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  1. oh FOR SURE that rice is poisoned... I myself have just had some of that poison rice in the house and did my best to consume it...just gross- when cooking it smells like poison and my kidneys have been aching since. Not only that but my son gave me some pock hock to make soup with last week and it too was poisoned- in the fat- it smelled of chemicals boiling and the taste was so horrible I could not eat it! And I live in rural Canada. People buy the products cause they are cheap- clearly we need firmer controls in our food industry!If the Chinese won't eat it- you KNOW it's poisoned!
  2. Hi Kdog..

    Jeez its been a while. I remember chatting with you the first day I was ever on Chani..that was you right- stationed at the HAARP facility?

    I heard it got moved from near Anchorage, I believe. Not sure to where. Do you know? And how are you anyhow?

    1. kdog2891


      I am good. HAARP?? Um. no I'm in Kentucky.

    2. Suuzzaannee144


      K thanks. It was someone with a similar handle then.

  3. After a brief review of what is being said here... I too have noticed time going and there. Brain fog, not knowing what day it is- even missing information that had already been compiled...yes its the " Lets try to put them back to sleep " syndrome. They have tried over harvesting our thought or thinking kinetic field..they tried putting our minds back to 2012, they tried shifting mayrix paramaters so to remove information. They tried various infectious diseases...they are still sendibg huge levels of microwaves through the system using antena which cause microwaves to penetrate body tissue- thats all biological life folks. THAT is what is muddling our minds and causing millions of deaths. Still the hope here is someone getting out and into the control room yes? It is now known that the construct was made to house the consciousness of the immortals while the Earth was restored...which should be any time now beginning to be able to be habitable. I have seen it. 300 miles of clear sky. I am now wearing protective faraday clothing. I sleep with my faraday hats and pillow. I am getting ill if I stay out without protection for a few hours. I use my cycoils under the faraday clothing for best results. I honestly have to say- the dome of electromagnetic microwave field around us is keeping us from seeing what is really armada of Draco ships, waiting to come inhabit this place filled with 'the herd'. So thats what I see when I look with my inner eye. Outside help is needed and also here. I reached a place last summer where I broke through all the locks using sigils I had been given and came up out of a tunnel to what looked like a clear water with blue sky...seemed to be a place where things could be conjured as it were. I could tell I wasn' t completely out yet but had found a place where things could be manifested... Then they blasted the next level of microwave strength and I have been having a hard time getting there cross your fingers... Pic- me with my faraday hooded cloak.
  4. Well thank you, Bryan, for asking! Yes, I take the water and salt. Salt is blessed first. I hold it in my hand or touching it, sending mine intent into it as I speak the words; " I bless thee O creature of salt so all good and only good may be within thee, so thou mayest be fortified, purified, sancified, uplifted and exorcised by the Holy Light of Sophia." Then I add three measures ( 3 pinches) to the water. Then I bless the water in the same fashion. I considered the possibility that it could have been a salt crystal...but wouldn't the salt be completely dissolved by 2 days later? Also, if you look closely you can see the filaments are actually woven together- not in any way like that of anything crystalline.
  5. You can clearly see the structure shifting and changing colour. The video recorder is on the blink but I was able to get some photos. The structure looked like a sphere with a gaping hole with woven filaments making up the lower wing and tail...or so it appears...It seemed somewhat like a bird...In any case, the dark filaments became lighter, then white, then clear, then golden...astounding! I know this was the same water source and I blessed the sample. I will have to try to repeat this...proof that spiritual intent makes a difference...O and by the way...I blessed it to the Goddess Sophia whose symbol is the dove...
  6. The same tap water which has been blessed as Holy Water two days before...
  7. You guys all recall the sentient goo thread...I have been watching a TV show called Helix which seems to be dealing with it , the story line is similar to some things that were reported. It puts perspective onto why these things are happening...and potential solutions...


    1. breezy


      I haven't heard of it.  On a major channel?  Tx for telling us about it.

