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  1. Same here Kandy. My symptoms have been brutal these past few weeks. Intense ringing in ears, feeling as if my insides are on fire while my skin is cold to the touch, nausea, headaches, losing balance as if the room gets suddenly tilted to one side...etc etc. Being an empath I'm also having a particularly difficult time being around people right now. I normally feel other's emotional states but right now it is VERY intense. The one or two times I had to go into the city recently it was terrible. When I got home I just wanted to sleep for the rest of the day I'm trying to listen more to what my body is telling me and I get the distinct impression that right now is a time for me to withdraw from people, be in nature, ground, recharge, and cleanse. The energy people are giving off right now is not pleasant for a sensitive like myself.
  2. Does anyone else get physical symptoms when we get hit with flares? Last night my wife and both started feeling awful. It's a common occurrence for us when this happens. We both start feeling like our skin is crawling and that our insides are being microwaved. It's intensely uncomfortable. My ears also start ringing and I get really nauseous. Cannabis helps the symptoms, but if that's not your thing then hot Epsom salts baths also really help subdue the crawling skin feeling. For those who think it's all in my head I know for a fact it is not because I didn't learn about the CMEs until after the symptoms started and I went looking online to see if there were any flares. This has happened too many times to count: I get the symptoms first, then I read about a solar flare hitting us, so for me it's obvious I'm just sensitive to these energies. i would be interested to know if others are affected in a similar way and what they do to cope.
  3. I also worked hands on with injured and ill folks in a physiotherapy clinic. I had a knack for fixing the tough cases that nobody else could make progress with. But my health went to absolute hell. Had to stop working one on one with clients all together because I was so ill. consulting via internet helped a lot. Didn't really understand what was happening at the time, all I knew was when I worked from home I didn't feel sick at the end of the day. Today I'm going back to my roots and re-becoming a farmer. Also studying to become a herbologist as well. I know I'm supposed to be a healer of some kind, but now I'll heal with my plants instead of my hands. Hope this gives me more longevity and quality of life while still being able to be of service to the planet.
  4. My thoughts exactly Kande. It almost looks as if he's having a conversation with someone in his head. I've never seen him do this before in other interviews. Perhaps whatever illness he contracted in Antarctica where he was subsequently quarantined had some lasting neurological effects.
  5. I think I remember reading that hitler changed his birthdate to April 20th as it was a more auspicious date for his numerology or something. But it could have been Goebels or someone else entirely. Memory isn't serving me well at the moment.
  6. New York Times is reporting the manufacturer of the cladding installed on the Grenfell tower will not sell that product anymore for high rise buildings. And the name of that manufacturer? Arconic
  7. Wow, I feel exactly the same way. I don't have a fear of them, but the women in my family certainly do. And it's an intense visceral repulsion more than a fear. And these are ladies that would pick up Mice, frogs, salamanders, bees, etc that find their way into the house and move them to safe locations outside of the house - so they're certainly not squeamish when it comes to creepy crawly things When I am called upon to assassinate said spiders, I do so with great satisfaction; always feeling as if I am exacting revenge somehow and extinguishing a creature that has done great evil. However I should admit that I live in Cananda, and we don't get the real spiders that you folks in warmer climes deal with. Friends who have visited Oz have come home to tell tales of the horrific and beastly arachnids you have down there. Can they really get as big as a dinner plate? My god. In that case, yes I would certainly have a fear of spiders too.
  8. I know you've stated before, Mr. T, that Star Wars contains historical events albeit with many of the roles reversed (i.e the Rebels in Star Wars were in actuality the rebelling Hellenes that joined forces with the Draco faction). I see a lot of parallels with Tolkein's work. The all seeing eye. The reptilian-like orcs that were genetically mutated and hatched, Sauron, etc. Also in J.K Rowling's work - Voldemort looks very reptilian. The dementors that feed off of negative emotions and fear, etc etc. There are many others, but these three franchises in particular resonate with an incredibly large percentage of the western population. I have always believed that there is more to these stories than just entertainment. When you add in the works of people like Spielberg and Kubrick, John Carpenter, Ridley Scott, Christopher Nolan etc, it really feels as if we are being shown snippets of our true history/possible futures and the secrets that have been kept from us. For example, Kubrick's 2001 was the catalyst that started me on my journey of questioning the world around me and seeking truth. So I am well aware of the incredibly powerful effect movies/books/media can have on our psyche. In fact, I cannot watch a movie or TV show without my brain going crazy looking for symbols, parallels, and secrets now. I'm sure my wife gets annoyed with me because I'm constantly pausing, rewinding, and saying 'holy shit, did you see that?!' My question is this, T (and others may chime in here with their opinions as well): Are these authors and directors really in the 'know' or are they somehow able to access portions of our true history with their mind and are mistaking these memories for an active imagination? Or, perhaps are they receiving information telepathically (consciously or unconsciously) from some other source that wishes this information to be shared with the masses? I ask because I often feel a greater resonance of truth in popular fiction than what is passed off as non-fiction. But are we also being actively deceived and vectored by fiction as well? I guess it really boils down to do we discern actual truth from programming? Who can we trust, and how do we know when someone is attempting to deceive and program us in a certain direction? B
  9. Jess, DE is nearly 90% silica already, didn't think additional silica would be necessary. Curious if you've come across something that stated otherwise? As a nice benefit from all the silica in the DE, both myself and wifey have noticed stronger and faster hair growth and nail growth. I did read info that the vast majority of us are silica deficient so that makes sense, and adding extra probably can't hurt. When you take it, don't expect it to dissolve. I basically just whisk it quickly into a little orange juice and slug it down before it settles, then drink a large glass of water afterwards. Pretty much tasteless, with a chalky consistency.
  10. She mentions diatomaceous earth or diatomite for pulling out the heavy metals. I've been taking this stuff off an on for a while. It's so cheap, everyone can afford a big bag of it, and take a tablespoon or so a day, and it will last for years. I think I paid $15 Canadian for 5lb bag of food grade diatomite.
  11. Blue Beam? I welcome it. Lets get this show on the road already.
  12. @unity need a little assistance reading these charts. You say just before equinox S.R. was amped up? Curious about this because around the same time I got very sick. Couple days before the equinox lasting till end of last week. This happens to me every fall and every spring around the equinoxes. I get a nasty Crohns flare up and can't eat for about a week. Nauseated beyond belief and just feeling all over terrible. Its like my body has to go through some adjustment or purging phase. It's done this to me every year for the past 5 or 6 years now Wondering if this could be correlated to increased energies coming in. Once I can figure out what is triggering me then hopefully I can figure out how to prevent it.
  13. From T's link... "The object is assumed to be a young isolated planetary-mass object or a high-metallicity low-mass brown dwarf." From Wikipedia... "If this object is actually a rogue planet (which has not been decisively demonstrated), then it is among the closest that has ever been spotted." Not sure if those points above are on track or not. Also, didn't they find a couple of super-earths in the goldilocks zone orbiting stars in the same constellation (Dorado)? Which I thought translated to English was "Gold" but apparently It means fish or something So...huge, low density (hollow?) metallic rogue planet/star, possibly closest one ever found to earth, from the constellation which bears the name of either gold or fish or goldfish. Am I warm??
  14. Looks like the shadow person over mall is a fake.