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  1. Good Day Folks, Finally got around to doing some actual experiments using stage one of the Wrapped Freqs Units and I wanted to share the results... Using at 1200X magnification microscope I found; Exhibit "A"Tap water: ( This water comes from the mountain stream above the lake and was considered very good water- but noting that logging up that way commenced last summer so I cannot vouch for it's initial state). 7:11 am. At first glance there appears to be no movement at all. Then a clear single stand of filament, I will cal it, came across lens ,moving very slowly " inching" its way across the field. It seemed wounded or compromised as it struggled across the field. It had two clear smaller filaments hanging off it- like tendrils -not touching each other. I saw very faint whisps of some kind of cloudy substance that resembled clouds in the wind. It was devoid of any other movement. After leaving it for two hours; 9:11 am. Decreased movement- background whisps still there but less conjoined - the particles have moved away from each other. Seeing now some particles that look like dots with a ring around them , the centre is clear and the rings are dark. The clear strand still present but the inching movement has ceased and only a mere twitching movement is present that makes me think it is trying to move but crippled somehow. It seems to be making an effort to join the smaller tendrils together but is unable to do so. After 2 hours of 432 Hrtz sitting on top of WFunit ( rose quatrz centre); 11;11 am. Clear strand has grown other curly tendril strands like a vine, they are moving slowly and seem to be longer than this morning. There is increased activity in the background with hook like filaments and globulets which seem less dark and are moving around quickly. 1:11 pm. Large globulets of filaments and long strong looking hook like shaped filaments moving with constancy. Dot particles with a golden aruric ring around them. Clear strands showing inching movements with no trouble. Filaments joined with other filaments- looks healthy. 2:59 pm:( this is the water that was the previous sample left untouched with no further frequency ) Background particles have diminished, clear filament strand still present but curly extensions are gone 3:04 pm Clear strands growing tendrils and now exhibiting inching movement. Background activity picking up but still no substantial globulets or whisps or rapid filament movement, yet filaments showing signs of coagulating - getting stronger. Seeing rainbow light through one of the large dot cell particles! Changed frequency to 528 Hrtz: 5:00pm ; Clear strands are multiplying and conjoining with other strands- clear inching movement. Background filaments longer in some cases and some curled in on themselves forming a loop but these do not try to conjoin with each other. Rainbow light coming from medium sized dot particles clumped together with thick dark rings. Changed frequency to 718 Hrtz; 6-7:00 pm; Clear strands losing tendrils, large globulets with no rainbow light and no cohesive strands of background filaments. Changed frequency to 518 Hrtz; 9:51 pm: Clear strands have grown new tendrils and have inching quality to movement. Cohesive background tendrils moving quickly. Light in centre of dot particles. After 6 days ( with a beta seed crystal sitting in the water @ 518 Hrtz); This exhibit shows a fantastic array of filament movement, long streams of filament and fibres- a chain of a strand with tendril filaments moving rapidly to both left and right across the field. A cloud- like whisp in the background that moved around- appeared and disappeared here and there, and dot particles of various sizes that also appeared and disappeared randomly. It is a plethora of movement and colour! Conclusions: The tap water we are drinking is nearly devoid of life. Clearly something is in it that is compromising it's vitality....( and we live in rural mountains). At 432 hertz the water did respond but not as well as I expected. after 4 hours only a minimal change and vitality barley affected. Further experiments should be done to conclusively ascertain this, but I will say that the Earth resonance is not enough to counteract whatever has taken the natural vitality out of the water. At 528 Hertz I found many changes with especial tenancies for the water to assimilate light, however the filaments curling up like that suggests that essential aspects of the coagulating function of background filaments is hindered as they could not conjoin in that state or shape, therefore not fulfilling their natural function. At 718 Hertz I found all cohesive aspects to be compromised and therefore conclude this frequency to not be beneficial to the water. At 518 hertz I found the water responded well and activated all aspects of life and movement necessary to revitalize the tap water. I will also note here that I drank that water and my stomache ache felt better immediately. More to come....
