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  1. Hey, something else to bear in mind. The images of Antarctica, are not all sattelite imagery. Some is from high altitude aircraft, as has been recently disclosed about much of Google Earth imagery. The orbit, and interference is quite odd, and the planet's orbit makes imaging odd. So this proves a great deal of aerial activity down there. This requires some control and management.... Maybe this is where all the black programs launch their space activities from? MIB base? Who would know.
  2. RS, I asked a 'friend' about this, and her explanation of it is 'steps'. I challenged this notion, and said they are flat and follow the terrain. She said that I was very one dimensional in my thinking...... (LOL) Came back with her phone, and played - "Stairway to Heaven". Went on to say "Figuratively speaking, we've been told when you leave this planet, you follow the stairway to the pearly gates, and meet your maker". The maker/creator not being a man with a long beard, but a place of creation where all life forms stems from and go back to. The magic mixer. Whilst I dont think they should look, I believe the answers are beneath this structure/place. I think the place is cold, remote and not easy for Humans to survive in for a reason. Mind you, maybe we have to reach a point in development to find it, and understand it, to them move along to the next phase? But it wont be understood with our current thinking and negative energy. As good as science is, we 'know' how life is made right? Science knows. Right? But ask any scientist exactly how and what happens when a sperm merges with an egg, and the cell splits.... they can describe what happens, but they cant explain life. When we/they understand this, maybe the place will make more sense. I think that's what the Vostok discovery is about too, and very much connected. Between the two of you, my wee mind is racing. BTW, I've discounted video deinterlacing, as it isnt in all areas in the pics and video.
  3. Holy Cow! This is crazy Renegade, and trumps any of your Mars or Moon pics. Makes you reconsider the NZ air crash at Mt Erebus. They may have been taken down because too many witnesses saw something they should not have. Being from down unda, it kind of resembles a giant BBQ plate! I'd hate to see the size of the shrimp that gets thrown on it! OK you certainly got my attention. I'll start looking myself at these amazing co-ords and pics. My puny brain is struggling with the scale, and what they could be used for. Found any nazi submarine bases? Jammer
  4. Any Chanites going to X-US conf in Sydney Australia?

    1. deekin


      Sadly no.  Too much on.  You going?

    2. JammerAAP


      Duncan has reduced prices to $90 for two days. I'll ring on the day I think and see if anything is left. I'm surprised it hasnt sold out with only 160 tickets.

  5. Hi Mate, although an interesting thought on it, it's much more commercial! LOL. I really enjoyed the movie Arrival, and did some research into the fella that created the Heptapod language, and his process is fascinating. The symbol is what the Heptapods used for 'Human'. (at least I think I am...) YT on it -
  6. The slow moving dragon... complete with battle armour... playing the long game... with (7) sided scales on it's shell. The look on Valéry's face? is he working out the symbolism? or does he know full well what it represents and is playing out the various scenarios into the near future? Love your stuff T, so many layers.
  7. Happy May 15th folks. Well yesterday for the OZ crew.

  8. Congrats K&D! Did you know the elevator is the safest man made means of transportation too? :)

  9. Fantastic posts above, especially by Unity. That gonna keep me up for a while LOL. I thought the JFK files were supposed to be opened in 2017? Seems they have been RE sealed for another 25 years!! What the....
  10. How refreshing is it to see that on MSM!!!!!!!!!! Reminds me of the opening scene to Newsroom, and Jeff Daniel's speech on "why America isn't the greatest country in the world". I really love that speech. All through the recent election, it was always shouted that "We're gonna make America GREAT again"! This speech always came to mind...... and all I could think of was screw the 'greatness'..... just be good again. The people are good, and do good, within their lives, but the system is broken, and the acts carried out in the name of the USA, by it's government and agencies portray it as a bully, when as Daniel's speech said, never used to be about bullying, but defending those FROM bullies. And the US isnt alone in that respect. Its an evil club at the helm at the moment.
  11. You on fire Unity, amazing stories there. I read somewhere also, that the Russian ties back to wikileaks are coming to light, which brings to mind an Edgar Cayce quote about the awakening bear, and Russia being the world's solution - something to that effect. Under a communist regime, it never made sense, but under Putin, it now does.
  12. Haha, Kandi's pic on the front page reminds me of a personal story I would like to share. Back when we first started our home based business, and things were very tight, I bought a desk from Ikea, that had a white board on the side, which I thought would be handy for quick updates on timelines and the like. Having (3) kids around, I told them, "ONLY use these three markers (red, green, blue) on the board, as they are white board markers. The other thick black markers Dad has are permanent, and cant be rubbed off". We got it Dad... So I go off and make a cup of coffee, and return to see out the corner of my eye, my daughter pushing the cap onto a fat, black, permanent marker, and can see some scribble on the board.... I grab the marker out of her hand and yell at my daughter "You know that wont rub off! What did I tell you"?!! [she runs off in tears] My wife looks at me and say "Wow... Father of the year" - and gestures at the white board. On it is written "I love you Dad". I've been making it up to her for the last 16 years. True story, and a good life lesson.
  13. Hi Chanites. Wasn't sure where to post this? I just found these photos fascinating, as they catch the nuclear explosion milliseconds after the detonation. 1/. Atmospheric detonation 30 miles high looks like a planet, and is likely the cause of the ozone layer hole above Aust. and NZ. 2/. Massive energy swipe within cloud. Bet that made them quake in their boots... was it ever gonna stop? 3/. Vertical ship inside the blast column. 4/. Trinity, plus 0.25 seconds. You can just feel the potential horror from this shot. So angry. 5/. Trinity, with a longer exposure, looks like it openned a hole in space/time fabric. 6/. Detonated above the ground, one millisecond in, looks like a hole to somewhere, or something turned inside out. https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2011/05/when-we-tested-nuclear-bombs/100061/ These shots just send my teeny brain into a spin. I think they capture things we normally would not be privy to, and may represent other facets of nuclear research that arent spoken about.
  14. I once was dared to scull a 2ltre jug or margarita, which no-one like the taste of. (alcoholic poisoning? what's that?!) I did it, and won the bet, but promptly evacuated said margarita back the way it went in! 2ltrs is a lot of liquid, and whilst our stomach can take that for a small period of time, it is unusual. I get the reference to 'black liquid' and Miles Johnston pushed the black goo angle as well on this topic. But more than likely it was blood. They need to get the timing right on this, as to be blood in his stomach, it needed to be there for at least 48 hrs. In an upright position he could quite easily bleed into his stomach cavity until he passed out, collapsed, and released the contents. I know Max was revered by many, and it isnt good to speak ill of the recently departed, but I never got the super soldier thing, or rather never felt the truth of it. Too many have jumped onto the money making side of this story, including his girlfriend and mother, which is quite disgusting. If this death was 100% related to black goo, and being professionally taken out, I would expect a lot of other players to be going dark (pardon the expression) totally as this would have been a strong message. Apologies if this upsets anyone.
  15. Bumpety bump