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  1. @unity Please, bubble on always! It's not that I feel abandoned and alone...... its.....strange lol. And to clarify, its not everyone who I feel this way about. Just certain individuals in my life. Yes, I suppose I can just chalk it up to people change but..... I don't know how to explain it. It just feels very odd.
  2. @Jessica Thank you. But really, its quite disturbing. I mean, yes, its weird when I see evidence of the ME with things like media and what not (Mirror mirror on the wall vs Magic Mirror on the wall) but people.....people I am close with. I can sense they are not the people I once knew. Or at least I can sense they are not who they were at least to me in my original time line.
  3. I've been thinking a lot about this recently. There are plenty of videos out there with various different perceived timelines, some I agree and remember being different, some not. But for me it goes much deeper. People....people I am very close to.....changed, from their personalities to experiences I remember sharing with them but they have no recollection of. Some changes are slight, almost unnoticeable physical changes. It's very troubling. Maybe I'm just losing my mind but does anyone else feel like this isn't their original universe? It's hard to explain but I feel like everything is wrong......as if I don't belong here in this particular universe. Like a visitor, stranded on some distant, strange shore of a new land. Or I'm going completely batshit crazy.
  4. Hello Chani family, I hope you are all well. As some of you have already noticed, big changes are ramping up in the world. To quote one of my favorite movies "I feel a disturbance in the force". I know I am not the one here that feels this sense of darkness coming. Stay safe all, be careful and keep your eyes open. Its always darkest before the dawn right?

    1. Foopengerkle


      Feel it too, so I'm sending out positive vibes, thoughts, love, and hope and pray that disturbs the dark!  love to all.

    2. triton


      Good to hear from you--hope everything is ok-- yep--have been feeling it for quite a while now.

    3. breezy


      Yes Orion, big big changes take care, be safe!

  5. She has definitely gained some weight. Keep in mind that the first video was a professional production. Makeup, lighting, etc. while the second is video of a live performance without all the fancy editing and post production work. Could be a lot of factors that has changed her. Depression is probably number one on that list. I can speak from personal experience on how depression can change you not only mentally but physically as well and in as little as a week let alone 8 weeks.
  6. The classic Snow White cartoon from Disney...... The line we all remember "Mirror Mirror on the wall" is now "Magic Mirror on the wall"
  7. Hello my friends, hope you are all well.

    1. Jessica


      Hi Orion  Hope you and yours are doing well and life is going OK.  Good to hear from you and we miss you so try to call in again soon.

    2. Orion


      I will. I promise

  8. I swear by garlic. I try to eat some every day and I haven't had a cold for over a year.
  9. One thing, albeit weird, that is a concern for the human species is the inevitable relationships that will form between humans and lifelike robots with a super AI. At this point I see populations dwindling as people preferring relationships with robots. Why search for your perfect mate when you can have one made to order. http://www.menshealth.com/sex-women/sex-robots
  10. And this is why I carry self adhesive googly eyes with me at all times. It was a long wait at the Dr office... had to do something to entertain myself
  11. Well, it is all works of fiction but so much to go through. I've thought about writing a few articles for them myself for some fun.