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  1. "Bridge of Spies"
  2. Yes the number significance is alarming.....
  3. I remember "The Event"! Didnt a plane go missing in the first episode or two?
  4. I cant help but remember the EAS broadcast last year(?) on local channels - and it said "would you could you on a train".....and then the next day or so, there was the massive AMTRAK derailment outside philly...
  6. leakers

    Q Anon posted that pic before it was later posted by the US DOD...bizarre..... Assange is supposed to be dropping Anthony Weiners laptop right now....thats the 60 gig file..... Q Anon believed to possibly be AI.... (I posted about it in the AI thread)
  7. I created another thread because I didnt know where to begin, but it looks like Qanon and #Tyler fit in here... THIS is my question...."Our entity" was "Channeled" via "computer" (hence the "grammar"). What if these "AIs" are just "more advanced technological platforms" for channeling a higher being - Me Tel U 2.0 - and there is a non AI intelligence behind it using AI to exist
  8. I see people trying to "contact Tyler" does one even do that??? All I can think of is Star Wars and Tyler as a protocol droid like 3P0 LOL
  9. OK - what/who is #Tyler...AI? Im so confused... Could #Tyler be "our entity"?
  10. Big train derailment today here now too - new track path....something was placed on the tracks
  11. Something was placed on the tracks....between Atlanta and now this....
  12. FYI - Complete power outage at Atlanta airport....everything has been shut down for 3 plus hours...people stuck on planes, stuck in terminals, etc.....bizarre
  13. COULD be a convoy of military planes....we also have the massive fires so could be help coming in....but that is alot...