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  1. Happy Birthday .. Good Health and Blessings [Lots Cake & Ice Cream] to you for this year..
  2. Jim Stone I have bumped the most important executive order of your lifetime to the top again because it hit over Christmas and you need to see it. I don't think many people realize what this means. Trump pulled the perpetual drain with this one, it is historic to say the least. This is Donald Trump's christmas gift to America. In this executive order, our President declares a national emergency to evoke greater powers to drain the swamp, and he does it brilliantly. Eric Schmidt resigned from Google when this came out, because he's such filth he knew the executive order would get Google seized. The full executive order is Here. It is a difficult to understand work of brilliance. I have spent considerable time going over it to find a way to explain to people what it means. That explanation follows. This is what everyone waited for, Trump is officially draining the swamp. Here's the deal. This executive order is so nasty Eric Schmidt of Google resigned from Google after Trump penned it because it gives Trump full power to seize all assets, property, and money of anyone involved in child molestation and human trafficking. It also allowed him to go after anyone threatening national security financially or any other way, and is explicitly worded to make it possible to go after the bankers and people like Hillary for Uranium One. It also prevents foreigners from helping people like Hillary and Eric Schmidt because if they do, their American assets will be seized. While having the enormous teeth needed to chew the head off the swamp, the executive order is worded in a way that would make beer belly bob fall asleep. There is not one word in it that CNN can use to turn the people against Trump. It is brilliant, and I mean BRILLIANT. Here we go. Here it is. Ok, it is complex, so let me point out the key items. The executive order is presented as a national emergency up front, right in the beginning. At first it reads like he's going after foreigners which are named directly in an annex at the end. That's not what this is. The first part of the order only cements the second part of the order, to prevent American criminals from running away to foreign countries and being supported by foreigners. To sum this up: No swamp critter can accept help from another swamp critter in getting away, Hillary's selling of American uranium is covered without mentioning Hillary or uranium, Child traffickers and other human rights abuses are covered, the stealing of and misuse of government funds is covered, all items are covered for foreigners and U.S. citizens, any foreigners who have assets in the U.S. that have done anything against the U.S. for the purpose of supporting the American swamp will have those assets seized, anyone in violation of anything in this executive order will have their assets seized, and to put it bluntly THEY ARE TOAST. This will eat: Anyone who helped or worked for Hillary (foreign and domestic) Anyone who helped and worked for George Soros, (foreign and domestic) Anyone involved in any pedophilia, human trafficking or anything else of the sort, it is a full on bust and it is tied in from every corner so nothing can leak out no matter where it is in the world. More importantly, it says that anyone this targets will not be told a thing except for the foreigners specifically named in the annex at the end, all the rest are simply going to be pounced on, straight out of the blue. This executive order is what Americans asked Trump to do on day one, he's doing it, and because of this, many are predicting he will not survive for even two weeks after issuing this. Here's the part that busts the American swamp: (ii) any foreign person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General: (A) to be responsible for or complicit in, or to have directly or indirectly engaged in, serious human rights abuse; (B) to be a current or former government official, or a person acting for or on behalf of such an official, who is responsible for or complicit in, or has directly or indirectly engaged in: (1) corruption, including the misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources, or bribery; or (iii) any person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General: (A) to have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of: (1) any activity described in subsections (ii)(A), (ii)(B)(1), or (ii)(B)(2) of this section that is conducted by a foreign person; (2) any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; or (3) any entity, including any government entity, that has engaged in, or whose members have engaged in, any of the activities described in subsections (ii)(A), (ii)(B)(1), or (ii)(B)(2) of this section, where the activity is conducted by a foreign person; (B) to be owned or controlled by, or to have acted or purported to act for or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; or (C) to have attempted to engage in any of the activities described in subsections (iii)(A) or (B) of this section (b) The prohibitions in subsection (a) of this section apply except to the extent provided by statutes, or in regulations, orders, directives, or licenses that may be issued pursuant to this order, and notwithstanding any contract entered into or any license or permit granted before the effective date of this order. Sec. 2. The unrestricted immigrant and nonimmigrant entry into the United States of aliens determined to meet one or more of the criteria in section 1 of this order would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, and the entry of such persons into the United States, as immigrants or nonimmigrants, is hereby suspended. Such persons shall be treated as persons covered by section 1 of Proclamation 8693 of July 24, 2011 (Suspension of Entry of Aliens Subject to United Nations Security Council Travel Bans and International Emergency Economic Powers Act Sanctions). Sec. 3. I hereby determine that the making of donations of the types of articles specified in section 203(b)(2) of IEEPA (50 U.S.C. 1702(b)(2)) by, to, or for the benefit of any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order would seriously impair my ability to deal with the national emergency declared in this order, and I hereby prohibit such donations as provided by section 1 of this order. Sec. 4. The prohibitions in section 1 include: (a) the making of any contribution or provision of funds, goods, or services by, to, or for the benefit of any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; and (b) the receipt of any contribution or provision of funds, goods, or services from any such person. Sec. 5. (a) Any transaction that evades or avoids, has the purpose of evading or avoiding, causes a violation of, or attempts to violate any of the prohibitions set forth in this order is prohibited. (b) Any conspiracy formed to violate any of the prohibitions set forth in this order is prohibited. Sec. 6. For the purposes of this order: (a) the term "person" means an individual or entity; (b) the term "entity" means a partnership, association, trust, joint venture, corporation, group, subgroup, or other organization; and (c) the term "United States person" means any United States citizen, permanent resident alien, entity organized under the laws of the United States or any jurisdiction within the United States (including foreign branches), or any person in the United States. Sec. 7. For those persons whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order who might have a constitutional presence in the United States, I find that because of the ability to transfer funds or other assets instantaneously, prior notice to such persons of measures to be taken pursuant to this order would render those measures ineffectual. I therefore determine that for these measures to be effective in addressing the national emergency declared in this order, there need be no prior notice of a listing or determination made pursuant to this order. This executive order is not for easy reading leftists, it is difficult to put together but when you do put it together, it is THE NUKE.
