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  1. I don't know where to put this but quick note, the twitter reply memes today posted @realdonaldtrump are very good, i.e. they are the mirror of the pro-trump memes to date. They really are the MIRROR. Someone/some group clearly figured out the formula (it's not hard) and has mirrored it for the other side. It's incredibly noticeable, plagiarism is not so much a form of theft but flatery. Maybe these memes were already appearing in twitter feeds but "the left can't meme" was true until this point, however perhaps this is DS trying to work it's own meme (black) magic. MEME's are now a compromised channel afaiac, or counter measure meme need to be evolved.
  2. Missiles hitting missiles. Check this out. See any similarities?
  3. Godlikeproductions claimed a few days ago that pay pal had suspended their facilities or services. (Sense a crack down in tandem with Putin Trump summit and all the info releases surrounding it.) Then a sudden claim there was a dire need for sign ups to keep the forum going. Not long after that threads are now restricted from viewing unless you are signed in To say it elevated quickly is an understatement. It raises a lot of questions more than anything. That may or may not lead to interesting insights. I shall leave that to establish the OP in the matter and come to this again later. I felt this moment needed to be marked. Events and/or reactions like this can have the opposite effect to desired outcome.
  4. However. Q could still be the Mossad or one of a few variants of players. Sad to say. Gotta keep all options on the table. You should not believe everything as real but entertaining the idea can be constructive but as long as it’s not merely a mental monkey puzzle designed to keep you occupied from noticing what is really happening. The Me tel u info could merely be a false positive. A heads up on the idea of JFK jr coming back from the dead at some point, that’s believed by so many it could have seemed or been channeled as real but not the literal. Remember the in-Q-tel stuff? What was that about? Me tel u in Q tel Meanwhile Finally
  5. It's a synchronicity that's so fringe it IMHO gives it a lot more weight. It's been sitting there waiting for it's moment in the limelight. The effect of Q is that more people are being introduced to this way of seeing, inquiry to what before looked like Chaos, using the Q style they have given people a form of critical thinking structure structure by brilliantly invoking their own natural pattern recognition system, jumping them back into action which are designed to protect you. Modern life is about "not thinking" making like "easy" and handing over the $'s, again thoughlessly (Cleary that only benefits one central group) - marketing has a lot to do with it, lulling everyone into a very facile mode of existence. If JFK jr is not alive, so be it, it's injection has invoked playful incredible thinking in people who may never had engaged in such fun, which is how wake up by perhaps initiating the urge to prove it wrong, daring people to see for themselves no less and on the way they know people will find other truths but value it more subjectively, because they had the experience of finding it as opposed being fed. So they are going ot value that discovery a lot more as a part of their very fibre of being. It's a very clever way to wake people up by giving them the right Q's to play the game. It's Masterful and the master, has many many more students each day.
  6. Man without mask photos found -
  7. I've discovered the image used by "R" on Chan of JFK Jr & Donald Trump is a purchasable getty image around €400 dollars (est.). Therefore I'm assuming, whomever posted that image had either purchased it or owned the original or had had illegitimate access (Anyone can easily screen grabbed the thumbnail) to it further assuming Getty images have full copyright over it ardor the studio that the photo is credited too. @breezy Plenty of images of JFK Jr and Bill Clinton when president exist. Here is one of JFK jr in the Oval office with Clinton
  8. Update - The Hoff is 6ft 4' Vs 5ft 11" for JFK Jr. This demonstrates the natural proportions of man scale. Most should look at this image and think "the Hoff" looks somewhat off, not quite right, a bit puny or skinny compared to JFK jr. If that's your natural reaction then your are correct, he's 5 inches shorter than he should be. This should serve as an example that yes while you can match anyone of similar balanced proportions regardless of height, in turn it points to JFK Jr photos being exactly proportioned with the mask man. If that was a masked Hoff, well you get the point right! All this proves maybe, is that of of these three men, only two men seem to share the same proportional build to be very likely the same size give or take and one is not.
  9. I made this. It's not finished but a quick paste up and preview to inspire maybe further research. Right now, I do not believe it proves anything. Ok.
  10. It's amazing what you find - this comment jumped out as I did wonder about the choice of mask but I didn't know any of this other than the basics around Guy Fawkes, assuming everything they wrote is correct. Simply fascinating.
  11. Ok the feet are compelling, the lower legs too. This goes into my area of skill. This is why I don't like videos, for this kind of work - at leat point to a blog post, with static and as high Quality images you can find! Time to go hunt photos (post links here if folks think they've found good ones) - Maybe we need "R" thread dedicated to this?
  12. Slow morph is very very deceptive. You need to flip between the two photos quickly, instantly almost. This is the technique Animators used this technique between frames particularly for old school hadn't drawing inbetweening. The brian can see the difference almost as one image at once. It's hard to do this on youtube effectively and the images are not well positioned or from exact same angle. This Vincent Fusca is a different person. Unless there has been the addition of surgery or other techniques to change the facial features (even a beard is classic, it really can catch peopel who might have know you all your life if you suddenly have one). Teeth are not the same from what I can tell on the two men. However I'd really like to see comparative ears of both men. The lady being Carolyn B Kennedy is more compelling but still not 100%, i.e. the lady in the crowd, her ears are bigger and had small very petite ears. Yes cartilage grows all through your life so ears and noses gets bigger and your skulls does change shape including your teeth but this can not account for the differences or we don't have enough photos with decent clarity or more comparative angles. I'm surprised no one has tried to run some facial AI on these people. That's something we didn't have a until recently. I might drum up some better comparison if I get the time and can find better sources.
