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  1. Anyone else noticed the stars now emit auras morphing into different beings? xD

    1. breezy


      Where I live, fog rolls in and obscures the stars most of the time feteru7.

    2. feteru7


      I see breezy. The best time to see this is some hours before sunrise when the sky has become a bit lighter because the auras become more visible. When it's dark it's more subtle and you have to focus to see this :)

  2. For some reasons I don't trust Cobra... I want to stay on ground enjoying the sun and stars!
  3. Today was 27th birthday :) I hope you all have had a great day! Regards fet

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    2. feteru7


      Thank you all! <3

    3. KMRIA


      oh hell Missed this yesterday. A very happy day after birthday fet!!!!

    4. feteru7


      Thanks KMRIA! <3

  4. Wow, 3 months with cough deekin! It surely sounds draining. Glad you OK now Where I live in Sweden they continuously chemtrail the sky every day. I lived abroad in Norway for 8 years and even there chemtrails were seen daily. I hope it ends soon..
  5. Yesterday I dreamt of seeing three suns and a moon blocking one of the suns. I think the three suns are coming back to us if it's true that earth once had three suns!
  6. @breezy I agree! What the US gov't doing against the public health isn't benificial at all. It seems they are just doing it to make people sick and have people take their medicine so a few companies profit from it. Our ancestors knew how to treat any sickness with natural remedies and today there is definitely an uprising with holistic medicine so it's coming back to us. Here at home I have WIFI but I haven't noticed if it has been any detrimental at all to my health. I sleep well and always remember my dreams. Sometimes a few details like names and words are left out and no matter how hard I try to recall they don't come back. A few occasions I've had disturbing attacks when going to sleep. It's hard to describe the feeling but it literally feels like an outside force/entity entering my DNA/nervous system toasting every cell inside. Perhaps these attacks could stem from WIFI frequencies, but I'm unsure because most of the time I do sleep well. If it was the WIFI then 5G is definitely going to toast us all. @unity Chani coffee would be fun in the future!
  7. Thanks Bryan for your input! I had my cup of coffee this morning and I think I won't quit coffee just yet. However if I wasn't broke I would drink cacao instead of coffee. Maybe the next big thing is cacao served instead of coffee. In thriving cities you can definitely see pure cacao drinks without the usually milk powder being served in some shops. Where I live I can only get coffee but pure cacao is available on the internet.
  8. I saw flying cars in my dreams last night. Let's make it happen!! :)

    1. unity


      Howdy fet! Yeah that's in production process, and Toyota is intending to get theirs up and flying by 2025, making it possible for anyone to "drive/fly". Here's another prototype vid.... wooooow.....what our grandparents fore thinkers wished to get, say 50 years ago, is now becoming real for us to look forward to!

      Does this mean the car drivers don't need to share the road with pushbikers? That'll be awesome....(Till flying pushbikes comes out on the market....ROFL)

    2. unity


      Woops, sorry, forgot to add the YT vid addy: 


    3. feteru7


      Wow! Interesting Unity :) Didn't Toyota had such plans, but the flying cars I saw in my dreans didn't have wings. They looked like the drone with five seats, two in front and five in the back and they were floating without emitting any gases! Me thinks after disclosure/event free energy is released :)

  9. Thanks breezy! Informative as I drink coffee every morning, didn't know about the cancer risk. Might as well reconsider drinking coffee now :P
  10. Artifact stone found in Vietnam with the sirian symbol. Ancient Viets/Ionans knew the ET connection!
  11. Regarding Obama I think he is an andromedian reincarnation because he is left-handed (I'm also left-handed) but during his 8 years as a president I think he didn't accomplish much as a president. He did recieve a Nobel Prize for peace during his presidency, to me it's unclear for what, maybe because he is loved by the social democracies in Europe. I know for a fact that you need the majority of Congress if you want policies to be changed. During his presidency he could've pursued the Congress to legalize cannabis, ayahuasca, mescaline, and psilocybin mushrooms but he didn't and I doubt Trump ever will pursue that. If somebody wants to sell these plants they should be allowed too, why are they so afraid to legalize them? They weren't classified 100 years ago. I think the birth of pharma industry led to the classification of sacred plants. Nobody has ever died by these plants yet pharma drugs harvest lives every single day. T posted a probable timeline not too long ago where he stated 2023 we reach the stars. So after 2023 maybe all the sacred plants will be commodity like tobacco and coffee when the star people teach us about the sacred plants major role in human consciousness. We should be worried about what China does next since they have the biggest army in the whole world. Greece/Hellas has a lot of resources but is bankrupt and neighbouring countries are threatening to invade. On this point I agree with Trump: Peace Through Strength. But still, Trump isn't vegan and likes to enjoy fast food from McDonalds.
  12. I've been dealing with hostile interdimensional beings/nightmares lately. The announcement video said that the enemy exists up to the fifth dimension, so they have to be cleared somehow. When the nightmares are gone then this solar system will be a paradise again. I just hope I'll never meet those nasty, hostile beings on this plane, as I fear for my life when those encounters happen in my dreams. Still many of us have already fallen victim to them, rape, murder, pedophilia and et cetera. A lot will happen this year T says and it will be the year of humanity. I hope change is coming!
  13. we are heading towards our dreams! it is written in our DNA, now part of our memory. dreams are short-lived but eternally imbeded in our life. some day in the future i hope dreams will be our reality! the greatest fun i've ever had has been in dreams. maybe i'm missing out in this world. :P

    1. breezy


      feteru7 I have heard others say the same about dreams, having fun, being real, and I have had my own that were real. So I will add my hopes to yours, and may all of our good dreams come true.  

    2. feteru7


      cool breezy! 

  14. Last night I had a dream where Trump said Hillary was valuable to him. I interpret that as he needs Hillary to unite the american people.
  15. @albatross it's plausible, never thought of it that way. now when i think back on all my psychedelic experience all the colorful visions i had came in waves and geometric patterns. psychedelics will definitely be implemented legally in society in a decade or two depending on how fast we evolve in fields of politics. the ones against it do not follow andromedian principles. but i'm all for being swept away by a wave. it sounds fun. which TV serie are you referring to?