IV who was elected in 1555. The prophecy described him as “from the faith of Peter.” Paul’s middle name was Peter. snip but that's not all, either Before he was pope or even Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis was known by his birth name Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 17, 1936, he was the eldest of a family of five children to an Italian immigrant family, according to his Vatican biography. Yes, born in Argentina, but to An ITALIAN immigrant family. In other words Roman. We also know that there's been a lot of changes in the Catholic church under Francis. He voices his opinions on muslim immigration, he fully supports the UN agenda, LGBT issues. Also recall that Krill met with the pope, first meeting in 1,000 years, and then went to the Antarctic, and Russian ships also transported the Ark of Gabriel to the Antarctic. How many other people of import have been there? Why? CERN and the D-WAVE computers are connected AND run by the Jesuits. Is the D-Wave the computer in my dream, in which we are all copied? I believe so, the two videos above, just about confirm that thought. What really got me going was a return trip to the Me tel u thread on glp and a search on that thread for black pope. We tend to forget side conversations that took place. I ran across so many links to info on the black pope, that I can only encourage you to do the same thing I did and read. I will give you a couple links to info, but there's many more, and it takes much time to read and research. this thread explains the illuminati and the Pindar = "The title, Pindar, is an abbreviated term for "Pinnacle of the Draco", also known as the "Penis of the Dragon". Symbolically, this represents the top of power, control, creation, penetration, expansion, invasion, and fear. The holder of this rank reports to the purebred Reptilian leader in the inner Earth." Make sure to scroll down and read what is said about the creation of the US. note: Acolyte wrote that Henry Kissinger is the only one with direct contact to the Pindar, he is the spokesperson for him. I wondered why and how he is still around. Black Pope - By The Elders Of Zion . The Warning of The Black Pope There is also an interesting post about how Blackwater=The Knights of Malta, are all about destroying non-Catholic countries and religions through the Black Pope, and aren't above using the Muslims to get to the Eastern Orthodox Church=Russia. Did it in Serbia and the Balkans. 9/2/2008 post from Aussie AC Superior General of the Society of Jesus The Most Powerful Man in the World The Black Pope? Acolyte noted that the thread was posted in 2008, and until 2013, Sharon, Mandela, Thatcher had not died, but within 10 months of Francis becoming Pope, all three of them had. (interesting observation) Reading and researching all of this gave me the feeling that we are getting very close to something big, especially with all that's happened since all this info came out about CERN, D-Wave computers, Antarctica, (perhaps there is an opening to inner earth) and the obvious mind control going on. Acolyte had an insight, knowledge, understanding and intelligence that most are not blessed with. Thanks for bearing with me through this long post.
  9. The Next-Gen D-WAVE Computers REVEALED! (The Anthony Patch Show, Ep#23) Have a listen, if you like, I find Kev and Anthony very interesting. I know others on CHANI do listen to them also, as I've seen their shows posted on other threads. Tx for this one Landdownunder This one really got my attention.... Night Of The PALANTIR Crystal Ball w/Anthony Patch (KBS Ep#722) Palantir Technologies
  10. Wikimedia Lawsuit Against NSA Surveillance Just Approved to Move Forward May 23, 2017 Josie Wales "(ANTIMEDIA) A federal appeals court has unanimously reversed part of a lower court’s dismissal of a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union for Wikimedia, which challenges the NSA’s mass surveillance and collection of internet communications. The suit was originally filed in 2015 by the ACLU on behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch, among others, and centered around the NSA’s “Upstream” surveillance program, which intercepts data from the internet backbone cables carrying the online messages, web searches, and emails of U.S. citizens. Upstream operates under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, a statute the government uses to conduct warrantless surveillance on Americans who communicate with targets located outside of the United States. The case was shot down in October 2015 when U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III ruled that the case was based on “the subjective fear of surveillance,” at the time claiming the plaintiffs had “not alleged facts that plausibly establish that the NSA is using Upstream surveillance to copy all or substantially all communications passing through those chokepoints…In this regard, plaintiffs can only speculate.” However, on Tuesday, the Fourth Circuit Appeals Court ruled that the Wikimedia Foundation had adequately provided a basis for their claims, allowing them to move forward with the lawsuit. The judges’ decision stated: “Wikimedia has plausibly alleged that its communications travel all of the roads that a communication can take, and that the NSA seizes all of the communications along at least one of those roads. Thus, at least at this stage of the litigation, Wikimedia has standing to sue for a violation of the Fourth Amendment. And, because Wikimedia has self-censored its speech and sometimes forgone electronic communications in response to Upstream surveillance, it also has standing to sue for a violation of the First Amendment.” By a 2-1 vote, the panel also ruled that the other plaintiffs lacked standing to move forward. Circuit Judge Albert Diaz noted that since the other organizations have smaller digital footprints, it’s harder for them to “plausibly establish that the NSA is intercepting ‘substantially all’ text-based communications.” Nevertheless, ACLU attorney Patrick Toomey, who argued the appeal in December 2016, called the court’s decision “an important victory for the rule of law.” He went on: “Our government shouldn’t be searching the private communications of innocent people in bulk, examining the contents of Americans’ emails and chats day in and day out. This mass surveillance threatens the foundations of a free internet.” Tx Landdownunder
