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  1. No problem. I hope it's not a foreshadowing of the literal aspect of the dream - remember the original it depicted Melania shooting trump, then she fell to the ground and we popped open a compartment at the back of her head (like Data in Star Trek or the Terminator) and inside like looking into a hot water bottle was a greens like liquid, seemed infected as it sloshed around. So to me that would indicate programming of the mind, the fact she collapsed after also alludes to programming. A dormant program can literally be triggered, pun intended. Once complete. The programmed individual comes out of the spell as such and can betray a lack of awareness of what they did. Much the way hypnotists work, it's probably the same thing. The other aspects is maybe I was picking up on this video thought I'd never seen it until GLP thread.
  2. Shootings?
  3. Spotted this thread on GLP and posting reference to previous dream, as it caught my eye for obvious reasons.
  4. Same story again, so the Pentagon started to issue iPhones while removing Chinese brands from stores. What if bringing back manufacturing is part of the security plan, it's not jsut jobs. Apple phones made in California, more secure and pentagon approved. Just a thought. The image of crates looks like a delivery of smartphones. I wonder.
  5. Didn't a drone crash into the new Apple HQ not so long ago and there was talk if not action from Apple would disallow future overflight by drones (not sure if they have to go to court). Maybe this is the inference. Drones. I've also had experience with Chinese made security cameras (which got sent back) being compromised. It was noticed when one was plugged in (ethernet) for testing, it took up router resources causing traffic overhead way out of proportion and was communicating all over the place, parts of asia going by the IP address. Very common problem when I googled it. People are buying a lot of security cameras and putting them in their homes. (Solution in this instance was buh another brand, also Chinese but keep it on a closed network and never on the internet.) So, is there a suggestion Apple stuff may be compromised too since it's made in China? I hope not. No where to hide then. I doubt it because if that got out Apple business model would be hit hard. They have a huge interest in keeping it clean. When not comes to Android phones, all bets are off.
  6. Irish referendum to allow ON-Demand abortion is scheduled for 25 May, no coincidence it's the ancient fertility festival time. @KMRIA It seems 24th is Feast of Ascension, is this the same reference in your table of dates? It might be wrong???
  7. Yes I would have assumed that more so over the last 10 years as I could see how things really worked in terms of artists being used as medium to sculpt and introduce a certain agenda even if some weren’t aware. It’s not that hard to do with creatives @unity I don’t understand “Cs”, is that shorthand for... ?
  8. @unity what faction?
  9. @unity David Lynch brought the Groove to the public's view first with Twin Peaks (yes before Alex Jones!) but I do not think a single person figured it out who didn' already know about, it yet it was very obvious the second time I watched it over 15 years later and I nearly fell off the chair because of Jone's expose. There was a little misdirection but really not much when you look at it. Lynch couldn't outright say THIS IS BOHEMIAN GROOVE FOLKS! So he did the next best thing. I think he even revisited the idea of it in the recent Twin Peaks episode and went further into much darker areas too, portals and realms intertwined with this one. Lynch is interesting because if you watch his movies they nearly all have the same theme, duality. Black/White - Female lead or character which story is built around but there is both a Black Hair / Blonde Hair version, oh and don't forget the White Lodge / Black Lodge too. Dune being somewhat the exception for some obvious reasons I won't go into in this thread as that would derail it.
  10. I was curious so I did a simple search to see how many children go missing each year in the US (is it really close to 1 million) and this is the first link I click, an the first paragraph!
  11. The Q posts seem to have gone up a few notches in terms of output activity the last few weeks but I dropped out a few months ago as didn't have the time to apply to this so I may simply be biased. I wonder has anyone analysed the activity over time, I'd like to see post per day over time.
  12. Ok you caught it this story! What is going on here, a plausibly deniable release? This put to pay what many have read or suspected or head tell of, if it's a pointer. A breadcrumb for others to go deeper. However when this information is released. is to gain universal consent. If there is not a push back to end such tyrannical methods, then they continue at whatever level they are at now - funny, is it time to feel way more concerned about 5G!
  13. Ok trumps smart missiles comment on Twitter last week is now clearly the electronic cyber attack that tripped the Syrian air defense system causing its missiles to fire last night as they thought they were under attack. See thread here - Downdetector shows an even bigger spike for Twitter today over 6000, go look now! Does this count as two Booms?
  14. Check out SNAP DNA from portfolio links - has GATTACA in your pocket written all over as per Q mention of DNA from blood.
  15. I think I have an ID of who is standing beside TRUMP and PENCE (uniformed). Sourced from here, also worth reading as its a restatement of the Trump was approached but US Military to run -