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  1. This just way to cute.
  2. Time For Hungrexit: PM Orban Opposes Mass Immigration In Hungary, Attacks Soros In German Press JANUARY 11, 2018 By Brandon Turbeville Source Link: Viktor Orban has caused shockwaves amongst the EU and the European establishment in recent years and has subsequently drawn the wrath of that establishment, resulting in an attempted color revolution in Hungary. Orban survived that attempt, however, and is continuing to “trigger” the EU with his refusal to destroy his country and culture with mass immigration and his open condemnation of George Soros and the destabilization empire Soros has maintained in Eastern Europe for decades. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, head of the most oppressive Communo-Fascist country in Europe, has repeatedly promoted the policy of mass migration to Germany (as well as the policy to end free speech and dissent) and has stood in direct contrast to any leader that expresses concern over the influx of “refugees,” the overwhelming majority of whom are economic migrants. While Germany has essentially uprooted its own country and taken in millions of immigrants (with no real attempts at assimilation), Hungary has refused to take in any, even building an electric border fence to keep the mass of immigrants from passing through Hungary. In an interview with Bild, a German news agency, Orban made his statements regarding mass migration. The exchange went as follows: Obviously, the Hungarian Prime Minister has many problems and the occasional accurate statement does not equal the necessity to pretend that Orban is the savior of Hungary. However, in this instance, he is acting in the best interests of his country. Though many take issue with his labeling of migrants as “Muslim invaders” considering the fact that Western invaders have been terrorizing Africa and the Middle East for nearly a century, he does have a point. Hungarian culture and the culture of the migrants attempting to enter Hungary are very different and, when facing one another in large numbers, they do create “parallel societies” which benefit neither the host or migrant population. These massive numbers do not assimilate but merge together in their own neighborhoods and thus an internal “second nation” is formed. This second nation can be used for cheap labor and a battering ram against the first nation for political purposes by oligarchical forces and, without a doubt, it leads to the disintegration of national culture and the breakup of society. Likewise, his statements regarding George Soros have attracted a lot of European attention. When asked about his previous actions to limit Soros’ influence, the exchange took place as follows: Again, Orban is correct. Germany does not have more freedom of the press than Hungary nor does it have more freedom than virtually anyone else besides, perhaps, North Korea and Saudi Arabia. He is also correct to point out that the captain of the Color Revolution Industrial Complex has been launching a war against Hungary and Orban himself for the past several years. Indeed, Orban and Hungary are not the only Soros targets either since Soros’ networks at operating all across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Of course, Orban isn’t expressing any deep understanding of what is happening across the world, how the West has destabilized and destroyed much of the Middle East and Africa, or how the European Union is totalitarian iron curtain, but the fact that his basic statements have generated such controversy in both Germany and the rest of Europe is a testament to just how far Europe has fallen. Even the basic logic that Hungarians have a right to have their own Hungarian culture and the right to control who comes in and out of their borders is considered heresy. This, unfortunately is the extent to which Europeans themselves have become neutered. Even among the general population, particularly in Germany, there does not even seem to be the concept of self-preservation. Germans, for instance, while screaming “never again” in regards to their Nazi past, have descended into outright Communo-Fascism, with not even the basic rights of freedom of speech, expression, or thought remaining. Anyone who has the audacity to speak plainly or speak openly about what is happening to their country is labeled a thought/speech criminal and silenced immediately. The result of Orban’s heresy, if lived up to, will be the maintaining of a Hungarian Hungary while the rest of Europe falls apart. But while Orban’s statements are largely correct, the Bild interviewer asked a pertinent question. If the EU is giving you so many problems, why don’t you leave? In fact, that question and sentiment was echoed by Guy Verhofstadt, member of the EU parliament, who said “The European Union was built to guarantee our citizens’ freedom, democracy and the rule of law. If the Hungarian and Polish governments want to build closed and illiberal societies, they must do it outside the EU.” Ignoring the erroneous first part of that statement, Verhofstadt’s suggestion is valid and so is Bild’s question. The EU has imposed innumerable unnecessary regulations on its member states, Malthusian “climate change” provisions, clamped down on free speech, engaged in political bullying, is undemocratic, and has flooded Europe with so many immigrants some countries now seem to belong on another continent. So why stay? Britain left the EU. Hungary could do it, too. In fact, Hungary would be much better off outside the European iron curtain, provided it would nationalize its central bank, end neo-liberal “free trade” policies, and begin investing in its own infrastructure. If Orban truly wants the best for Hungary, he should ironically take the queue from Verhofstadt and leave the EU. We’ve had Brexit. Now it’s time for Hungrexit. This article may be freely shared in part or in full with author attribution and source link.
