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  1. There is a disturbance in the force, I know it's evil, it's vibration is very low and it travels quite fast in an unnatural orbit emitting a frequency sound. Not a car, not a motorcycle, it's something else that keeps us in this matrix!

  2. I saw a star wandering the morning sky and I forgot how to film it with my smart phone. Definitely an Andromedian ship! Better luck next time :)

  3. From building castles to oil dependency and sunglasses... Where did it all go wrong?? 

  4. Some time ago I had a nightmare were some malevolent men were hostile towards me and tried to kill me in the dream. Today I met them in the awakened world and I could tell their intent were the same when our eyes met. Thank God nothing happened!! Sweden is lost :(

  5. Anyone else noticed the stars now emit auras morphing into different beings? xD

    1. breezy


      Where I live, fog rolls in and obscures the stars most of the time feteru7.

    2. PANX


      I see breezy. The best time to see this is some hours before sunrise when the sky has become a bit lighter because the auras become more visible. When it's dark it's more subtle and you have to focus to see this :)

  6. Today was 27th birthday :) I hope you all have had a great day! Regards fet

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    2. PANX


      Thank you all! <3

    3. KMRIA


      oh hell Missed this yesterday. A very happy day after birthday fet!!!!

    4. PANX


      Thanks KMRIA! <3

  7. I saw flying cars in my dreams last night. Let's make it happen!! :)

    1. unity


      Howdy fet! Yeah that's in production process, and Toyota is intending to get theirs up and flying by 2025, making it possible for anyone to "drive/fly". Here's another prototype vid.... wooooow.....what our grandparents fore thinkers wished to get, say 50 years ago, is now becoming real for us to look forward to!

      Does this mean the car drivers don't need to share the road with pushbikers? That'll be awesome....(Till flying pushbikes comes out on the market....ROFL)

    2. unity


      Woops, sorry, forgot to add the YT vid addy: 


    3. PANX


      Wow! Interesting Unity :) Didn't Toyota had such plans, but the flying cars I saw in my dreans didn't have wings. They looked like the drone with five seats, two in front and five in the back and they were floating without emitting any gases! Me thinks after disclosure/event free energy is released :)

  8. we are heading towards our dreams! it is written in our DNA, now part of our memory. dreams are short-lived but eternally imbeded in our life. some day in the future i hope dreams will be our reality! the greatest fun i've ever had has been in dreams. maybe i'm missing out in this world. :P

    1. breezy


      feteru7 I have heard others say the same about dreams, having fun, being real, and I have had my own that were real. So I will add my hopes to yours, and may all of our good dreams come true.  

    2. PANX


      cool breezy! 

  9. i long for my dreams chani

    1. NewWorld


      Don't we all Fet, don't we all.  :hug: