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  1. this is unreal
  2. interesting indeed. looks like the last time this occurred was way back in 1827.
  3. how horrifying. it's becoming all too common a scene.
  4. took me 22 years from last marriage to find my hubby now. we've been together since 2004. it happens.
  5. I just don't get it. Why is man so brutal? Why constantly murdering? It just makes no sense. We surely aren't born this way.
  6. I agree Kande. I also believe these "natural disasters" have brought so many together who would not have even touched each other 2 weeks ago. So that's one shining light during this murky darkness. Be well dear Chani friends.
  7. I'm definitely visualizing it losing power. don't know about moving away, it's got a pretty steady course, and it's going to come right by me in north Georgia. So any help to move it, diminish it, whatever, is good. peace all.
  8. holy Toledo we don't need this one.
  9. Nominated for Chief Scientist, Sam Clovis once saw a ufo going about 5,000 mph
  10. I have so many family and friends in Houston, Bastrop, Austin and surrounding areas. Been on FB and phone all weekend. It's just horrific. Fortunately, and miraculously, all are doing well. My sister and her husband live off a tributary of Buffalo Bayou and they started releasing water from the close reservoir since 2 AM this morning. The water was rising and they just lost power, but so far so good. Here's a pic from their home. Before and after before this is how high it got in 2015 Beyond the deck is the tributary which is about 70-100 feet wide to other side. It's about 35 feet deep. After - this is the side of the deck
  11. this was posted on twitter and then on facebook and so many called it fake news, it wasn't and it's telling the story of this horrific storm
  13. where I live, my husband and I took off for the day and his 18 year old son witnessed 1.36 totality. it was unreal. I was mesmerized and my husband saw stars and other wonderful things. my stepson was overblown with joy. it was quite the day. glad we took off. we even heard crickets. i'll never forget it.
  14. I have so many family and friends in Houston, Austin area. This is going to be devastating. Probably even worse than Allison in 2001.
  15. below is the complete commencement address, a little over 19 minutes. all of it is well worth it.