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  1. I'm just going to throw this one out there and see what happens and where it goes... Been thinking about life, Earth, universe and all things in between and beyond last wee while. I have always had a strong sense of spirituality in my life, but I ask to many questions for organised religion to answer, so like many I became a man of faith, over religion... Putting faith in human kind to do the right thing, while always believing in some form of higher being, higher self. I had originally put a big post with the photo above, but deleted it... So rather than wasting a thought, I think it would be best to write down what I thought of, when thinking about it... I watched a documentary not long after the planet dubbed Earth2 was discovered. The doc was about how man kind has been around for over 2 Billion years... To some this is staggering, to others it's common knowledge, and to some it's another piece to the puzzle. My mind is one big jigsaw, and trying to write it in order is difficult, so if I jump around I do apologise. In my youth I used to read the books that was about the unexplained things in the world... Like footprints beside dinosaur prints, pyramids, big foot, Nessie, space, etc etc... But funnily enough the one that always stuck in my mind was the footprint Beside the dinosaur prints, I was only around 8 or 9 and I liked dinosaurs so that's probably why I remembered that one the most... Fast forward 24 years or so, and you hear about life in this manner, lasting so long big surprise... Just a confirmation of something that you had an incline towards. The documentary went on to say that even though we're 2 Billion years old, we have however had to re populate, after a near extinction level event... Each civilisation lived for 'X' amount of thousand years, (more or less) and then be it an ice age, meteorite, war... Some cataclysmic event reduced the population down to a level where we had to start again, With a lot of that in mind, and casting my mind back to the robot that was supposed to be found on the moon... I began thinking, well perhaps we have already been there before... (Hyrogliphics, ancient artwork, scriptures, etc) suggest in sort that we 'could' have... (Understandably many do believe this) But taking that we did get to the moon before, we could have left clues, or bases, or what ever, and we could have left a trace back on earth to "a secret book" containing all technology, knowledge that's far greater than our first beliefs, a book (i say book figuratively speaking to the meaning of great knowledge on all things) looked after by an elite group who has taken it upon themselves to preserve the book thus preserving the narrative of the human alien. (Assuming all aliens originated from a similar source, (dna structure) but adapting to the landscape around it.... Now thinking ahead - IF we already had the knowledge to go to Earth2 and per say we found 'life' on it, bringing it back to earth, showing some form of alien life.. IT (other creature) would be no different to looking at a new species found here on earth (assuming we haven't identified every living organism on earth) Or another way is a worm maybe a worm, but bigger on another planet dependent on gravity. Assuming gravity could play a part in the growth of native born species to its planet. In essence, we could have exceeded our own technological capabilities sometime in a past eon. The old myths and legends of the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, even relating to Middle Earth could all be possible with this theory, or incase of the Bermuda triangle, it could have been some 'future' technology they learned which created some form of "portal" Its just that we haven't developed their technology for ourselves to be able to 'see it' It is possible that we have lived out a number of known civilisation on a mass scale more than just the once, in fact dozens of times if not more... The more I expand my mind to this, we could have at some point already reached the heights of interstellar travel, and perhaps, like the film interstellar, created our own 5D and higher dimensions. And from there, live in these dimensions... But that's a very centralised view, that all things related from the nasca lines, to the power of the pyramids on a global bases, to space travel, to the Bermuda Triangle, to Atlantis, is all a result of past civilisations in this manner, and might not have anything to do with the 'little green man' that has been stereotypically depicted as Aliens. That description could be a case of 'pointing over there' while running in the opposite direction. It seems relatively clear, or plausible based on this hypothetical analysis that it is all a result of the human race hitting a near death event then rebuilding a new society when the earth itself permits as such, (thaws out after an ice age, or meteorite, war etc...) It could explain the result in pyramids, and tesla re-created the pyramids to generate power based on the same principles as the pyramids, showing that they were built for a purpose on earth as opposed to anything else. Reverse technology could be a result in 'our future selfs' returning, and crashing on this (our civilisation time) planet after their time on this earth made them move in the first place to another planet I'm not sure if this makes sense, but once you get the just of the thinking its easy to follow that chain of thought as such about self preservation. I don't know how many of you watched the film interstellar or in fact liked it for that matter, but it certainly joined a few dots, in the sense... The gravitational pull, the black hole, and the communication between father and daughter... Living inside a dimension where time is everywhere at once, each moment captured, like a film reel that your holding in your hands. It's stationary, the reel, but once you put it through a projector it becomes life... To some degree the communication in the film reminded me a bit of the chani entity communication, could have been a human, in the same sort of time frame or non time existence Frame. Its an open ended thought built on probability... Plenty of room for disagreement or issues that dont add up. But for myself it perhaps took alot of stuff from the 'fantasy' 'mythological' and put it into the possibility bracket. As an artist i keep my imagination open to everything and anything, philosophically i like to ponder on such thoughts... But in essence it has alot to do with interconnected-ness, And if we learned the basic mistakes from past civilisations, we could have created the perfect society sometime in the futures past... Perhaps we did... And its them that have come back via However they can, (communication like chani, ufo, teleportation, inter stellar communication or whatever) to help. And it might be a case we already self populated at some point throughout this galaxy. EDIT *** correction, for life being around for 2 Billion years, instead of 2 Million years
  2. Inter connectedness... This is just a visual of a plan drawn up about sharing resources across the EU... It shows how from one nation to another, the energy can be pulled and shared. For some reason it reminded me of the inter connectedness of pyramids through-out the world...