  3. 11.7 - Storm is Getting Stormier/SKYKINGS/Help From Above? Destroying The Illusion Streamed live on Nov 7, 2017 4chan SKYKINGS - https://goo.gl/Y3iHZu Basic Guide to SKYKINGS - https://goo.gl/4pDxme "Explosive" Leaked Secret Israeli Cable Confirms Israeli-Saudi Coordination To Provoke War - https://goo.gl/vzH4Bt Exclusive: FBI agents raid headquarters of major U.S. body broker - https://goo.gl/3j6e4x New FBI Director Wray Admits: “This Place Is Actually Worse Than I Thought” - https://goo.gl/aFFbsC Trump Investigates DNC Hack - https://goo.gl/fv3nez Former Clinton Advisor Calls For Special Prosecutor to Investigate Hillary - https://goo.gl/BRej2X Sign up here for me Merging Science and Spirituality of Ascension Webcast - https://goo.gl/KhZgSU http://www.jordansather.com Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jordansather DTI FB Group - https://goo.gl/qnTxPU DTI Twitter: https://twitter.com/DestroyIllusion DTI Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/destroyingth... My FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/jordan.sather.9
  4. The Lemurian Plug MAKE YOUR HOME SAFER! · Neutralizes Toxins · Holds a healing and restorative frequency · Protects from EMF's · Transmits energy to any cellular device (your phone) · Enhances Food http://www.thelemurianplug.com/ The Plug Story from Geoffrey Radford and others Introduction by Geoffrey My name is Geoffrey Radford. Thirty years ago I met a man who doesn’t know how he was lead to meet me. It seems strange, but that’s it. He didn’t know how he got to where he was. Anyway, he invited me to a party. It wasn’t a party really, it was a meeting and I decided, I had nothing else to do so I went to this meeting. It was a Health Expo. He asked me to look at a certain person, her name was Penny, and just watch her. I’m going up to the dais and I’m going to give a speech. After the speech, just watch Penny and see what happens. So he goes up, gives his speech, comes back and I watch Penny and she stands up and the most vivacious woman arrives. Her name is Kathleen. Off come the glasses, there is no limp, she walks up to the dais, gives her speech. The first things out of her mouth are “I am from Lemuria and I was a healer in Atlantis 26,000,000 years ago.” Now the business of the meeting was all about crystals. To cut a long story short, Kathleen was here to “fix” man-made projects all over the world by a certain frequency. When she’d given her speech, she walked down the aisle. Now I’d never met her. She put her arms around me and said, “You’ve got a lot of work to do.” Well, this was my first knowledge of this sort of thing so I just put it in the back of my mind and that was that. It’s been 30 years. I’ve been banged around and what have you. Nothing really happened until about early 2016. I’ve had the Plug, which has been developed through the ages, through my age anyway. It has a frequency. Now, you’re all clever people. This frequency neutralizes toxicity. I can’t explain it any simpler than that. I leave it to your own imagination. It will completely transform your house. For instance, if you had gone to the store and bought some vegetables that had been sprayed with toxic chemicals, in 2 days they would become organic. The chemicals will have been neutralized completely. Say you have a carrot and it’s in the ground. There’s a certain amount of energy in that carrot. When you take it out of the ground it loses energy. Once you start cutting it and cutting and cutting it, it will lose more energy. You can take one piece of that carrot and leave it in your house on something I’m going to explain in a minute, and it will go back to exactly the same state that it was in the ground. Once you get this plug, plug it in and then plug your cell phone into another outlet in your house and let it charge up. That frequency will then be transferred into your cell phone. Now you can use your cell phone as a helping hand in doing vegetables or anything else because the cell phone will now do in 3 minutes what it would take the Plug to do in 3 days. For instance, if you have your vegetables you’ve brought back from the store and you have a little platform you can have your cell phone under, and you put the vegetables on it, you can leave it there for a half an hour, whatever you wish. It will neutralize everything there instantaneously. Now you can put it in the fridge. Done! But remember, if it’s being done by the plug, it takes 2 days. Now this was discovered about coffee. Most people believe coffee is a nice drink. It is. It’s very good. I drink it myself every day. But when the Plug goes into a house, the only thing I have ever found that does not go according to the spin that it should is coffee. It takes 2 days to change the coffee to a spin of positive energy. Now what I understand, way, way, way, way, way back, coffee was banned in Europe for this particular reason. This is going back a long time. Also I was told that medicine started in the early days with 2 ways of curing. One was chemical and the other was color. Color was tossed aside and medicine came through. What this energy is, comes from a color and I think it comes from those times. There is a particular device that, I can’t remember the guy’s name, received from Kathleen, the one from Lemuria, how to build this device, and it’s a crystalline device, it’s got a number of different colors on it. We’ve seen it, it’s like a plate and that particular plate is what powers all of these plugs. Once the Plugs are in contact with this plate they are completely powered from there on. This device is Atlantean/Lemurian/ancient and that’s what’s needed here so the Plugs that he’s selling are the ones that will actually transmit the energies. If everyone had a Plug across the planet, it would transmit the energy across the entire planet. The cell phones will also transmit the energies so you can marry 2 cell phones together, that will transmit the energies as well and be able to neutralize non-beneficial energies any place you are. That’s the whole idea here. These are real and it’s not business as usual any more. How It Works The Plug is “charged” with an ancient technology that was given to me by a Lemurian. This could be hard to believe, but if you are buying The Plug, chances are you understand what this means. This is Technology that was lost, but has found its way back to us! When I spoke on a radio program I mentioned a fast food restaurant and I told you how it was started, by building a post outside one corner of the building about 50 feet away and then another post about 50 feet away and two more in a square all the way around the four corners. There were cards inside these posts, one looked at the other and so on and so on until the square was formed. Now these cards that were looking at each other were crystals and they gave out a frequency. There was no electricity attached to them whatsoever. I later found out that what it was attaching to, or piggybacking on was the electricity of the building. It took a little bit of time to figure that out. There is not a real understanding of exactly how and why it works. But as the owner of a Plug, you have an opportunity to experiment with the frequency and use it to your advantage. You may record your experiences and share them if you like. The only thing you need to know here is that you simply plug it into any outlet and within around 24 hours, it has neutralized your home. It does not light up and does not give any indication it is working other than it is. This is powered by the crystalline plate from Lemuria which powers all the Plugs which can then also neutralize your cell phones. Once a cell phone has been charged by the Plug (simply by laying it on the plug for 3 or 4 minutes), it will remain charged (neutralized) until the battery is replaced. It does not charge your phone in the normal 3D sense. You will still need to charge you phone battery as you normally would. We have no idea yet how this works, just that it does. This is ancient technology! Essentially, you have re-tuned the frequency in your home and in your electronic devices and appliances to emit a more powerful energy that is transformative in nature. It changes non-beneficial energy into beneficial energy. It works with your own consciousness so the stronger you place your faith and belief in this technology, the more it will work in your favor. Your faith and belief magnify its energy. Blessings to each of you and let us know your new experiences with The Plug! HOW TO USE THE PLUG Change the Frequency of Your Cell Phone When you receive “The Plug” place the plug on top of your cell phone for 3 to 4 minutes. You may also place the Plug on top of your cellular tablet. Your device(s) now has exactly the same frequency as the Plug. Place the Plug Into an Outlet Next, plug the Plug into an outlet and leave it in. It takes about 24 hours after the Plug is plugged in to make the portion of the home on that circuit positive. This includes anything in the house along with the walls and carpeting. If you move, take the Plug with you.
