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  1. In Europe most asylum seekers are grown up single islamic men and when they arrive they are not even put in detention like in the USA which poses a security risk (some don't even bother applying asylum and occupy streets ie Paris, Calais, Rome, Malmö and more) Modus operandi amongst asylum seekers is throwing their documents before applying asylum because it would disclose their true age and identity USA has MS13 and Europe has Islam which are their equivalents IMO As a Swede I no longer feel safe in my own country and I used to play outside in the neighbourhoods until late evening as a child Time has changed and it hasn't become better
  2. People do die from cancer but I find it unlikely it being caused by the sun itself Other scientists say that UltraViolet from the sun decontaminates, so who do we trust in this war over our minds? I've heard about UltraViolet C from Clif High too To me it sounds like disinfo when he tries to link the sun to earth disruptions such as volcanic activity and earthquakes (HAARP emissions) He also said it's possible that we in the future will be growing large quantity of food indoors with electric lights (probable timeline?) which I find to be a vicious cycle because electricity today consumes earth resources plus I prefer my veggies from the sun because they have that UltraViolet! Personally I would be more concerned about directed HAARP emissions rather than space weather because the entire solar system is moving us back to ancient paradigm while the draconian faction is using every card they have to maintain their dominion over us (HAARP, WW3 attempts, illegal immigration, criminal gangs and et cetera) And I respect your view too, unity! Different perspectives make humanity diverse and we must apply true science to our consensual reality Have faith in our sun! She rejuvenates!
  3. I think discernment would help a little bit here The sun is a dimensional portal to Sirius Such claims that the sun may cause stress to suicide I deem not trustworthy Perhaps they don't want the sun to reign? idk.. but I trust the sun!
  4. Some time ago I had a nightmare were some malevolent men were hostile towards me and tried to kill me in the dream. Today I met them in the awakened world and I could tell their intent were the same when our eyes met. Thank God nothing happened!! Sweden is lost :(

  5. I hope this madness ends soon. Abortion in my book is an act of sin. The baby in the mother's womb is a living being! What if reproduction becomes a legal right only for TPTB and their friends and forces abortion for everyone else if they are not in the club? I don't know.. The future I dream of is only a fantasy and the populace seems to worship social status and material trophies nowadays.. I demand a galactic intervention!
  6. I agree love is the answer, but you can't be passive towards hostility. It could end with loss of life if you just watch somebody getting beaten up.
  7. That's cute, but personally I think all psychiatric diagnoses are invented by the pharmaceutical-industrial complex. I was locked up in a psychiatric ward for 2 years with enforced drugs. The reason was I told the psychiatrist that humanity descended from the stars and did not evolve from apes. I haven't forgived them and they will be held accountable for their injustice in a way or another. Probably not within this legal system, but in an ancient system Pre-Selene.
  8. I don't understand japanese, unity. What is he singing?
  9. Anyone else noticed the stars now emit auras morphing into different beings? xD

    1. breezy


      Where I live, fog rolls in and obscures the stars most of the time feteru7.

    2. feteru7


      I see breezy. The best time to see this is some hours before sunrise when the sky has become a bit lighter because the auras become more visible. When it's dark it's more subtle and you have to focus to see this :)

  10. For some reasons I don't trust Cobra... I want to stay on ground enjoying the sun and stars!
  11. Today was 27th birthday :) I hope you all have had a great day! Regards fet

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    2. feteru7


      Thank you all! <3

    3. KMRIA


      oh hell Missed this yesterday. A very happy day after birthday fet!!!!

    4. feteru7


      Thanks KMRIA! <3

  12. Wow, 3 months with cough deekin! It surely sounds draining. Glad you OK now Where I live in Sweden they continuously chemtrail the sky every day. I lived abroad in Norway for 8 years and even there chemtrails were seen daily. I hope it ends soon..
  13. Yesterday I dreamt of seeing three suns and a moon blocking one of the suns. I think the three suns are coming back to us if it's true that earth once had three suns!
  14. @breezy I agree! What the US gov't doing against the public health isn't benificial at all. It seems they are just doing it to make people sick and have people take their medicine so a few companies profit from it. Our ancestors knew how to treat any sickness with natural remedies and today there is definitely an uprising with holistic medicine so it's coming back to us. Here at home I have WIFI but I haven't noticed if it has been any detrimental at all to my health. I sleep well and always remember my dreams. Sometimes a few details like names and words are left out and no matter how hard I try to recall they don't come back. A few occasions I've had disturbing attacks when going to sleep. It's hard to describe the feeling but it literally feels like an outside force/entity entering my DNA/nervous system toasting every cell inside. Perhaps these attacks could stem from WIFI frequencies, but I'm unsure because most of the time I do sleep well. If it was the WIFI then 5G is definitely going to toast us all. @unity Chani coffee would be fun in the future!
  15. Thanks Bryan for your input! I had my cup of coffee this morning and I think I won't quit coffee just yet. However if I wasn't broke I would drink cacao instead of coffee. Maybe the next big thing is cacao served instead of coffee. In thriving cities you can definitely see pure cacao drinks without the usually milk powder being served in some shops. Where I live I can only get coffee but pure cacao is available on the internet.