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  1. Greenland experiences a landslide and resulting tsunami. truly frightening.
  2. Unusual weather in Antarctica leads to rain and a Texas-sized melt
  3. I thought they found this a few years back. Maybe not.
  4. then there's this...which is quite interesting
  5. there was discussion previously about the abuses that were taking place on Manus Islands by the UN. Now Australia has agreed to a large settlement to those individuals.
  6. Protests in Egypt over selling of 2 Red Sea Islands. Boy, TPTW are really gearing up to a crescendo with what’s going on in Qatar. How far can they push before all hell breaks out over that whole region? Guess Saudi feels pretty safe with their new purchases.
  7. that's truly awesome unity. I pray it passes and other states follow. At least it's a start.
  8. triton - you have been missed
  10. I dunno, I'm of the opinion that Comey may be one of the few that haven't been compromised. I think he speaks with a true heart and is honest and ethical. Nothing in his background shows otherwise. IMHO.
  11. I'm glad to hear that part of his past. I still believe he has a bright future ahead. I also believe he's one of the good guys, maybe one of the last.
  12. Brazilian politician states Nasa told him Nibiru is on its way September 23, 2017.
  13. I love crop circles
  14. There's real meat in this article.
  15. well Trump is certainly taking credit for Saudi's move against Qatar