  5. Jim Stone on the Vegas shootings. Check out the latest name on site for the Mossadass mouthpiece article link. ——— THIS PAGE GOT HACKED AND SWAPPED OUT WITH B.S. I A FIXING IT NOW. I have to assess how bad the damage is. I posted that this event happened at an outdoor concert, and someone switched it to an indoor theater! I was up when this shooting happened and stayed focused on it all night and did not sleep. I don’t know what the motive was, but something seeped through the cracks that points the finger directly at Israel. The motive may have been to divide America more. It could have been to get Trump to go to war. Or it could have been to distract the public from the communist genocide attempt underway in Puerto Rico. Whatever it was, this time the shooting was BAD. More than another Bataclan. ENORMOUS FOR REAL MASS SHOOTING AT MANDALAY BAY CASINO TOP POSTED BOMBSHELL: 20 minutes before the shooting, a Latino man and woman went through the casino, shouting at everyone that a group of Latinos was going to show up and kill everyone. They made it up to the stage area, and the woman shouted it clearly in a way that thousands of people heard the warning. Casino staff then detained the couple and it was “business as usual with two fruit cakes detained” and then a little while later the shooting started. UPDATE: There is good reason to believe the Vegas shooting was a Mossad job. Israel posted the full details on the patsy way too soon! See the full report below. ACTIVE SHOOTERS AT MANDALAY BAY CASINO IN VEGAS I have now been through the videos carefully. There was more than one shooter, but you have to go through all the videos to figure it out. There are points in the video where it is clearly and obviously at least two gunmen. I do not think the shooting was done with weapons that were supposed to be fully automatic, the shooting on both guns was uneven which makes me believe were modified semi auto. It appears there were two shooters with one of the shooters not shooting as much as the other. I have the audio files that prove it – if you listen to the videos you’ll probably at first think it is one shooter. But there is audio that proves it is two guns, one with a deep pitch and one with a high pitch, and at times only one (deep pitch) and then the other one (high pitch) are going at a time. If both high pitch and low pitch do not come across at the same time or close to the same time, it is two different guns, and not an echo. But you have to listen to a lot of the audio to catch those moments. Here’s what happened: Multiple gunmen opened fire from upper floors of surrounding hotels at a crowd attending an outdoor concert at the Mandalay Bay casino in Vegas. My guess is this was staged by Israeli/American intelligence (because an Israeli paper totally screwed up) to cover for an attempted genocide underway in Puerto Rico, as communists in the government block supplies from reaching the people. If you don’t know about that, skip down the page a ways. For me, this is obvious: 1. Communists get busted staging a genocide attempt on U.S. territory. 2. Communists then divert the news cycle to a horrendous mass shooting in a national playground. THIS IS OBVIOIUS FOLKS, and the shooting is definitely not a hoax. THIS IS KEY INFO: 20 minutes before the shooting, a Latino man and woman went through the casino, shouting at everyone that a group of Latinos was going to show up and kill everyone. They made it into the concert area, all the way to the front of the stage and the woman shouted it in front of everyone. It was a ruckus that everyone noticed. Casino staff then detained the couple and it was “business as usual with two fruit cakes detained” and a short while later the shooting started. Initially this story was one of a Latino/antifa grudge shooting at conservative Trump supporting Americans attending a conservative country music gathering. Then someone figured that was not politically expedient enough, and VOILA, single shooter and he’s Muslim. And dead. No mention anywhere about the Latino couple that made a promienent well noted “crazy” appearance is anywhere to be seen in the MSM news cycle. Absent this being told, the MSM is LYING. The final ‘Islamic terror’ story that suddenly popped up out of nowhere was too convenient I’d say. Several eyewitnesses told Fox News that there were at least 3 shooters. Fox news then immediately started saying it was a lone gunman. THAT’S PROOF THIS IS A CIA OP, WITH THE BASE STORY LINE OF A LONE NUTCASE. Even in the video, it is obvious there are at least two guns because there is one with a sharp report, and one with a dull report, and at one point the one with the dull report starts shooting first, which proves the dull sound is not just an echo. The Latino couple who showed up to warn probably work for intelligence and wanted to stop it from happening. We will have to see how this plays out, but for now: 1. The Democrats/communists needed a huge event to distract people from their dirty deeds in Puerto Rico 2. A Latino couple went through the casino and out to the concert crowd, yelling loudly telling everyone they could that everyone would soon be dead, and they had to leave or they would die. They made it to the stage area and gut busted as “fruitcakes” there. So someone knew, and they probably knew because they were intelligence that did not want to go along with it. 3. Shortly thereafter, gunfire from the surrounding hotels rained down on the crowd, and if you listen through all the video, you can clearly hear it is at least two guns because the low sounding gun starts first once, it is not just a dulled echo. UPDATE: There are plenty of times in the videos where only the gun with the dull report is firing. Clearly the guns are AK and an AR or M-16 4. Intelligence agency classic: Media suddenly controlled, not allowing random witnesses, Whitewash complete, lone gunman, patsy dead, no stories told. So classic, it happens that way EVERY TIME. Retard dead. Agents walk. Once again, I have the critical videos that prove it all cached offline. If they were honest about this, they’d be saying multiple gunmen. The loner story alone proves it is once again Democrats staging this crap through a controlled media. And just like they’ll kill off people in Puerto Rico by starving them out on purpose, they’ll shoot up a casino in Vegas. From a Bolshevik perspective, everyone is disposable and nothing matters but them getting more control. BUSTED: ISRAEL reported this WAY TOO EARLY to EVER know! QUESTION: How would Israel know this, when it happened in Vegas at 10:08 vegas time, and they posted this a little after 3AM vegas time (originally) only to have it get repeated by another paper at 4:20 AM vegas time and get deleted in the original paper? How would the police investigators connect the dots in the dead of night before 3 AM (only to have that news make it back to Israel,) go through the publishing delays, and get originally posted at 3 AM? Good question. Obvious answer: THIS SHOOTING WAS SCRIPTED FROM ISRAEL. It was probably a Mossad job, and they had their patsy already chosen. If that is not the case, they quickly made something up for the sake of political expedience, They CANNOT have this be an immigrant issue. Current patsy is a loner convert to Islam who’s white. CUUUUUUUTE!!!!