  11. NASA Spacecraft Finds a Chaotic Dance of Storms at Jupiter’s Poles May 25, 2017 Kenneth Chang Multiple images combined show Jupiter’s south pole, as seen by NASA’s Juno spacecraft from an altitude of 32,000 miles. The oval features are cyclones. Credit NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Betsy Asher Hall/Gervasio Robles "The top and bottom of Jupiter are pockmarked with a chaotic mélange of swirls that are actually immense storms hundreds of miles across. The planet’s interior core appears bigger than expected, generating surprisingly strong magnetic fields. Auroral lights shining in Jupiter’s polar regions seem to operate in a reverse way to those on Earth. And plumes of ammonia may be rising out of the planet. Those are some of the early findings of scientists working on NASA’s Juno mission, an orbiter that arrived at Jupiter on July 4 last year. With a looping elliptical orbit, Juno is making repeated dives to within about 2,600 miles of the cloud tops. The spacecraft’s instruments peer far beneath, giving scientists glimpses of the inside of Jupiter, the solar system’s largest planet. Two papers, one describing the polar storms, the other examining the magnetic fields and auroras, appear in this week’s issue of the journal Science. A cornucopia of 44 additional papers are being published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. NASA’s earlier missions — the flybys of Voyager 1 and 2 in 1979 and an extended orbital visit by Galileo from 1995 to 2003 — looked at Jupiter from the side. What the spacecraft could see of the polar regions was from a sharp angle, with details hard to make out." snip @jessica Seems to me that VLF transmissions have just possibly saved we humans from extinction from all the bomb testing, DU weapons, etc., if what they said is true. " ie: NASA said in a statement: “VLF transmissions may serve as a way to remove excess radiation from the near-Earth environment.” (the real question here is, do we trust what NASA says?)
  12. Landslide on California Highway Part of $1 Billion in Damage May 23, 2017 "A massive landslide that went into the Pacific Ocean is the latest natural disaster to add to a record $1 billion in highway damage from one of the state’s wettest winters in decades. <<this is in S. Calif. The weekend slide in Big Sur buried a portion of Highway 1 under a 40-foot layer of rock and dirt. Photo: John Madonna/AP News "A massive landslide that went into the Pacific Ocean is the latest natural disaster to hit a California community that relies heavily on an iconic coastal highway and tourism to survive, and it adds to a record $1 billion in highway damage from one of the state's wettest winters in decades. The weekend slide in Big Sur buried a portion of Highway 1 under a 40-foot layer of rock and dirt and changed the coastline below to include what now looks like a rounded skirt hem, Susana Cruz, a spokeswoman with the California Department of Transportation, said Tuesday. More than 1 million tons of rock and dirt tumbled down a saturated slope in an area called Mud Creek. The slide is covering up about a one-quarter-of-a-mile (0.40-kilometer) stretch of Highway 1, and authorities have no estimate on when it might re-open. The area remains unstable. “We haven't been able to go up there and assess. It's still moving,” Cruz said. “We have geologists and engineers who are going to check it out this week to see how do we pick up the pieces.” It's the largest mudslide she knows of in the state's history, she said. “It's one of a kind,” Cruz said. snip Tx Reddwolf
  13. quoting ew "And remember, specially for chiropracters, but with all - not everyone will suit YOUR BODY - you may need to see a few before you find the one that really helps." Truer words were never spoken. I had one, who fixed any problem w/in minutes, and it stayed fixed, but he died. The next one, every time he touched me, I ended up in hospital or ER, We agreed it was best if I did not see him any longer. I agree about statins, and looking for natural ways to fight diabetes, Triton, but then my doc calls me a nihilist regarding meds, etc. lol Stubborn, in other words! I am sorry to hear of your physical problems and think it's sad they live in the dark ages about cannabis oil, and medical maryjane. Or should I say that big pharma has such a stranglehold? Have you gone through our Health and healing board? There are really a bunch of good articles, regarding the use of plants and spices for healing, reducing inflamation, and improving health and I recall there is also a specific thread on diabetes. Every time I come across a conversation like this one, on CHANI, well it makes me feel as though even if the world has gone nuts, there is still some sanity in this reality. Thanks for that, guys n' gals, you're great!