  2. This is water coming out of the tap near Trail B.C. where there is a huge metal smelter and fabrication complex: I have never seen so many particulates in any water sample anywhere! This water is poison.
  3. Hi folks, I am doing another study on the units; These pics are of rural water known to have a large amount of metals and minerals ( water smells like rotten eggs). These are the before pics of Okanagan Reserve water B.C. Results later: Westside Rd ,Okanagan Native Tribal Lands tap water Nov 9/2018 Observations at 1200 mags: Very thick greyish filaments in background. Looks like dark trees with black ends at branches. No grid formation, but multiple striations across slide ( unusual) in a curved arc. The background was quite grey and the filaments running vertically across slide were thick and thin and definitely prevalent. Healthy cells were present but not functioning properly – seed banks were unattached to clear strands and movement was stunted – black aura around seed bank cells ( very unusual) indicating life force is being blocked or “ covered and is likely the reason the seed banks were not attached to clear strand filament cells. Photo #1-At 4 X mag...showing a particulate of rather large size and strange curvature somewhat like a worm. Photo # 2-Indication of metals in the water mixed with particulates- 10X magnification
  4. I have been on this forum for some years now learning some great stuff and sharing some things.I want to say that I have not revealed some important things, mainly because of uncertainty of motivation...but it is time. It has come to my knowledge that i am a descendant of the Jesus and Mary lineage- like many others who are descendants of teh Cathars were all either direct descendants or of the disciples...and not only from THAT spiritual lineage, but there were several groups of "the Twelve ( 14 actually) all over the world that appeared at that time. We know of one group in Russia and another group I heard tell of among native tribes in Canada- all teaching the same message. Many of us then are a part of that special lineage that shapes our spirits and minds. What has come to my attention is that there is a "guidance" for them that serve by nature the highest good. This is certainly true of myself. I have had so many near deaths too numerous to count and scraped or breezed through virtually unscathed....but I am now facing my won't be long now and I must needs tell the world what I know. It is because of this guidance that I am still here to tell it, so I shant waste any more time hiding it. I believe that i have been hunted since before I was even aware of who I was...however I shall not go into the strange occurrences which involve time travel and being visited as a child... nor the event that took place which led me to the knowledge of magic and dragons etc...that would just take too long. Suffice to say-if you think that Hollywood is just creative- think again- truth is often stranger than fiction. I will start when I published my book " Reflections On A Near Universe" in 2007. Now, I had been guided through the whole writing of the book, and indeed some of it came through my hand but not my mind- another higher being wrote it through me. When I read it later I could hardly even understand what i had written- but I knew it was the truth.Yet by the grace of God and my loving father, the book was self published and I felt I had done my duty to the divine and humanity and could carry on with my life...HAA it is to laugh! Firstly, "They" sent someone to my home town to smear me. The man enticed me with half truths and lies, then went around telling lies about me all over town. Many people who knew me didn't believe the lies, but some did and to this day there are places I never frequent ( that I used to) because of that. He disappeared and I think my protectors killed him, but I am not sure what happened to him- only that he was suddenly gone.When i say " my protectors" I am talking about angels- they have been giving me guidance directly since I was about 35. Now I wondered why they would send someone to do this when I am a single mom, no money, no position, very few friends and live in a hick town in rural Canada! It did not become clear to me why they sent someone until 2012 when I saw the sculptures- sculptures that looked very much like the drawings in my book, ( I have just been looking for a pic of one but cannot find it now). These sculptures that depict a large ball with a cross section showing wheels with teeth on them - wheels within wheels are the ones I am talking about. One of which I have seen a photo of is at a university in the UK which is owned by the Vatican- that was how I came to realize, the sculptures ( there are several of them out there by the same artist) were made with the same imagery as teh drawings in my book in which I described how time travel could be done. At the time ( 2012) I was surprised and flattered but not shocked. I knew my work had been followed by a few people as I posted a lot online, but it did send a message to me. It told me that whomever had copied my work had a great