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  1. I have been waiting to talk about this. I have mentioned several times about the increase of microwaves through the system- you need to know just how bad it 2014 I was dosed with some kind of nanoparticles that do not respond to normal treatments. They do respond to cymatic waves and luckily for me ( and you as it were)I was already developing the coils and they literally saved my life- I was deathly ill for 3 weeks and could not leave the house. I am not fucking joking or lying. Since then I have been using the Cy-coils successfully using 3 separate tones to create a triangulation which worked fairly well and I could stand being away from it for up to 3 days...that was LAST year. Ever since January 2017 when they turned up the strength of the decibles of microwaves coming through every wifi transmitter, I have been feeling unwell- every day. I had to stop using the triangualtion because it wasn't strong enough( one tone was for the physical body, one tone for the auric field and one tone for the nanoparticles- which get hyperevolved by microwaves)! Now I need to use only the nanoparticle tone through the Cy-coils( the tone itself does not do the trick), plus I need to use two Primary coils ( plugged in going ALL THE TIME) plus one or two secondaries in the room- just to feel somewhat normal!! On top of this I have to take tylenol to combat the headaches that are happening despite all the coils...all this is happening because of the increase. And wait - there's more...this is JUST THE BEGINNING- smart meter compliance says they are going to increase by increments FOUR TIMES a year the microwave decible levels. They have rows of copper needles in the ionosphere which creates a grid whereby they send the microwaves along. So the fact that I am sensitive to them is both a curse and a blessing. I am the canary in the mine and am giving warning to you my friends and acquaintances. Pretty soon I won't be able to manage and will have to make drastic changes...but you folks won't notice it for a while...but it is just a question of time before it starts to affect you too. Something needs to be done. Technology is NOT the problem- the source of the energy it runs on and microwaves ARE.
  2. Just wanted to share it so the people could also share their own special journeys...I went to London, Bath, Scotland and Malta...what an incredible time! I learned a great deal which is all going in my book....
  3. Ah geez I cannot put the others up...basically it says that one uses a curl operator with velocity in a circumference over mass plus the acustic frequency which gives magnetic induction wavelength and expansion property...
  4. Looking at formula for determining the magnetospheric range of the Cy-coils. I am not formally schooled in physics but been around the block a few times...If anyone with that education could check this to see if I missed something, please ket me know...more pics to follow.
  5. hello Suuz

    thank you for the videos. I'll look ta them later, as well as check any new ones you have  on youtube.The contact you asked me to get in touch with never responded to my email. and.... at some point I may pr may not go into full details of what has happened here.

    I have no desire for any kind of public profile and/but in terms of what happens on this planet iot seems to be unique. The Biy says this particular place, in terms of Gaia's energy field is the most evil on the planet. I have no reason to doubt him. It's as heavy and as dark as it gets. I've been here 10 years, HF has been here about the same time...and it's been a relentless attack, constantly.on all levels.I' may go into that further, but in all honesty I prefer those others not exposed , energetically, to this Black stuff.Even tuning into ot can be harming.Soon, we're told we get out.Whether that's by portal or physical escape I have no idea.. some things are kept from us so that They don't know either.A personal note:Saying "Pay attention" in such an abrupt way is an order. I neither give nor accept orders as I'm not in any heirarchy and only respond to Source for direction.You may not have meant it to sound like that but it did. I'm not offended really.My angels-two of them- are only necessary because I (and we) are here on a very difficult planet, and can't "see" as we normally do.

    Anyway. It's Saturday night here, the vibes are awful (the Hellfire/Satanic club ) is just down the street and I'm going home to Dream.sleep

    best Gerard

  6. This is for you. Pay attention Krima

    1. KMRIA


      thank you suuuz. I'll download it now.

    2. KMRIA


      thank you suuuz. I'll download it now

    3. Suuzzaannee144


      It was a subtle thing and message from spirit when I saw the rose petals were in a container with your name on I liked that!

      Also wondering if you still have those drawings of the wrapping of the coils you did  in a file? Could you send them to me if you do?