  6. Jim Stone BUSTED: THE REAL STORY ON PUERTO RICO All roads were open, and supplies were being delivered to all points of the island until communists tied to Hillary Clinton ordered the truckers to stop moving. As of 7 AM CST Saturday morning Sep 30: All roads in Puerto Rico are completely cleared and carrying traffic. There are no blocked roads. Roads were already predominantly clear, allowing the full three hour drive across the island unhindered, on the morning of September 27. Residents are asking where all the stories about blocked roads are originating. These stories are being told to excuse the fact that there are 9,700 semi truck sized shipping containers that were sent by Trump, packed with food and other supplies sitting in port while the truckers refuse to deliver them to the island, under the cooperation of their union which has ties to Hillary Clinton. The truckers have been told that if they just sit there, and allow an enormous starvation/humanitarian crisis to unfold, they will receive an enormous payout afterward. Many do not want to cooperate with this, but if any trucker tries to leave the port, they will be immediately fired and removed from their vehicle. The desire to cooperate is far from unanimous, it is to a large degree forced. The reasons the truckers are being forced to stay in port (one way or another) is because a communist faction in Puerto Rico’s government that has direct ties to Hillary Clinton did not want an aid package in the form of goods sent to Puerto Rico, instead, they wanted an enormous cash payout that they could steal. Right now, what we are witnessing in Puerto Rico is precisely the same thing that happened with the Clinton foundation and Haiti earthquake relief. The Clinton Foundation received hundreds of millions of dollars for the Haiti earthquake, and kept all but a fraction of a single percent. Virtually no help showed up in Haiti. FACT: Everything the Puerto Rican people could possibly hope for is sitting in port, not moving. FACT: The roads are completely clear and ready for service to all points on the island. Other than having no trucks delivering supplies, and cars having to find alternate routes around a few flood damaged bridges, traffic is normal. CONFIRMED: The entire route that goes the longest distance across the island that normally requires a three hour drive under normal conditions, was possible to commute in three hours on Thursday morning (and possibly earlier,) but it was confirmed by one driver who posted to social media on Thursday. FACT: The truckers are simply sitting in port (or on the couch) doing nothing while a crisis builds, they are not even doing their normal jobs of moving supplies that would happen if there was no hurricane. BIG BOLD KILLER FACT: Power is over 70 percent restored to the entire island, with only “A few localized neighborhoods that need to be taken care of”. This was stated on social media by one of the over 1,500 military electricians sent to the island by Trump to get the power back on because the power company in Puerto Rico was too bankrupt and corrupt to do it, ever. FACT: The efforts put forth by the Puerto Rican people to help themselves was so poor that more was accomplished by scrappers going around picking up blown off sheet metal roofing to be turned in for recycling and/or to be re-used than any other effort. Scrappers more than anything are what cleared the roads. The balance was largely accomplished by American military electricians removing downed trees. All of this adds up to: Communists in American government and media are lying about the situation in Puerto Rico. Trump’s response was excellent, and everything the island needs is there, and the ability to deliver it is 100 percent. But since communists cooperate to create a crisis, and enough of Puerto Rico’s government is seeded with communists in the right places, the only thing working unhindered is the American military electricians, who did a lot of road clearing and almost have the power entirely back on. If the issue of communists (who are all tied to hillary) preventing supplies from moving via choke points in the political instruction chain is not addressed immediately, Puerto Rico will be starved to death while the streets are clean and open, and the power is on all the while the communist media tells horror stories about irreparable devastation and Trump doing nothing about it. That is precisely how communists operate, they would rather destroy supplies and kill people than lose political advantage. They see Puerto Rico as a prime opportunity to gain a political advantage by creating a crisis they can then turn around and destroy Trump with. One important thing to note is that the communists have dispatched an army of social media trolls to lie about the situation in Puerto Rico from an “on the ground” perspective. FACT: PUERTO RICO SPEAKS SPANISH. YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANYONE FROM PUERTO RICO POSTING TO SOCIAL MEDIA IN PERFECT ENGLISH. And that is predominantly how all the devastation stories are being posted – in English. You have to wade through a mountain of disinfo to find the truth. It is not easy, the effort to lie about Puerto Rico is well funded and very potent. Obviously there was widespread damage in Puerto Rico, Maria was, after all, a hurricane. But such massive help arrived under the direct order of Trump that if the communists were not causing problems, it would be back to business as usual by the middle of next week and almost is now. But with the communist ordered truckers strike that just popped up out of nowhere, We’re going to see a situation where people are starving with nothing else wrong, other than that they are starving. Starving, while food is right there. just like Ukraine.
  7. Jim Stone September 2017 BLOCKBUSTER: ANTIFA HACKED, AND IT IS PREDOMINANTLY SCHOOL TEACHERS, PROGRAMMERS AND PROFESSORS Just as important: A large number of Antifa are registered with a major Bolshevik organization. Someone hacked Antifa, and got the entire list of people available for antifa activities. They then posted it to 8-chan. I saved it off of 8-chan as a text file because it probably won’t last. It is a massive list with thousands of names and they are heavily weighted with college professors, school teachers and programmers. More important, it proves it is the Bolsheviks doing it, because it is heavily loaded with people from a major Bolshevik association. The list proves that the destruction of America really is being done by the same Bolsheviks that took down Russia. It proves the Bolsheviks have totally invaded education and heavily invaded tech. You did not expect them to just shrivel and go away, did you? They did not! The list of these social perverts is far too massive to put on this page, it is the size of a medium sized town phone book. I have it here as a text file, SEE THIS and please note: It will take some computers a while to open this and start running smooth. ALSO: Use the arrows to scroll the list because the slider skips huge sections – this file is too big for the slider. One final note: Hundreds (if not thousands) of the names are associated with their facebook pages and professions towards the bottom of this file, before it gets into the discussion that was taking place below it. This is an epic bust!