deal of money and had ties with the Vatican. Then came the other attacks soon after. I was infected with a strange "insect- like" skin disease. I am not kidding. One day i was normal, the next I had bugs crawling all over my skin- and what's worse is - some other people can see them!! I can feel them, but ( thank God) I can't see them...but i do see clearly the reaction of some people who are either horrified, shocked, disgusted,feel sorry for me and a whole gambit of reactions which make it VERY clear I am not just imaging it! That came in 2009- and it happened while I was in a sweat lodge. After that sweat I was taken out for lunch unexpectedly by a German woman ( whom I knew but not well) and a visitor who was very wealthy and I never saw him again. That changed my life. I was quite beautiful before that...but everything changed when I went through various means to kill them off-I used every treatment I could think of which killed them and i would have a bump from where they had pods of's disgusting...but they have never gone away and is something I shall not forgive. It is like having scabies only these bugs are not contagious- they were manufactured for ME!! I nearly committed suicide a few times...but then I had to come to realize why they did that to me. They were trying to force my hand to get rid of me- to stop me from doing whatever it is I was supposed to do which meant -they knew what I was going to do- they would never have gone to such trouble if they did not know. But I deal with it. Beauty is beyond the face and I have overcome my vanity.... Then after that, I was dosed with a " nano virus" in 2014- at a music festival. One day I was fine and later that day I was extremely sick. I nearly died again and would have if it were not for my coils that i was experimenting with. They saved my life. They continue to save my life...but it is getting harder and harder to maintain. Ever since 2017 when they began to put in the antennas ( for the 5G phones so they say) that penetrate human tissue and installing them everywhere- my symptoms have been getting worse and worse. I have tried everything. the symptoms are extreme stomach acid , headache, terrible stomach pain and diarrhea...So it begs the question- who did this to me? Well I know now it was " the Hand" and I know who that is- David Boreanaz - the actor who is much more than an actor. He has been trying to get close to me since about 2004 when his show "Angel" came on TV. He appeared to me in the flesh- showing me his face so I would recognize him and then I would see another person there. At first I thought it was a hallucination, but it happened so many times and he seemed so friendly I thought he was here to help me. He has various faces he uses, but I know now he is a Vampire who can shapeshift. He is teh one who dosed me with teh nano particles- I saw him there and recall he drove by when I smelled the strange smell in teh air and breathed it in. He is still trying to do his Masters bidding. ( saw him last summer trying to interfere with my life again). There is no doubt in my mind that he is the Hand. His character in the show "Angel" was originally named Angelus and Angelus in history was a close associate of Francis of Assisi - whom the present Pope is named after. We are now in no doubt as to who controls the hand. While there may be others who are in their employ, it seems quite clear to me whom the group who orders these things answer to. The question is- why? The answer comes back to who I am. It is because of my soul- the light it carries. The intelligence within me that is beyond me. It is the power struggle of dominance of Good and Evil. Evil has had its' time now for two long counts- as history has been erased or twisted that we can hardly see the ways in which our minds and beings have been "herded" and confined. It is the way throughout history that Mary ( Magdalene) has been hunted and called a whore ( that's what the smear campaign was saying about me), why they cut off her head and forearms ( skull and cross bones of Templar pirates), why women of strength and spiritual purpose ( especially those with red hair) have been quickly silenced or shoved under the carpet. But no more will we be silenced. The truth will find the light of day as it is meant to and the fact that I am going to die soon ( which is entirely preventable if they would just stop using microwaves to power our devices and radio towers) does not change how I feel or what I know or that I shall continue to do everything within my power to free the people of ascending light from the yoke of slavery they have bound us with. The struggle will not die with me. As I sit here, with protective layers of mesh clothing and blankets and several cycoils running, I continue to do experiments and develop technology that may help the ones coming and those who have eyes that see. Never give up. When it is all said and done and those dark souls who do the bidding of the domineering dark turn on their masters- and they will one day-my struggle will be vindicated. The way of truth....
  5. oops 5800 and 8000 B.C- still works...S.C.
