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  1. Warning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Contains graphic and disturbing content. This the story of Cheryl Hersha.
  2. When your cat finds out it was you behind the laser pointer the whole time and she packs her things and leaves...
  3. "My local grocery store reserved a parking spot for fat people to grill in."I was really enjoying taking advantage of my new favorite picnic spot, that is until some cop started yelling at me for some reason...
  4. Be Well T!!!!!!!! Ali
  5. Australian anti-vaxxers provide new model for the world Mar 4 by Jon Rappoport Out of the ashes of government tyranny comes a solution. In the Australian state of Queensland, childcare facilities can refuse to allow unvaccinated children to attend, so… Parents there have formed their own community, which has already grown to 800 members. As ABC (Australia) reports: “Sunshine Coast vaccine refuser and leader of the Natural Immunity Community, Allona Lahn, said her anti-vaccine network had grown to 800 members and was becoming stronger since the regulations were introduced.” “’Out of sheer necessity we’ve created a community base to support families — we’ve had no choice other than to start our own social services’.” “Ms Lahn said the network with like-minded families included their own childcare, schools and health services away from the mainstream.” “’We organise group childcare arrangements and we’re now devising our own combined homeschooling system,’ she said.” “’We use health practitioners within the anti-vaccine networks around Australia and ‘anti-vaccination-friendly’ doctors in the community’.” “Ms Lahn said network members were turning away from mainstream health services because they faced intimidation and coercion.” This is decentralization par excellence. If like-minded parents in other countries take notice and launch their own communities, who knows how strong this movement could become? Islands of resistance—but more than that. New answers, new strategies, new victories. And ongoing proof that parents can raise healthy children without vaccinations. That proof is the dagger to the incessant lies about vaccines being absolutely necessary. Mainstream media promote those lies day and night—but the truth is, parents can and do raise unvaccinated children with strong immune systems, which is the natural defense against harm from disease. The medical establishment has done NO proper, long-term studies comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated children’s health outcomes. And the real reason is: they don’t want to face the results of such studies. They rightly fear the facts that would emerge. I’m sure Allona Lahn, the leader of the Queensland network, doesn’t think of herself as a hero. She’s just doing what she knows is right, and she and her compatriot parents are, above all, protecting their children from the well-established toxic effects of vaccines. But she is a hero. Every aware parent should salute her.
  7. There is a short vid. of an Ecuador harvestman spider, at the link below.
  8. On Autopilot "I got out of the shower, dried off, and grabbed my comb. I then grabbed the toothpaste, applied toothpaste to the comb, and paused... I only stopped because for a few seconds I legitimately did not know if I was supposed to brush my teeth or comb my hair. I knew I should do one or the other, but I also knew I couldn't do both with what I had in my hand. So I just stood there looking at my comb with a glob of toothpaste spread across it. Then I looked in the mirror and wondered if I was still dreaming. Then I snapped out of it, had a good chuckle, rinsed off my comb, and got on with my routine as normal."