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  1. Another possible scenario of unification between Sth K and Nth K is that the Nth Koreans make Sth K into a communistic region under China. That's why many young Sth Koreans are against unification.
  2. POTUS is not a Reptilian! When Alfred made that claim I stopped listening to Alfred.
  3. Sweden has capitulated to the transgender agenda completely. Now women can be men in the legal documents and vice versa. Future is not going to be easy for generations to come :(

    1. breezy


      No it's not PANX, trouble is, those responsible have a far bigger agenda in mind and it doesn't bode well for humanity as a whole. jmho fwiw

    2. PANX


      I completely agree with you breezy! It’s going to get tougher for us critical thinkers. Freedom of speech doesn’t exist in Europe anymore :(

  4. Space looks like the ocean from the pictures above, Breezy..
  5. @NewWorld Ceiling is too low for me too! I hope civilisation starts building sophisticated architectures with ceilings full of beauituf stucco again
  6. According to T the Andromedian forces stronghold in our solar system is Saturn and around it's trajectory. I hope T gets back soon because he is defintely my top shelf when it comes to astrostrategic intel! (For good reasons)
  7. Spherical object observed
  8. Could be the Andromedians!

  9. Just in: Kofi Annan dead. Did he suffer any health problems?

    1. unity


      Wasn't his family member tweeting that he had a short period of time being sick then he was gone...? At his age, that can happen, so I cannot say whether it was untimely death or not but he certainly left a huge impression on us, methinks.

    2. PANX


      My impression of him was that he was good, but if he worked for the Cabal that I don't know..

  10. Wow, unity, thanks for this post! I'm in my late 20's and I've seen my parents age. They used to look like me now when I was a toddler, but a bit older because of their heavy meat diet. I went vegan and alkaline (not excluding honey because honey stems from plants) and I hear quite often from people I interact with that I look young for my age! Some guessed I was 19. So going back to how our ancestors did will definitely improve public health!
  11. Found it with subtitles online, unity! I'll definitely watch it.
  13. This is true. My mother is Vietnamese and she says the Chinese are also poisoning the food which has resulted in many casualties.
  14. On top of that unity China is buying almost every property and land for sale on the market in Japan It is an assured takeover
  15. There is a disturbance in the force, I know it's evil, it's vibration is very low and it travels quite fast in an unnatural orbit emitting a frequency sound. Not a car, not a motorcycle, it's something else that keeps us in this matrix!

  16. In a dream of mine an alien race was trading bitcoins off me. I think the dream showed me that human DNA is being traded as a currency in higher dimensions and that blockchain is an alien invention.
  17. Screenshot, better quality I hope!
  18. Planet caught (NEMESIS?) next to SELENE on lunar eclipse live streaming from Taj Mahal on Norwegian state television. After a few minutes showing the planet they cut off it from the camera and zoomed into SELENE.
  19. Get well soon Unity! Your presence is needed here on the planet. I myself have experienced nasty attacks by the Cabal. It's hard to describe the feeling, but it literally feels like they are frying your DNA!
  20. Stay safe Californians!
  21. What is your opinion on blockchain, Neocharm? I hear the whole mining of various coins using blockchhain consumes a lot of energy, and that energy has to be produced somehow.
  22. I saw a star wandering the morning sky and I forgot how to film it with my smart phone. Definitely an Andromedian ship! Better luck next time :)

  23. That would be globalist zio nwo agenda
  24. Do you have link?