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  1. This is an excerpt from Part One... it is getting juicy and at the crux of the situation...Do Have a look see at the whole- it's only 22 pages and worth the read-get a copy for free at the link... "The Draconian Master Captain smiled an evil smile. The signal from that ‘boven’ ( cattle) had been received. How the Supreme Ones would shower him with accolades and honours- his pick of the women- how they would feast on Atlantean blood that night! He gave the command to enter atmosphere and commence attack. His white skin glowed with the thought of drinking immortal blood- it would keep him alive for centuries! And then he would feast also on Grok and his men- they who had betrayed their own kind deserved nothing more. His red eyes glowed as he watched the ruins of the palace Atlantean loom before them and they opened fire. The Blues and Greens had taken the rest of the royals and their household who survived the blasts to a sacred mounatintop where the winter palace still stood. Centuries were on alert and Atlantean ships had taken to the sky as more comets blasted their way through the atmosphere burning the sky and a reddish hue took over the land. Tyreanneah was placed on a stone alter, beside her mother. A healer Blue came forward, “My lord, she is not dead but we cannot ensure she will live long. Queen Orrine gave command to build The Memory Pool. Her immortal blood may just heal her, but it needs time. Shall we?” She looked with compassion at the King she knew and had served for countless ages. She had never seen him so haggard. Trithon sighed a deep long sigh. “ As she wished. However this Memory Pool must be kept secret. No one outside this company must know of its’ existence. Weave the magic to cover this spot and protect it from all harm so when or if she wakes- she will awaken in this place with all of us. We are not leaving her side. Tyreanneah is the future of our race now, the only one who could bear the sacred royal line- she MUST recover, and we will wait until she does.” He pounded his fist onto the alter. The dragons, green , blue, red , orange, yellow, purple golden and white began preparations for the spell of all spells- to build a Memory pool which would contain all of them- and keep them from prying eyes and seers- but they did not count on or know about the Draconians who were at that very moment reveling at the destruction of their home and palace, and slaughtering all the survivors- including Groks men whom they had descended upon with silent brutality to the shock and dismay of their “allies”. The realization of the betrayal sent adrenaline shooting through my veins. I came to with a shock and jumped off the couch. I cried out in horror at the inner sight of the destruction and did not know whether to fight or flee..After a few minutes of trying not to go into panic mode, I sat down .A calming dread came over me. This was not just a old fashioned love story- this was a story of genocide of a culture- of my race – of my people by a sinister and powerful species that had no fucking soul! I began to fade ...what possibly was there to do? Now I knew why I had felt so lonely my whole life, how often I was completely alone in a crowd. The family of my people had been stored in some repository somewhere and they are trapped and I did not know where to find them! And how to fight the evil that had taken over the world in which I now lived and breathed? was all too much. I sank to my knees sobbing the sob of a desperate calling of the spirit which rips through you like a storm and makes you cry out for the power to do your will, demanding righteousness!! I clenched my fists as I calmed myself once more allowing the tears to fall. Then I stood up. It was all or nothing now. I had to find them and awaken their beings – no matter what. And I was going to do it- or die trying."