  8. Wow...the Japanese are so advanced...the tribes coming together is a link that had been prophesied. I am told there is a "White" that will lead that awakening. It is also about emancipation...but I am not entirely clear what the outcome means for humans or hybrids. I do know that the White in question has a soul of unique abilities being of a line of prophets. This cartoon is speaking about it.
  9. Happy Birthday Brezzy- you are such a hoot!Thanks for all your years of service to us and Chani!
  10. We have been being attacked for a long time. The truth is -that is their modus attack and steal our light so it can be manipulated to control others and us- it is called divude and conquer. Alone and separated from our family of light, we are easier to control. The real problem is fear. We need to act and be together in order to overcome these attacks. Working alone is VERY HARD to make any real progress. Its like two steps forward and one back all the way along and people are too scared to help us because they get attacked when they do. But this is the very reason why we need to work together. It is of great importance for us now to gather our courage and skills together so we can push them back with truth , love, Light and awareness. As one of my sons says: Teamwork makes the dream work...shall we get past this protectionism of the single family unit and see that only by opening up to our greater family of light will be able to overcome the dark.

  11. " Muriel La Chappelle Muriel La Chappelle was a kinswoman of the Queen of France who married Roger De Bulsi ( 1066)– a general of the army of William of Normandy who conquered England shortly there after. “Roger de Busli (c. 1038 – c. 1099) was a Norman baron who accompanied William the Conqueror (Duke of Normandy) on his successful conquest of England in 1066. Roger de Busli was born in or around 1038. His surname comes from the town now known as Bully (near Neufchâtel-en-Bray, mentioned as Buslei ar. 1060, Busli12th century.[1]) in Normandy, and he was likely born there.[2] After the Conquest, Busli was given lands in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and the Strafforth wapentake of Yorkshire. These had previously belonged to a variety of Anglo-Saxons, including Edwin, Earl of Mercia.[3] and Rynold de Wynterwade, patriarch of the Wentworth family. By the time of the Domesday survey de Busli was tenant-in-chief of 86 manors in Nottinghamshire, 46 in Yorkshire, and others -in Derbyshire, Lincolnshire andLeicestershire, plus one in Devon. They became the Honour of Blyth (later renamed the Honour of Tickhill), and within it, de Busli erected numerous castles, at Tickhill, Kimberworth, Laughton-en-le-Morthen and Mexborough.[3] Much of the de Busli's family's leverage came from their familial relationships with the crown through the Counts of Eu.[4] Roger de Busli's wife Muriel was in favour with the queen, to whom she was probably a lady-in-waiting or a kinswoman, evident in the queen's grant to de Busli of the manor of Sandford upon his marriage.[5]The de Buslis had one son, also called Roger, who died as an infant, thus leaving no heirs.[6] Beatrix, probably Roger's daughter (or possibly his sister), married William, Count of Eu. De Busli died in the last years of the 11th century without an heir. His lands were given to Robert de Bellême, but de Bellême lost them in 1102 after he led a rebellion against Henry I. Ernulf de Busli, probably Roger's brother, may then have inherited some of the lands; these were then passed to his son Jordan and grandson Richard de Busli.[3] Richard de Busli was co-founder of Roche Abbey, South Yorkshire with Richard FitzTurgis in 1147. The male line of the de Busli family ran out in 1213, and the de Busli family holdings passed into the family of Vipont through the marriage of Idonea de Busli with Robert de Vipont (Vieuxpont).” From I found; Muriel de Chappell Also Known As: "Muriel La Haye" Birthdate: circa 1040 Birthplace: Manche, Normandy, Cotentin, France Death: Died 1123 in Somerset, England Immediate Family: Daughter of Eudo de Chappell and Muriel de Chappell (de Conteville) Wife of Roger de Busli, of Teckhill Mother of Warin de Bussel, 1st Baron of Penwortham; William de Busli, of Old Warden;Ernald de Busli; Béatrice de Builly; Richard de Bussel, 2nd Baron of Penwortham and 1 other Sandford Manor The above shows a clear misunderstanding as to how many children she had and who fathered them- a Wikipedia mistake. It is of consequence reguarding the gift from the Queen of France Anne (whom was a Russian princess of the “Yuroslav The Wise” line)-of the