  8. Jim Stone This is not fake news: Australian military only accepting female recruits Someone in Australia made the decision that the armed forces should be staffed equally by women. So all recruiting officers have been given orders to accept only female applicants unless there is a specific request for men, and at one recruiting station, only 1 in 18 current openings for the Navy is available for a man, and the air force has none at all. This has been made mandatory in the Australian Army, Air force and Navy. This is not a hoax, see this https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/36680260/australian-army-bans-male-recruits/ CHINA HAS SIDED WITH KIM JONG They know the U.S. media is bs, and basically said the following: If you attack North Korea first, we will defend them to whatever extent it takes. If they attack you first, we’ll wait and see how we feel about that . . . . . So it looks like my Guam reports pretty much nailed it, China is not going to eat bananas while watching CNN. And we might get to see how good China is at discovering false flags Here's the back story summary, that is basically a synopsis of all the Guam posts I put up, that can be stated because they were BANG ON. North Korea became concerned about a large buildup of American nuclear forces on Guam. With America stating they will strike North Korea, and the buildup of the "tools for the job" on Guam, North Korea began to, (as usual) rattle like a porcupine. (and porcupines do rattle, that's how they get your attention.) At no point did North Korea say they would attack Guam, they only talked intensely about Guam, and said they'd "target American assetts in the Pacific". Then the MSM in the U.S. launched a news cycle about a North Korean attack on Guam (which North Korea can not do because they can't project power that far) and topped it off with a nice pile of whipped cream about "4 nuclear missiles to be test launched at Guam". At no point did I ever see the North Koreans themselves actually say that, and they announce everything in their state papers. China soaked it all in, and spat out a response that would be given if the Guam reports were right, and China was not just a rattling porcupine. They stated clearly that any attack by the United States on North Korea would be met with whatever force it took to shut it down. And they additionally did not rule out acting themselves if North Korea was provoked into striking first. So nothing is going to happen with North Korea, unless the Pentagon wants to openly invite a disaster and I do not think they will. I do not believe China would have sided so strongly with North Korea if their own assets did not make an assessment that was similar to mine. Everything I referenced was purely North Korean, because I know by now that the American and European media outlets do nothing but spew lies. Yes, North Korea did issue one of their typical empty threats, but it was not as stated in the MSM, and additionally only went 10 percent as far as the MSM claimed. So I'd say we can all go to bed now, because I don't think the Pentagon is going to do anything at all. Anyway, about porcupines: They are far worse than many people realize, and much much larger than people realize. I was walking in the woods one day, and was startled by something that started rattling and flashing up in a tree. I looked up, and low and behold it was a porcupine. The sun lit up it's quills that looked like transparent glass tubes with barbs on the end, and they caught the light of the sun and flashed brightly. The tubes are hollow, which made them rattle loudly when the porcupine shook them. It was large. It was not the cute little things you see on TV, and it was adamantly aggressive, backing towards me down the tree. I was like, WHOAH, those are NASTY. And it did not back down from what it perceived was a threat. Obviously I did not play around with it, because I then realized that all the stories about how bad it was to get nailed by one had to be true.
  9. Jim Stone Al Gore released a sequel to “And Inconvenient Truth” and it BOMBED AL Gore is blaming Paramount for a 15th place opening weekend for his new film, “An Inconvenient sequel”. He is claiming Paramount sabotaged the film on purpose. MY COMMENT: DEAR AL: YOU AND YOUR DEMOCRAT CRONIES MAY BE ABLE TO RIG A VOTING BOOTH, BUT YOU CAN’T RIG THE BOX OFFICE! HA HA – AL Gore expected “hatred of Trump” to drive people to the box offices in droves! QUESTION: What planet does AL Gore live on? If the Democrats actually had legitimate elections with nothing rigged, they are so hated now that they’d come in “15th place” after the little known “Curling and knitting” party! No one believes the global warming bunkery outside of the self aggrandized echo chambers of the liberal left, and Al Gore just had that reality handed to him on a carbon fiber plate. He placed 15th AFTER getting the message out to liberals to “pack the theaters”. That’s dismal. There is a detailed report on this topic HERE
  10. Jim Stone FREAKY NEW BILL PASSED THE SENATE S.722 – Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017 is far more about Russia than Iran, and on top of that, makes the President a punishable slave of the system! If this bill passes Russia is going to be PISSED. I don’t know how crap like this even gets written, but it passed with a majority of 98 percent in the Senate. If it does pass the house and then get ratified, it may result in a hot war against Russia. First of all – The bill does basically destroy Iran by cutting Iran off entirely via sanctions. They are going to “North Korea” Iran. All the while Iran actually did live up to all non nuclear proliferation agreements so far. Contrary to what has been widely stated, Iran has not violated any of the nuclear agreements, and Trump had to acknowledge that last week. So the response then was to draft up an entirely new Congressional act, that is an obvious attempt to slap Iran back to an economic stone age. The bill is mostly about destroying Russia Additionally, only the first 25 percent of the bill says anything about Iran at all. After the first 25 percent or so (which is long all by itself) it then calls Russia a supporter of Iran, and goes on an extended enormous rant about how Russia needs to be cut off from the rest of the world financially and economically, because “Russia provides support to Iran”. HOWEVER, AFTER YOU GET PAST THE HEADLINE ON THE RUSSIA PORTION OF THE BILL, A WORD SEARCH PROVES THAT IRAN IS NOT MENTIONED EVEN ONCE IN RELATION TO RUSSIA. There is no explanation whatsoever for why Russia needs to be punished for “supporting Iran” because if there was, Iran would have to be mentioned at least once in the Russian section! Why would a bill written to punish Iran, and titled to punish Iran and in the summary talk only about Iran in fact be mostly about Russia once read? Obviously they are trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes with this! The bill is also mostly about usurping Presidential powers, and forcing the President do do a hell of a lot of work to make this bill happen It says right at the beginning that it is not about usurping Presidential powers, but all through the bill the President is required to do this and that and this that that and THAT. I did not think the President could be ordered to do anything at all, but this bill makes the President look like a crud scraping employee. The bill is very lengthy and convoluted. If anyone wanted to really understand it, it would take days of reading. HERE IS HOW YOU MAKE THE JOB OF GETTING THROUGH IT EASIER: 1. Do a word search for Iran. You will see that after the top 25 percent, Iran is never mentioned again. 2. Do a word search for Russia. You will see that from the 25 percent point down to about the 80 percent point, it is 100 percent Russia and Iran is never mentioned. 3. Do a word search for President. You will then see that the President is ordered around so much here that it makes the position look subservient. Then go back and spot check it everywhere, with those search terms, so you can get a feel for what they are doing with this bill. You will quickly realize that the only appropriate response from Iran and Russia would be world war 3. I can’t believe anyone but the shadow government would EVER PEN THIS! Don’t get trapped by the summary, The actual bill is here https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/senate-bill/722/text
