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  1. oh, no, here we go again. another school shooting.
  2. Hear hear Bryan. I totally agree with you. And I respect and admire the members of this website for all your peaceful discussions. It is a pleasure to be a part of such a community.
  3. Wish I could agree with you Jessica, but I don't. I know so many people, intelligent, articulate, kind, loving and generous, who believe in Trump 100%. I almost did. But, I have seen far too much damage he has done so far and with 3 years left in the Whitehouse, I can only pray he does little more. I do believe, though, he is a necessary evil, and because of him, a leader will arise. An extraordinary person, a Wayshower, who will assist in the transformation of our unique place in the universe. Trump is just one of many who have been placed on a ladder to bring about events that will allow this to occur. We’re getting near the top, but not quite there. I trust that with Trump in the Whitehouse, negativity, destruction, and damage will only grow and fester, finally to the breaking point. At that point, it is my hope that humankind will then acknowledge that love, joy, wonder, tenderness, gratitude, acceptance and tolerance are our true points of light. And only then will humankind be redeemed and restored. However that pustule pops, it will undoubtedly change the course of our world. And I do credit Trump as a major factor in that change. That will be the good that he does do. But, until then, it will be miserable for many, if not downright lethal for quite a few. Hopefully, it will not mean thousands or millions will unnecessarily perish at the mere casual push of a button, but that is a real possibility, and one I do fear is very likely. I see no one in the level of government to whom we, their constituents, were taught to look up to with the level of guardianship, care, protection, and consideration as that of our forefathers. It’s not that we don’t have these types of grand individuals who can come to the forefront to fulfill that role, it’s just the money doesn’t back them. That’s unfortunate. Until that equation is taken from the game plan, we will not have that type of archetypal governance we desire and deserve. Thus, my reason to believe it must break, and break hard. It’s only a matter of time until that occurs. On another note, perhaps the destruction we are heading towards may not be via a president. Perhaps its cause comes from a CME or major volcanic eruption, something so cataclysmic that we cannot simply go back to doing what we did before. It will still require real transformation—from the roots of the flower to the top of the tree. At that moment, the soul, each of our souls, will indeed be transformed. That is where my faith lay. On all of us.
  4. I have about as much faith in Azar as I do in Trump. Alex Azar, a former executive and lobbyist for pharma giant Eli Lilly! Can’t believe he’s now the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Well, yeah I can. And Mulvaney is a joke. “White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney on Tuesday said that he probably wouldn’t have supported President Trump’s 2019 budget request as a member of Congress, but that he can defend it now that he’s part of the Trump administration.” Wow, how the tides turn. Republicans can spend away.
  5. High-Level Judge & Fmr Trump Campaign Chair Pleads Guilty to 21 Counts of Child Trafficking
  6. The world's first major city is going dry - probably around April-May. This is getting real and it's going to be really bad. Pray for Cape Town. Could be coming to a city near you too.
  8. Feud over Trump dossier intensifies with release of interview transcript The transcript
  9. Another year around the sun. Many blessings upon you breezy. Happy birthday. You are loved.
  10. you do know these are prank signs, right?
  11. It's all about the money. "Intel CEO sold all the stock he could after Intel learned of security bug"
  12. Uh oh, NK maybe just bombed one of their own.
  13. hahaha, this is a riot.
  14. OMG y'all crack me up.