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  1. Season's Greetings folks - Jammer aap

    1. deekin
    2. breezy


      Nice to see you Jammer  Seasons Greetings to you and yours!

  2. SA Particle accelerator/teleportation experiment Results in time/space grab - gone wrong Plane materialises deep below ground, in bed rock One woman survivor, in a void Profitable gold mine is closed, military controlled, as plane is removed, piece by piece, and sent via rail to east coast, then up to Tanzania Attempt to fix error recreates same issue, resulting in two planes, and two survivors We are currently following/talking about the second plane/reset China wants the second survivor/clone Plane parts will be found, heavily encrusted with barnacles/rock off Tanzania coast and down towards India
  3. Another joke that reminded me of Aco'.. "What kind of bee's produce milk"? "Boobees"
  4. Was watching the new 'Wonder Woman' movie, and a fella asks her "Where are we"? She replies "We're on Kira". Now some of you with good memories might find that interesting. A cloaked mythological island.... (K.I.R.A.)

    1. breezy


      How very interesting!!!  K.i.R.A. indeed! 

  5. The maker be makin'? Maybe. And I dont mean a bearded dude in a white gown. I mean the planet and it's originators. All the activity down there. If something is indeed growing, or terraforming, or dimensionally shifting, then 'they' would certainly be wanting to be first in line. Makes you wonder if the past 100 years has been about stopping this, or creating an environment to quicken it! Probably both, with two hidden factions duking it out.
  6. Here's a cigar and a single malt to you Aco'. Hope all is going well on the other side. We miss you. Thinking of you, and all my best to family, on this day. Jammer Aap
  7. Here's a cigar and a single malt to you Aco'.

    Hope all is going well on the other side.

    Jammer Aap

  8. MD, love your work! Acolyte mentioned Odessa, in regards to a specific thread, and faction, but the physical place also held his interest. The subterranean passages that submarines sneak through might be another place for the waters to recede through? A second drain point we are not so aware of? There was an amazing vid of a port in Brazil either flooding, or collapsing or something of that nature a few years back. Quite a busy port, on a river? Maybe that has some relevance to this? PS - I keep reading Dark Matter!!!! LOL
  9. Moon has been weird of late. Maybe it came in close? I have seen some threads on glup about a large object near or orbiting the moon. Maybe there is something to it? Might create a deeper tide?
  10. So... could this be an antenna or receiver Suuz'? 43°04'51.75"N 92°48'26.85"E
  11. Another Chinese grid/base/energy device? 43°04'51.75"N 92°48'26.85"E
  12. 'Torch' tower, in hind site....
  13. The original grille lines you showed in the Google Earth images. Um, bwahhaaahhaa, cat's out of the bag now...
  14. I agree Jess' - if only for that reason, it makes these vids a good thing. This guy wants it soo bad too! LOL that he makes fakes out of that want. A short sci-fi movie. I did like the other stuff on that guys vid too. This always leads to that!
  15. Oh you're good!!!!! But those original lines weren't faked. That still intrigues me no end!