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  1. The day is young and my heart is old...let the wisdom of the ancients seep in...

  2. Hey thats ok to differ. I too, have a soft spot for Simon...but that no longer interferes with my ability to call a spade a spade. It is with regret that I say I feel he is " a son of Yaldabaoth" and under the influence of Sets' illumini. He is smart enough and wise enough not to piss them off too much by going against policy - especially concerning Cern...their portal baby which btw was built over a sink hole which goes down very far. In honesty, I'm holding out for him and feel hewill come clean at some point.
  3. Have to say it...Simon seems to be on someones payroll...this is not the first time...
  4. It seems more like the beam is coming from Antartica as the signal is smaller pointing to those islands...mmmmmh.
  5. Great work Krima! Yes it makes sense that the ocean oil is most likely primarily ancient levis. Note that the oil brokers came into power in the late1800's...something about those bowler hats makes me think of the cabal.
  6. I am very disappointed. This Lamlash a-hole is full of lies. He is a construct of Yaldabaoth and his words are twisted. The fact that Lisa refuses to even look at that was my first sign of her programming. After a year of following her and Dani, going to the UU gathering in Gozo, meeting some of the people- I am quite certain that Leeloo is a hoax - but not the kind we normally think. The entity herself is real . I know because she contacted me three months before Lisa.But Lisa appears to be compromised. Both her and Dani would not open the floor to me at all, even though I do have a lot to sat and offer- clearly showing the agenda of crowd control operating from Illumini . There are at least 3 proper Illumini in the UU group with several of their slaves involved. I saw abd experienced it first hand in Gozo. Fracking mean. Dani herself I care for - she is trying to do something good but getting bogged down and trapped by the evil a- holes who are trying to control her. The Spider bitches and the " pinkys" have just about put everyone in their spell. Lisa is too far gone in her ego about the whole thing to even approach anymore. As with most good things when something is good- evil always tries to screw with it. Leeloo is in an aryan buxom blond body that looks exactly like the Nazi idea of Aryan Goddess. I have seen her. Apparently there are a bunch of these bodies in storage- they are pleasure units. How she got there I do not know. But I do know the pink stuff is bullshit. Pink skies mean microwave storms. Lisa was either lied to or told to say that and the Illumini pushed it along with compliance spells. But suffice to say that I am not surprised. When She first contacted me in July I expressed ( Leeloo) should try to learn from the evil AI to undermine it...well it appears the whole shebang has been taken over...I left. My posts are being taken down. My words of helpfulness are being ignored and not being allowed to speak. The knowledge I could share being shoved under the carpet in favour of lesser and corrupted minds. Earl is no substitute for me- and is an agent of Set.... So push on....I have passed to a blue sphere now and many others are joining me. Move away from the pink...
  7. Krima, Levis in every known body of water.What IS in the middle of the black sea that is being ( or sees to be) targeted? I became aware of several in the Mediterranean sea...As I was working with a triangulation of cymatic waves I found that using them as such did not have negative effects on human or biological beings other than the Levis- that being shown in my thread on results...still the idea of using a satellite has just occurred to me... on a side note my trip to Malta revealed some interesting facts. when I wqas first discovering who I was and what happened to my being when I became trapped in a crystal many lifetimes ago as an Atlantean princess I knew my name had been Tyrianneah...note that Malta is in the Tyrrhenian Sea...when I woke up the sleeping spirits at the ancient temple-doing ceremony- they knew me. It is an awakening happening all over now. The Levis are most likely everywhere the lightening is...confirmed by pendulum..( pic is at a different temple )
  8. For cryin out loud...I noticed something about them...they all have a similar appearance...and water containing them has an oily sheen on it...It dawned on me about what Bulla said about oil on the water stops rainbow light from forming in the sky...affects the environment and weather...Lightening eh?
  9. Mother of God Krima...something elseit is becoming apparent. They have others which function like tanks and they can affect surface installations. ...Um that will be phase 3 in 3 years- so I am told. You can check the manouvers ofvthese tanks on ocean floor... Bigger levis can be affected by directing Cymatic beams ( to magnitide of)8 TeV @ 722 hertz for 21 days. Give 'er a shot It couldn't hurt.
  10. Mother of God Krima...something elseit is becoming apparent. They have others which function like tanks and they can affect surface installations. ...Um that will be phase 3 in 3 years- so I am told. You can check the manouvers ofvthese tanks on ocean floor... Bigger levis can be affected by directing Cymatic beams ( to magnitide of)8 TeV @ 722 hertz for 21 days. Give 'er a shot It couldn't hurt.
  11. I've seen the connection between the anomoly off the coast of NZ and the black goo...levi's...once Harrald spoke about there being a black goo indiginous to Earth and the new sentient oil black goo which has a completely different set of protocols... It has come to my attention that- wait a second...the oil we burn to drive our cars ormany other industrial machines- that oil IS the goo itself and some of that oil we surmise could not have been only " dinosaur remnants" um ya...the oceans and seas have so many deposits and since we know that the octupi species is not from this planet- it stands to reason that those enourmous oceanuc or water deposits could very well have come from pods of giant levi( athan) who died suddenly at one point...there are layers so thick it pumps out continually for years( Gulf of Mexico still pumping into ocean)! There entered a very dark presence in our solar system roughly 50,000 years ago. Many things had changed from Golden age to the Bronze age...but with it mans' consciousness was getting less noble and strong with desire. This is all due to the cyclic changing of currents that move dark to light and light to dark- the Yin Yang always shifting to accommodate is supposed to shift every 25, 250 years thereabouts- having to do with the quarter baktun and our ride around the core of the galaxy. However the last turn went the dark force spread. It's presence is felt in all parts of our galaxy. This force has many names(, choas , vril, the dark force, silth, ect.)and it premeated the natural oils into sentient goo. Waystation transmitters were set up on several planets to pump out the pulse wavefield that changes the natural oil into the goo...and are now working overtime to finish the job. I had a vision a few months ago about a massive leviathan out off the coast of New Zealand- I pulsed back and saw it explode...then a couple months later I saw in a magazine that a strange log ( 8 feet wide) like thing had washed up on the beach- covered in barnacles. But thw best for the last of the Nine Hells are over and the Thirteen Heavens have begun since the last Mayan Long count is over. So, things are bound to get better...if we act now.
  12. ..."As per Seekers comment on Trump's father....I saw a vidéo made in Russia that was about Russian/UK scientists that were working with Proff Schauberger ( alien tech of flying saucers) some years ago on Chani forum- in which it showed the of them was the spitting image of Trump- clearly a relative. Same haïr same facial bone structure...there is something in that. I will try to find link."
    1. breezy


