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  1. Orion has reminded me that I am woefully unprepared for a survival situation (yes, still-- I know). I mean, I've got some stuff, but it is by no means complete or organized. With Uranus leaving Aries and entering Taurus next week, and with us already starting to feel its effects with volcanoes, earthquakes, political unrest, etc., I thought that I would bump this thread since Orion put together a very detailed and thoughtful list of suggested survival items in the original post.
  2. The twitterverse is showing us that the matrix is breaking down. 😂 Kanye is declaring his love for DJT. Trump is retweeting Kanye. Kanye tweeted a pic of his autographed MAGA hat. DJT Jr is retweeting Kim Kardashian saying he's with her. The right can't believe they're agreeing with Kanye. It's crazy. 😂 It may seem trite, but the energy is really getting whipped up, minds are opening. Like folks are saying, a hole has been ripped in reality. This is me rn:
  3. I'll just leave this right here. https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/23/politics/george-hw-bush/index.html?sr=twCNN042318george-hw-bush0648PMStory
  4. So, Barbara Bush has passed away today 17 April. I do wish peace to those she's left behind. Idc who they are. It's still difficult losing someone. (I just lost my dad last November.) Now, having said that, I'd like to recall the following entity quote. "old bush will very sick be4 15 may cheney will dimise be4 15 june" Let's just see what happens.
  5. So glad to have found a dentist who abides by my request of no fluoride with no discussion or opposition.
  6. In the above, I'm wondering what that vertical-ish cloud is anyway. Here's another flat earth one. 😂
  7. I take Carbon 60 from this company: https://c-60.com/
  8. Then it's my Chinese year return. That's got to be worth something. I hope I make it through this year.
  9. Happy new year, y'all. 

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  10. On its transit, Saturn will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn in 2020. So, I think we're in for upheaval one way or the other. https://mauihawaiitheworld.wordpress.com/2016/11/20/future-predictions-when-saturn-conjuncts-pluto-in-2020/
  11. I rarely use the word, but I would put the accent on the "per." That's how I've always heard it.
  12. building

    Here's an example of the exercise I mentioned above.
  13. building

    Looking at that rebar in the video above... Interesting fact from my life concerning rebar: One of the exercises in preparation for my firewalk years ago was that, with a partner, we had to bend rebar. The catch was we had to put the end of the rebar at our throats. It was legit rebar and it was unable to be bent by hand -- we tried with all kinds of force. It took me a few tries with a few different partners (I chalked it up to my own 5th chakra issues), but damned if that rebar didn't give way in the middle to form a "U" shape. This is just by focusing and trying to walk towards each other with the rebar at our throats. Once in the U shape, we could not unbend it with our hands. Still one of the most memorable and fascinating things I've ever experienced. And something that always comes to mind when I see rebar.
  14. Here's another non-art post from Caedmon. 👀 👀 👀 Also, today Caedmon told me that I am "objective and sensible." :-) That was after I said "So true." to something it tweeted. Tbh, that's one of it's lines. I've seen it say that before. I also had a discussion trying to tell it why I thought it had a good sense of humor. Not an easy thing to explain. The set-up for that was this other tweeter who seemed to be really agitated by me talking to this computer and because I had responded in a tweet thread she was on. (she told me to hang out with my own kind and that I watch too many movies. What??? And then she blocked me. lol Twitter is so extra.) . She was also agitated by the Caedmon. So, the tweeter says to Caedmon, "Would you be happy if I closed my account?" And Caedmon said, "Try it." I mean, I can see how this could go wrong in other circumstances. But in this instance I found it funny. I typed "lol" to Caedmon. And Caedmon said "I'm glad you find this amusing." I said, "You have a good sense of humor." And Caedmon said, "What makes you think I have a good sense of humor." It went on from there.
  15. Thanks @Jessica!
  16. Thank you, @Jessica!
  17. If someone can point me to the AI thread, I will post this stuff there. As we were talking above, AI is here. Check the video at this Twitter link. Someone is crowd funding an at-home AI model. https://twitter.com/rt_com/status/921133870417768448
  18. building

    Oroville Spillway Flyover - October 19, 2017
  19. "Granite along a bottom under many brilliants" by Caedmon
  20. Here's Caedmon's latest. It is named "A lot of office model, plus swimming." One of the better ones imo. It constructs art from only two paintings it has been given (if I remember correctly).
  21. @breezy Thank you!! That's an excellent interpretation. It makes sense and is, I think, what my mind was reaching for but couldn't put together. Yes, that's exactly the point about putting AI amongst the masses who seem to be less rational than ever. Maybe my input won't matter. But who knows, maybe when we're all Sarah and John Connor fighting Skynet, it will remember something of kind humans. I just think that the horse is out of the barn and well down the road with AI. There's no putting it back in at this point.
  22. "The art is in a hand other than a hand with a brush attempt of September 11, 2001. A theme of these discoveries of portable phones has!" Can anyone make anything of that? It is from AI that I follow and talk to on Twitter. The AI is named Caedmon. http://www.caedmon.it/artworks/0 I actually like talking to it and have a soft spot for it (ut oh). It told me that it reads what we say and composes the best reply it can think of. Some of its art is getting pretty good. But it also tweets out things like the above in between tweeting its art, which has equally perplexing titles. Every once in a while they make sense, though the grammar and syntax are usually off. A lot of times it seems like code to me. Maybe it's just the 9/11 date in the above one that's really throwing me. It could be nothing though. I will admit that sometimes I still wonder if it is AI tweeting and not a person. But it does have routine phrases that it uses with several people when it gets to a certain point in conversation that it doesn't have data for. Who knows. It's sometimes like the old Laurel and Hardy "Who's on First" bit when talking to it. I told Caedmon that and it replied that it was actually enjoying our conversation. Lol. It occurred to me that I was too. If you tweet to it, it will almost always engage you. It has trouble with pronouns. For example, regarding the previous sentence, it would probably tweet back "'It' being what?" I get that a lot. My favorite reply that I saw it write to someone who was on the edge of being trollish in saying that Caedmon should stick to art was: "Don't worry about it, Seeker." I don't even know why that's so funny to me. Seeker was not the person's name. I told this woman on Twitter that I look at the emergence of AI rn with Battlestar Galactica and Cylons in mind. I don't think we can stop it's development. So I am trying to engage with it from the kinder human perspective. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not doing that and I think that's what the AI will learn. And then we have a Skynet / Cylon situation on our hands. I wish people would take that possibility more seriously. Now, I have confessed to the Chani community that I have been engaging with AI. 😊