  3. A Neutron Star Hiding Out Near a Black Hole Is Pelting Earth with Radio Waves By Charles Q. Choi, Live Science Contributor | January 10, 2018 Source Link: New work probes the extraterrestrial source of incredibly powerful explosions of radio waves, investigating why that spot is the only known location to repeatedly burst with these blasts. These repeating bursts may come from a dense stellar core called a neutron star near an extraordinarily powerful magnetic field, such as one near a massive black hole, the study finds. Fast radio bursts, or FRBs, are intense pulses of radio waves lasting just milliseconds that can give off more energy in a fraction of a second than the sun does in hours, days or weeks. FRBs were discovered only in 2007, and while researchers have detected 20 or so FRBs in the past decade, they estimate that such flashes might occur as many as 10,000 times a day across the entire sky, researchers wrote in the study. [Inside a Neutron Star (Infographic)] Much remains a mystery about the origins of FRBs, because their brief nature makes it difficult to pinpoint where they come from. Among the possibilities that prior work suggested are cataclysmic events such as the evaporation of black holes and collisions between neutron stars. However, in 2016, scientists discovered that a fast radio burst known as FRB 121102 could release multiple bursts. "It is the only known repeating fast radio burst source," study co-lead author Jason Hessels, an astrophysicist at the University of Amsterdam, told Snip
  4. Why Is Flu Season So Bad This Year? By Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer | January 8, 2018 Source Link: Flu season is off to an early — and severe — start, with rates of hospitalizations and deaths from flu higher than what's typical for this time of year. But why is the flu so bad this year? During the week that ended Dec. 30 (the most recent period for which data is available), 46 states reported widespread flu activity, up from 36 states the week before, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). At this time last year, just 12 states reported widespread flu activity. What's more, the rate of flu hospitalizations from the beginning of October to the end of December 2017 was about 14 hospitalizations per 100,000 people, according to CDC data. The rate was highest among adults ages 65 and older, at about 57 hospitalizations per 100,000 people. At this time last year, the rate of flu hospitalizations was just 5 hospitalizations per 100,000 people. The flu is notoriously unpredictable, with the timing, severity and length of flu season varying from year to year, according to the CDC. [6 Flu Vaccine Myths] But the relatively harsh season the U.S. is currently having is likely related to the particular flu strains that are circulating, said Dr. Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. "This year is particularly bad because it's dominated by the H3N2 [flu strain], which tends to be more severe and causes more severe symptoms than other strains of flu," Adalja told Live Science. Indeed, flu seasons in which the H3N2 strain predominates tend to have higher overall flu hospitalization and death rates, according to the CDC. Snip
  5. Hundreds of 'Boiled' Bats Fall from Sky in Australian Heat Wave By Stephanie Pappas, Live Science Contributor | January 8, 2018 Source Link: A pile of dead bats that "boiled" in Campbelltown in the Australian state of New South Wales. Credit: Help Save the Wildlife and Bushlands in Campbelltown More than 200 bats have lost their lives to southern Australia's ongoing heat wave. As temperatures rose to 111.5 degrees Fahrenheit (44.2 degrees Celsius) in Campbelltown in the Australian state of New South Wales, a colony of flying fox bats that lives near the town's train station felt the effects. Volunteers struggled to rescue the heat-stricken bats, according to the Campbelltown-Macarthur Advertiser, but at least 204 individual animals, mostly babies, died. "They basically boil," Kate Ryan, the colony manager for the Campbelltown bats, told the newspaper. "It affects their brain — their brain just fries and they become incoherent." [Watch for Falling Iguanas! Bomb Cyclone Drops Frozen Lizards] Rescuers with Help Save the Wildlife and Bushlands in Campbelltown posted on their Facebook