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  1. I know the feeling but it's appreciated - the issue is as I see it it's so much for any one person. I have hard time keeping up and barely get to document or respond, somedays I lose the GLP thread and then it's 50+ pages to catch up but since I'm following a few points of reference it becomes fragmented and so I catch elsewhere but miss junks. It keeps on rolling, ducking and diving like a roller coaster - remember this is essentially real-time. It's NEVER been real-time before it's often been years looking back or decades about events already transpired and musing finding the odd breadcrumb and nugget here and there. This is utterly unique and as I wrote in REAL TIME, making it very different, it is essentially at a War time pace. It's no wonder you needed a break from the front lines.
  2. That Kate spade link is well... oh dear.
  3. I have a hunch and it might be totally wrong that the NYT Op-Ed of supposed WH staff claiming to be an active saboteur is either an incredible Troll & Trap from the trump admin i.e. they are behind it's release and the msm have fallen for it or B) A really desperate mirroring of Q, which essentially validates the veracity of Q and also show desperation in strategy (out of ideas) + it also put pay to early months and first year of admin that was genuinely being frustrated, it seems this may only be a ghost of that time as they no longer have sway in the WH as they're being cleaned out and were only allowed run free so they could be accounted for so as to dispose. I'm not getting a C, D, E etc. etc. but feel free to postulate. Further now a second plane (3rd if you include France) has been quarantined. To me seems like a new bio-weapon front via passenger flight US inbound is being opened and intel are on it or at least I hope that is what's but I'd like to be wrong completely on this one. I get the sense attacks are going to increase and there is real desperation because if McCain really was the subject of military Tribunal and Capital punishment. Then the rats will be getting desperate. It's getting weird in some respects. Then we have this little interaction. Sourced - Finally add to that Trumps recent disaster preparedness EO. It's all adding up to something.
  4. Those statues of adult males dressed in rabbit one-sie reminded me of the lost boys in the Disney animated version of Peter Pan. disney_club_collab__the_lost_boys_by_atarial-d5rgp2h.png
  5. Godlikeproductions claimed a few days ago that pay pal had suspended their facilities or services. (Sense a crack down in tandem with Putin Trump summit and all the info releases surrounding it.) Then a sudden claim there was a dire need for sign ups to keep the forum going. Not long after that threads are now restricted from viewing unless you are signed in To say it elevated quickly is an understatement. It raises a lot of questions more than anything. That may or may not lead to interesting insights. I shall leave that to establish the OP in the matter and come to this again later. I felt this moment needed to be marked. Events and/or reactions like this can have the opposite effect to desired outcome.
  6. I guess this should be in the Trump thread as well but this guys channel is great. I posted previous mirroring video. Clear, concise, all the details and timelines. Good research. Good at building alt narrative and looking back in context of Q drops and all the other antics. I wonder are the other side listening but they probably know either way they simply can't stop it. Thus the hysterics.
  7. I wanna ad this video too - worth a listen. Sit down with Trump. I know we have the Trump thread but I'm concerned in the context of Q - here in this interview Trumps demeanour and tone of voice have me at a dis-ease, maybe Sessions is not really on-side and there is no Trust the Plan otherwise Trump is a brilliant actor and is playing to his enemies blindspot /or/ I'm merely reading a negative attachment which really is originating from a deeper source a different place but he did sound genuinely exasperated and that's my gut. Which puts everything in question, everything. However this is used to communicate that the DOJ is still a Dam hotbed of resistance to the public, that indicates not fair play. That's tucked in nicely. I'm no fickle fish but there is some undertone/subtext to Trumps expression here that maybe it's just overall exasperation and not specifically at sessions. All we can do is watch and wait.
  8. This guy is also really good and concise. Listened today and then came across these Trump tweets via GLP which really do confirm the observations - It really does look like good cop bad cop routine between Sessions & Trump. Hilariously and using EXACTLY the same techniques the media use but with very different intentions. Rock on!
  9. I’ve remembered! Ok so very early on possibly first days of Trump admin, knowing how the media have worked to date - cast your mind back, remember the picture the msm tried to paint by claiming Trump didn’t even attended is daily intel debriefings. Do ya remember this?
  10. @unity Are you based in Japan?
  11. I've forgotten something important but I want to log that fact - it might be related to early media coverage around Trump. There was something that was thematic and pushed constantly until I think it wasn't. We've forgotten but it made sense of some things now. Vaguely think it was to do with the constant coverage of "leaks", but I'm, not sure. There was something the press consistently highlighted on Trump that suddenly as I outlined disappeared and it struck me but I've forgotten the exact thing so maybe someone might remember a certain anti-trump meme from the early days and help me out here!