  6. I remember one Sun and two Moons...
  7. I have always had the greasiest of respect for T- just so you all know... i honour him for his intelligence, kindness and insights. i , in no way, disreguard his perspectives, but must remain firm in my interpretation from "the Herds'" perspective.No implication...cheers.
  8. Old Templar Penatcle.
  9. Agreed used to be. It is becoming more and more robotized that soon we will live cyber-lives-yo?... But I think there is a way out. And it is individual. I discovered it when I went to Malta and poured the holy oil and water on the ancient rocks and had that experience where a giant priest got up out of the rocks and touched me ( in the spirit although I saw it with my waking eyes). After that, I had a strange vision only I was mediating...I was standing up doing the mediation when suddenly it was like I was being pushed through a canal- at the end of the canal was a round door with locks on it. " They told me" ( I saw the sigils and heard the words) the right signs and sigils and words ( which I projected and spoke aloud) and the door opened and I pushed it over- like as in a submarine.I then was standing on a beach of white shores and a beautiful tropical place as I faced the sea. i began to walk on the water and then looked above me and saw the sky was a large blue sphere and at the top of the sphere was another door. I began the breathing mediation again and lifted a few feet off the water but fell back...there was laughter ( but not unkind) and I heard the words-" You have still much to learn" ...The next day I saw a post in my email from someone I did not know about a Youtube post about the Enochian alphabet. I , of course, began to study the alphabet and learning how to speak the language. What my spirit guides ( Angels tell me) is that it is an ancient language that originated with the Goleem ( NOT Goetic spirits!)- who are essentially made of rock ( matter) or earth but empowered with living spirit- who were "made" to help the followers of the Light. They are mentioned in ancient texts, but this alphabet is also a language! The letters of the words spell out the thing you are talking about or saying and although it seems relatively simple- these beings were what the real Earth was made of so they have knowledge of the old ways. I know it sounds weird, but I have made contact with them- and they answer. At first it was like they could only hear me faintly, but now - they actually appear to me on the astral ( as large rock- like beings) and converse with me and I am learning from them. They confirm this place is not the real earth.They say that minerals from the real Earth were used in the making of what used to be the "living earth" matrix- but is now the "enslaved earth" matrix . They confirmed the use of sea salts breaks down the matrix and is the reason it has to be remade every 100 years.They say that not much time is left for "us to go home". They say the place is prepared and that two hundred years is the time frame to be aware of, but they are ready to receive those who pass the tests of awareness, They say they always have and always will serve only the Light - but "they" ( collectively "they" are a "they" but they also are individuals with individual names) have been "put to sleep" by evil ones and dark beings and so it is important to keep trying awaken them as it assist us in doing so- by doing what I did- saying prayers and pouring the Holy liquids in special places where they congregated when they were put to sleep ( sacred places). Then the " doorway" would close and no more would be able to be released for thousands of years- if ever.... They said that they would help " the survivors" as best they could. They have been sent for this reason..." I won't go into how the ceremony developed so I was able to make contact- but I do know that since this- the attacks have been numerous- but ineffective ( other than the microwave increases). Example: I was in London on my way home from the UK and our plane was delayed several hours. There were undercover and Police everywhere. My spirit guides said there was a bomb on my plane ( this was when there were all those bombings in London in 2017 - while I was there and shortly after I left). Well I missed my connector flight back home when we landed in Canada and my luggage went missing! I was held in waiting upon landing for 4 hours. A Police officer( in uniform) then questioned me on my flight and reason for my visit to the UK (... went to England, Scotland and Malta on family visiting and research for my book). I was quite put off by then and was very direct and honest saying it was a private matter but that I am am inventor- and showed them my coils, to which they promptly gave me a condolence package - free vouchers for the expensive hotels' kitchen next to the airport and a room for free- plus they rerouted my flight the next day. I did not get my luggage back until I was home for three days and when I did get it- the handle was broken on my large suitcase- the computer inside- the screen was trashed- totaled! I then realized and " saw" them throwing my luggage away to reveal the bomb underneath it(!). They never compensated me the computer but did give me $100 off my next flight... ( just HAD to tell that one! S.C.) What I am saying here is this; Wake Up The Earth- the minerals that made up this place exist within us- wake up the Earth/earth and it will help us/Us wake up - so we are able to see the signs and sigils and hear the words that are ingrained within us since the beginning of our "slumber". A place may be consecrated by declaration of your intent in a secluded place and salt water and burning of herbs. Pour the waters onto the earth, sprinkle the ashes too. This is something we can all do. Please hear my words (good) friends- I say them earnestly. Our Star families will feel it. Tansi.
