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  1. Heavy rain- my ass. This is what is happening all over the world beacuse they took the Ark of Gabriel to Antartica a few years ago and they turned the damn thing on! It is radiating out heavily- and I found out some interesting facts:
  2. It must have been oh God 2009 when I saw my first dragonfly drone at a music was only slightly bigger than a real dragonfly- no guff. it was distinctly insect looking but I saw the metal and fake wings so I knew what it was...and btw I saw Hillary Clinton at that festival too - or a clone...anyway these drones are way bigger and more advanced than that one I saw....
  3. Yes Krima, I discovered about those kind of women a few years ago-- they are related to or call themselves " Mothers of Darkness" It is often some old voodoo techniques, use of Djins or geotic spirits and what I am seeing up here in Canada is an unprecedented amount of people who seem to be " moon blinked"...meaning they are not fully present and appears that something else is making them function as slaves to the dark...I hate to say it but it is true... My spirit guides have been shutting down portals every so often as I asked them to do that...but I was informed that it was an effect that happened in CERN which opened portals up and things are coming through... I even have walked right by old friends and they do not even see me or recognize me! To that I have been doing rainbow meditations and the like...but you are right teh elders here should be able to fix up your friend. The medicine works if the right people use it correctly. I often try to send pure light into a persons's third eye to see if they are being " Moon Blinked" ...sometimes I will see dark or grey clouds of smoke- like substance come out of their head or mouth- then I know it has been removed...But I have afeeling they have cranked up the microwaves here and alot of people are sick and its affecting the animals too. My research shows that high levels of microwaves can shut down pacemakers and affect anyone with metal in their body. Am now making shielding mats and blankeys with copper blocker mesh inside which helps with the intensity... AS for the ones who have given their soul up to the darkness- nothing anyone can do- that was their choice. If your freind can smudge thats great- also I have heard that you can remove dark marks by blessing salt and rubbing the salt all over the body, then taking all the salt up and burying it with prayers for protection get the idea...
  4. A few more pics... Here we see, after 8 days of 432 hertz through Cycoils that we find double the long clear heahthy filaments ( middle and above) plus what appears to be a couple `goo`moles undeveloped. And second photo shows no sign of any dark filament but only increasing light molecules that do not have any golden sheen... THAT Breezy is what I think is also important...the earlier ones looked larger but were covered in the golden sheen which I guessed might be unhealthy...I think this proves my point as the water is being restored to its natural state.
  5. Geez Breezy, So sorry it took me so long to get back to this...very interesting comments and i do think you are correct in saying `Mind you, when the body starts to purge anything that shouldn't be there, often can be seen as some thick dark brown to blackish liquid ooze out of your body. Gross. But it's a detox effect. ` Monotomic gold is what is coming to me as an external combatant... but I digress...there is more info to publish here on the last few microscopic tests. Photo 1 at 432 hertz running through Cycoil with external frequency generator for 8 days( ie. Primary Unit): this is at the same resolution( 400 mags) as the perfect circle molecule we saw in last photo post. There is only the one darker filament that seems to be `crushed`and no longer activated in any way. Around you see the formation of `light moles`in ever increasing numbers, as compared to the same resolution 8 days before. The difference is quite profound, if only counting the amount of light molecules appears the circular element is no longer present in the April 18th Photo, as opposed to the April 10th photo ( published on the 16th) yet it does show some features of its presence ( the dark filament). Again, I relate this phenomena to the source water itself. Still, I am seeing results which astound... days later we are seeing nearly triple the amount of light molecules in the sample and a degeneration of the `black goo` ya I am going to say at 432- the earths resonance, over time and amplification, can be the one that has the final say...Should I take a bow...
  6. I think that could very well be Breezy.. I do wonder if that morphing - as you say- and thanks for the reminder- will only go a certain way because the energy amplified by the ( now called) Cycoils does so in a sacred geometric manner...Rodin said that the 12 point wavefield makes cells reform into their " original " DNA formation- he actually called it " restructuring" so then in terms of the goo...maybe it was formed out of gold somehow... I know that seems like a long shot- but I have shown his words to be true on a few levels...if that were so then...would Gold be the element to counteract it? ... Here we see the same microbe just before focus was clear... you can plainly see - it looks like it is not completee , but when it comes into focus it shows that the golden part makes up the rtest of the microbe indicating that is is vibrating and visible at a different level...
  7. Hi Friends! I am working on another test experiment and some notes to add here as well as some interesting photos- if I can upload them...great Ok let me first say this sample is one of the most profound I have ever seen. This water is taken locally from the tap. I am taking samples and doing some observational diagnostics.First I might remind you all that I took the liberty of putting one of my Cycoils into the environment 2 years ago in the area- not into the drinking water reservoir- but not far away- its a small town. Now let me also say that I was absolutely sure the Cycoils would produce a positive result in terms of water quality and ( with any luck) increase the healthy microbe content...well... I am seeing it now. If you go back and look at other photos and videos on this thread( geez sorry- my video capture is still on the fritz since last year- I need a new 'scope) you will see some similar structures in water... but hey this is fairly monumental to see a " perfect circle" with a light core in any sample! This is reminiscent of the video I took of the microorganism with the one leg in May 2015- it had a black orb with a white core and one black leg which it shot out to feed with. This microorganism has a perfect circle- or so it seems- which is not often found in nature- indicating it may not be natural- still it has no legs and yet has a shining core- I will be watching this with interest over the next ten days. The second pic shows a healthy microbe moving horizontally with some small tendrils and seed pods attaching to it...although it has a golden glow???? ( I do not know what to make of that!) They are usually clear and I have never seen one with that golden glow before. The third pic is of some seed pods which grow into healthy microbes- also I call them light molecules because that is how they appear- the point being they are numerous and healthy looking- albeit with a golden glow as well(?)...still wondering how THAT Conclusions: Effects of Cycoils are showing now in water samples, being placed in the environment after two years. What I would have called a " Black goo" filament is showing now as the donut shape with light core- I am about 85% certain this is what it is. The goo itself ( which is in every environment now) copies the power sources around it- so this " microbe" is the goo trying to copy the field of the Cycoil- where the energy is always coming out from the core- this makes perfect sense to me.It appears inert and non aggressive so I am going to take applause for this one. The second pic shows a healthy microbe which is adapting to the microorganisms in the might recall some pics and vids I took of the microorganism which became a golden grid structure in the water ( see this thread)- this microbe has adopted the golden colour and yet still creating a base for seed pods which are growing off it - although other tests showed healthy microbes had tendrils which were much longer. Still it appears very healthy and growing, so no verification yet on this. The third pic shows some seed pods which eventually gravitate to the strands of healthy microbes- they are prolific and large- I take this as a good sign that things are progressing well. So much for now. S.C. April 16/'18
  8. Whew Krima... Nelson NZ is our sister town...on teh other side of the world! Wow just felt some relief but then worried for those folks...let me know if you find anything coming our way in Canada- yo?
  9. I will try to add them as I can:
  10. Just HAVE to share with you folks some of the entertaining and informative works of the Commander as he is called- a man of archaic books and knowledge- enjoy Chanites!
  11. Results of this study came in as ; Control Group- 44 seeds in 4 grams of marijuana Cycoil Group- 160 seeds in 4 grams of marijuana Roughly about 400% more. Wow did anyone say - I knew this would happen???
  12. oh FOR SURE that rice is poisoned... I myself have just had some of that poison rice in the house and did my best to consume it...just gross- when cooking it smells like poison and my kidneys have been aching since. Not only that but my son gave me some pock hock to make soup with last week and it too was poisoned- in the fat- it smelled of chemicals boiling and the taste was so horrible I could not eat it! And I live in rural Canada. People buy the products cause they are cheap- clearly we need firmer controls in our food industry!If the Chinese won't eat it- you KNOW it's poisoned!
  13. Hi Kdog..