  11. https://projectcamelotportal.com/2017/07/03/life-saving-secret-sensory-perceptions-after-40/ Life Saving Secret Sensory Perceptions After 40 July 3, 2017 by, Paul Collin (The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy) LOS ANGELES – July 1, 2017 – Many people believe they have a pretty good grasp on what is going on within their bodies at any given time however, an even greater number of people are totally unaware that their ‘body time clock functions’ – after 40-years old – could get them and others quickly killed without any warning. I cannot believe professionals and government officials were unaware of what I just discovered today, and my preliminary research indicates both already knew but never broadcasted anything about it publicly. The statistics are well hidden within ‘traffic accidents’ and ‘resultant fatalities’ of 40-year old people ( and older ). New Neuroscience Studies Those 40-year olds ( and older ) whom ‘do survive’ cannot clearly explain nor do they understand what occurred the instant they lost control of something termed “Spatial Awareness” that ‘occurs before losing control of your motor vehicle’. Hence, the ‘official medical neuroscience statistical averages of “Vestibular Dysfunction” unjustly maintains an ‘erroneous low percentage of occurrences’. People Using Online Devices ( Desktop Computers, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, etc. ) “The type and severity of vestibular disorder symptoms can vary considerably, and be frightening as well as difficult to describe.” Inner ear communications with the brain maladies is just now beginning to be identified and investigated closer resulting in multiple symptomatic variable findings as well as certain new categories requiring new studies, including but not limited to areas of: Human sensitivity to certain types of computer monitors and digital televisions. Since it occurred with me, and I was not killed, the fact of my ability to act quickly was only part of my good fortune for living to report on this. I was also helped because of my earlier intelligence training that provided a National Highway Safety training, plus I later worked for a special private C.I.A. organization ( Academy Of Defensive Driving / AODD ) that taught advanced Executive Driving for foreign dignitary driving, anti-terrorist kidnapping attempt evasion, how to lob hand grenades while driving a limousine, plus a few other driving skills. My additional luck was I was ‘not driving on a crowded interstate highway system’, and I was travelling in the slowest traffic lane with an area marked for emergencies with enough room to pull over quickly and stop’. Had I been on a mountain road, I would have accidentally driven off a cliff. Most importantly to remember is, vertigo spinning ‘sneaks up on anyone’ and does-so ‘extremely fast’ and with ‘no warning’. For further help on this, I recommend reading the “Research And Help References” ( below ) and being thoroughly checked by a professional specialist as soon as possible. The only way in which I ran across very basic information explaining what had later actually occurred ( ‘transient vertigo’ / Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo / BPPV ) to me while driving my motor vehicle during February 2017 on a United States interstate highway in America where my surroundings (the entire landscape around me) began spinning and would not stop. Here ( immediately below ) is a short video clip of a young doctor from a TV show ( The Dr.’s ) who encounters, while ‘sitting on a bed’, what I encountered while driving on an interstate highway: m.youtube.com/watch?v=dTHsy2BNSbI Brief Digression I am a ‘researcher’, and ‘not a medical doctor’, who while writing my report ( herein ) oddly discovered more within the topic I originally began about. I was spurred oddly enough by some weird sense to research further into my report references even though I had already concluded writing my report for publishing today. What I discovered was additional knowledge enlightening me enough to answer at-least one ( single ) mystery in my recent life. Had I not bothered to research any further on the subject of human ‘physical sensory perceptions’, I would never have known, plus the additional chance of misfortune I could have otherwise died in a future motor vehicle transportation accident because of what I ‘did not know’ that ‘naturally occurs physiologically in most human beings over the age of 40-years old’. As an aside, to this report, I digress by mentioning my curious luck – at 67-years old – to have just now ( today ) discovered these facts. Hence, I expanded my original simple report to include this new additional information ( herein ) prior to this publishing. Natural Right To Be A ‘Whistleblower’ We should all ‘know’ about the ‘unknown’ because we all have a ‘personal stake in living’, ‘protecting life of our loved ones’, and ‘warning humanity when anything threatens our very existence’; whether government officials want us to be ‘Whistleblowers’ or not – when a situation becomes a matter of our survival on planet Earth. Some may shrug and quip this report is nothing Earth shattering, however if and when such an incident happens to you ( personally ) it will certainly become a huge issue to ‘you’ or ‘your loved ones’ the next time ‘you drive a vehicle’. ‘Physical Sensory Perceptions’ Commonly Understood Muscle strength loss by 40-years old is typically understood within most professional athletes whom rarely continue through pro sports careers past their late 30s. A recent study, conducted by Harvard Medical School Otolaryngology professor Daniel M. Merfeld, PhD. ( Boston, MA – Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary ) just revealed more. Understanding Our ‘Vestibular System’ Two ( 2 ) tiny “Otolyth Organs” located within our ‘Inner Ear’ provides our human body with a sense of: 1. ‘Balance’; 2. ‘Motion’; and, 3. ‘Spatial Awareness’. Reference www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK10792/ According to recent findings, by the time most human beings are age 40-years old, our body’s ‘vestibular functions’ begin to ‘deteriorate’ at a rate of between 15% to 34.8%. Data from a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey ( NHANES ) were analyzed to show 35.4% of American subjects above the age of 40-years old were ‘unable to stand on foam with their eyes closed’. ‘Over The Hill’ After 40-Years Old? ‘Yes’! Your body is degenerating quicker and even more-so than many medical professionals realize. Yes, we’re all becoming older. And, ‘yes’, we’re all dying a slow death. But at ‘what age’ does our ‘aging process’ become ‘life threatening’ to us and / or others? ‘Instant Loss’ Of ‘Spatial Awareness’ – How It Can Kill You And Others Too! Personal Experience In early February 2017, while driving from Los Angeles, California to Tucson, Arizona I almost died in an automobile accident caused by something occurring within me I was totally clueless about. The incident occurred suddenly and without any early warning signs. Later, it frightened me to consider, “What if this happens to me the next time I drive?” “Given the clear evidence presented ( herein ) that ‘vestibular function declines with age above 40-years old’, and given the relative consistency of the earlier estimates of vestibular and balance dysfunction, it seems reasonable to try to make a conservative estimate of ‘the number of people who might die each year due to vestibular dysfunction’.” “For example, it seems likely that at least ‘some of the transportation accidents ( e.g., car crashes ) that lead to the death of about 50,000 Americans each year are due to ‘vestibular dysfunction’.” “Unfortunately, we were unable to locate enough relevant data ( at this time ) to estimate the ‘contributions of vestibular dysfunction to motor vehicle accidents’.” So, now I know what occurred with me on Interstate 10 in Arizona when my whole view of the highway and entire landscape around