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  1. The Q posts seem to have gone up a few notches in terms of output activity the last few weeks but I dropped out a few months ago as didn't have the time to apply to this so I may simply be biased. I wonder has anyone analysed the activity over time, I'd like to see post per day over time.
  2. Ok you caught it this story! What is going on here, a plausibly deniable release? This put to pay what many have read or suspected or head tell of, if it's a pointer. A breadcrumb for others to go deeper. However when this information is released. is to gain universal consent. If there is not a push back to end such tyrannical methods, then they continue at whatever level they are at now - funny, is it time to feel way more concerned about 5G!
  3. Ok trumps smart missiles comment on Twitter last week is now clearly the electronic cyber attack that tripped the Syrian air defense system causing its missiles to fire last night as they thought they were under attack. See thread here - Downdetector shows an even bigger spike for Twitter today over 6000, go look now! Does this count as two Booms?
  4. Check out SNAP DNA from portfolio links - has GATTACA in your pocket written all over as per Q mention of DNA from blood.
  5. I think I have an ID of who is standing beside TRUMP and PENCE (uniformed). Sourced from here, also worth reading as its a restatement of the Trump was approached but US Military to run -
  6. Nice peak of reports over short sharp period of time on down detector for Twitter, comments are funny though not sure it matches up with Q Anon timestamp in terms of syncing -
  7. A fascinating call and answer pattern, see what you think. Trump: Fire & Fury comments NK. Deepstate: Trump Tower x 2 Fires - Trying to infuriate Trump? Trump: "Calm before the Storm" Deepstate: Attempt to raise a Stormey Daniels scandal.
  8. Twitter just undermined? - Breezy's Q update will follow up... busy busy!
  9. Honeypots... but for whom? Let's say the Pentagon created most of the Social Media fare, Facebook et al, did they do it to actually lure in the other intel agencies ultimately? Knowing they could not resist the lure of access to the open public consensually given day to day data. Did the Pentagon make it impossible for the native and foreign intel agencies to not engage, thus bringing all the nefarious goings on into a sandbox of military design and light... ah maybe that's giving folk to much credit but what could be more useful to a military who want full spectrum dominance? The enemy (other agencies domestic and foreign) in a theatre they controlled and dominate, a walled garden to use common parlance. Their only mission is to protect and uphold the constitution of the United States, we have to assume there are no other loyalties at base level but as a counter protection against infiltration a cage of controlled exposure was created, the public a unwitting bait. Perhaps I'm going to far with this... but if a lot of dangerous and bad people got comfy and enjoyed the convinience of internet tech thinking they were protected by one of the alphabet agencies could very quickly have become arrogant and therefore sloppy. Now this, being the clean up.
  10. Yea Mattis is known to me so not him or since Mattis is on *Trumps right but I thought Q was referring to Trumps left (Pence being the indicator) but it coudl be Mattis, it's him or the other guy who is in uniform. Maybe I've gotten the direction wrong! *As Trump would see it.
  11. Do we know who that is standing beside Pence & Potus?
  12. Dropping this here quickly for wider review (sincerely did not enjoy reading this thread, bad vibe) Be back after some more considerations of this info.
  13. Great work!
  14. My recollection was facebook was full of hate hate hate. I tuned out. Not that I use it much but I found the daily hate fest a total turn off. Ok so my point of view was not one of these account but the place was a daily rage of hate and ire against essentially a cartoon created by the msm. So worrying to see so many people driven demented so easily. That's the real story. The Trump support was silent IMHO and on the alternative but long running forums like GLP etc. etc. Then he managed to win the Electoral College vote. Essential as much as the popular voters. As someone pointed out Clinton could barely fill out a form let alone a stadium.
  15. Seems to be some connection alright and maybe why Trump early on seemed to go out of his way to troll the British Intel by releasing info and taking the narrative away around a few key terrorist events not so long ago.
  16. Mercer - Is this the head of this power family I keep hearing about in tones of sometimes hushed pejorative because Trump may be connected with? Interesting. Freedom of association means little when it comes to politics and the morally relativist left & co.
  17. This reads as the same full scale projection seen from the opposition in the lead up and since the election. That this contradicts the "Russian" narrative seems not to matter. It's all subterfuge and I still can't help feel this is a massive bait to take out facebook. I could be wrong but time will tell.