    Jeez its been a while. I remember chatting with you the first day I was ever on Chani..that was you right- stationed at the HAARP facility?

    I heard it got moved from near Anchorage, I believe. Not sure to where. Do you know? And how are you anyhow?

    1. kdog2891


      I am good. HAARP?? Um. no I'm in Kentucky.

    2. Suuzzaannee144


      K thanks. It was someone with a similar handle then.

  14. After a brief review of what is being said here... I too have noticed time going and there. Brain fog, not knowing what day it is- even missing information that had already been compiled...yes its the " Lets try to put them back to sleep " syndrome. They have tried over harvesting our thought or thinking kinetic field..they tried putting our minds back to 2012, they tried shifting mayrix paramaters so to remove information. They tried various infectious diseases...they are still sendibg huge levels of microwaves through the system using antena which cause microwaves to penetrate body tissue- thats all biological life folks. THAT is what is muddling our minds and causing millions of deaths. Still the hope here is someone getting out and into the control room yes? It is now known that the construct was made to house the consciousness of the immortals while the Earth was restored...which should be any time now beginning to be able to be habitable. I have seen it. 300 miles of clear sky. I am now wearing protective faraday clothing. I sleep with my faraday hats and pillow. I am getting ill if I stay out without protection for a few hours. I use my cycoils under the faraday clothing for best results. I honestly have to say- the dome of electromagnetic microwave field around us is keeping us from seeing what is really armada of Draco ships, waiting to come inhabit this place filled with 'the herd'. So thats what I see when I look with my inner eye. Outside help is needed and also here. I reached a place last summer where I broke through all the locks using sigils I had been given and came up out of a tunnel to what looked like a clear water with blue sky...seemed to be a place where things could be conjured as it were. I could tell I wasn' t completely out yet but had found a place where things could be manifested... Then they blasted the next level of microwave strength and I have been having a hard time getting there cross your fingers... Pic- me with my faraday hooded cloak.