  13. You know I was going to say that twitter photo could be an old photo! No idea why I didn't think of that in the first instance but occurred ot me last night so maybe we had the thought around the same time! It's cropped heavily too. So if there were any give away elements we can't see them that might help to age it. It also looks to be the Helicopter Marine One used to transport the US president -
  14. Time to crash America. Independence Vs Global Governance. The lines have been drawn.
  15. R being the last letter in JFK Jr. I only figured that out now Think about witness protection program. How do they do it? Think about the other side and everything they’ve managed to hide and cover up from humanity and they involve a lot of people to do it. Is it that hard then for he good side to hide one man? Its completely possible and probably only requires money. Trump had money. I’m sure so too did JFK jr. It’s really not that unthinkable but it’s at least great script writing if nothing more. Q is full of quality hooks. This is the best by far. The Bobby Ewing plot line. We’re all hooked even if it turns out to be a psyop of ill repute.
  16. Ok I just read the replies. So I’m not he only one. Honestly I looked at the photo from chani link and without hesitation JFK Jnr. Just popped into my head instantly. Second guess would be Donald Trump Jnr but the forehead does not look as high after that it could be anyone alive I’m not Familiar with but I’m going with gut I didn’t even notice the reference to R. I have no familiarity with that reference This is would be incredible truly incredible, plot twist of the age. Never a dulL moment these days.
  17. JFK jnr. ?
  18. It's impossible now to keep a pace but for now one quick thought and while this could be in one of many threads. I think here is as good as any. Since the China Spy chip story has been refuted by the big tech players since first appearing. My gut instinct tells the purpose of this exercise was to use Bloomberg put this idea out there (maybe it has some truth), to cause confusion/doubt and uncertainty as a pre-emptive cover for the "Clinton Server Hacked/Sold access to China" story explodes, Apple are killing themselves to refute it daily in the media. I think this was a highly strategic move to counter what is coming and will be used as an "excuse', very much the new Russians but instead of using it to destroy they flip it to defend/deflect the treason and much worse. if as Q point out they have everything (which I would believe the NSA do if all the back doors we read about are true) then the odds are squarely with the Trump Admin. So far it looks that way. Hasn't put a foot wrong since before and after election. Hope the Sessions enigma resolves itself. Someone pointed out the statute of limitations is up around November 18th for Clinton supposed crimes (that we know), but that may not be a limiting factor for a Military Tribunal.
  19. I think was a playful nod to the Marines whom he has surrounded himself with and appointed to key positions (Including one guy plucked out of retirement to head up the Secret Service I think. ) and had no intention of naming it after the US Marines. Possibly a for "eye & ears" in-joke/sub-text
  20. Any idea what that piece of music is over the short?
  21. I know the feeling but it's appreciated - the issue is as I see it it's so much for any one person. I have hard time keeping up and barely get to document or respond, somedays I lose the GLP thread and then it's 50+ pages to catch up but since I'm following a few points of reference it becomes fragmented and so I catch elsewhere but miss junks. It keeps on rolling, ducking and diving like a roller coaster - remember this is essentially real-time. It's NEVER been real-time before it's often been years looking back or decades about events already transpired and musing finding the odd breadcrumb and nugget here and there. This is utterly unique and as I wrote in REAL TIME, making it very different, it is essentially at a War time pace. It's no wonder you needed a break from the front lines.
  22. That Kate spade link is well... oh dear.
  23. I have a hunch and it might be totally wrong that the NYT Op-Ed of supposed WH staff claiming to be an active saboteur is either an incredible Troll & Trap from the trump admin i.e. they are behind it's release and the msm have fallen for it or B) A really desperate mirroring of Q, which essentially validates the veracity of Q and also show desperation in strategy (out of ideas) + it also put pay to early months and first year of admin that was genuinely being frustrated, it seems this may only be a ghost of that time as they no longer have sway in the WH as they're being cleaned out and were only allowed run free so they could be accounted for so as to dispose. I'm not getting a C, D, E etc. etc. but feel free to postulate. Further now a second plane (3rd if you include France) has been quarantined. To me seems like a new bio-weapon front via passenger flight US inbound is being opened and intel are on it or at least I hope that is what's but I'd like to be wrong completely on this one. I get the sense attacks are going to increase and there is real desperation because if McCain really was the subject of military Tribunal and Capital punishment. Then the rats will be getting desperate. It's getting weird in some respects. Then we have this little interaction. Sourced - Finally add to that Trumps recent disaster preparedness EO. It's all adding up to something.
  24. Those statues of adult males dressed in rabbit one-sie reminded me of the lost boys in the Disney animated version of Peter Pan. disney_club_collab__the_lost_boys_by_atarial-d5rgp2h.png