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  1. I believe if we focus on protecting and understanding what our children are then all that negates this very efficiently.
  2. Very good. The storm brings rain - Is it an operation of the Trump/MIL Intel side or is it some internal score settling for those who failed to uphold the globalist side. It's not normal that's for sure. Careers are being ended, symbolically people are losing their heads(career/ego). The media-head-count is rising. Very good match in my estimation but defer to your authority here. As a note I do think since the Weinstein broke it's been a veritable landslide of revelation and allegations. Once another story is exposed and another name named they appear resigned to it and don't even seem to contest the allegations (due process and the justice system?). Perhaps this isa taste of their own medicine (or something else). Maybe this is why the media were so anti-Trump, they are warehousing skeletons there are not closets big enough. I think he discussion of the content is more suitable for the other thread/s but it's a real guide into the nature and weight of events around us. It add a deeper dimension of information to the screaming mania of the msm.
  3. AI is already powering much of the web in a very mundane and non obvious way to most. Children are being influenced by AI right now (socialising to it and being groomed by it) all across the planet. Parents are oblivious. It doesn't get more serious than this. That lullaby story really underlines what I've been musing over the last while in terms of a clear and present danger.
  4. It seems highly symbolic but only you can confirm. If it were my dream (I don't know if you are male) but I might consider the man being me/you recognise them (even after head loss) since there is no violence it's very matter of fact - you maybe don't recognise yourself as you've gone through a watershed, losing the head is symbolic of an end of your old self/thoughts/ideas (or maybe you really lost the as in you got very angry but thats over now, things have moved/landslide). It's ok you are still yourself but moved on but things are different. Well it's really impossible to interpret it as you because you know the context of you life an position in time and space, so I've just given it a quick treatment if you will. A few questions can work to tease it out but if as you say you have already interpreted it then really have the answer, but if you feel doubt I can pace through it but I don't expect to be close without further enquiry. So how did you receive the dream and arrive at the message within for yourself?
  5. I hadn't realised until it was pointed out as a leading question in the early Q Anon a few weeks ago that Obama was following or ahead of Trump (or entourage) on his worldly visits, a virtual shadow president. It seems to be so self evidently true with these recent reports.
  6. Now the 7th Trump dream has arrived. (I'm not obsessed honest!) "Trump and his wife Melania were over for dinner. This one had more personal setting for me. It was set in what could be described as a hybrid of family homes from childhood. Which was interesting. I think we'd eaten burgers. It was nice. Familiar and comforting on a level. Trump and his wife said goodbye. I went for a walk in the park {the dream developed on to more personal non-trump encounters - here I met someone who was concerned about someone taking money from their account, but I said they were in line and waiting like everyone else or something to that effect as to assure it "normal" and the way of things}. Most of the detail in this one was on the visual level (the house had lots of objects to command my attention as I looked around.) In a part I was staring at a gas lit and naked gas hob and I think I turned it off. Another an old an unusual format (taller format than is normal) for a CRT TV. The rooms were in colour and vivid to my perception. Familiar and very interesting to me like when I was a child." Just noting it here in case it has any wider significance. It's also the second Trump dream to feature dinner (The pre-cog of the grab the pussy apology featured Trump at dinner with what I think was his family in what felt like a large apartment).
  7. I'm coming round to the idea it's all but infighting within the one (global) faction as suggested on GLP thread here and as per my post but we'll see...The world is changing as it always does.
  8. I alluded to this in earlier post. It's something I had though since Las Vegas (which wasn't a popular idea or ida at all affect). Leaked Secret Israeli Cable Confirms Israeli-Saudi Coordination To Provoke War The way I see it there are maybe two factions in the global brotherhood, both possibly controlled by the usual suspects. Qui Bono? applies as much here as anything else and everything is happening by proxy. If it is so and Trump is being gamed, is he part of the game or pretending to be part of the Game and also gaming. I don't doubt for aminiute even the miliatire son the world are not the one side of the global brotherhood. The globalists being the other. Every side has two sides.
  9. This one is fresh in my mind. I'll give general details. I'm looking at people in a car (lying down) the car is like the kind of Ghostbuster ambulance layout/size/format/consturciton maybe more modern. A white estate. The people seem to be of eastern european origin. They are sleeping or ?... Not sure. Maybe injured. I'm not getting great communication from them. Perhaps they are dead. Limp. (or maybe they're not totally aware of me as an observer). I'm located in a small village that I know it very well. {the name might have some symbolism for later) so ti might be a personal symbolic reference that only I'll understand} I'm trying to call emergency services but I am having no luck. I am also now in a franchise type convince store. There are queues. There is also the need to contact emergency services but I'm having no luck using the device I have, a box with two identical tops rows of 1 2 3 buttons and the the rest of a normal numerical pad (it doesn't look like a phone just a beige type plastic box, the top rows are orange rubber the rest off grey, very 80's type colouration). I speak to someone but my call goes to the UK (wrong country for my location!) and seems is a common fault as the person on the other ends intimates, the number 300 is mentioned. I talk to someone else who has been diagnosed with a terminal disease (or their mother) but still no luck getting ambulances out. I speak now to people around me in the store who went about and called emergency services also because I was taking so long other took it into their hands but it's not clear that made any difference. Some sense of futility. The village has during this the feel and look of crowds pouring in like there is a big parade or festival beginning or such an event that has finished, it's the kind of crowd movement you get at events like this when they finish. Everyone back to their cars, transport or on to more entertainment, eating and drinking. Overall sense of technical failures to contact emergcye services in a crowd event. No sense there has been violence or anything. I was very tired even somewhat fatigued in feeling when I woke up from this dream.
  10. Very good. I think the JFK release was a metaphorical message as my dream perhaps portrayed also, i.e. Look at the similarities, see the differences in events. Remember Trumps first hour briefing with Obama and everyone was puzzled by his "mystified" expression - well ever since then he's been nothing extremely confident. Just keep that in mind... it might tell us something.
  11. @breezy Yep I did mention EMP drill. It might have been a useful cover for operations. I also wonder about that $100,000 advert for Nov 4th which has come and gone with little event supposedly connected to Antifa. When i saw the price tag I was suspicious it was a misdirection but not sure the source. @breezy What story is that about 40 journalists being hired to target Trump? @breezy Yes, Vegas was a kind of hit against Trump before this set of events. I have not followed that Church shooting but that was as low as you can go, the slaughter of innocent children. You have to be made of stern stuff to hold course under such pressure methinks. Remember that was the justification for Syria strike but then the missile landed in an airfield causing barely any damage to Russian planes.
  12. Interesting twitter is down in Japan and Manila (Philippines) and I read Trump is on the way there.
  13. Useful resource been posted few times in the same thread., might deserve it's own thread but for now go look at the pattern shared by many large web service players. Screen shot would be good. Can't do it from where I am... Perhpas it's simulated EMP drill? Good cover for an OP maybe.
  14. This was posted, but to my eye it seems to be more like a fantasy football checklist of what GLPer's want to see happen - I merely post it here see if any of it come to pass.
  15. Still follwoing this thread on GLP - Speculation is Q Anon, has since stopped posting and it's someone else based on style and info. Interestingalso tot note. Trumps live feed from Japan when dealing with Baptist Church shooting malfunctioned. A second comms failure of note. How uncanny.