  10. I thought I should clarify a few things here for the record.I believe the time frame of being within a matrix is around 12-10,000 years. The timing fits. The war happened at the far end of that. It took some years to create the living matrix while they kept us alive and the architect who designed the matrix was a Annunakki who served my father whom we know as Triton ( I KNOW WHO HE IS NOW AS HE HAS CONTACTED ME AND TOLD ME THIS). I was young and am reminded of the story of Ariel the mermaid when I recall these things. The Magdalenian age in our history begins at around 10,000 years and some cave paintings we find are far more superior to the Neanderthals that were supposed to inhabit those caves( curious why they called it that!). The Hebrew calendar began at around 5800 years ago and cuneiform writing began at around 8000 years ago which shows the ages of survival and enslavery we have endured. The age of Sumerian kings is said to have occurred for thousands of years, but I do not think so. I think their denoting the age of reigns may be the actual age of the Kings themselves- Annunakkii ( dragon people) do live a long time, but the rate of development does not fit that long a range of reign. Also I had an argument with that fellow Micheal Prince one time ( here on Chani) who was saying that the Earth was 10,000 years old to which I took exception, but in retrospect it makes sense he would say that- for that is how long the renegade Annunakii have had control and he certainly did treat me like an Annuankki would ( referring to me as " a female" )- that thread was removed by one of the moderators- but those who were here will recall that. Also he said on another forum that the Dracos came to this planet in teh wake of comets or asteroids- which I can now confirm and totally makes sense with what was shown to me. In fact I believe it was the evil nature of the Dracos which affected teh Annunankiis and make them defect...( my theory) for they seems to be susceptible to strong energy forces, either strong spiritual light and strong darkness. So through the the centuries after that it has been a struggle for the "survivors" to maintain and attempt to regain power and spread the word of love and light liberty and life- hence the early swastika of India ( its meaning) which was adopted and perverted in Nazi Germany- that is often what they do -perverse the sacred and twist it into something horrible...yet we do not succumb. Our spirit is strong and will overcome it all one day. I have said before that this " world" is a training ground- long before I realized all this stuff I am saying, and it is true. Eventually the spirit sleeper does awaken and it is happening in many places now. I " see" them awakening like sparks coming off a rainbow in my meditations and am assured by my guides that this is true.
  11. YES Breezy- these are the ones I was talking about! When I saw them I knew someone had seen my diagrams...too close to be a coincidence...Thank u so much for the kind thoughts and good vibes. And the Vatican connection had to be something I needed to explore. What it really showed me was that I was on the right track- they must know who I am and I am of th belief that the ones running that corporation are all of different species than myself. I tried to build the machine several years ago but just do not have the skills neccessary- or the $...but I assuming they did. Daily struggle to get things done. fighting off the headache and stomach pain every day, but finding comfort more now than ever in the good I am seeing in people and the world.
  12. Thanks for asking PANX...No offense to T but his view of history is from a different species so I cannot get behind that as I am a human hybrid with AB blood type- same as Jesus. Ok so yes as far as I know there were several Jesus es and Marys- different groupings. The reason for this is that the main group of 14 had their spirits split into 7 parts so that they could cover more ground as it were. My thoughts on this are that we are living in a matrix type of realm which was created by Annunakii who were loved by and protected the regime ( Atlantean and several other species of intelligent beings- including the frog people- who were really the first people here)...there was war between the Draco and some Annunakiis ( Enki among them) which happend to occur at teh same time as the comtes that come through every 3600 years with Nibiru. The matirx was created for teh " survivors" some of whom only their brains were still " alive". some were of Royal descent and I believe it is this grouping of survivors that make up the personages pertaining to the Jesus and Mary story ( APOSTLES)...It appears we were put in stasis until such time as teh world we knew and loved had healed and we were then going to be released and brought out of stasis...however the matrix which was originally built was hijacked and other elements were introduced to keep us from waking up---but we are anyway because it is time for that to happen. There is tell of a black Jesus, a Russian Jesus, a native Jesus,a Jew Jesus- the ones I have heard of so far. And of course, they do tend to find each other incarnation after incarnation...
