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  1. Found it with subtitles online, unity! I'll definitely watch it.
  3. This is true. My mother is Vietnamese and she says the Chinese are also poisoning the food which has resulted in many casualties.
  4. On top of that unity China is buying almost every property and land for sale on the market in Japan It is an assured takeover
  5. There is a disturbance in the force, I know it's evil, it's vibration is very low and it travels quite fast in an unnatural orbit emitting a frequency sound. Not a car, not a motorcycle, it's something else that keeps us in this matrix!

  6. In a dream of mine an alien race was trading bitcoins off me. I think the dream showed me that human DNA is being traded as a currency in higher dimensions and that blockchain is an alien invention.
  7. Screenshot, better quality I hope!
  8. Planet caught (NEMESIS?) next to SELENE on lunar eclipse live streaming from Taj Mahal on Norwegian state television. After a few minutes showing the planet they cut off it from the camera and zoomed into SELENE.
  9. Get well soon Unity! Your presence is needed here on the planet. I myself have experienced nasty attacks by the Cabal. It's hard to describe the feeling, but it literally feels like they are frying your DNA!
  10. Stay safe Californians!
  11. What is your opinion on blockchain, Neocharm? I hear the whole mining of various coins using blockchhain consumes a lot of energy, and that energy has to be produced somehow.
  12. I saw a star wandering the morning sky and I forgot how to film it with my smart phone. Definitely an Andromedian ship! Better luck next time :)

  13. That would be globalist zio nwo agenda
  14. Do you have link?
  15. hell feteru, I hope my dream involvements are for the betterment of all, I've always had a nagging feeling I should be doing more than I am about many subjects. I know the written word is my best outlet to the world (don't like public speaking if I can avoid it) 

    I have a lot more to write about over the next year or two, will try and keep you guys and girls informed better than I have in the past.  

    1. PANX


      It was only positive feelings! I also prefer writing over speaking :) Now I look forward to reading your material for the coming years :D

    2. deekin


      Welcome back, Blue!  You've been in our thoughts since your absence.

    3. Blue ET

      Blue ET

      thanks deekin as said else where lots to share with you all in Chani, just give me time