me started spinning around when I was driving fully rested, unfatigued, and wide awake in broad daylight. What I do ‘not know’, nor do even these medical professionals studying neuroscience, is: “What ‘early warning’ can be provided to humanity ( globally ) whom are 40-years old ( or, older ) while driving a motor vehicle on highways shared with other people and family members in vehicles too?” While additional aspects of ‘physical sensory perception’ functioning decreases – such as vision usually deteriorating by 60-years of age, other types of ‘non-physical sensory perceptions’ may require further study. Whether ‘Extra Sensory Perceptions’ ( ESP ) ‘heighten’ as we grow older or ‘decrease’ remains to be studied. ‘A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste’ – And, So May Go ‘ESP’ ! There is, of course, the matter of expanding human body ‘inner awareness levels’. As for ESP, most people never practice nor are they ever trained for how to more-fully develop themself. Akin, perhaps, to being born with a brain but never schooled or trained to study anything more than one’s ‘primal instincts’, yet seemingly lethargic, other ‘primal sensory perceptions’ are indeed ‘heightened’ ( senses of hearing, smell, etc. ). How to utilize, what we’re all born-with, might require special training, however, who can say whether ‘primal cave people’ ( cavemen ) had additional ‘naturally heightened’ levels of ESP too. Have we, our ‘natural human being self’ – if left alone or guided differently lost our ‘natural enlightenment’? And, if so, how or why were we trained-down the path bringing us to where we evolved today? Natural Life Being Expectancy Paths Is the unorthodoxed theory true, that Cro-Magnon man traversed as a ‘hunchback’ because atmospheric oxygen levels had not risen up from early Earth ground-levels so man could breathe properly walking upright? As our seemingly “civilized world” becomes more savage with even-more outbreaks of ‘animalistic human behavior’ coupled with multiple probabilities of global thermonuclear wars, is our human race unwittingly ‘righting human beings back to the stone age’ wherefrom ‘natural sensory perceptions’ may be destined to return-to and grow differently? Jedi Master Yoda, what say ‘you’? Submitted for review and commentary by, Paul Collin, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@GMAIL.Com WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com/ RESEARCH AND HELP REFERENCES – journal.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/fneur.2016.00162/full www.edmunds.com/driving-tips/how-to-survive-the-top-10-driving-emergencies.html www.cbsnews.com/news/what-is-vertigo-and-what-do-you-do-when-you-have-it/ vestibular.org/understanding-vestibular-disorder/symptoms www.msn.com/en-us/health/healthtrending/%e2%80%8bthis-is-one-of-the-earliest-signs-you%e2%80%99re-getting-old/ar-AAnGRIp?li=BBnb7Kz
  12. JIM STONE 15 July 2017 NY Chinese Billionaire Warns America: China Has 25, 000 Spies Who Are "Ready To Destroy The U.S." The following appears to have come from Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief Since the 1980's, the US has caught and imprisoned over a dozen people who were spying on American government agencies and corporations. So we catch Chinese spies once every few years. With that kind of frequency, you'd probably assume that China doesn't have that many intelligence assets in America at any given time. Based on those numbers, a safe estimate would be in the hundreds, or perhaps thousands. But it turns out that those estimates would be incredible low. According to Guo Wengui, a billionaire investor who has fled China and moved to New York since becoming a major critic of the Chinese regime, there are probably 25, 000 spies in America who are working for Beijing. Those numbers are derived from what he claims, are his close ties to multiple Chinese intelligence agencies. That may sound far fetched to most Americans, but in China the public and private sectors are closely aligned. They're practically the same entity. So we should take his warnings very seriously, which were brought up in a recent interview with The Freebeacon. Guo said that Chinese intelligence operations in the United States sharply increased after the 2012 Communist Party Congress that brought current leader Xi Jinping to power. "Before 2012, cumulatively China had around 10, 000 to 20, 000 agents working in the United States, " he said. "These agents had been sent to work in the United States over a 50 year period of time, and they were working in a defensive mode." According to the businessman, defensive intelligence was mainly focused on learning about the United States. The operations then shifted in 2012 to "offensive" spying, he said. "By offensive [operations], I mean to be ready to destroy the U.S. in ways they can, " Guo said. And these spies don't just consist of Chinese immigrants. According to Guo, many of them are treasonous Americans who have sold their country out for a paycheck, and they can be ruthless. China's budget for intelligence gathering before 2012 was around $600 million annually. Around 2012, a decision was made by Chinese leaders to dispatch another 5, 000 spies to the United States. "Some of them were sent as students, some as businessmen, and some as immigrants, but all together, 5, 000, " Guo said. "In addition to that, they developed between 15, 000 to 18, 000 other spies, and these are not directly sent but these are developed within the United States." The recruited agents are not limited to Asians and Chinese-Americans but include all ethnic groups, including Hispanics, Blacks, and Caucasians. "And now the budget is between $3 billion to $4 billion annually, and this is information up to one month ago, " he said. Guo said American counterintelligence agencies face several problems, mainly a lack of knowledge about Chinese intelligence agencies. :You don't know which organizations in China are responsible for sending these spies, how they are managed, and to what purpose, " he said. "And the U.S. adopts a very legalistic perspective to look at the question of spying. Yet, for China their methods are not what the United States understands." "These spies, when they come to the United States, they could sleep around, they could put poison in your glass of wine to kill you; completely unscrupulous, " he said. As for their goals, Guo claims that the spies are mainly here to steal military technologies. But they're also here to "buy" high level government officials, as well as political and corporate elites who can give China favorable business deals. And most what's most frightening, is that these spies have implanted malicious software in our most critical infrastructure systems, and have thoroughly infiltrated our government's major weapons suppliers. Which raises an important question. How did our government let this happen? Isn't the all powerful NSA surveillance grid capable of catching these people? Apparently not. It appears that we've traded our freedom for security, but somewhere along the line we didn't receive any security. While our government was busy funding and training the terrorists that would later inspire the acceptance of widespread government surveillance and the destruction of our civil liberties, they overlooked the flood of Chinese spies who have infiltrated every level of our society. You could call it incompetence, but it could also be something far more sinister. As Joel Skousen has pointed out many times, our government is riddled with globalists who have a hidden agenda. They want to usher in another world war between the US, China, and Russia, which will bring about the destruction of America, and make way for a global government. As part of that plan, they have been undermining America at every turn in the hopes that our country will lose the war against China; a war which they are orchestrating. Perhaps as a part of that effort, they've been looking the other way as the Chinese government steals and compromises our infrastructure and advanced military technologies. Whatever the case may be, if Guo is correct then America is a severely compromised nation that is in no position to fight another world war.
