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  1. Pen means beautiful in Norwegian and we also have the Normans in Sweden. If Ceann is pronounced can then it means capable in Swedish/Danish/Norwegian.
  2. Looks like a planned genocide to me. There won’t be enough planes and ships to evacuate the Californians if the fire is not put out. Also whistleblowers have told their listeners to get out of California for ages now. But they were considered conspiracists. Deborah comes to mind instantly.
  3. Had a terrible nightmare :( They will exterminate all life on Earth just like how they are doing with California now :( I know that earth is a mining zone in the galaxy and the galactic criminal enterprise (Moon) has no respect for human life :( They will kill us all in order to get their resources :( That’s not what I saw in my dream but this will be the outcome. I know what they are up to at least!

  4. YouTubes finest astrojournalist intimidated by a being with no genetical traits of a human.
  5. I got your back, Fly! We all sit in the same boat, I also cry when treated unfair. The adversary is very strong and our only survival is strategizing against it. I'm hanging on with all of you chanities even though I haven't met any of you. yet!
  6. This is an orchestrated invasion. They are equipped with weapons and communication tools. Why are the borders not secured? Is the military of USA avoiding confontration?
  7. Been having feelings of uneasiness today. The space criminals are up to something again!

    1. KMRIA


      I think now until the 31st of October is going to be pretty  fraught. Looking for an odd day on 23 October and then clearance in November. starting on (?) November and gpoing until the 22nd.the 65th anniversary of JFK's assassination.

    2. PANX


      I think they'll force a Korean dynasty over an African country and extract resources there. I think it will be Mali. I don't know how likely this is as it was foretold from my dreams. Pentagon is somehow involved too and obeys under the Korean oligarchs. 

  8. 5G:s antenna has definitely been rolled out in the region I live in Sweden. I know this because they are marketing 5G here on public screens. They've tried out their new frequency weapons a few times already since winter. I know this too because I got attacked by their new toys.
  9. Another possible scenario of unification between Sth K and Nth K is that the Nth Koreans make Sth K into a communistic region under China. That's why many young Sth Koreans are against unification.
  10. POTUS is not a Reptilian! When Alfred made that claim I stopped listening to Alfred.