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  1. So time to see who is buddying up with whome. We could never have seen Trump as pres back then, nor his introverted policies. Looking more and more likely that a coup will occur? USNI to initiate it?
  2. Pretty sure its only the one closed Bree, and (6) online cams closed. Easy to do that, especially if you want plausible deniability with a DOS attack.
  3. An observatory and post office close abruptly, a blackhawk helicopter, people working on antennas, FBI silence...what's going on in Sunspot? https://news.sky.com/story/mystery-closure-of-observatory-and-fbi-presence-in-sunspot-new-mexico-11496171 So that's the headline buzzing across the CT world. At first glance, the closure of a solar observatory immediately directs you to think it must have been something they were seeing on or around the sun. Right? A few have speculated it was a bomb threat or some imbecile who made a threat to the site. The site is quite large, and has shops, a post office and housing all around it btw, so when they say the post office was also closed, it isnt such a big thing as it is right next door. So while we're all looking up, and at the sun, and speculating about wormholes, UFOs and Nibiru, I personally think what is occuring is a slide of hand, as old as the book. Make em look up when you dont want them looking down. The observatory at Sunspot used to be a USAF facility, and slowly they have decommissioned their presence until today it is a civilian project. It is quite high up, and sits atop a small mountain range, far away from population. It also within eyeshot of Holloman AFB, and White Sands, and was used as an observation platform, for radar, communications, remote control, and filming at both facilities. So my thinking is that whilst they are stirring the sunspots and fanning the Nibiru flames, they are hiding and obfuscating an event or upcoming event at either of these bases. The FBI arrived after the CEO called them regarding something they had observed. Again, nothing was said about something they observed through the scopes, and likely nothing will. The CEO also states she doesnt know why they closed the facility, evacuated the staff, the post office and the living cabins and cordoned off the road to the hill. But I bet it's because she reported something that had ramifications to a secret project, or clandestine operation. Might just be a test of a secret aircraft. Might actually be a UFO?!!! who knows. A blackhawk helicopter was seen at the site. This likely came directly from Holloman AFB or Whitesands, but military has no jurasdiction at a civilian facility, and local law enforcement doesnt have the power to close the whole mountain down, so FBI is the perfect and required response team. That they climbed all over the towers there tells me they were either getting abetter vantage point, or they were looking at either antena pick ups or CCTV cameras mounted up there, and were getting rid of them as they did at the Pentagon on 911. Typical MOO. Sunspot wasnt the only observatory taken down on the day. So were many online feeds and sites around the world. But they were online, and easy enough to take down with a denial of service or something to that effect. One was here in NSW. But I think these were taken down to strengthen the idea of something screwey was happening with the Sun, or something was being observed near the sun. Plausible deniability was being created by taking down the other feeds. I havent found any evidence of an actual facility being closed by any nation's police force, only online feeds. So what do you think? Still looking up? My money is on something interesting at Holloman or White Sands over this past week and near future.
  4. Couldnt agree more Bree. We just dont need it! If you look at the why, pretty much every scenario is bad or counter productive to humanity. Heck I havent seen any films made about it that shows a happy ending? Maybe Bicentenial Man, but that would be the exception. I'm no Ludite, but we just dont need all this tech, and you're correct, in that everything is becomming smart this and smart that, even a bloody washing machine! It's that interconnectivity between these devices that is so worrisome to me. The missing link would be nano IMHO, and once that is infected into all things living, then what freedoms are left? The folks perpetrating all this will know everything we do. Elon has driverless cars, and that has paved the way for AI too, dont forget. I will never get into a driverless car! And back to that interview, what a beat up. If you watch it, as you suggested, there is no issue. Just a couple of dudes with cigars and scotches having a good yarn.
  5. Never knew about 'night mode' [quickly opens Google Earth, hee hee heee!!!]
  6. Hi Bree, you were right, it just took a while for the internet to spark up again regarding 911. There has been a tonne of stuff discussed across many sites now, including some new perspectives from unlikely sources. Hope you are having a good day!

    1. breezy


      Yes, and there are other things in  play also from here and there, to bring more interest, as you said.  Thank you for your wishes for a good day. Returned to you as well.  

  7. Really amazed at the lack of 911 discussion and follow up across the net today. Has everyone given up? Still raw in my mind, and wrong, just so wrong - it reeks of it.

    1. breezy


      Trust me Jammer, no one has forgotten, and everyone knows what they were doing when they first heard.  I have to believe that the day of truth will come.

    2. JammerAAP


      I hope so too Bree. Just to see that raw nerve exposed, and those who perpetrated this out in the open will I am sure create a domino effect, and liberate this planet.

  8. Maybe another thing to consider is that the ONLY way to make a server safe from hacking, or a hack in progress, is to disconnect it and turn it off. Cant hack a dead lump of silicone. They may have picked up on a back door hack in progress, and closed off any mechanisms for redirection.
  9. Sometimes I think we think too small Unity, and it makes us not even 'go there' as a result. Yet, when we see a star destroyer in Starwars, or a super star destroyer, Snoke's ship or the death star, we go wow! But that's in the movies, on a screen, so we cant really imagine what it would be like to see a ship larger that an entire shopping centre. 67P looks likely to be a ship, eh. Complete with docking bay leading inside. Dont know about the claw idea.... Cool find!
  10. They're struggling over there eh. I dont know about ATS, or any other sites, but I have noticed Trin is really trying hard to engage with the plebs and keep that empire alive. Ironically he had a great platform in Aco' and his network, but just seemed to piss that away for what ever reasons. You do a good job here Breezy, and the regulars here appreciate it. The conservative push for control is alive and well here in OZ too btw. Subtle and not so subtle sensoring. We (in the west) used to make all kinds of jokes and jibes against the USSR in the day, with the KGB and all its draconian measures to keep track of and control the populace. I think the west has far exceeded anything the KGB could have dreamed of, and worse still, we've all allowed it through votes to happen!! The scuttle butt is that Trump is going to announce some kind of Chinese style sensorship measure because of a percieved threat. Cant have free thinkers seeing through that with posts accidentally popping up in Google searches now, can we.
  11. Raise a beer to Aco. Cheers, jammer aap

    1. breezy



    2. JammerAAP


      I envy you Bree, having met him and spent time with he and the family in a place where he felt relaxed and safe. Do  you still have contact? I always wonder if they receive the odd note or object now and then, coming in from where ever!

    3. kdog2891


      Cheers !


  12. Hi Unity, I pretty much think anything we read, aside from conversations we have with people we know, on sites like these, is all but scripted to go the way 'someone' wants. The set up for the topic of interest in the news may have been seeded months or even years prior. The most absolute favourite of games is to create a problem, and have the solution in the wings already, so someone can come to the rescue, and many folks make many monies and gain further controls over the populace - and bee seen as the good guy. I have never thought of Musk as an accidental phenomenon, nor his endeavours. He appeals to a large percentage of the population, and is often held up as a poster boy for green, clean, advancing tech in leaps and bounds rather than slow moves forwards, especially by the younger folks. I wonder how far back a problem can be seeded to make the populace think along one certain line? So Mars has a CO2 issue? not enough water? Not enough ice etc etc, but Elon will fight on. Could we experience an event here on Earth that forces us to make a decision? Forces us to find a solution? Could certain alien activities, said to be terraforming our world as we speak be reverse engineered to do the same on Mars? We might already be playing the game.
  13. Just wanna say thanks to Blu' for the PDFs. Amazing stuff my friend. You have led a very interesting life. Cheers, jammer aap

  14. Head just exploded.
  15. interogation A .pdf Well, I read your update and I dont believe what you said at all ..... I think you are a great writer Alec! The subject of Human 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 via DNA manipulation is a subject close to my heart, and the Ten Commandments is a fascinating adage to the 'recipe' and one that rings true. Keeping things in plain site, by manipulating or stepping to one side has always been the MO. My own research and my partner's, who is one of your lot (RH-) has allowed me a unique perspective on pretty much any subject, simply by asking a question of her - "is it bullshit"? The answer is nearly always "mostly, but the GEM in this blah, blah blah" or somethign along the lines of "they're herding the crowd in this direction... stop and think for a bit what might be the POLAR opposite, and let's start there". The pyramids, especially the large ones around the world, with their manufactured gemstone capstones (blew me away when I read that in your notes) are IMHO machines to align an entire living planet to extract a precious gift. The gift to be used to alter a Human's DNA. A pure form of H2O, which when acted upon, allows the creation of life. Real life, not the artificial stuff we see around today, and not the nano infested artificial forms 'they' are trying to create. So the true reading of the Ten Commandments, the true instructions, when worked on in conjunction with this purest H2O, un affected by any external sources, allows the creation of a living being, perfectly suited to the planet it comes from. (from within) With the destruction of the pyramid engines, the true north we now live with, has the only excreted source of this liquid a few miles beneath the ice, in Antarctica. What was Acolyte's favourite tease? "Water is the KEY". It is indeed the key, but he never got to elaborate on what form, and from where. The huge amount of resources being funneled into Antarctica, and the military control, including the core private military companies you mentioned in your initial interrogations are locking out the rest of us. They have the ingredients now, with Vostok and other lakes yielding their secrets, but they dont have the recipe, or the steps with which to bake the cake so to speak. These childish majik presentations to world leaders, high ranking church officials, astronauts and other notables might impress on the surface, but they dont know how to get it to work, and likely will never know, until they learn how to speak Planet - or at the very least, learn how to respect and interact with it, without greed, with integrity and love in their hearts. The evry nature of their organisations makes this impossible, and humourous to some extent. But it doesnt stop them from trying to circumvent the system, and attempt a 'hack'. Nano gold, used to unzip DNA, infused into artificial life forms which hold that form for a small period in their development are already unleashed on all things living, since the GoM disaster, and probably other conflicts and in plain site developments around the globe. The oil saturation of the planet continues, and despite the push to alternatives, oil, coal and gas will continue to be the primary economic driver around the planet changing our internals at a micro level. Your buddies, the Blues, and House's kind have a multi pronged attack on their hands now, with player#3 weighing in, and providing some platforms (tech) that will allow a backdoor into the natural system of things, that once protected Earth and Human 2.0 That an allegiance has arisen doesnt surprise me. But, as with all things, the MO is to step to one side, or change the story just enough to make you look one way. China being the bad guy might well be the CASE, but it's all relative. They may have been given an opportunity to save their race by committing to something. To those who are seeking to do the same for 'their' people, they are perceived as a threat. Pull it all back to Human 1.0 and 2.0 living here as ONE, with the planet, and the true hostiles are revealed. Did Ronnie Raygun spill the beans a whisker too early in his famous statement about us all living together? It's great to see you posting again, and awesome to read the new materials and additional clarifications Alec. Many of us miss the real time intel, hints, whispers and insider notes on what is going on at present on this blue globe. (or flat plate, or rhombus.... or hollow ball, hehe) Hope you and the race car are still chasing down the seconds, and you're OK in all respects. Jammer aap.