French Manor of Sandford. This is a very strong indication that Muriel was a family member- one did give away manors of that stature to mere ladies- in –waiting or generals in an army of which she had no part. We have further evidence of which indicates that some of the teachings or even the bloodline themselves went to Russia as when we go into the Cathars in a later chapter. A quote about her says; “Queen of France. Anne of Kiev (born Anna Yaroslavna, also called Agnes; 1030 – was the Ruthenian queen consort of Henry I of France from 1051 and regent for her son, ...... is said, in at least one story, to have assumed the form of a dove in order to carry the Holy Grail away from those who had persecuted the Cathars. “ This is strong indication she had been brought up with Cathar values and kept up the traditions- a strong thread in the tapestry I weave for you. Note the name is Sandford Orcas."
  12. " Threads To Follow Looking to the lineage we start with the one that got the ball rolling- that of the account of historian Thiessen- that Huge De Payne married Elizabeth De Chappes ( name meaning : of the chapel) in 1111 A.D. as this information had been copied into the family bible-just two years after he and the other original Christian Knights of The Poor Knights of The Temple returned to their homes from Jerusalem bringing back the holy relics with them. Later he helped to found the Knights’ Templar in 1189- It stands to reason- Huge De Payne must have known she was bloodline and he could only know that by being privy to documents that showed that. King Baldwin II of Jerusalem ceding the Temple to Hugues de Payens and Godfrey de Saint-Omer “In early documents of that region Hugo de Pedano, Montiniaci dominus is mentioned as a witness to a donation by Count Hugh of Champagne in a document of 1085–90, indicating that the man was at least sixteen by this date—a legal adult and thus able to bear witness to legal documents—and so born no later than 1070. The same name appears on a number of other charters up to 1113 also relating to Count Hugh of Champagne, suggesting that Hugo de Pedano orHugo dominus de Peanz was a member of the Count's court. By the year 1113 he was married to Elizabeth de Chappes, who bore him at least one child, Thibaud, later abbot of Abbaye de la Colombe|la Colombe at Sens. The documents span Hugues' lifetime and the disposition of his property after his death.[4]” Huge De Pedano is the same as Huge De Payne. A Templar commandery was eventually built at Payns.” The Foundation of the Order ..” In 1125 his name appears again as a witness to a donation, this time accompanied by the title "magister militum Templi" ("Master of the Knights of the Temple"). " More later...
  13. " The Lineage of Light Chappelle/Chappell Lineage CHapəl/ noun 1. a small building for Christian worship, typically one attached to an institution or private house. "a service in the chapel" And chapelnoun [ C ] C2 a room that is part of a larger building and is used for Christianworship: C2 mainly uk a building used for Christian worship by Christians who do not belong to the Church of England or the Roman CatholicChurch The French spelling is Chappelle. The names of Kirk, Churchill and Chapel/ Chappell all mean the same or similar thing- a church or place of worship and /or the ones who took care of the lands buildings/tenements of the church within a region. I believe that this is the case with my more modern ancestors, but let us look into some of the territory among those peoples and how things may have worked.… In both statements taken from the internet, it is clear that the worshippers were not orthodox Christians- not of the leading theorems at the time and may be considered “left “of the main day of the Roman Catholic and Church of England of their time. I had looked into the families of the famous region of Languedoc and their language of Oc = meaning “yes” in that language and the name of the language pertaining to a special place- Languedoc France… “The name Occitan comes from lenga d'òc ("language of òc"), òc being the Occitan word for yes. While the term would have been in use orally for some time after the decline of Latin, as far as historical records show, the Italian medieval poet Dante was the first to have recorded the term lingua d'oc in writing. In his De vulgari eloquentia, he wrote in Latin, "nam alii oc, alii si, alii vero dicunt oil" ("for some say òc, others sì, yet others say oïl"), thereby highlighting three major Romance literary languages that were well known in Italy, based on each language's word for "yes", the òc language(Occitan), the