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  1. No doubt, President Xi Jinping knows how to charm Trump.
  2. I see little having to do with Trump personally, but a couple of people involved with him perhaps. Mostly, from what I see, it involves politicians from overseas.
  3. So, has anyone figured out what this is yet?
  4. My guess is it has a lot to do with the recent meeting with Kuschner, Iran, and Hillary.
  5. apparently the shooter's ex-inlaws times attended the church. this is just so sickening and it's happening all too often. my heart is breaking for all those who lost a loved one. prayers, so many prayers going out to them.
  6. here's a link in English
  7. With the women actors and newswomen coming forward against the predatory men for whom they work or have to do business, along with videos such as this, it's only a matter of a short time, before all of this blows sky high. it's the great revealing and it's necessary for our collective consciousness to come together for healing. although so very painful, it is quite necessary. what powerful individuals these people are who are coming forward, and yes, they are brave indeed.
  8. yep it's on facebook too, poor guy here's another site
  9. check your state to see if it's compliant. this is weird.
  10. I'm sorry I just don't buy this. Anyone can call in and say something like this. Everything I see and hear show a Puerto Rico in ruins. They don't have the essentials and they're suffering greatly. It's a very mountainous area with tons of rivers and low lying areas. It's about the size of Connecticut. Towns and villages are strewn throughout with almost 3.5 million people. It has 78 municipalities for goodness sakes. There's no way the average person/family isn't suffering from this horrible storm. Some in the larger cities may be able to obtain drinking water, gas and food now, but those in the country, far from it. No electricity, no running water, no grocery stores, certainly no internet. Totally disconnected due to roads and bridges being washed out. How in the world can they even think to leave their family to go to work? Of course there's no one who can show up and drive a truck. They're having to take care of loved ones who may be injured, hungry and thirsty, dirty, in shock, and/or in need of urgent medical assistance. And even if this person who calls in is telling the truth, she only knows what she can see in front of her. She's not privy to things beyond her town because they're just isn't a way to see it. How could you - walk? It's 30 by 90 miles, this island. Then there are other islands. How would you know about them? Nope just don't buy it at all. My heart breaks for them, as well as the other islands that have been devastated by these storms. It's sickening when hear things like Texas took care of themselves, Florida took care of themselves and Puerto took a knee. No they didn't, they had help and assistance and are still getting it. Agree or don't agree with me, it's not important. What's important is there are people out there who are dying, or at the very least suffering greatly. Not to mention how sick they'll become from drinking bad water because they're forced to. And then, who has a job? Where are the jobs? How does one rebuild when there's nothing left? If we spent just a percentage of our military budget on these kinds of crises and aiding people who have been torn apart from these types of disasters, just think what we could accomplish. I want that America, the one that has a heart, the one who helps its neighbors, the one who loves its peoples.
  11. Good Lord, how much more can we take until we do wake up? IMHO the only way we will go forward is via spirituality. The other ways only hinder our soul's progress.
  12. I remember hearing that recording quite a few years ago. It's just so freaky.
  13. from a comment on the below post that was linked to another page
  14. I gotta say, nothing seems right about this, the shooter, the amount of guns, two different windows. It doesn't feel right in any way shape or form.