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  1. There is something about this picture that resonates with me... It seems so familiar like I've been there...
  2. My sisters house is like that breezy... I don't agree with it because your daily activities can be monitored by someone with the know-how ( when you go to work, get home, open and close the garage) She went on vacation last year and I was house and dog sitting... Not a fan of their dog since they never really trained it... But anyhow I went to get something to eat from a local place and I left the key to the house in the house (fml) I sent her a text asking if there was a spare and from 30,000 ft on a plane over the middle of America she opened the garage door... Scared the shit out of me.
  3. Was the conclusion I came to... Thinking that doing this would "tire out our system of control" ie our "rudder" to stear us in a course leading to martial law
  4. Most walmarts are massive square footage wise compared to other buildings in the area... Could be holding pens for equipment and "troops" for the upcoming jade helm events... And the time lines overlap...
  5. And 2015 seems to becoming more and more interesting as the weeks go by...
  6. And did you exchange...A walk on part in the war...For a lead role in a cage? - Pink Floyd

    1. albatross


      yeah love that lyric good job BS

    2. 12:12


      My favorite all time band. Just watched them in Albany NewYork. I will never forget thst night.

      I love Pink Floyd.

      Thanks for sharing!

  7. " history doesn't repeat itself, the historians just repeat each other"
  8. ...Forgot what works on the iPad doesn't for everyone else It's the original copy hope it works for computer users... Let me know
  9. So I decided I wasn't going to put off reading this any longer... I downloaded the pdf a while ago after researching Albert Einstein and reading it was one of his most loved books to read... I can't put it down... To the point that I thought about posting the pdf here about 2 hours ago, but couldn't stop reading... There are three volumes, and here is the first The others can be found by googling the latter volumes... Talks about human spirituality and how lost we have become...
  10. Happy birthday blue
  11. Respect existence, or expect resistance...

  12. Jfk to 911 I recommend... and I don't watch just any 3hour plus doco
  13. "They may torture me, break my bones, even kill me. Then all they will have is my dead body, but not my obedience." -Mahatma Ghandi

  14. Project grudge and blue book 1-12 Project Blue Book special case 14...