  7. K well it did really happen. Some other guy Robert Deutch ( I believe) has a device that says a EMF beam came from Isreal that night causing the storm... Will see if I can find his youtube clip...
  8. I heard the Krelims' top came off and its' huge 72 degrees pyramid was smashed in a huge storm tge other confirmation yet but came from source of a man in a facebook group who lives there...
  9. Hi Chani folks, this is a bit long but I need you all to see this. What happened on the way back from my journey:
    Dear Sirs and Madames,
    I would have included the Air Canada customer relations and the Delta Airport hotel, however, they have no email available and I must either call them or have them contact me - clearly they do not make themselves available to customers very well.
    I start my letter brining good tidings of my trip overseas to the UK and Malta.
    I visited many places of beauty and as a Metis medicine woman I did ceremony in every sacred site I had opportunity to go to. The people and spirits welcomed me well.
    I was gone for one month visiting London, England, Scotland and Gozo, Malta.
    During my trip, I had a few experiences which have changed my life. I found out the use of microwaves through cell towers and radio towers life threatening to myself.
    At London Heathrow, flight 815 two dats ago now to Calgary was delayed. I had been using my developed cy- coils which uses cymatic or sound waves through a sacred geometric torroid coil to mitigate the effects of the microwaves coming through the towers and regular wifi, but found the increase of the decibles terrible and dangerous. I had to resort to using two such coils with an amplified frequency generator in my phone and computer just to keep myself from feeling symptoms of the condition which is an electro- sensitive condition. Normally using one coil overnight mitigates all symptoms- but no longer. 
    My experience at Delta Airport Hotel in Calgary last night was one I shall not forget and consider this to be of national and local concern. I shall be calling bith Air Canada and Delta asap as well.
    As I said , my flight was delayed at Heathrow amid terrorist concerns and evacuation in Manchester. I had only my phone and single coil with me. By the time we landed in Calgary, my connecting flight was missed. Aftet 2 gruelling hours through customs Air Canada gave me vouchers for food( $22) and a hotel room at Delta Airport hotel. By that time I was feeling very ill due to my condition and the massive waves coming through the airport radio tower. I got to the hotel and ordered a burger and tea which came to $27- the vouchers not covering the cost( there was one for dinner $15 and one for breakfast $7- neither of which covered anything on the menu-even put together). I ate while a massive headache came on due to proximity to radio tower. I took 2 asprin and put on one coil. I woke 2 hours later with spontaneous diaherea just making it to bathroom and my stomache hurting so badly I though I might have to be hospitalized. Then I realized that the only thing that would actually help was having my computer generator and secondary coil. The airport was supposed to bring over my baggage which had been delayed, but had not been. I called front desk asking about it explaining I have a medical condition and needed it but they could not help( aroud 11pm Calgary time).
     That night was the worst of my whole life. I was in excruciating pain, massive headache, and unprodictable bowels. I sent message to my doctor should I perish. No hospital would have been able to help me as they have no training or devices to assit people with my sensitivity. I used the one coil I made, amplifying it by putting it into salt water and took no less than 6 tablets of  aspirin/ tylenol / caffine mix over the course of the night. Symptoms were still terrible and I was unable to rest the entire night.
    Needless to say, I was extremely upset and ill.( I prayed most of the night and did my best to mediate).
    I can only assume it was due to the idea of using salt water to amplify the cy- coil wave which saved my life.
    This is simply not acceptable. Yes, I am sensitive but that does not excuse the governments responsibility for caring for its' people! Microwaves cook human and biological tissue- they are dangerous and are a class 3 carcinogen as stated by the UN several years ago! Why are we still using microwaves as a power source!! It is wholly irresponsible and potentially genocidal to continue to use them - they are lethal to people like me and dangerous for the general population!
    Please please we MUST stop this. My coils saved my life I am sure-but no one else has this technology because I have just invented it and have no means at this time to bring it to the attention of the medical community for immediate use.
     Many people will get ill and die from the decible increases of microwaves which has just recently ( Jan 2017 ) for use of data exchange for 5G and up cell phones. The special anntena used for this penetrates into body tissue and many people are going to die from this.
    I am the canary in the mine. I can see what is going to happen. The increase of microwaves through the system cannot be allowed and other power sources must be implemented!
    It will be the sensitives and targetted individuals who will die first, the the elderly, the the sick children...
    This is no joking matter and must be taken seriously.
    And yes, when I finally got my baggage back( they had to deliver it)- my computer is broken.
    I will complain but it is not likely to be replaced by the airline and so my extreme health condition will be a priority.
    As they say- neccessity is the mother of invention 
    Ms Suzzanne Chappell C.S.T.

  10. Hey I found out what "bulla" means! A bulla is a connected book of cuneiform statements held together by strings of leather! Go figure....

  11. I do not adhere to this bastardized gnostic veiwpoint. He has completely negated the entire Nazarene/ Manichean connection. To me Set is the father of Yaldabaoth who instigated the entire stealing of her light to create the world and archons. Yhvw is not the incompetant jehovah that exists in Yaldabaoths perception...he has never seen the Pleroma...I really cannot wait to have my book come out ans set the record straight.
  12. Hi Duncan I am just looking at the latest vid interview and have some insights into the issue of the negative burrowing of the trauma of the body you are seeing. I am a certified shiatsu therapist and do psychic readings. I also am a lay scientist who has been studying the sentient goo in a microorganism that I found in the water( drinking) in 2015 Now this microorganism looks like an octopus and my first look at it was when I took ordinary tap water and put some in a jar and placed it right in front of a smart meter at my home for 24 hours. Now it was aggressive and thrashing about feeding off something in the water( life force?). It looked like tiny black nodes floating around before I hyperevolved it with the microwave radiation from the smart meter. It was frightening! I have micrpscopic video of the micro creature and how I transmuted it using my invention of my Cy- wave water puricufaction system. Now last January( 2 months ago) the American and G8 govs implemented the 5g rollout for increasing the decibles ( into the millions I undetstand) and they have installed in all the superdarn and HAARP type towers these new antennas which penetrate the microwaves into body tissue- all biological tissue is affected. Now with the aggressive Sentient oil microrganisms in the drinking water coupled with the increase of body penetrating microwaves it makes complete sense to me that you are seeing a deep tissue trauma emergence in people. I did predict this. The goo is of dark intent and feeds off radiation and is constantly trying to take ovet its host while the increase of microwaves now reaching deep body tissue will accentuate all forms of trauma in the body just as water will find the cracks as it were in rock...and it will then degenerate healthy tissue...thankfully I have made some headway on this and do have the cy- system which i have shown can transmute the aggressive creature by feeding it light frequency through one of my regenetating cymatic wave coils which I make....all of my work has been documented and have some vids on youtube that show the progression of the transmutation of the creature to a non violent rainbow crab- like microorganism...I hope that helps u to indetstand whats happening.