  12. So this is interesting - more so the timing, 6 days after I mused out loud I wasn't expecting this Aug 16th Q drop I am not viewing that as confirmation one way or the other of my OP. Here is the image Q drop refers to: I'm taking a view that well, I don't know if Q makes mistakes (or was the image compromised). There is maybe meaning behind a purposeful mistake. That has been the pattern. Time will tell I guess but I feel my thread was justified posting the thread a few days in advance now (without fully understanding) but the reasons are still no clearer exactly if you only seek the literal.
  13. It always struck me as incredibly coincidental when the double photo fit of purportedly one man wanted for questions around the Madalene McCann disappearance was suggested to look a lot like the two Podeata brothers suddenly appeared in online chatter channels. It was totally new to many people. I wasn’t something I’d ever seen discussed online in the alternative places. That it was such an out there connection. Anchored to the start date of the leaked wiki emails, Podesta trips to Portugal the Sinclair Freud villa close by and the supposed offer of lunch/support to the parents by Sinclair was all very weird indeed. It makes me wonder is this an example of pre Q intel drops/influence being used and tested before full on Q campaign. Calibrate efectivness and roll out techniques. I wondered who might have that level of info to make such an left of field association. It could only be intel agencies who I imagine may have been monitoring the Podestas and Sinclair’s of this world. That’s my guess but we also have to consider it could have been was pure myth building to play to people’s bias also laying the ground work.
  14. Full on Purge. It's WAR.
  15. Q400 speculation from various anon sources as posted on GLP.
  16. Not sure if this has been posted but this is some Q dashboard -
  17. - appears to be down!?
  18. Is there a good place that covers the trip code compromise this unfrock guy cites? Also is this the "matlock" password hack?
  19. Picked this up - - > < - - from video below. Check both out!
  20. All because some random anon on a fringe forum makes cryptic posts and ask questions... what are they afraid of? It only validates Q in many peoples eyes and what it has inspired but also looks like it's a sideshow to distract from what's being declassified right now.
  21. Like it or loathe it. Infowars being heavily targetyed heavily. Faceebook, Apple and I think Google via respect App Store apps.
  22. So you might remember my dream that depicted Melania Trump as an MK Ultra type assassin a bit before the Syria/tomahawk/empty Russian airfield hit... well the MK Ultra scenario is now being proposed to explain the strangeness of Kate M Interestingly the two twitter at the top of the OP are now gone.
  23. Yep the more I read too (and that coke bottle is something!) I defer to my original gut reaction, that there was something off about they "hug" posts and the rest - it was a confusing run of drops and info, it seemed so conflicted and weird but what struck me also was I had seen Kate's profile picture before, so obviously there was a previous tweet I read some time in the past either related to Q or something but here face was not new to me. You see, I never forget a face, never, I just might not remember the name.
  24. Turn around now is high. Sanders gets asked about Q, what two days ago - she brilliantly distances Admin form any potential violent groups (even though that was not the question) so got that in before they could pull a false-Q-flag-supporter, which is next warning from Q then at next rally they had USSS disallow any Q placards etc. etc. I saw the back and forward "I want to Hug" president Trump, I was a bit uneasy about that idea. I think some interplay with this and above moves base don latest Q which maybe confirms my instinctual disease at the idea of Hugs for Trump right now. Hmmm. Further thinking on the symbolic level and based on some later Q posts (below), maybe it was an open comms to indicate a assignation was planned - (1) using newspaper as indicator off intention - (2) expressing "wanting to hug" POTUS was the outing of the delivery of the intended method - a fatal hug (from a false flag Qanon plant? So they removed all the paraphernalia). She didn't actually want to hug him, she was saying whoever hugs POTUS will be the killer, her comms got VIP access. (Turmp being the VIP) Message delivered. For all to see. I have to quote it as it's very new. This is important. 1 & 2 The only catch with that is Kate Mazzochetti (the person who wanted to HUG Potus) - well she may be an agent and is now outed but it was worth (and only way to send it as other comms were "dark" according to Q) or could simply be a willing medium for the comms (see female Seth Rich chat screen grab ). If it is literal then outing your plan for all the world to see would not really make sense since it would be picked up by intel in an instant. Keywords, etc. etc. and you might not even gain entry or leave your house for that matter! Unless it was the setup, constructed breadcrumb for people to hop on and find post ff - story of Q supporter associated with violent people gone mad and killed the POTUS... an echo of the msm hit pieces the last 72 hours. A kind of post false flag confirmation bias setup.
  25. If I follow this right - Had twitter banned or subdued the hashtag #Qanon on twitter per last few Q drops, but it is now unbanned it as part to the MSM mega first wave attack and thus is trending hugely? It's high risk attacking Q such as this because it's a movement based on an incredible pst-op good or ill, it's utterly incredible thing to witness for it's capacity, capability and creative engagement.