  13. I have started to build a second unit to repeat results- I am looking for samples of contaminated water- radiation included...The new unit is bigger and better and with any luck we will have evidence of the power of cymatics to restore the contamination of waters...will keep you guys informed... ( can't upload the pics!)
  14. You bet Kdog! I miss him terribly some days...he was sense in a world of Chaos to me.
  15. Hey folks,

     Greetings from Canada! I am a Gramma now!! My daughters firstborn came on Oct 31- his actual due date. His name is Hania. Baby is healthy and I am so excited!

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      Thanks so much you guys!- His name means spirit warrior- a chip off the old block eh? Lol...I hope so.

  16. Although clearly I was enthused without very much physics training then, my ideas about the hyper dimension did spark interest and my approach to the event horizon began to take shape when I was invited by Nexus to join the Chani Project winter of 2011...which Nassim Haramein had sent along ( I sent my paper to him first). I know he did this now because he saw that I had seen what he had seen which then he later talked about in his paper on the holographic principal- it is what I was trying to conceive of and explain in my book as " the overlap period"- I read the paper and knew this is what he was referring to as the" just under the rim" area wherein all power condenses , collects and emanates...( look it up) ...... My thoughts still upon space travel and engineering prospects...
  17. Zero Point Repulsion Theorem Part One 8/1/2018 Space is a plasmatic field that is constantly moving and shifting in waves and patterns. No longer do we think if it only as a vacuum. It has FLUX. It is carrying vast amounts of energy itself and its’ force is the catalyst one could use for propulsion into dynamic fields which could cause temporary fluxing into a spacetimematter warp which would move matter to far places at speeds that are actually close to light... Wormholes through the fabric of spacetimematter could allow a shielded vessel to travel through them at what we think would be just under the speed of light. Anything OVER that speed would entail a radical shift in matter and DNA cannot adapt to such conditions...however in simplistic terms relative to entanglement it seems that all you really need to know is where you want to go. Vector coordinates in spacetime can be achieved given parameters that we know already; Entanglement, relative to interactive carbon based matter. Energy through Law of Conservation transmits to “each type of modus”- magnetically. When I refer to a “time flux” field I am talking about a field that moves like a banana peeling itself back. It is continually peeling and moving to reveal the next moment- but that is in our dimension- the manifestational matter dimension- the one where light has slowed down so much that it congeals into a physical form that we see and touch. Speed it up, it will then conform to those higher dimensional parameters, slow it down, it will reform again. When I say repulsion I am talking about the force that makes all magnetic fields thrust away from each other. Russell was right- gravity is a push away and yet the earths’ natural ventilation system and magnetic flux pulses coming from the core cause a magnetosphere for the atmosphere which keeps that push in and maintains our atmosphere. Every living being and biological element has magnet fields running through the molecules-which can be altered when in the presence of alternating fields ( magnetic or otherwise). Cos=1√ d2+l2=d2+l2 Repulsion happens at 2* the force at 90◦ when magnet “cores” strike each other. This causes levitation- both magnetically and molecularly. Force is dependent on the size and grade of magnetic field, but can be calculated. The core area ( the exact centre of the magnetic field) is where the magnetic momentum flux field exists and is the concern of the moment. N/S= Md2+l2 ( repulsion parallel to the axis of force) If 60 degree forces expel; 3/2M/d2+l2 at 60 rpms... The degree of vector force is calculable given the magnetic field size and speed of rotation. Using a triangulation of magnetic force a Penrose tiling of quantum field results= equilateral triangular force fields – causing a dimensional 3D tetrahedron magnetosphere of magnetic momentum. Harameins’ Holographic Principal explains the edging field, the overlap field, the place where the molecules are fluxing together and creating immense power- all black holes call this the Event Horizon- but all cosmic bodies and molecules have one. High Light Density Flux Field= Zero Point Matter field moves to Anti matter Field ( energy is speeding up here to quantum levels) Muon activation causes Quark- Nutrino entering into antimatter field ( matter has moved into quantum levels) Activated Light Matter (moves ) Plasmatic field ( Dark matter) ( Light now fluxes within the plasmatic field) Enthaply ( causes) Quantum Repulsion ( Light- matter is repulsed back to Matter Density field) Suzzannee W. Chappelle C.S.T. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please feel free my colleagues to give comment, I welcome it.