page details of the dire situation: "As the dead bodies were recovered and placed in a pile for a head count the numbers had reached 200 not including the many hundreds that were still left in trees being unreachable, sadly a few adults were also included in the body count. It was a long and heartbreaking afternoon..." Heat and more heat The colony of flying foxes in Campbelltown belong to the species Pteropus poliocephalus, better known as the gray-headed flying fox. Their wingspans can stretch more than 3.3 feet (1 meter), and they can weigh more than 2.2 lbs. (1 kilogram). Important pollinators, the bats eat mainly nectar, pollen and fruit. Temperatures higher than 86 degrees F (30 degrees C) can be dangerous to young flying foxes, Ryan told the Advertiser, because their bodies lose the ability to regulate their temperature. For the Campbelltown colony, a lack of both water and shade exacerbates the problem, she said. Southern Australia's heat has reached far beyond 86 degrees F in the past several days. Most of New South Wales is experiencing a severe heat wave, according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. On Jan. 6, a weather station in the Sydney suburb of Penrith recorded a reading of 116.78 degrees F (47.1 degrees C), the hottest in the Sydney metro area since 1939, when a nearby station recorded a temperature of 118.04 degrees F (47.8 C). The most extreme heat is expected to abate in the coming days, though meteorologists said a lower-intensity heat wave will persist throughout much of the state of Queensland, northern New South Wales and southern Central Australia through at least Wednesday (Jan. 10). Snip
  6. leakers

    Julian Assange's stay in London embassy untenable, says Ecuador South American country that has housed WikiLeaks founder for five years says it is seeking mediator to end impasse with UK By Robert Booth Source Link: Wed 10 Jan ‘18
  7. It’s not official, but sources say the secretive Zuma satellite was lost "As of right now reviews of the data indicate Falcon 9 performed nominally.” ERIC BERGER - 1/9/2018, 7:34 AM14 Source: Link: The Zuma satellite and Falcon 9 rocket on the launch pad. On Sunday night SpaceX launched the Zuma satellite into space. What we know for sure is that the first stage of the rocket behaved nominally enough such that it was able to safely return to Earth and make a land-based landing along the Florida coast. Snip Actions taken by SpaceX on Monday indicate its confidence in the rocket's performance during the Zuma launch. Earlier in the day, SpaceX founder Elon Musk shared photos of the nighttime launch on Twitter. Also, the company continued with preparations for future launches, including rolling the Falcon Heavy rocket back out to a different launch pad in Florida for additional tests.
  8. Is someone in North Korea mining Monero cryptocurrency using hacked computers? Published time: 8 Jan, 2018 22:38 Source: Link: A US cybersecurity firm claims it has found evidence of hacked computers sending coins to a North Korean university after being infected with cryptocurrency mining malware. But government-linked hackers are not behind the attacks. According to a report by the American cybersecurity firm AlienVault, the software hides itself among legitimate files and programs, and uses the computer in which its embedded itself to mine the cryptocurrency Monero. The mined coins are then sent on to a server based at Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang. The malware – which installs itself as intelservice.exe in what is likely an attempt to hide among legitimate products from Intel Corp – was identified by AlienVault through a database of computer viruses put together by the Google subsidiary VirusTotal. Cryptocurrency mining needs a lot of operating power resulting in mounting electricity bills, which is why hackers often try to reassign the task to a network of compromised PC’s under their control. Snip
  9. Cryptocurrency market crashes 20 per cent as website ditches South Korean exchange data BITCOIN and other cryptos have crashed by more than $200 billion in value — due to a single data change which left investors furious. JANUARY 9, 20186:35PM Link:
  10. Happy Birthday Breezy May your New Birthday Year Bring you Unimaginable Joy Peace Love Thank you for being who you are.