  14. REVEALED: NASA discovers that there is a protective MAN-MADE bubble surrounding Earth Sean Martin May 18, 2017 NASA has detected a man-made bubble surrounding Earth which they did not create - leaving many baffled. snip video "The protective casing however was not formed by an intelligent extra-terrestrial race, but rather evidence that humanity’s impact on Earth extends far beyond the planet itself. The footprint that modern humans have left on Earth is unprecedented with our rise, especially the industrial revolution and its follow through, leaving a permanent scar on the planet. Such has been our impact that experts are calling for a new geological era – the Anthropocene Epoch – to be introduced as we permanently changed the landscape. However, NASA has revealed that our actions have repercussions far beyond this world. NASA has discovered a protective bubble around Earth In 2012, the space agency sent two probes to the Earth’s Van Allen Belts – two radiation belts that surround the Earth. New data from the probes has revealed that very low frequency, or VLF, radio communications from Earth have been found to interact with particles in space, which has pushed the Van Allen Belts farther out. An illustration of the Van Allen Belts Dan Baker, director of the University of Colorado’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics in Boulder, described the new barrier as the “impenetrable barrier” and speculates that if there were no VLF transmissions, the Van Allen Belts would be closer to Earth, exposing us to more radiation from space. NASA said in a statement: “VLF transmissions may serve as a way to remove excess radiation from the near-Earth environment.” snip
  15. Britain on lockdown: Army deploys 1,000 heavily armed soldiers to guard London, Parliament is closed to the public and Changing of the Guard is cancelled after Theresa May warns ANOTHER terror attack is 'imminent' Richard Spillet Sam Tonkin May 24, 2017 "Britain took the unprecedented step of deploying hundreds of soldiers to patrol the streets of London today as the country woke up to a heightened terror threat following the Manchester suicide bombing. Around 1,000 heavily-armed military personnel from the Royal Artillery, Paratroop and Irish Guards regiments are outside the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and other UK landmarks after Theresa May warned that a fresh terror attack may be 'imminent'. The extraordinary steps were taken as police in Manchester revealed it is 'very clear' suicide bomber Salman Abedi was part of a terror 'network' and an off-duty woman police officer was among his 22 victims. Soldiers in camouflage combat fatigues carrying the SA-80 rifles usually only fired in war zones patrolled beside Metropolitan Police officers through the streets of Whitehall this afternoon. It is the first time such a step has been taken since Tony Blair sent tanks to guard Heathrow Airport in 2003 and will be the first time most Britons have ever witnessed uniformed troops on their streets. Lines of soldiers filed into the Houses of Parliament today in the largest-scale deployment at the world-famous site since the Second World War. It came as a raft of measures were taken to increase security, with the Palaces of Westminster in lockdown, the Changing of the Guard cancelled and even a victory parade by Chelsea FC called off. A police officer allowed a soldier through the gates of Parliament as Scotland Yard steps up patrols amid an increased terror threat snip more pics/video Salman Abedi, a 22-year-old Mancunian of Libyan descent, killed 22 people - including a girl aged just eight - and injured 119 more when he detonated an explosive device packed with nuts and bolts in the foyer of the Manchester Arena. Twenty people remained in 'critical care' this morning, with some having suffered 'horrific injuries' including major organ damage and potential loss of limbs. Soldiers are replacing armed police at many popular tourist spots as part of the Met Police's Operation Temperer, which will free up police officers to fight the terror threat. Many police forces are not taking up the offer of military support, but 4,000 extra troops are also on standby if needed. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said: 'The military are here and a number of locations in London in order to allow us, the police, to put more armed officers on the streets to support the public, and to protect the public and to protect events.' Ms Dick said there were 'clearly a number of unknowns' since the attack on Monday and security services needed to get 'a better understanding' of the situation before the threat level could be reduced." snip