  3. What's the story with nibiru now a days, I thought that the story of the dwarf planet had subsided, yet I was reading a thread from a guy who is extremely worried (with all connotations regarding the planet that has been some of in the last couple of years) saying its this year that it's meant to 'appear' and be destructive etc etc.... I've read our posts on chani in the past, however is this guy just arriving late to the party or is there any truth in his assumption?
  4. Stumbled across this by accident.... It was the original video I watched a few years ago, although the upload date is 2014.... Interesting stuff none the less and worth a watch if you haven't seen it already.
  5. Are they Going home? Or to see what's happening up there... If the USA were warned off the moon, should we be watching this event with caution? assuming that "stuff" is happening up there, or is it a case, that the space program went Under ground, because the people would be up in arms against billions getting spent on space When so much poverty is on the streets? (Watched interstellar the other night, and a lot of the film resonated)
  6. Interesting stuff, I wonder if it's some type of earthly black hole... (Portal as mentioned using another term) Or bubbles of negative energy popping, opening a black hole / portal for a length of time... I've seen other explanations used over the years, although if we were to reference certain events recorded with the Bermuda Triangle, then a portal, or black hole could be a possibility worth examining. The difficulty we have is when the pyramids on a global scale were in "production" or in use, or active... The triangle in general could be translated to its own pyramid, having the true knowledge of how the pyramids linked and operated together would be key to unlocking an era of time that inevitably would no doubt ask more questions than solve. Thinking outside the box, we have polarities positive and negative, North and South... do we have natural exits and entries to earth, or would it all be done via what's known as stargates, wondering if this is a natural exit from our gravity zone...
  7. The original video has been removed, so unable to fully comment, however if we are to believe that the pyramids were in fact power stations as opposed to tombs then that might help a little to explain why there is static charge, and as nexus pointed out, if asteroids carry a static charge then it all follows a chain of thought a little
  8. Lovely video that one 12:12. Think I've heard it somewhere before right enough!! Jessica, great to hear your mum has the radio on all the time, it was in that respect that I was meaning about music, it was more for your mother, and for 12:12 father. As it helped my own father very much during his illness (sorry I should have made that clear) also you should try coconut milk, it's meant to have healing properties within it for Dementia sufferers. I never had the chance to try this myself, as I only found out about the dementia, alzimers diet after my father past, but every little helps... Also one to try is the classical Aundrie Rieu, it has great responses from sufferers for the terrible disease, it as you can guess doesn't cure anything, but anything to make things a little more comfortable is all the better, my own father at the end, could do very little for himself, if anything at all, but the music always seemed to lift his spirit. He stopped talking, couldn't feed himself, and that was only the start of it, but we done our best, because the love was always there. A bit like yourself Jess, I prefer to have silence when thinking about things, or when working on certain things for the same reasons, but I must admit I do love my folk music it's one of the few things that originated from the dawn of time, and still can be enjoyed today, for free, and you are correct 12:12 it does have holistic energy's around it.