  18. From my book Reflections on A Near universe" 2007- Pg. 51..."Escaping Gravitational Constant (Other than by modern day space shuttle) Velocity over GC plus accumulative spatial mass ratio over the distance traveled. Gravitational constant (6.688 times10 to the eighth power dyne .cm squared over grams squared) times its’ square rt times total atomic mass times volume times distance divided by rate of acceleration needed to escape gravitational pull (12 miles per sec. per vol + mass) times enthalpic electronic velocity impulse charge (10-35+) =dimensional quantum leap energy potential (necessary for molecular transformation) (become like glass, move like water) SUZANNE W. CHAPPELL 52 If one wanted to project an image, healing thought form into the MIR consciously it returns at .33 times as energy potential. This ratio is acquired by the concept of seeing an image from perspective. We can only see from certain angles, but just because we do not see from another angle does not mean it dos not exist. Perspective shows us we can see two thirds of ourselves in a mirror, we can see two thirds of a cup sitting in front of us—the other side we hyper plane the assumed image and accept it as so. This figure also happens to coincide with the physics newest discovery that the universe happens to carry two thirds more energy than is accountable for the accumulative matter available. The extra third is what we have as potential energy in stasis. When molecules move through the sinks that occur when muon waves strike natural light waves at 90degree angles (zenith arc points which intersect with grid template) and when spatial restrictions cause structural enthaplic changes, (at exactly the center of the zenith of the light spectral arc) vibrational peak atoms travel through the electromagnetic sinks partly due to magnetic attraction and partly due to the action of the muon spatial differentiation overload propelling the atom at above calculations. However distance can only be measured by doubling the mass value of the object as each mass occupies its own space it must first expand to enthalpy under 90 inner spirals of protons and electrons which creates an implosion effect, causing delivery into the MIR..." Pub. 2007
  19. Further exploration and scientific study done previously by my self.
  20. Part Two- The reason I bring up angular momentum and vector coordinates is due to the fact that when neutrinos pass enthalpic velocity of matter dimensional fields and enter the “ antimatter” dimension- the ‘ bounce’ back at exactly the opposite angle to which they entered the other dimension. This is why I called it the “ mirror dimension” it were, this is due to magnetic repulsion. Whenever valence electrons are in the vicinity of coaxial ( congenial or sympathetic) protons and can make a salable bond – they will do so according to the nature of magnetism. The angle of diffraction is always 90 degrees, so when any valance electron – finding it self at 90 degrees- its muon quality within neutrino complex will then do what every other magnetic field will do- repulse, bond or...levitate.- which occurs when any magnetic field of its own nature occurs at 90 degrees to each other..and in case of dimensions- levitate means – to move to the next available field- time space- which then opens up a wormhole- rift in time space… so angular momentum and vector coordinates according to vector wormholes are entirely dependent upon what angle those primary muon waves are acting upon and what light source they are acting upon. Do any of you remember the angle of diffraction in the Aco light experiment? 72 degrees. My meditation has shown me that three tetrahedrons in double must be spinning at once to coordinate the matter-spirit transfer out of the matrix-- but this is hard to maintain for 21 minutes...Give it a shot with an idea within the spinning field- let ol Suzze know - it actually did for me!