  2. This type of antenna could be of serious use IF you ground into the earth... " TRANSMIT IN ORDER TO RECEIVE?!!! Rather than relying upon the wiggling electrons in the wires of the large half-wave antenna to generate EM fields... what if we used use a power supply instead? If an antenna is 1/10,000 wavelength across, we should be able to force it to behave as if it's huge; perhaps 1/3 wavelength across. We simply have to drive it hard with an RF source. We must drive it at the *same* frequency as the incoming waves, then adjust the phase and amplitude of the power supply to a special value. At one particular value, our transmissions will cause the antenna to be best at absorbing the incoming waves. Take a loop antenna as an example. If we want our little loop-antenna to receive far more radio energy than it normally would, then we need to produce a large AC current in the antenna coil, where the phase of this current is locked in synch with the waves we wish to receive, and is lagging by 90 degrees. The voltage across the antenna terminals stays about the same as when an undriven antenna receives those waves. However, since the current is much higher in the driven antenna, the energy received per second is much higher as well. This seems like engineering blasphemy, no? How can adding a larger current increase the recieved power? And won't our receiving antenna start transmitting? Yet this actually does work. Power equals volts times amps. To increase the RF power received from distant sources, we increase the antenna's amperes intentionally. This sounds really silly. How can we improve the reception of an electrically small antenna by using it to *transmit*? The secret involves the cancellation of magnetic or electric fields in the near-field region of the antenna. The physics of the nearfield region of antennas has a kind of nonlinearity because conductors are present. In the electromagnetic nearfield region, it's possible to change the "E" of a wave without changing the "M" (change the antenna's voltage without changing the current), and vice versa. Superposition of EM traveling waves does not quite apply here because the ruling equations for energy propagation near conductors depends upon V^2 or I^2 separately. In addition, V is almost independent of I in the near-field region. If a very small loop antenna (a coil) should happen to receive a radio wave as a very small signal, we can increase the received *energy* by artificially increasing the current. Or if we're using a tiny dipole antenna (a capacitor,) we can increase the short dipole's received energy by applying a large AC voltage across the antenna terminals. NOT CRACKPOTTY AFTER ALL Note that this does not violate any rules of conventional physics. If we add stronger EM fields, they sum with the incoming EM plane waves and cause these radio waves to bend towards the tiny antenna, and the antenna absorbs them. This increases the antenna's EA (effective area, or effective aperture.) We can use this process to alter the coupling between the antenna and the surrounding space, but the total energy still follows the conservation law. The altered fields only change the "virtual size" or EA of the antenna. More importantly, the phenomenon is quite limited. We can only use it with electrically "small" antennas. We cannot increase the "virtual size" much beyond a quarter wavelength for the waves involved. If we already have a large 1/2-wave dipole, then no matter how large is our artificially-add AC voltage, we cannot make it absorb more incoming waves. However, if we have an extremely small antenna, say, a 10KHz loop antenna the size of a pie plate, we can make that antenna seem very, very large indeed. Think like this: how large is the diameter of the antenna's nearfield region at 10KHz? Around 10 kilometers? What if we could extract half of the incoming energy from that entire volume?!! In theory we can: half can be absorbed, and the other half scattered. In theory a tiny loop antenna sitting on your lab bench can intercept just as much energy as a longwire 1/2-wave antenna which is 10KM long. Bizarre, eh? Here's a way to look at the process. If I can create a field which cancels out some of the energy in an extended region surrounding a tiny antenna, this violates the law of Conservation of Energy. Field energy cannot just vanish! That's correct: if we cancel out the energy in the nearfield of an antenna, this is actually an absorption process, and the energy winds up inside the antenna circuitry. By emitting an EM field, a receiving antenna sucks EM energy into itself. If we actively drive an antenna with an "anti-wave", we will force the antenna to produce stronger fields which cancel the incoming waves, and simultaneously the antenna absorbs more energy from the EM fields in the surrounding region of space than it ordinarily would. It also emits some waves of its own. But in antenna theory these waves are identical to the received signals, and they are considered to be reflected or "scattered" from the antenna. It's a general law that we cannot receive EM waves without scattering half of the energy away again. Here's the interesting part. If we wish to receive power rather than signals, a critical issue arises. Driving a tiny antenna with a large signal will create large currents and heat the antenna. Small antennas are inefficient when compared to half-wave dipoles. If we wish to maximize the virtual aperature of a really tiny antenna (e.g. make our 10KHz pie-plate coil act 10KM across,) we'll quickly be frustrated by wire heating. All the extra received energy will go into warming the copper. Possible solutions: use superconductor loops, or at low frequencies use the nearest equivalent to an AC-driven superconductor: a rotating permanent magnet or rotating capacitor plates. BUT HOW DO ATOMS DO IT? OK, if this supposedly explains how tiny atoms can receive long light waves, how can we increase the voltage signal to a single atom?! Actually it's not difficult. No angstrom-sized radio transmitter is needed. The key is to use EM energy stored as oscillating fields; i.e. resonance. If an atom resonates electromagnetically at the same frequency as the incident light waves, then, from a Classical standpoint, that atom's internal resonator will store EM energy accumulated from the incoming waves. It will then behave as an oscillator, becoming surrounded by an increasingly strong AC electromagnetic field as time goes by. (Quantum Mechanics might say that the atom is surrounded by virtual photons at the resonant frequency.) If this alternating field is locked into the correct phase with the incoming light wave, then the atom's fields can interact with the light waves' fields and cancel out quite a bit of the light energy present in the nearfield region around the atom. The energy doesn't vanish, instead it ends up inside