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  1. Happy birthday Breezy! Hope all your dreams come true
  2. @Orion I feel the same. My home is the dreamworld. Waking up here into our shared reality is part of the mission. I think the mission is to eternalize the dreamworld meaning that we don't have to wake up here anymore!
  3. I think Vietnam is desperately trying to form an alliance with Russia and USA against China
  4. i long for my dreams chani

    1. Jessica


      Don't we all Fet, don't we all.  :hug:

  5. it's just too soon, T the moon is still in orbit come back soon! fet
  6. i dream this every night jessica, waking up in the dream knowing it's another dimension than this we are awakened in!
  7. if i have understood correctly We Humans cannot remove lilith and selene alone without cosmic intervention thus i have another question for you T will the removal of lilith and selene happen before the appearance of nemesis or will nemesis appear before the removal of lilith and selene? i am aware of the difficulty of the question as it bases on possibilites thanks in advance T
  8. i was hoping for T to translate it for Us Cheetah9 the video is basically saying the same as the first video The Announcement in this thread
  9. what if the timeline shift were not intterupted and you were not to wake up again in this dimension then i think highly for myself that i will not be interrupted in my dream waking up here again in the middle of the night i hope there will be some great shift soon
  10. raw cacao rather than chocolate with milk i prefer and suggest