  13. Jim Stone July 11 2016 Do not trust Bill Gates The Jews have figured out that the public really and truly does not want the New World Order. So Israel appropriately attacked George Soros, to make Israel look like it is our friend. Now Bill Gates has stepped up, saying the immigration problem in Europe is out of control and has to be fixed. I do not believe Bill Gates is really against the invasion of Europe. Bill mister-make-women-miscarry-from-antifertility-vaccines-entirely-compromised-operating-system-guru-on-behalf-of-the-new-world-order-i-have-a-cute-gmo-mosquito Gates is so into the new world order that there is not a chance in hell he’s against the immigration disaster, and he’s simply playing a game. REMEMBER: THE JEWS HAVE BEEN BUSTED and now need to establish a left-right paradigm from within their own conspiracy to destroy us, to provide plausible deniability and say it is not Jews doing it, because Israel hates Soros and Bill Gates, a prominent Jew loves you! OK BILL GATES: IF YOU LIKE WESTERN CIVILIZATION SO MUCH, WHY DID YOU HIRE COUNTLESS THOUSANDS OF INCAPABLE FOREIGNERS THAT DID NOTHING BUT RELEASE BUGGY OPERATING SYSTEM AFTER BUGGY OPERATING SYSTEM WHEN WHITE AMERICA COULD HAVE HANDED YOU CLEAN OPERATING SYSTEMS WITH A PROGRAMMING STAFF OF LESS THAN 50? ANSWER: BECAUSE THE FOREIGNERS WERE NOT LOYAL TO THE UNITED STATES, AND HAD NO QUALMS AT ALL ABOUT WRITING A FILTHY OS THAT WILL RAPE EVERYONE. My God, they think they’re superior because of that, all the while lone white dudes release linux distros of their own that are bug free! Knoppix is one such example. How’d Klaus Knopper do that? How did he beat Microsoft with something that is bug free ALL BY HIMSELF when a team of 5000 programmers at Microsoft can’t do it? GOOD QUESTION! And that alone shows a huge ulterior motive for Microsoft to have imported foreigners to write an operating system on American soil. Why would you hire so many people to do a job so poorly? ANSWER: Those foreigners were not loyal to the United States, and now we are paying the price with an out of control police state, and an operating system that cannot be secured. Remember: Microsoft rose to prominence simply because they were the first to put a GUI on an X86 PC, which became enormously popular. With that leverage, Microsoft then forced manufacturers to put Microsoft products, and ONLY MICROSOFT PRODUCTS on their computers, because if anyone put Linux or Unix on them, Microsoft would revoke all rights for any manufacturer that dared step out of line with a competing OS to put a Microsoft operating system on anything. That’s the only reason why everything went Microsoft, it was shady monopolistic blackmail. Apple made it because they were an entirely different system, and got an early start also. Their machines were not X86 based. By blackmailing manufacturers, Microsoft was then able to survive ditching their capable American programmers who wrote a great Windows 3.1 operating system and DOS, and replace them with far less capable foreign programmers who released over bloated “windows 95″ bulk that ran like crap. And then, as the ultimate back slap, Microsoft used it’s extreme clout to wipe out genuine American software companies by stealing their code outright, and making them fight it in court until they died. Bill Gates is as anti American as they come, don’t let the Washington State street address fool you! NO, BILL GATES IS DEFINITELY NOT AGAINST THE EUROPEAN MIGRANT SITUATION. It is all just a show only a fool would believe. When it comes to the elite circles, there is not a single good Jew anywhere, anyone good among them has been flushed to the backwaters like Henry Makow, or killed like Aaron Russo. The Jews now see a need to make people think there are good high level elites among them. They are under pressure from their own unmasking, done by the alt media. And to do that, they will spew just another lie, “Bill Gates is good”. “Israel hates George Soros.” “Isis is real, we are your friend”. And yes, from behind your back you can just go to hell. ————- This is a spooky message I have started to not post messages, because any time anything good comes in and I post it, someone gets onto the server and writes over everything good with crap, even after I have already seen what it was before it got written over. However, this is going to be an exception because it HAS TO be said: Heartbroke sent: Hi Jim, in reference to the zika post…..I believe the evil bastards doing this will also require mandatory amniocentesis on all pregnant women (their excuse being the country cant afford so many damaged babies) …requiring abortions. And what an easy scam to identify and destroy any healthy babies left. Parents would be told you did the right thing. Heartbroke in Missouri My response: thanks for the heads up on that, everyone ought to be aware of that possibility, you are probably right.
  14. Contaminated Aircraft Cabin Air = Aerotoxic. Published on Oct 18, 2012 http://secondstodisaster.com/ Michel Mulder. MD. Researcher at University of Amsterdam and Former Airline Pilot, speaks about his experience with Aerotoxic Syndrome affecting airline crew and passengers worldwide. What is Aerotoxic Syndrome? https://chemtrailsplanet.net/2017/05/06/aerotoxins-how-airline-passengers-breathe-toxic-chemtrails-dust/ Aerotoxic Syndrome is the term given to the illness caused by breathing contaminated air in jet aircraft. It was introduced on 20th October 1999 by Dr Harry Hoffman, Professor Chris Winder and Jean Christophe Balouet, Ph.D. Why does the cabin air get contaminated? In order to have a comfortable environment and sufficient air pressure to breathe at the altitudes at which jet airliners fly, a supply of warm compressed air is required. This is nowadays (with the sole exception of the new Boeing 787) supplied direct from the jet engines and is known as "bleed air". It is mixed inside the aircraft with recirculated cabin air at a ratio of 50/50. Although some of the air is subsequently recirculated, all of the air originates from the jet engines. Bleed air comes from the compressor section of the jet engine, which has to be lubricated. Jet engines mostly have "wet seals" to keep the oil and air apart, which cannot be 100% effective. Furthermore these seals, like any mechanical component, slowly wear out and their effectiveness gradually declines, especially when the engine is working hard, such as climbing under full throttle. They may also fail suddenly and will then let a significant amount of oil into the very hot compressed bleed air, resulting in fumes and/or smoke entering the cabin. This is known as a "fume event". There are no filters in the bleed air supply to stop this happening. Note that the oil used to lubricate jet engines is not based on petroleum hydrocarbons as are lubricants for internal combustion engines used in motor cars, outboard motors, tractors etc. Jet engines operate at much higher temperatures and, therefore, use special synthetic chemicals as oil. They also contain organophosphate additives as antiwear agents and other aromatic hydrocarbons as antioxidants. Some of the oil gets partially decomposed, i.e. chemically altered ("pyrolysed") due to the high temperatures in the engine. In summary, the contamination is composed of the "oil", the additives, and the decomposition products. The toxicity seems to be due to the last two of these three.
  15. Just a heads up .. Obscuragator • 2 years ago This story comes from a May 18th post on World News Daily Report which is a fake news site. Unfortunately, it's completely untrue which is a shame because it would be an amazing story!