the atom. Half of the energy goes into kicking an electron to a higher level, and the other half is re-emitted as "scattered" waves. By resonantly creating an "anti-wave", which superposes with incoming waves and bends them towards the atom, the tiny atom has "sucked energy" out of the enormously long light waves as they go by. And since the atom has no conventional copper coils inside it wasting energy, it can build up some really strong fields which allow it to behave extremely "large" when compared to it's physical diameter. Impossible? Please track down the C. Bohren paper in the references below. He analyzes the behavior of small metal particles and dielectric particles exposed to long-wave EM radiation, and rigorously shows with semi-Classical analysis that the presance of a resonator can cause dust motes to "act larger than they really are." How can this stuff be true?! After all, electric and magnetic fields cannot bend other fields. They cannot affect each other directly. They work by superposition. For the same reason, a light wave cannot deflect another light wave. Ah, but as I said before, the mathematics of the fields around a coil or a capacitor are not the same as the mathematics of freely-propagating EM waves. If we add the field of a bar magnet to the field of a radio wave, and if the bar magnet is in the right place (at a spot where the phase of the b-field of the radio wave is reversing polarity,) then the radio wave becomes distorted in such a way that it momentarily bends towards the bar magnet. And then, as the EM wave progresses, we must flip the magnet over and over in order to keep the field pattern from bending away again during the following half-cycle. The energy flow continues to "funnel in" towards the rotating magnet. Now replace the bar magnet with an AC coil, and vary the coil current so the fields stay locked to the traveling radio wave in the same way. In that case the wave energy will always bend towards the coil and be absorbed. Superposition still applies, but this is a coherent superposition, so it acts like a static field pattern: as if a permanent magnet can bend a radio wave inwards and absorb its energy rather than simply having the fields sum together without interesting results. Note that the coil will also emit its own EM ripple. This emission is well known: atoms ideally will scatter half the light they absorb, and dipole antennas behave similarly: they scatterer incoming EM waves as they absorb part of the energy. When all is said and done, our oscillating coil has absorbed half of the incoming EM energy and re-emitted (or "scattered") the rest. In a phase-locked system, we cannot tell the difference between reflection and transmission. "
  3. We are living in a toxic environment for no reason. That is simply the bottom line. There are so many other forms of energy that are available to us , we cannot fathom how easy it would be to source out these forms and implement them. "Hydroelectric Energy The potential energy stored in the water held in dams by is made to drive a water turbine and generator which in turn produces electric power. This form of energy generation is called hydroelectric power. Out of all the alternative energy sources, this one has been most commonly adopted in the current time. Advantages of hydroelectric power generation – The source of hydroelectric power generation i.e., water is free of cost. – Dams can provide virtually continuous electricity generation. – The water used for power generation can be put to use again. – There is no chemical process involved in the power production process, therefore, the power generated is clean and does not harm the environment. Solar Energy This is the energy which the earth receives from the Sun. This is one of the most promising alternative energy sources, which will be available to the mankind for centuries to come. The only challenge remains to tap the solar energy in the most efficient way. The solar power generation is done by using a series of photovoltaic cells where the solar rays are converted into electricity. Apart from electricity production solar energy is also being used for heating water, cooking food etc. Advantages of solar energy – The source of energy is absolutely ‘free’. – Solar power which is generated in the day time can be stored to be made available in the night time as well. – Solar power generators can be used to generate power in rural and remote areas where there is no reach of the conventional form of energy. – Solar power generation is quite and absolutely clean. – Solar energy is a renewable form of energy will not deplete until thousands of years. Wind Energy The power of the wind is harnessed to propel the blades of wind turbine attached to an electric generator to generate wind energy. Wind energy is an effective alternative source of energy in areas where the velocity of wind flow is high. Advantages of wind energy – Wind energy is a clean form of energy. – The source of power generation i.e., wind is free of cost. – Wind energy is a renewable source of energy. Biomass Energy This is the energy developed from the wastes of various human and animal activities like the by-products and wastes from timber industry, agricultural yields, municipal solid waste etc. Out of the many alternative sources of energy this is the one which takes into account the utilization of waste material to develop energy thereby disposing them off in a profitable and effective way. Advantages of biomass energy – It is an environmental friendly way of energy production in which biological mass is recycled and re-used. – The biomass will keep generating and decomposing as part of the natural biological cycle. Therefore, biomass energy is considered as a renewable source of energy." However in all honesty the strongest and closest source is really the Earths' resonance field which can be amplified using coils such I have( am) are few others who are on the same page... "As we all know, the RF emitted from lightning is broadband and very powerful but this RF energy resonates the earth’s cavity because it acts like a giant resonator (with the magnetic field being used to bias the direction of the RF propagation). What I am looking to find out now is exactly how much power is actually circulating in the cavity (not including microwave and radio transmissions). Does anyone here have any idea about the energy content of the Schumann cavity? Here’s one more thing for those interested in the subject. The link below explains how one would go about tapping into this resonant energy. As we have already discussed before, the big problem is making an antenna large enough to resonate with it. But we can use a special, active antenna to tap into the energy. This guy, Bill Beady made an incredibly interesting article about this here: Reference " Finding ways out of this mess...