oïl language (French), and the sì language (Sicilian and Italian). This was not, of course, the only defining characteristic of each group” …This as being significant factors in my theory. Within the region of Languedoc there lies a city in the old language known as Albi- the reference being close to Albion- Avalon which is part of or was the name of England- a direct tie to the Celts who called their homeland Albion. Of course, the legend of King Arthur and his neighboring constituents-, Gaul, Germania, France, Spain and others from which many of the Templar Knights and Teutonic Knights stemmed from- gives reference pertaining to the Albigensian Kings. Clues from whence they came and the observation that the people who spoke Occitan did not change their method of communication but hold it still to this day -with an approximate 10,000 people still speaking that language today.-,
  14. to continue: Exploring Knights of The Garter; " Ann on the other hand, comes from a line of Kings known as “Yuroslav The Wise”. She befriended her kinswoman (a distant cousin is the assumption based on lands she gave my ancestor Muriel La Chappelle) and strongly supported the Cathars. There is a story by which she ‘transformed’ into a dove and flew away from the Vatican in favour of the Cathars. She is by far an example of leadership and “Divine Right” which anyone with eyes that can see can tell they are of a different sort, and appear Divinely guided. “…the doctrine that kings derive their authority from God, not from their subjects, from which it follows that rebellion is the worst of political crimes. It was claimed in Britain by the earlier Stuarts and is also associated with the absolutism of Louis XIV of France.”... It appears as though the Kings and Queens of Old had some reason to think their blood made them of divine right- whether it was some Odinic or Cathar ( catholic) lineage is of some debate-yet clearly it is acted upon and Louis the X1V gave himself the right to be seen as a sun god. This is very similar to the adorations which were given to Kings and Monarchs in ancient Egyptians, Mayans , Incas, Aztecs, Chinese, Hindu, Japanese and many other cultures world wide- why? … Because they knew they had powers to convene with a higher Source... - or at least that was what we were told. In some cases, this was true. In others it was not, however hubris gave them the effort to push forward. I always say the proof is in the pudding, but let’s move on shall we? First let us explore the Knights of The Garter as this is an emblem many people know of and perhaps I can lend some of my Chappell insights to the outer lying symbol....The order's emblem is a garter with the motto Honi soit qui mal y pense (Middle French: "Shame on him who thinks ill of it") in gold lettering. Members of the order wear it on ceremonial occasions.... In 1987, however, it became possible to install "Ladies Companion of the Garter" under a statute of Queen Elizabeth II.[11] ...Membership in the Order is strictly limited and includes the Monarch, the Prince of Wales, not more than 24 companion members, and various supernumerary members. The monarch alone can grant membership...With the installation of Emperor Alexander I of Russia in 1813, supernumerary membership was extended to foreign monarchs, who are known as "Stranger Knights and Ladies of the Garter".[16] “ So the Order itself began as a chivalrous order which can pertain only to the protection of the feminine and the female line. Why? Of what importance is this? Note the inclusion of women in the ranks who are known as “Dames”. It is my belief that the present Queen Elizabeth 2nd ( Dec. 2017) as of this writing reinstated the Order after a manner to bring attention to the reason for its’ inception and for the honouring of its’ mandate. Note the Large Plumed feathers of the romantic troubadour speaks to a kind of Knight , a manner of style and a countenance of stature of a most noble embodiment. Recall that this order came into being twenty years before Henry Sinclair of Scotland awarded his Titles and lands, possibly due to being in the Scots Order of the Knights Templars was most likely in possession of documents that told of the bloodline of Jesus and Mary since the early 1100’s. ( we shall go into this later.) It is my opinion that this order came into being as a statement to honour Mary, wife of Jesus Christ, mother of his children,and their lineage and whose death and subsequent robbery of her head and forearms begat a quest for chivalrous Knights of these such orders furthermore. And indeed -Shame on them that think ill of it!"