  9. Very profound Lyrics unity, thanks for sharing... I feel compelled to share a song with you all as well now, and one that helped me open up my heart again, to feel the love... I often will sit and listen to music like this especially, by candle light, in the small hours of the morning when the air is still, and the silence is deafening. By the simple flame, is important, as it's a reminder as to where we are all heading, it's a haunting tale, and very poignant. The video is not important. But the music is: I hope you all enjoy this... This music is a reflection of my own soul, and tells a story for my personal journey, I'm sure those of you who will 'hear' this will understand the sentiment behind it. Slainté Mhaith
  10. Thank you Unity, I'm beginning to think that this thread wasn't necessarily for my own guidance, but for us all... And it was through me that would bring us here to share such similar stories, it seems that when we go through personal hardship it's hard to (obviously) remain positive and focused, or simply our focus is shifted to what is more important, that being others over ourselves, which for me is an incredible selfless act, showing that we are true family members of the light... Music for me has always been one of those things that elevates the mind and soul, and simply listening to a tune the other day, which I hadn't heard in years was enough to bring down the wall that I had built up, I also wonder if yourself Jessica, 12:12 if you have used music with your own family members? My father was a musician, however I used to play him music constantly, even on his death bed, even when we brought his body home in a coffin, right up until he left the house played music, I created the soundtrack to his life as I knew this was what he would have wanted, and I know he appreciated it, due to the last song / tune that I ever seen him to (before I said my final goodbyes) it was the last of the Mohicans, song, played on the bag pipes by the royal dragoon band. Strange thing being that was the only musical piece out of the 40 odd songs that had bagpipe music in it... Why was that strange? Well I'm a piper.... My mum and dad saved for months to buy me my first set of pipes, from there I went onto play at many folk festivals, played along side famous groups including the groups from Braveheart, it was also a warriors tune... There is more to that story that meets the eye, and is due to one of the lives I had lived it was all interconnected, it was a sign, a sign to never give up, to become that warrior spirit, to become united with myself, to not let my mind destroy me, but to rise above the grieve, and the hatred, and to accept the outcome for what it was.... Now I sit here, with nothing on my mind, no political objectives to overcome, and now... Now things are beginning to make sense. The day after I wrote this post I also received a promotion in my work, and I just find things fascinating, yet I knew this was already coming. I just need to trust my own instinct more, and my own judgement at the same time. A bright new dawn awaits us all, and it's a journey I'm glad to have started and to share with you all again.
  11. I'm grateful and honoured to have you all comment and offer guidance, it's... Heart warming to say the very least. For my own personal journey into the unknown is an exciting time again to behold, and breezy you are correct, as each moment from then until now has brought me to this moment, in time and in life. From what I have gathered I had to endure the hardship to understand the good times ahead... I think Luk3 for me.... It was always about acceptance, about accepting what has happened and realised that there was nothing I could do to stop or change this, although at the same time, like Jessica had mentioned, it was about changing ourselves, and like scottishgnostic had said, picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves down. It's the Warriors way to never give up with out a fight, or as the Scottish saying goes, Don't let the ba****ds grind ye doon. In space and in time, we have all been brought here for a reason, shared knowledge in a collective environment, we didn't choose this forum, this forum chose us, which is why we return, because we feel at home. If I could offer you advise Luk3 then it would be to slow down, when you lie in bed, let your body and mind rise and soar, soar like the wings of an eagle high above the tree's allow yourself to be forgiven, and allow the love to re-enter your soul. It is hard but in time I can only hope it gets easier, and by getting easier is by not giving up hope and willing to re-start a journey worth walking.... As the old saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. For me stepping into the unknown is an exciting challenge, and I will rise to that challenge, the feelings I have inside me were of love, and of the rock, the rock heart was there to protect me, but I couldn't break the rock mentality, but we all have free will, and we must use that free will to break free from the mental torture... Enjoy nature, enjoy the seasons, stand in the rain, sit in the sun, walk and talk to the trees in a forest, as for me that's where the connection is between man and nature, do not be afraid for I am always with you, split a piece of wood and I am there, lift up the stone and I am underneath it, the whole world and everything on it is alive, and once we see that and feel that there is no going back. Breezy is most correct we are the key and we own the key, it's up to us, and up to me if I want to stand in front of that door or open it and walk through it, I open the door and maybe blinded by the light, but like the fish in the story Breezy provided, let go and see where it takes you, it's hard if you force it, and easy if you... Just let go.... Let your body vibrate imagine yourself floating, but above all, and I need to take me own advise let the love flow from head to toe, For without love and without light we are nothing more than the rock, we... Together... Can change the world for the better, and it starts from within, change yourself, be the change you desire, feel the change and let it engulf you like a tidal wave, sweeping through your very existence. Together anything is possible and remember there is no box. Much love to one and all, we are the change the world needs, but more importantly we are the change that our soul needs. From past life to this life it's about learning, what we learn we never forget, we just need to remember that which we already know, and not fear light to hide in the darkness, thank you all again, already and with passion I can feel the change happening, life is good, we are all good, and we should remind ourselves each morning noon and night just how awesome we all really are. I have returned out of the darkness and into the light, and by the guided hand of those who we cherish shall always watch over us. This was the promise made to us, to never be alone, if we feel alone it's because we have closed the door, and I guess all we need to do is reach forth and open it again from within our heart, our soul and our mind, for anything is possible if only we believe. I thank you all again Slainté
  12. Thanks eagle wings, and thank you Breezy, I've started reading the book, so far seems to resonate quite a bit so thanks for that!!! I'll let you know how I get on with it once I've finished reading it. But thanks again for sharing.