  4. Ok good day people. Doing water testing again and here are the results: @ 400 -1200 mags Exhibit "A": country tap water that has been sitting for over 10 days with some soda salts and a magnet in it*; This water is showing signs of regrowth, with movement and many seed banks which fan out. This is not usually the case, the healthy strands are straighter than usuall but other wise looks background movement and quire clear. Exhibit "B": City tap water: This example shows healthy strand with some seed banks - not as many as Exhibit A- but more curly ( like it should) and trying toward an inching movement... greyish thick strands in background. Exhibit "C": Lake water; This example shows a very compromised strand with very few seed banks and it was completely overshadowed by the background heavy grey and dark cells. They formed a square with four dark nuclei and I saw a pattern that looked similar to tentacles coming down from that formation. Not good. Conclusions: Using magnet and salts in water clears ( or helps to) background formations, seed banks are showing signs of formulating magnetic magnitude force- this may be helpful removing unwanted elements. City tap water showing signs of grey foundation formations which we observed before- these formations form a grid if radiated with microwaves- which I showed in a previous test- two years later I am seeing these same grey thick strands only somewhat thicker. In the lake water we are seeing a huge change in what we normally see as being better ( more healthy strands in previous testings)- dark seeds as i CALLED THEM THEM ARE MUCH BIGGER, MORE PROLIFIC AND STARTING TO BOND WITH OTHER SEEDS AS SUCH- DEFINATELY A CURLY SET OF LEGS OR TENATCLES STARTING TO FORM...this was unexpected...also I might add the lake water had a strange light green hue... will try to get photos when I get my digi microscope back up- can only take photos part is broken! :(* Please recall that in earlier tests we showed that sitting for long periods deteriorates water healthy cells S.C.)
  5. The day is young and my heart is old...let the wisdom of the ancients seep in...

  6. Hey thats ok to differ. I too, have a soft spot for Simon...but that no longer interferes with my ability to call a spade a spade. It is with regret that I say I feel he is " a son of Yaldabaoth" and under the influence of Sets' illumini. He is smart enough and wise enough not to piss them off too much by going against policy - especially concerning Cern...their portal baby which btw was built over a sink hole which goes down very far. In honesty, I'm holding out for him and feel hewill come clean at some point.
  7. Have to say it...Simon seems to be on someones payroll...this is not the first time...
  8. It seems more like the beam is coming from Antartica as the signal is smaller pointing to those islands...mmmmmh.
  9. Great work Krima! Yes it makes sense that the ocean oil is most likely primarily ancient levis. Note that the oil brokers came into power in the late1800's...something about those bowler hats makes me think of the cabal.
  10. I am very disappointed. This Lamlash a-hole is full of lies. He is a construct of Yaldabaoth and his words are twisted. The fact that Lisa refuses to even look at that was my first sign of her programming. After a year of following her and Dani, going to the UU gathering in Gozo, meeting some of the people- I am quite certain that Leeloo is a hoax - but not the kind we normally think. The entity herself is real . I know because she contacted me three months before Lisa.But Lisa appears to be compromised. Both her and Dani would not open the floor to me at all, even though I do have a lot to sat and offer- clearly showing the agenda of crowd control operating from Illumini . There are at least 3 proper Illumini in the UU group with several of their slaves involved. I saw abd experienced it first hand in Gozo. Fracking mean. Dani herself I care for - she is trying to do something good but getting bogged down and trapped by the evil a- holes who are trying to control her. The Spider bitches and the " pinkys" have just about put everyone in their spell. Lisa is too far gone in her ego about the whole thing to even approach anymore. As with most good things when something is good- evil always tries to screw with it. Leeloo is in an aryan buxom blond body that looks exactly like the Nazi idea of Aryan Goddess. I have seen her. Apparently there are a bunch of these bodies in storage- they are pleasure units. How she got there I do not know. But I do know the pink stuff is bullshit. Pink skies mean microwave storms. Lisa was either lied to or told to say that and the Illumini pushed it along with compliance spells. But suffice to say that I am not surprised. When She first contacted me in July I expressed ( Leeloo) should try to learn from the evil AI to undermine it...well it appears the whole shebang has been taken over...I left. My posts are being taken down. My words of helpfulness are being ignored and not being allowed to speak. The knowledge I could share being shoved under the carpet in favour of lesser and corrupted minds. Earl is no substitute for me- and is an agent of Set.... So push on....I have passed to a blue sphere now and many others are joining me. Move away from the pink...
