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  1. I got your back, Fly! We all sit in the same boat, I also cry when treated unfair. The adversary is very strong and our only survival is strategizing against it. I'm hanging on with all of you chanities even though I haven't met any of you. yet!
  2. This is an orchestrated invasion. They are equipped with weapons and communication tools. Why are the borders not secured? Is the military of USA avoiding confontration?
  3. Been having feelings of uneasiness today. The space criminals are up to something again!

    1. KMRIA


      I think now until the 31st of October is going to be pretty  fraught. Looking for an odd day on 23 October and then clearance in November. starting on (?) November and gpoing until the 22nd.the 65th anniversary of JFK's assassination.

    2. PANX


      I think they'll force a Korean dynasty over an African country and extract resources there. I think it will be Mali. I don't know how likely this is as it was foretold from my dreams. Pentagon is somehow involved too and obeys under the Korean oligarchs. 

  4. 5G:s antenna has definitely been rolled out in the region I live in Sweden. I know this because they are marketing 5G here on public screens. They've tried out their new frequency weapons a few times already since winter. I know this too because I got attacked by their new toys.
  5. Another possible scenario of unification between Sth K and Nth K is that the Nth Koreans make Sth K into a communistic region under China. That's why many young Sth Koreans are against unification.
  6. POTUS is not a Reptilian! When Alfred made that claim I stopped listening to Alfred.
  7. Sweden has capitulated to the transgender agenda completely. Now women can be men in the legal documents and vice versa. Future is not going to be easy for generations to come :(

    1. breezy


      No it's not PANX, trouble is, those responsible have a far bigger agenda in mind and it doesn't bode well for humanity as a whole. jmho fwiw

    2. PANX


      I completely agree with you breezy! It’s going to get tougher for us critical thinkers. Freedom of speech doesn’t exist in Europe anymore :(

  8. Space looks like the ocean from the pictures above, Breezy..
  9. @NewWorld Ceiling is too low for me too! I hope civilisation starts building sophisticated architectures with ceilings full of beauituf stucco again
  10. According to T the Andromedian forces stronghold in our solar system is Saturn and around it's trajectory. I hope T gets back soon because he is defintely my top shelf when it comes to astrostrategic intel! (For good reasons)
  11. Spherical object observed
  12. Could be the Andromedians!