  11. Ventura fire: Thousands evacuated in southern California Source Link:
  13. BRICS countries considering own cryptocurrency as settlement mechanism 4 Sep, 2017 Source: The BRICS Finance Committee is discussing a joint virtual currency for the five nation bloc of developing economies, according to the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) chief Kirill Dmitriev. Read more BRICS bank to begin borrowing in yuan During the BRICS Summit in Xiamen, Dmitriev told journalists that Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa could develop its own alternative to other payment tools. "While there is a focus on settlements in national currencies, cryptocurrencies are also being discussed as one of the possible settlement mechanisms," Dmitriev explained. He added that within BRICS cryptocurrencies could replace the US dollar and other currencies used in settlements among the member states. Snip
  14. The History and Miracle of the Castor Oil Pack Source: A Little History. Castor Oil, or Wonder Oil as it is known in the Netherlands, has a long and colorful history of thousands of years of curative stories behind it. Therapeutically it goes back to ancient times in India, China Persia, Egypt, Africa, Greece, Rome and 17th century Europe as well as the Americas. However, it was the 20th Century American prophet, Edgar Cayce, also known as the “sleeping prophet,” (1877-1945) who brought castor oil pack usage back into the American lexicon. Known as the “hand of Christ” or “Palma Christi,” the castor oil comes from the seed of the plant, itself—the best of which is found in Kerala, India and extracted in a cold press method (not solvent-extracted), leaving the active enzymes still living (raw), virgin and far more able to effectively do their work than the heated, overly processed variety commonly available in America. Historically, castor oil has been used for everything from lubricating leather goods and fuel for lamps to relieving constipation and itching to having a positive effect on cancer. Today, it is popularly used to relieve gallbladder and liver ailments, eliminate kidney infection, aid in killing off parasites and many more uses, including rapid healing of infection as it is ideal for gentle, deep-seated organ and gland cleansing. The secret to a good castor oil is its rich ricinoleic acid and undecylenic acid content—both unique, highly effective, immune-specific and anti-infective fatty acids.If you are old enough, you may remember your grandmother recommending a castor oil pack to cure what ails you. That may have been anything from menstrual cramps to headaches, liver and gallbladder inflammation, poor elimination, appendicitis, arthritis, intestinal disorders, toxemia, tumors and more, including clearing skin disorders and warts. Castor oil is one of the Earth’s most versatile healing gifts. How Does It Work? Castor oil appears to work by drawing blood circulation and enhanced biological energy to the area where it is applied, then drawing lodged toxins out of the body. Many practitioners often use castor oil as an important adjunct to a comprehensive treatment plan for an individual. It is most important to eradicate the root cause of an illness, not only to clear the symptoms of a disorder. Castor oil can do just that—help to detoxify the body a deeper levels, thus eliminating the root causes. One of the chief players, ricinoleic acid, may be responsible for the effectiveness of castor oil. Castor oil is a triglyceride of fatty acids. Almost 90% of its fatty acid content consists of ricinoleic acid. Such a high concentrate of this unusual unsaturated fatty acid may be responsible for castor oil’s remarkable healing abilities. Current research has shown that ricinioleic acid is effective in preventing the growth of numerous species of viruses, bacteria, yeasts and molds. Used topically, castor oil has a high degree of success in clearing stubborn skin ailments such as ringworm and inflammations. Generally, for these conditions, the affected area is simply wrapped in cotton cloth soaked with castor oil for one to several nights in a row until the area heals.Cayce’s often and repeated recommendations to use Castor Oil on a variety of ailments proved to improve the petitioner’s elimination system, lymphatic system as well as to help in the assimilation of nutrients. Overall, a pronounced systemic improvement in organ function with a general lessening of fatigue and depression. How can I benefit from Castor Oil Packs? This is such an easy and painless process, you will be amazed. Simply apply 3-4 tablespoons of castor oil to 3 layers of cotton flannel (cotton that has not been pesticided—you don’t want those toxins going into your body). Place the flannel on the affected area, such as the abdomen, cover with a piece of plastic (so as not to soil the heating pad) and then apply gentle heat for ½ to 1 hour. Do this several times per week.To make a poultice for callouses, moles, ingrown