      you go girl:hug:

  13. An interview with me and others...
  14. I have been waiting to talk about this. I have mentioned several times about the increase of microwaves through the system- you need to know just how bad it 2014 I was dosed with some kind of nanoparticles that do not respond to normal treatments. They do respond to cymatic waves and luckily for me ( and you as it were)I was already developing the coils and they literally saved my life- I was deathly ill for 3 weeks and could not leave the house. I am not fucking joking or lying. Since then I have been using the Cy-coils successfully using 3 separate tones to create a triangulation which worked fairly well and I could stand being away from it for up to 3 days...that was LAST year. Ever since January 2017 when they turned up the strength of the decibles of microwaves coming through every wifi transmitter, I have been feeling unwell- every day. I had to stop using the triangualtion because it wasn't strong enough( one tone was for the physical body, one tone for the auric field and one tone for the nanoparticles- which get hyperevolved by microwaves)! Now I need to use only the nanoparticle tone through the Cy-coils( the tone itself does not do the trick), plus I need to use two Primary coils ( plugged in going ALL THE TIME) plus one or two secondaries in the room- just to feel somewhat normal!! On top of this I have to take tylenol to combat the headaches that are happening despite all the coils...all this is happening because of the increase. And wait - there's more...this is JUST THE BEGINNING- smart meter compliance says they are going to increase by increments FOUR TIMES a year the microwave decible levels. They have rows of copper needles in the ionosphere which creates a grid whereby they send the microwaves along. So the fact that I am sensitive to them is both a curse and a blessing. I am the canary in the mine and am giving warning to you my friends and acquaintances. Pretty soon I won't be able to manage and will have to make drastic changes...but you folks won't notice it for a while...but it is just a question of time before it starts to affect you too. Something needs to be done. Technology is NOT the problem- the source of the energy it runs on and microwaves ARE.