  18. I didn't know, is it back in the thread? I haven't been able to follow things the last few months. I only found the keystone yesterday in relation to SES and when I saw it first in the circle of stars (yea just like EU flag.. tells you all you need to know) I was puzzled by the shape, it was so out of context but soon enough I found that tweet - Mystery solved. In other countries same as SES are often referred to a "The Permanent Government", unelected civli servants whom no one really has any oversight of and tend to span multiple governments. The famous BBC "Yes Minister" series in the UK during the 80's gave a good insight into the mindset and shenanigans. You will also note the Federal government seems to share same terminolgoy from the term "Civil Service" down for titles and positions. This is a UK derived language which makes me wonder who is really controlling things. I would have expected the US to differ in it's use of terms by they are exactly in many circumstances to the type used in the UK and Irish civil service. I wonder is it the same for all current and former colonies. Some suspect the "former" colonies are still colonies - so is this what Trump discovered in relation to the US of A and this is what they're trying to deal with and take back?
  19. SES = Keystone (multiple references to 'keystone' in Q Anon posts)
  20. Hey... never enough time. Re: Cambridge Analytics expose and controversy, is the first real damage for facebook? Reading the overview the story comes with a tenuous afaic link to Trump presidential campaign that to me comes across as MSM baiting and it seems they've bitten. The real damage is being done to facebook. So is this the first "BOOM" ? i.e. takedown of facebook? Something to think about - On review how "Steve Bannon" was covered by the press compared to Trump, does it look a little off? EDIT: How did I miss this look at the headline to the register article!!! - - - Yes BOOM! Ha!
  21. Blast from the past but one I've only just discovered via GLP - how I never come across Kim Clement prediction until now I'll never know!
  22. Interesting you start the thread contacting references to the SEC_TEST_1 through 5. It's never to late as they say
  23. Irish Gov plan referendum to repeal the 1983, 8th Amendment - which gives constitutional protection to the unborn child, in a few months. There is no popular demand for this and it's on the back of a lot off marketing and minority group protesting and pressure highly targeted + the left. Though you'll find Irish political parties are highly centrist, it's often hard to find real opposition anymore. The Current Prime Minister (or Taoiseach / pronounced: Tee-Shock) only assumed office 278 days ago and was not popularly elected (running as a leader party political leader in a General election), merely appointed by the Dáil (Parliament), very much like Theresa May was. Shortly after returning from Davos, Leo Varadkar announced to UK Media first his support to change the law to support 12 weeks abortion when questioned. Currently has been some abortion for at least two years which was legislated for in medical situations by the government on foot of a political lead outcry and campaign around the death of a mother under hospital care (it's not clear abortion would have saved her but lets' not let facts stand in the way) giving rise to 26 abortions exactly the last two years within Maternity hospitals. This primarily removed the legal liability and uncertainty around hospitals procedures and made it allowable in extremes cases. So fundamentally abortion occurs in Ireland of a highly restrictive type there it does anything approaching an on-demand system. The 1983 legislation always allowed some room for legislation by the Government but successive governments stayed away form the issue as Ireland was deeply conservative vis a vis Catholicism. This is how the last Government legislated without the need for calling another referendum. Aboriton is hugely contentious issue (rightly so) but the main tenant of the camping is that depending on the year some 300-6000 (apron) Irish women travel to the Uk to avail of the more liberal 24 weeks aboriton regime there + also tasing the spectre of online aboriton pills now accounting for the noted drop in recent years of those travelling to UK to have aboriton (sub 4000). A lot of fanfare is made out of that fact that the Irish Taoiseach is Gay. However, the current minster for Children is also a self professed Lesbian. It's not clear were she came from. She is not native born to Ireland. It's seems she harks form Seattle. Ireland is a small place in population terms and therefore it's not hard to know someone who knows someone. This is the first time I've seen something substantive on this lady, the picture previously was online joke about her looking like a witch some months ago but now... well turns out not so funny.
  24. I believe if we focus on protecting and understanding what our children are then all that negates this very efficiently.
  25. Very good. The storm brings rain - Is it an operation of the Trump/MIL Intel side or is it some internal score settling for those who failed to uphold the globalist side. It's not normal that's for sure. Careers are being ended, symbolically people are losing their heads(career/ego). The media-head-count is rising. Very good match in my estimation but defer to your authority here. As a note I do think since the Weinstein broke it's been a veritable landslide of revelation and allegations. Once another story is exposed and another name named they appear resigned to it and don't even seem to contest the allegations (due process and the justice system?). Perhaps this isa taste of their own medicine (or something else). Maybe this is why the media were so anti-Trump, they are warehousing skeletons there are not closets big enough. I think he discussion of the content is more suitable for the other thread/s but it's a real guide into the nature and weight of events around us. It add a deeper dimension of information to the screaming mania of the msm.