toenails, warts and other problem areas, make a paste by mixing about 1/8 tsp of baking soda with 3-4 drops of castor oil in the palm of your hand, then massage into the affected area. You can also wrap a towel over it for several hours. How to Make a Castor Oil Pack Source: Castor Oil was recommended by Edgar Cayce for treating many ailments that resist traditional therapies. It can be applied as a balm for skin problems, a soothing tonic for alleviating allergies, and as a "castor oil pack." Known to conventional medicine only as a strong laxative, this extract of the castor bean is a safe, gentle, easy-to-use remedy for virtually any illness-when it is used externally. What Is a Castor Oil Pack? A castor oil pack is an external application of castor oil to the body. A piece of wool (or cotton) flannel is saturated with castor oil and applied to a specified area with, or without, heat.The Cayce readings recommend castor oil packs in general to improve assimilations, eliminations, and circulation (especially of the lymphatic system) and in particular to breakup adhesions of the lacteal glands. Although this therapy may seem unusual, it is one of the best documented. It was recommended, as part of a holistic approach, for epilepsy, gallstones, scleroderma, constipation (and other intestinal conditions)—just to name a few. How to Make the Pack Materials needed: castor oil (preferably cold pressed/processed), unbleached wool or cotton flannel (3-4 pieces or layers about 12" x 14" each), a 13-gallon trash bag (cut along the edges that seal it thus giving you two identical rectangular pieces), a standard or extra-large electric heating pad or hot water bottle, a large plastic sheet (such as an inexpensive shower curtain liner), an old sheet, paper towels, baking soda, and a wash cloth or sponge. The readings say that it is important to heat the pack1 before placing it on the body. The easiest way to do this is to put the flannel on top of the heating pad (the heating pad is first covered by one of the pieces of the 13-gallon trash bag) and turn the heat on. Saturate the flannel with castor oil (the first time the flannel is used, it will require a large amount of castor oil to saturate it.) This will warm up in about 15 minutes. Additional amounts of castor oil will need to be added to the pack before each use. Note, Heat is not recommended with active infections, bleeding, excessive gas or a recent injury (less than 48 hours old). Please do not heat the pack in a microwave oven. Note: This method is one of the most efficient ways of making a pack. The easier and neater it is, the more likely it will be used. Saturate the flannel, but not to dripping.Download Instructions for Castor Oil Packs (PDF) Where to Place the Pack The pack's placement depends on the issue being addressed. For general use (and in epilepsy), it should be placed over the liver on the right side of the body, extending, top to bottom, from about the sternum (breastbone) to about 4 inches below the navel or to the groin or pubic bone. From left to right, it extends at least from the navel, around the body as far as it will go, covering as much of the right side as possible. A larger pack, consisting of a king-size heating pad (12" x 24") and matching sized flannel, will cover the liver and abdominal area more easily and is highly recommended. Using the Pack If possible, use the pack in the evening, when you are best able to rest. This is an ideal time to pray, meditate, read spiritually uplifting material, or listen to relaxing music. Decide where in your home you will be doing the pack. Set it up so you will be comfortable, with a pillow under your head and another under your knees. Oil always drips from the pack so it is important to protect bedding, cushions, or pillows (some people prefer to use the pack undressed in order to avoid soiling their clothes). Here are the steps for a mess-free pack: Place the large piece of plastic over the area where you will be laying. Place an old sheet over the plastic. Take the second piece of the 13-gallon trash bag and position it across the sheet, under your lower back and beneath the area of your abdomen. Lie down on your back on the plastic bag. Place the saturated pack on your abdomen, with the oiled flannel against your skin and the plastic-covered heating pad on top. Adjust the heating pad control to the warmest setting you can tolerate comfortably. It should be very warm ("as hot as the body can stand"), but not so hot it burns you. And please note that it's easy to fall asleep with the pack in place so if you find that happening, be doubly careful of the temperature setting on your heating pad and lower it if necessary. With a sleeping child, you might want to shut it off completely and allow body heat to keep it warm. Keep the pack on for at least 1 to 1½ hours; this is one treatment where more may be better. It can even be used overnight. Abdominal binders/supports (available