  21. You have to enlargen the photos...I can clearly see a flux going on...a redness, then a darkness then it appears the whole planet has shrunk and is observation...any one else??? Also almost looks like a dragon holding the moon...thoughts?
  22. Ok Folks- put your Psyche- Helmuts on- This is the most recent; ( please go lower for post sent to me by a friend on the 28th- next post what I answered.,. On Behalf Of Jennifer Hoffman Sent: Saturday, July 28, 2018 10:34 PM Subject: Thank you for your light and prayers for the children, here is what we accomplished July 28, 2018 Dear Arlene, Hi everyone and thank you for your prayers, light, and energy to help the children who were victims of the dark rituals that were held on the date of the eclipse. I know we helped many children and the work was significant in maintaining our light and ascension energy expansion at this very important time. This request came to me from Archangel Michael, an energy I do not work with very often so when he does ask me to work with him, I know it is important. Our work helped saved thousands of children who were going to be victims of the bizarre and evil rituals that are held on this particular ritual day, and this morning, Archangel Michael had me work with him to send those who were sacrificed (we did not save all of the children) to the light, reclaiming their souls and healing their trauma. It was very difficult and emotional work. We are making great progress in our ascension cycle, so many people are waking up and embracing the light and that means that that core of 3D density is going to put up a fight. But we won this battle and helped many children, as well as prevented the generation of a vast amount of dense energy to be created on the planet, which was the purpose of the July 27 ritual. The fact that it was an eclipse and a 'blood moon' would have made it extra powerful. Instead, our collective prayers, light, and intention greatly diminished its potential. We are winning and the light is expanding, so thank you for joining me in this effort to help these innocent victims of some of the darkest energies in our universe. Many bright, beautiful blessings, Jennifer Hoffman Intuitive Master, Channel, Best selling Author Your guide to Enlightened Living Pic is the first photo I took from the Kootenays, B.C. Canada, at around 11 pm. Mars is clearly to the left and the Full Moon very bright.
  23. ...Wow this is really going to blow your mind. I DID know about it. My spirit guides told me in no uncertain terms that I had to do something to stop the flow of energy that was going to enslave a whole bunch of people. I did not tell anybody about that part- but I did tell this one lady ( Lisa Harrison) some weeks ago that she was being used to tell people that when a bunch of people " disappeared" they were going " home". My guides told me that was not true. I was told that when the people disappeared they were going to be put on slave ships and were being used as food source for Draco- reptilians. THAT was before I even knew about the blood moon and teh eclipse! She said it would be the 31st, but I had been told that something must be done to break the channel of energy coming from Mars to the Moon and then to Earth on the 27th. There is some method of transmission. It is not only harvesting people , but also their energy ( light body energy). They have been doing this to us for centuries! So I went out and took some photos and did that sound mediation I showed you the other day and kept doing it until my guides said that was enough. I was told then that the channel had been broken and they did not get nearly the #'s they were expecting. I was unaware of anybody else doing anything , but certainly am happy to know I was not the only one doing something to stop it! My camera happened to catch the transmission flux field.... In one photo, we have Mars looking red, in another it looks just like a small white dot, and yet in another it appears to darken...these photos were taken one after the other quickly. Why else would Mars appear so different in three separate photos taken within seconds of each other?? Please forward back to whomever sent this to you- they need to know. My spirit guides told me they got 1300 people when they were expecting 13,000... Suzzannee
  24. Heavy rain- my ass. This is what is happening all over the world beacuse they took the Ark of Gabriel to Antartica a few years ago and they turned the damn thing on! It is radiating out heavily- and I found out some interesting facts:
  25. It must have been oh God 2009 when I saw my first dragonfly drone at a music was only slightly bigger than a real dragonfly- no guff. it was distinctly insect looking but I saw the metal and fake wings so I knew what it was...and btw I saw Hillary Clinton at that festival too - or a clone...anyway these drones are way bigger and more advanced than that one I saw....