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  1. @breezy what made you looking at those old books again? Also has it been confirmed it was all extended family and grand children? One thing at the time was the airforce bus was circling and not stopping when the flight was cancelled, reporters thought it was to avoid them the press, maybe it was and maybe also they were in a panic not knowing what to do if their plan was to certainly flee US territory. Not smart using the AF but the Q posts regularly these people are stupid.
  2. I sea I SEA It's been awhile since I went into this area. I get it now. So what is the significance of it in this episode?
  3. Here is an interesting story. When this tangent of Chan origin was gaining legs. I mentioned it to a contact. What I didn't expect was the following story as they then proceeded to tell me how when they worked in NY in the late 90's, back when JFK Jr was a socialite among many other things. They got talking to JFK Jr at some NY party, said he was a nice guy. The thing is, he had no idea who he was talking to until the next day someone pointed it out. So what that tells us, even close to the height of his notoriety it's still possible for you not to be recognised in close quarters. Change you name. Location. Then with Age and little public msm attention. You blend into the masterpiece of life. Until one day an art expert with more up to date tech foresincally discovers a unknown character in a scene, stared at by million of visitors each and every day unnoticed.
  4. This Has alway been very interesting. It popped up in the video montage. Has anyone seen if they can locate who this member of the staff is? That would be the first thing to do if the info was available on line. I note the same tie fascia was wearing. The first thing I wonder about this photo/tweet. Is who pointed it out? It's a bit of a needle in a very faint internet haystack don't ya think? I kind of doubt it was by chance. Second, the anatomical similar, stature and even hairline are compelling. More compelling that the Fusca stuff, but if they both wore the same tie, it's not to be assumed they are the same person. So what is the connection? Has this been JFK Lr's say job since 1999. He might have tired and aged a bit from the work, and a new life but perhaps his resolve and tenacity stayed the source. Also Interesting is the term "lost at sea", so they died outside of US jurisdiction right, is that what we are to assume? Therefore maritime law applies?
  5. Fusca is something else, he is not JFK jr. Though he appears to have more than one role. Perhpas he's a strawman within the truth to keep it form braking fully mainstream or more so, give the MSM bait to discredit the whole shebang making them look fools later on, once again. That would be clever.
  6. Fascinating, fascinating, dam fascinating letter to say the least! Something struck me after the letter and it's a wild guess. What if JFK JR had become one of the team (surrounded in the military Q photo). Faked death was start of witness like protection or new life in the service. Still able to send letters (securely). He's been kept occulted within the service until Donald got in, but here is where I started. What if It was photo of him acting in secret military tribunal. Sentencing Poppy. JFK jr is military and can see in Tribunals. He was lawyer after all! So too was HRC right... but who else better to write or aid in these EO's. Sound too good to be true right? Maybe I'm rehashing an idea already put out there. Possibly.
  7. Point of Info: Turns out Voice of Europe is a honey pot! Peter of Sweden involved (duped perhpas) - Found an older article suggesting "Russia', has this been the modus operandi of UK intel to run under camoflauge of "Russian" influence every time! -
  8. Was there a yellow vest on the ground vid posted here somewhere recently narrated by an english guy with video of a french guy driving around empty roads? I think I saw it here! :)I need to find it! 


  9. On first watch. My immediate read is the proportions are not consistent and the scene where the giant is standing behind some people, he's smaller than the parade angle would suggest he's lost 30/40% of his stature. I can see what look like match lines between celluloid elements and modern elements, i.e. composite footage giveaway. Harder to notice because it's black and white therefore easier to fake! This in no way discounts that there might have been giants since they appear in the legends of all global peoples. Who knew nothing of each other. Therefore it's harder to really claim they made it all up unless as cursory tales to raise their children to fear the unknown, but why giants?
  10. I wonder has Charles Ortel time come in that respect.
  11. Of course! The Clinton Foundation investigation started yesterday! Quelle Surprise!
  12. Q answers NO when asked if JFK Kr is alive. Maybe Q is trolling Hillary/Deepstate or is a misdirection for them or us, who knows anymore.
  13. Interesting turn of phrase considering the collapse in price, does anyone think that collapse curve is normal? No real rallys to report. Is Bitcoin being taken out and by virtue all other coins? Then we have todays Bitcoin story, not it's demise but strong word association methinks. Coded message? Dec 13 - Bomb Bitcoin Scammers Hit US Rearrange the letters you get - Bomb BUSH / Bitcoin BUSH
  14. Todd Burgun Didn't the guy who made the video post a message on his videos or somewhere else to address the speculation that he was JFK Jr, if so if anyone finds it and if he posted his name it would be interesting to see if it's the same or shares perhaps what appears to be a variant Boston accent. More from that page