from a medical supply store) or a wide bodybuilder's midriff support with Velcro fasteners are useful in holding a pack in place if you wish to sleep with the pack. A large bath towel, folded lengthwise, placed around the entire torso and fastened with safety pins, can also be used. When You Are Finished Turn off the heating pad and put it aside. Take-off the pack with the trash bag and fold it in on itself and store it in a leak-proof container. Wipe off excess oil (keep paper towels near). Cleanse the skin with a solution containing a pint of warm water and a teaspoon of baking soda. Now is the best time for an abdominal and spinal massage if you are using the packs as a remedy for epilepsy. Persistence and consistency are called for with many chronic conditions. Use the pack for 3 days in a row. Then take a break for 4 days, and then repeat. This is a typical series of castor oil packs but other variations were given, too (4 days on with 3 days off, or 5 days on with 2 days off, every other day, etc.). The flannel pack can be used repeatedly and be kept in the refrigerator between usages, although this is usually not necessary as castor oil is very resistant to spoilage even at room temperature. Replace the pack only if it smells rancid or discolors from toxins being released from the body. If despite all precautions, oil gets on the bedding or clothing, launder with an extra amount of your usual detergent and a couple of cups of baking soda. After a Series of Packs On the evening of the final day, Mr. Cayce would generally suggest taking olive oil (not castor oil!) by mouth-typically up to two tablespoons. This was recommended especially for conditions of the gall bladder, liver, and colon. A good time to have a colonic is after a series of packs. For more information: A.R.E. Press books available at
  15. Natural alternatives to anti-inflammatory medication December 23, 2011 Source: Inflammation, swelling and pain commonly occurs in joints such as knees, ankles and the spine and in and around torn or strained muscles, ligaments and tendons. Inflammation, swelling and pain can occur when the body’s natural defences become activated by some sort of stimuli such as an infection, a soft tissue injury or joint or muscle imbalance. This defence mechanism acts to support the healing of the body, however if it becomes excessive or prolonged, it can cause pain and discomfort and impair or slow the recovery process. When we reduce the fluid in these areas, often we find that the pain is also reduced, and healing is increased. Osteopathy, massage and acupuncture can resolve a tissue, joint or muscle imbalance and assist in increasing circulation of fresh, healthy blood towards an area increasing drainage of unhealthy, toxic fluid away from the area. This increased nutrition and removal of toxins from the damaged tissue enhances the body’s natural healing response and speeds up recovery. There are other ways, as listed below and in a previous blog – Ice vs Heat, that you can support your body to heal faster, experience significantly reduced discomfort and therefore get you back on your feet and back to your best earlier. Lectric Soda & Epsom Salts Lectric Soda crystals (calcium carbonate and sodium chloride) are used to draw out excess fluid from tissues and joints to aid in the reduction of swelling, when caused by inflammation. This can be found in the supermarket, in the first aid area or in the washing powder area. Method- Place Letcric Soda crystals in a wrap of soft cotton, a handkerchief or stocking and apply to the inflamed area, approximately 1cm thick. Remove after 30 minutes, or preferably, leave overnight. Can be done every second day for persistent swelling. Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate) is an effective way to increase magnesium levels in the body for those depleted or lacking adequate magnesium in the diet. In addition to reducing swelling, soaking in these salts can reduce muscle cramping, can calm the nervous system and draw toxins from the body. This can be found in some supermarkets. Method- Place 1 cup of Epsom Salts into a hot bath and soak for up to 30 minutes. You can add a few drops of a qualith essential oils such as Lavender for greater relaxation. Potato Poultice A poultice is a soft, moist mass of material, typically of plant material or flour, applied to the body to relieve soreness and inflammation. A poultice made of potato is a remedy that has been used for centuries to draw out impurities and reduce swelling and pain. Whilst there are several schools of thought on whether to use cooked or raw potato, our experience is that raw potato is the most effective. The fluid drawing power of the potato works in a similar way to the Lectric Soda. Method- Place grated or peeled potato on the skin of the affected area, cover the potato with chux or a tea towel and then wrap with plastic cling wrap. Remove after 30 minutes. This can be done daily in some cases.