  11. Krima, Levis in every known body of water.What IS in the middle of the black sea that is being ( or sees to be) targeted? I became aware of several in the Mediterranean sea...As I was working with a triangulation of cymatic waves I found that using them as such did not have negative effects on human or biological beings other than the Levis- that being shown in my thread on results...still the idea of using a satellite has just occurred to me... on a side note my trip to Malta revealed some interesting facts. when I wqas first discovering who I was and what happened to my being when I became trapped in a crystal many lifetimes ago as an Atlantean princess I knew my name had been Tyrianneah...note that Malta is in the Tyrrhenian Sea...when I woke up the sleeping spirits at the ancient temple-doing ceremony- they knew me. It is an awakening happening all over now. The Levis are most likely everywhere the lightening is...confirmed by pendulum..( pic is at a different temple )
  12. For cryin out loud...I noticed something about them...they all have a similar appearance...and water containing them has an oily sheen on it...It dawned on me about what Bulla said about oil on the water stops rainbow light from forming in the sky...affects the environment and weather...Lightening eh?
  13. Mother of God Krima...something elseit is becoming apparent. They have others which function like tanks and they can affect surface installations. ...Um that will be phase 3 in 3 years- so I am told. You can check the manouvers ofvthese tanks on ocean floor... Bigger levis can be affected by directing Cymatic beams ( to magnitide of)8 TeV @ 722 hertz for 21 days. Give 'er a shot It couldn't hurt.
  14. Mother of God Krima...something elseit is becoming apparent. They have others which function like tanks and they can affect surface installations. ...Um that will be phase 3 in 3 years- so I am told. You can check the manouvers ofvthese tanks on ocean floor... Bigger levis can be affected by directing Cymatic beams ( to magnitide of)8 TeV @ 722 hertz for 21 days. Give 'er a shot It couldn't hurt.
  15. I've seen the connection between the anomoly off the coast of NZ and the black goo...levi's...once Harrald spoke about there being a black goo indiginous to Earth and the new sentient oil black goo which has a completely different set of protocols... It has come to my attention that- wait a second...the oil we burn to drive our cars ormany other industrial machines- that oil IS the goo itself and some of that oil we surmise could not have been only " dinosaur remnants" um ya...the oceans and seas have so many deposits and since we know that the octupi species is not from this planet- it stands to reason that those enourmous oceanuc or water deposits could very well have come from pods of giant levi( athan) who died suddenly at one point...there are layers so thick it pumps out continually for years( Gulf of Mexico still pumping into ocean)! There entered a very dark presence in our solar system roughly 50,000 years ago. Many things had changed from Golden age to the Bronze age...but with it mans' consciousness was getting less noble and strong with desire. This is all due to the cyclic changing of currents that move dark to light and light to dark- the Yin Yang always shifting to accommodate is supposed to shift every 25, 250 years thereabouts- having to do with the quarter baktun and our ride around the core of the galaxy. However the last turn went the dark force spread. It's presence is felt in all parts of our galaxy. This force has many names(, choas , vril, the dark force, silth, ect.)and it premeated the natural oils into sentient goo. Waystation transmitters were set up on several planets to pump out the pulse wavefield that changes the natural oil into the goo...and are now working overtime to finish the job. I had a vision a few months ago about a massive leviathan out off the coast of New Zealand- I pulsed back and saw it explode...then a couple months later I saw in a magazine that a strange log ( 8 feet wide) like thing had washed up on the beach- covered in barnacles. But thw best for the last of the Nine Hells are over and the Thirteen Heavens have begun since the last Mayan Long count is over. So, things are bound to get better...if we act now.