  13. Thanks everyone for your guidance, and kind words, it truly warms the heart. I hope over the next wee while I'll be able to share some of my own insight with you, but first I need to re-balance my own mind, body and soul, and there was no better place to start my new journey than back here where it all began. When I first found this excellent forum, it opened my eyes to a whole new realm, and woke up a lot of things within my own spiritual mind. I have always considered myself as a 'peaceful poetic warrior' and was tapping into a beautiful world outside of what we 'see' Circumstances had unfortunately put a hold on it, however as a warrior spirit that I am, I know now is the time to re-focus on the ultimate goal, which for me is to move on from this place. In my own mind I had always known that I had spent many a life on this plain, and spent most of my life helping others, this was to my own detriment at times as I forgot to look after myself during the process, but I feel in order for me to be able to help people again in the right manner I first need to help myself, which is what this is about, spiritual healing, spiritual understanding. Just now it's like hearing something from behind a closed door, it's right in front of me, I feel it all the time, but I just don't have the key to open the door. I became distant from friends and family, while at the same time working myself to the bone in order to provide for my family, but was just numb to the fact that I was sleep walking through life for the last few years, (although I was busy with other things) I had lost faith in humanity on so many occasions, yet The Chani project forum was always on the back of my mind, and was pulling me back here to you guys, because here we understand each other, which is fascinating to say the least. I have taken on board what you guys have said about the books, and will buy them up and start my reading on these again. For scotland I have put my hear and soul into things over the last few years, in fact the last few lifetimes, (although that is a different story for a different day) but like I Said, this is thankfully my last time here, and now I know that my heart and mind is free... I just need to remember not to just simply think outside the box, but realise that there IS no box, which is an exciting prospect to behold. I look forward to sharing again in the subjects found here, and look forward to sharing some knowledge that I have along the way again. It's been testing, but it's all good. Much respect to each a don everyone of you, !!! Slainté Mhaith
  14. Thank you Jessica your words are very comforting, and in all seriousness, I had a feeling that You would be the one to make contact!!! It seems that we share a common bond, and I will message you over the next few days regarding a few things, as I may be able to help you in your journey also... The books you talk of, I have read the short stories on the celestine propheciece and it did resonate with me, and I will re-read the proper stories, as my sister has they books, and I will spend the time learning. The way of the peaceful warrior, I think I own this book already but haven't read it, maybe (if it is the book I own) I bought it knowing one day I would be ready to read and learn from it. What you write above makes perfect sense to me, and I guess I need to clear the mud from my mind, in order to let in the light again. At times its easy for me to do so, yet other times not so easy... However knowing that you have had the same experience and are here for me is a great sign. The universe works in mysterious ways and we are all like children eager to learn and be like a sponge. I know that for some of the time it's fear that holds me back, as I do still have tendencies where things will happen that I know will happen before they happen, or the foresight to see what will happen with certain things in the future (if that makes sense) just now it's all feelings, and agreed I just need to accept and believe in myself even when others don't. Thank you Jessica for replying to this thread, I would love to sit and write more to you, but it's midnight here and I have work in the morning, so I'm away to bed to practise some more vivid dreaming. If it's ok with you I will be back in touch soon, as I would like to bend your ear on a few things, and maybe like I said I can help with your journey also. However I do want to say that I'm understanding of your own personal journey just now, it is incredibly hard thing to deal with, and can completely understand your 24/7. Although I have a strange feeling about you just now that you are intact an incredibly strong individual who is doing for more good than what you actually realise. I would be wrong to say that my own personal journey of the same nature didn't make me depressed and although my father pasted 2years ago, I still get bouts of depression that come in sweeping waves every now and then, however what I took from it, was being able to help and spend time with my own father in a manner that I would never have been able to do in any other circumstance, it has made me a stronger person for it, it also hardened my heart some what, but my heart is thawing, hence why you may be feeling my feminine side coming through, or maybe you can just see through the hard exterior that I built up. Much love to you and also and I hope the light will be an ever lasting guide for you as it will be for me... I shall be in touch soon. Thank you again for replying x
  15. Would I be right in thinking T that anyone of us can harness the powers of the Gods, because we are children of the Gods and there fore already have the power in built within us? If Prometheus stole the fire and gave it to man while raising us up onto our 2 feet, with Athena breathing life into man, is it possible for them to have also parted with some of their power in the process? Herculese being a Demi God, had direct power, however I wonder as children of the gods in general if we have the same type of power to a certain degree ashore who created us in the first place? Sorry if it's a bit off track, although I think in a round about way it also fits in and may play an important part in the development of the new age we have entered into?